Your very being is valued and you are all part of a collective mass of presence making up the ocean as it were, and seeing the currents and weather as an aspect of experience while on Earth. In the collective you all matter, for you are all collective in your presence upon the Earth.

So point not to the ocean nor to your fellow man in hate, for it creates charges that affect the whole and will come back to you. Just remember, that if a stone is tossed into a pond it creates waves from the point of impact and once it reaches the banks of land it returns and will counter wave exactly back to the point of its impact. So is it with your presence and imprint upon the world.


What you send out will go out to its course in the speed of your emotions, charge and encoded messages and will return like a sound wave from the world it travelled to. Your thoughts, attitude and emanations are like boomerangs. They return to the source that created them.

If you could but understand this principle, that your good intentions, love action and manifesting will return to you (your bounty). So is it with your ill intentions, anger, fears, distrust and all that which you imprint to the world out of self hate and limitation.

These are the forces of your creation or your Karma. You cannot escape yourself so best to understand that you are creators and have full responsibilities for your soul will and experience. You make a choice and if you wish to evolve and become a Master of yourself then life will provide that much more loving meaningful experiences.



Life has many challenges and weather that is not always sunny and pleasant. You must understand this or you will take to heart a self-sabotage and suffer great disappointment and depression. One must ask “do you have a plan for your life, a road map?’. I would be willing to bet many do not plan their life and chart out a plan of attack and focus.

Also, know that sometimes you need to deal with variables in your life and hot spots with the movement of agendas and orders of importance. Your plans should always have options and categories that suit your human life patterns; from basic survival including shelter, employment, health and family units that is individualised as your group responsibilities to care for. Know that sometimes you may need to set up a base camp before you expand to other areas that involve your life and to know and stock your provisions.

The meaning here is before you make radicle changes you will have to start with the basic home front that is your base camp before you shoot for the moon and aim for goals that are far in the future. You must establish your life in stages, for if you try and make changes without practical thinking then you will suffer the consequences.


Life is not static and has a course of many changes. Know that what is your life is ‘your’ special learning and environment and is not like others. Some people have the fortunate factor of money and prosperity given to them and their lives are much simpler than yours, but that is their journey. It is yours that has its own elements, challenges and hurdles that your soul has set up in this study it is working on, and the book you are writing about yourself.

A word on emotions: Your life has emotions that make you feel and flow with excitement, fear, love and hate and a whole gamut of stuff that is the sensory of where you are. Know that these are patterns that are part of your life, your ‘modus operandi’, and to make changes will certainly bring up a reaction of your emotions. This can also be in the knowledge of someone that you have been living with or working with that is part of the mirror that soundboards what you have become accustomed to.

So know that to change your living situation, dwelling and location and to remove yourself from someone that you have synced a fair amount of time with, you will certainly feel a void and your emotions will come up and need a place to go to. This can be a rough and trying time and it is when your functional mind must step in and turn off this energy to divert it for the changes you need to make. Here is where you need to acknowledge the feelings (like lost and terrified units of yourself) and say to them it will only be temporary now, and will work out for the best in time, and that you are in transitional patterns and to be patient.

This is the mindset you must master. For anger is a strong force and fear and loneliness requires vision, insight, study and help as needed, to cope with these emotions. Just know that it is best to taper your bullets that you fire off under these situations, for if you act in passion without mindful perception you will cause harm to yourself and others that cannot be undone so easily. This is why you must pull yourself up by the boot strings and harness this time and stick to the plan, or you will not have a favourable life and experience.


To make changes requires a strategy and knowledge of your patterns and clear sight of the uncharted waters. Just know the seeds you plant in your life with a knowing, design and deliberation will increase your odds to the plan you have. You may have to plant many. If you are ready to change and give yourself 100% of the best you can be, the UNIVERSE will respond in kind, for this is the Law of growth here on your planet. Maintain a positive outlook and focus on the good and change the non-serving identifications you have with people, situations and things.

Just know the process of change from a stagnate situation has much hurt and baggage to process. This is why you must make changes. Study and focus on a plan for the issues you need to deal with, period. Be wise, and know that your basic survival needs must always be in your sights. Keep the illusion that “GOD” will help you if you have faith. This in itself is the kind of thinking that sums up your sharpness of self and identity, after all, you are here to grow and being a ‘self-actualized being’ is the purpose of your creation of the SELF and the individual that you can be.

Know the laws, the conditions and the factors for changes and events in your life and plan accordingly. Being stupid is no excuse, for you are ultimately doomed to yourself and your actions, like it or not. Just know that you can change many patterns you are stuck in, and in this practice you learn more each time and your life improves.



To those that quest the soul, you will find your will and determination through the hardest of times as strength and character building. Learn the wisdom to know of the poison and of the remedies in toxic relationships. When the soul needs to leave your mind and body will not get in the way, for it is better to be one with the boldness of your soul and bring it to life and the like of your human self.

In this action, you will become a warrior and a knower in the jungles of Earth, man, and his restrictive institutions and beliefs. Become a student of the teachings of your oversoul and the life you live will have meaning and knowledge learned.  In the steadfastness of your days and nights of darkness finding your inner LIGHT to view with wisdom will make you enhanced to your potential power of your oversoul’s wisdom and teaching.


For in the most negative times there is always a solution and these currents move fast and so can your changes for the way out, for it is all energy that flows through your experiences.  Sometimes the acknowledgment of the situation and the changing of perspective with insight from your soul will make it all less trying. So let go of the emotional fear-based concepts of uncertainty.

Use the mind and wisdom of the soul and knowing to command functional thinking and rational actions that work best for you and not necessarily others when you need to change the situation of your life for your destiny.  Take action with the handle of the moment and take each issue one at a time face on. Just remember to aim and fire at your target that you have set. Life can make you stronger or weaker like the placing of bets on the table. Look for the patterns and stop betting on losers.

For to win, you increase your odds by seeing the signs your soul and nature tell you.



This is an interesting paradox, for if your mind is over processing it ties up the viewer into avenues that drag your attention to focus on other tasks and creations. As with any machine, especially this wonderful computer, you must constantly maintain and control its functions to achieve optimum performance. The best way to do this is to set up parameters with your mind as pinpointed objectives to work on.

Dear souls, so many of you are an impression by your own minds and forced to watch chaotic or endless Mobius loops of undirected ventures your minds have been instructed to perform. Have you any idea just what you are processing? Your corporations have trained specialists that work on setting up subliminal programs to trigger your mind to solve, input and service these hidden messages.


Your churches and government work hand in hand with fear and have conformity programming for their agendas which leave very little time for HUE, the soul viewer.

So to unravel this may I state briefly the format here.

  1. List all those ‘have to-dos’ and responsibilities that you must attend to.
  2. Put them in the best order of priority with checkboxes at the side. Noting that some of these are your daily tasks.
  3. List the fears you have from your spiritual, religious and government agencies that are troubling you.
  4. Look at them and make an equation as to the specific elements of the issues.
  5. Study and get information, for knowledge is power. If you are focused on this task you can save your minds from scrambling endlessly to obtain information.
  6. Turn your minds off before you go to bed by watching or reading positive, uplifting dreamland reflective materials.
  7. Take a walk daily and concentrate on your breath and be not of the mind, but the body. Breathe nature and ignore your mental noise, unplug it.
  8. Start the process of talking to yourself and your mental selves, listen and advise. In this process, you will begin to hear your very OVERSOUL speak to you. Learn its wisdom and voice and this will become your spirit guide.
  9. Start a dream book of what you would like to do in your life. This creates roadmaps and courses for your mind to work on as your ship, hands on deck. You are the captain!
  10. Do some service to the community and to a cause of some sort as a gift to those, and the guides that have helped you.
  11. Recreate and study time. Just know that when you are “IN” SANE you are sane on the inner, for you have understood the working of your mind.
  12. Spend less time on talk and more in action, for talking means that you are hoping and wanting but are not in action producing. Walk your talk (before your talk).

A small mind has a big mouth, for it needs others to enhance what does not come from within.



By changing your vibrations, your body will hear us of the higher less dense worlds. This is why the lower do not hear us and the lower realms cannot reach us in the discarnate astral frequencies.

There are many souls in way low right now preparing for the transition. This is so simple, it is all about letting your self-incrimination go and seeding the resonate frequencies in the vibration of unconditional LOVE vibrations.


These are my “current” teachings, and you must be able to vibrate with the new gamma, X rays and magnetic frequencies coming to your realms and Earth. If not wise and informed you will be in fear and suffer a mental disconnect, for this is triggering the spirit plane to the physical and freeing you from your enslavement.

I will be here as an instructor during these transitional times. But you must comply with the efforts of change or you will suffer great anxieties and emotional trauma.Your world has forgotten what LOVE is in frequency and has only connected this to the first and second centres on your spine you term chakras.In reality, it is ‘Shock RA’s’ serpents of fire spinning up the spine like the caduceus.



And there shall come a time where you have found your creative jewel and it shall radiate like a genie, where you release all of the limitations you thought you had and become a pure ‘dynamic dynamo’ of your soul. Just remember, often times you’re limited by your own belief systems.

Release your genie and you will be free to be your creative desire and not bottled up by religions, science or people’s opinions. Learn to be the eagle again. Once you take off the ground and have left the mighty forces of nature, she’ll allow you to soar.

You have to get off the ground first then all that takes is flapping your wings with precision and deciding to move on with your life. So many people choose to be limited, thinking there’s a cage when there is no cage. It’s their own illusion what they think they have to be, so they cannot be.  Such a ‘belief system’ we have about ourselves and our value.


Be with the right person that accepts you for what you are and rubs you like a lantern, removing the tarnish and lighting your flame, then your very wish is your command and your ascension and expansion. As an eagle builds its nest for its wondrous offspring high up in the mountains in safety away from the lower levels, so must you find a place that is at the apex in the highest level for your soul that you can call home.

This is how it is when an ascended master comes to help you, but you must already have found a high space within the lower realms. And once you’re settled in the place you call home in the spirit realm transmuting to this world, let the gods fill your wings so you may soar into the heavens as a free agent.




In the realms of the higher frequency your thoughts and creations are manifested spontaneously. However, on your world when you are in the epic of your creative juices flowing you are damned and shut down.

This is the damage your world breeds with the limits of a wrathful god and a devil and all that which you ‘know’ from your myopic blinded visions upon your world.

When you are truly brilliant and shine, you light up the distance the others are from their creative fires.

And you are seen as strange, for they do not have the bandwidth to understand what you take for granted in the currents of the soul and the nutrients of the higher realms to assist you upon your ventures.


Just remember, those that want to tell you how to sail your own ship and they know all about the heavens and seas are the pirates of this dimension robbing you of your authenticity.

You are all here to work out your issues and to learn the skills of freewill and cause and effect, and there are many levels upon this planet in depths and self-mastery.

You would be wise to learn discretion when talking to the ignorant that must hold on to beliefs instead of their knowledge. For they are full of ‘doom and gloom’ and hypocrites and they will take your magic and imprison you.

You will not know “God” by beliefs and scriptures. For you have forgotten that the conscious is your connection to Source.

Find peace and resolution inside and you will not need the outer to sustain a diversion of your own inner turmoil.