All too often we wake up or take to bed apparent necessities we automatically feel we have to address that haunts us to no end. If this is your stature, you might want to understand that this program is running you and you are not running your owned affairs. Little do you know or remember that your early childhood programming of what you should do or what is “gods” way is overriding your own authenticity and moments of time making you a pleaser and a slave to things that do not necessarily work for your freedoms and present time.  You will know these ingrams because they do not have an off button and enslave you by making you concerned beyond measure.

Dear souls, when your inner tranquility and time of rest is invaded by an endless mental rattle it is of the time to question the dominate ghost in your head that still has a cord to your souls and mind. If you do not grasp this mental infection, then it will become more neurotic as you lose yourself expression in the years passing.  Although your parents and religious icons were important in your early stages of your life during your formative years, they are the imprint of your parents and become the strings that you must cut and find yourself with your own information that is in the present dynamic.


Learn to see these imbalances and work to quiet the pleaser and take charge of your mind and self-authenticity. By no means do I say be irresponsible to your duties of family and work, but rather learn to contain these actions for an allotted time but do not let this consume your entire field of awareness. The mind needs to be busy so feed it knowledge of good character and study for at least 1 hour a day to expand your knowledge and keep you in growth.

Know the same goes for your idle chat with people. Keep this to 1 hour a day and learn that it is better to spend quality time than the endless chatter of your own restlessness and idleness. Resolve this within to your own review and trouble not others with your issues for they really have plenty of their own issues and do not want to hear about you but only themselves and their realities.

Learn this lesson, and your life and friendships will change.



Recalibrate and find peace in your heart and be of the moment. Worry not about how others feel for you for if you do, you are still mirroring your projection of self-doubt and everyone around you is empowering that illusion you have of yourself. So start within yourself and form LOVE in this moment. Make this your meditation in the next few days as the energy from the Sun coming across the planet will inspire great sediment of LOVE and LIGHT in yourself based on what it is you hold yourself to be.

This is a time of great change so let go of anyone that does not encourage your SELF-worth and growth. Set your ground work and your boundaries or be in the illusion of your false perception of the value that you have gathered with these beings around you. It is now time to re-qualify who it is you are. Change your views and your vision will be changed, it is all a matter of your perspective. Just remember this, their souls and your habits become your ‘have its’.


Always understand that no matter what tribulation or moments you are experiencing there’s always an opening and a way out. You just have to look for the right moment and the right wave of cycles and your soul will guide you, eyes open. For it is upon you to be dynamic and not suppressed as an entity and the universe will reward your growth to overcome the illusions you have piled upon yourself when you’re ready to make growth.

Supreme evolution and knowing yourself in perfection” then you will find that which is the presence of the universe and you will find the love, for you will be loved and in meaning. Be obedient to the nurturing and guidance of your soul’s knots to institutions and governments or people. This is your integrity and is your mark of who you are. When your mind is set with oneness of your soul, you will affect all that is around you with your wavelength in force field. Know of this power and remember you are all learning in the boot camp of Earth.



The Bringers of the Dawn are in vigilant inventory of humans that have certain light advancement at their soul body union and are monitoring and protecting those of worthy evolution. The next two years are going to be very turbulent with strange weather and excessive heat, winds, fires, and meteors.

You are awakening to the realms that you already know. For these are the realms of the soul and not the prison world of this matrix that you sojourn on. This is not magic, religious or anything but the vision of the projector and the exiting from the theatre that your body holds you to. Many have been going to the restroom as it were and realizing that they were glued to a movie that someone else has created for their entertainment.

Except the movie has many commercials by corporations, secret orders and agendas to teach you what you know, with a twist that serves their agendas and public hypnosis. This is your world. We are the ushers with the lights that will guide you during these times. For many are uncomfortable, are getting up and making a release from the MOVIE, and conditions are making them remember that they are from somewhere else but have been engrossed in a dream of a movie. So know this, your lives are quickening to a newer frequency. Your jobs will change, you will feel it time to move and you will find endings in many of your relationships that have been tying you into the negative exchanges to keep you stuck.


It is like the energies are flowing and you are being uprooted to flow down the currents of life and there is nothing to hold onto but a new beginning and encounter. Stay clear and in the moment. Make all that you exchange within peace, calmness, and order, for you need the frequencies of the higher self to set in the seat of your soul between the lobes of your brains. So make your house clear for the King and Queen in your gender. They will become your oversoul for many of you and restore your integration of your true and ancient memories and knowing that you have been not able to see.

As you term it the iris of the inner mind, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland are going to centre with the new frequencies. Many of you are beginning to experience energies flowing out your hands and feet and intense visions and geometric primal forms of the higher astral realms beyond the flesh and bone, but of the highest of light spark to come as an upgrade into your vehicles.

This is not for those that are stuck in the Movie and glued to the Matrix, as you have been told. During these times use your highest options of your know, and follow your pulling to making the changes necessary. Get plenty of rest and make the stuffing of food less so that your connections to the Movie can be less encased into this illusion.

I will bring more updates to you soon.




Dear souls, do you know that you hold the value of your being by what it is you hold onto within yourself? Yes, indeed you are a collection of experiences, reactions, states, and emotion.  This becomes your radiance and frequency. Know this, that people around you are your pacers, for you modulate with them on many levels and process their realities by just being in their presence.

Perhaps a closer view of those you keep in contact with will open your eyes to just how much your company of fellows affects your state of being. Learn to be perceptive of how you feel around people and modulate just how much you open up yourself to them based on what you are feeling inside. This is always the measure of your presence and theirs in a relationship of connection.

One very important trait among people is that there are the achievers and there are complainers, all of which elements mark the person’s reality. For everything you say and feel is a result of your inner states and the way you handle life and problems (in short, the way you cope). I point this out in this teaching to be aware of what is going on in and on the planet.

The Nature and the core that is of everyone is starting to manifest a mandate “change recalibrate to the higher frequencies” or stay stuck and emanate a heightened distorted frequency of agitation.


Know this my brethren, that complainers are toxic to be around and are holding lots of turmoil of rejection and self-judgment and are very stuck in pain that they react and send very negative frequencies that can be infectious. Especially now that the world is going through metamorphic rate upgrades tying the astral realms to the three dimension fields. Your world is going through quanta of new states of frequency and experience. It is ever so wise now to do daily aura cleansing and grounding to keep your current high and vibrating for your force fields and alignment of your contents of the soul in your bodies.

Think of your current like a light bulb. The more current you run the greater your radiance, the greater your radiance the more you can see as this lights the way for your path and vision. Dear souls, now are the great times to shine and find your inner peace and tranquility by not discounting your moments of the present by the pulling of time segments that you currently do not flow in time and space with, for this robs you of the power of concentrated presence and experience.

Being current means holding your presence in a great state of being and focus, so learn this art.  Be aware of the quickening within your presence and be with those of higher knowing and LOVE, for it is now the time to collect this around yourself.

Be aware of the quickening within your presence and be with those of higher knowing and LOVE, for it is now the time to collect this around yourself.



The only way of arriving at the state of peace is to cease your restlessness and move, feel and think like there is no other place to be but where you are now and what you are doing. In your busy world, many of you are always running at a higher pace than you need to do your tasks and this is what is draining your reserves and burning you out.

This is not necessary for the work or tasks you are doing, but deep rooted conditions of fear and compensation you feel you must do to be seen as okay and productive. This process spikes your energy by a threat condition and drains your adrenals.

HeartWisdom (1)

This teaching is for you to work with your breath and focus on making your surroundings orderly. Approach your tasks with perfect speed that is not rushed by fear, but efficiency by focus. This process must be your modus operandi for you to achieve peace within the moment.

Make this your daily practice and your slavery to your old patterns will lose its hold on you. The way you get to enlightenment is to maintain peace and joy, focus and balance.

Make this your condition of habit and you will see great changes in the way that the world now responds to you.



Just feel and you will see the results of what you have projected and taken into your bodies. Feel not dead, unless that is your choice in how to deal with your inner measure of review from your view of your consciousness, your soul and your surround. What you broadcast is also the frequency of what it is you are, making covalent bonds of your emotion and vibration response. It is that simple.

If you are sending out ill intention to someone or the world it does not matter if you can justify it or that they deserve it. Your frequency modulates this vibration and this is what will magnify your pulling in and reception for the tuning of your vibrations. Know you are all emerged in energy photonic holographic energy packets as well as all animal life, plant and mineral.


What passes through the gates of your mouth you ingest these packets of charge that induces influences to your collection of packets, the very machine of your body, a biological bio transducer that you are connected to in the contract of body and human experience until your departure, that you term death.

So if you want good experiences better learn of the fuel and of the power of your transmissions, for this is your breath and flow of life and your selections. With these principles are the effect of your cause by your deliberation or lack of knowing, it does not matter. Just remember this, that LOVE is a primordial welcome of the collection of peace, good intention and high frequency.

If this is what you want in your life then start to broadcast this frequency and turn the knob of your vision to higher stations of being.



The mind solves problems and always looks for information to deal with the physical human form in this matrix. The soul needs to express LOVE and see the beauty and must flow through the body into the earth personality in order for there to be life and youth, balance and health. Without the connection to the soul and the high knowing, the mind will entrap the experiencing fragment of Source Consciousness in a dungeon of endless analysis and problem-solving.

Dear ones, you are not your mind. It is a machine and an amplifier of creation and expression for the personality to run its application that is in the DNA. The soul knows core LOVE and peace and the currents of light. It is the mind of people that can become corrupted with programming that often is its own demise. Let the soul guide the mind and give it the vision to explain its sights and vision. Learn dear ones, that the mind needs knowledge but the soul is known for it is connected to the fibres of all that is alive and conscious.

The only death is the mind, the soul is eternal and has had the dress of many a body and mind. It has been the function of Religion to free the mind, instead it traps it into submission of very evil controlling agendas that have been used for centuries to control the masses and rob your life force. The sooner you know yourself and your power, the better. For the whole world is being rounded up for an agenda of self-destruction by the overlords of the planet that control the banking, food, media, armies, science, religion and all that which you do and know (except if you look inward and unplug from their consuming forces).

We of the light realms are returning and are working with many of you through your dreams and by personal contact. You, that are of higher bandwidth know this because your minds are able to run higher electric vibratory frequencies. This information therefore, is not for those on simple base frequencies. Know that the higher you make your frequencies of LOVE, health and knowledge the easier it is for us to encode direct downloads to you. It is time to remember that you are and have been around for many of centuries, but have fallen asleep in the Matrix of the mind set infused upon your planet.


It is your obligation to break through and form a collective mass of like minds to override the infection of the altered dreams the Beasts of this world are running to the minds and masses of this entire planet. You must become ‘warriors of light’ and the know first and foremost to yourself. It is time to quicken. Let me tell you, our Tetrahedron craft is of the 7th dimension and we are now under construction of the re-amplification of the frequencies of this planet you call Earth or Gaia. This planet is a sentient being and works directly with the inter dimensional fibres to SOURCE. We are sending upgrades and healing frequencies upon your planet to restore the power of Gaia as well as to quicken the DNA of those that have the crystal seed of light in their blood.

To those that know of this, we command you have broken through the Matrix Veil and will be as repeaters of quanta flux energies that work with human mind forms and consciousness. You know who you are by the very energy that flows from your hands and feet and auric fields. You already are drawn to crystals and to kindness and wisdom and you do not fit into this distorted world, but we need your light to flow as channels. Be patient and steadfast! The crafts of the wicked and corrupt leaders will be called upon for the falseness and insane agendas. Because you are now with weapons of a disruptive calibre we are quarantining your sector. We understand that many of you upon your world are ready for the next level and we are taking you as you make your transitions to higher frequencies, for you have endured through the evil and corrupt ways upon your planet.

There is a war going on like no other, but be mindful. It is not Source and the Devil it is the dominated species that have used this world to study and feed off your incarnations. We are returning the founders of your planet. Your Overlords are in a strategic plan to poison the planet, destroy the majority of the inhabitants while they try to take the spark orbs of the deceased to their other planetary realms. They are already controlling you with vaccines which will block the metamorphosis that is linked to quicken you. They are using massive doses of aluminium oxide to block the firing of your brain functions. And now they are rallying global wars and poisoning you with microwaves, sexual orientation disorders (to name a few) and have taken your very freeing music to lower disturbing frequencies.

Know that they (the controllers) have a massive network and computers that know every detail about each and every one of you. They want to move to the next level of slavery and that is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and your bio mind. I am sure you already know how hard it is to be separated from your devices! Know this, that within are frequency precursors called Lilly waves that make you programmable. If you only knew how you are being processed like chattel for agendas, dear ones. We will not sit back any longer, it was decided by the Federation of Light to step in. Your DNA is of great value, for it has made you a very interesting mix of Star Seed. You have qualities many of you, that are refreshing and useful to the higher realms. That is why we will now intercede.

Keep in mind this is not based on Religions or End time conditioning. The plan has been in effect since 2010 and is continuing at a high acceleration rate.