Life is forever changing on your planet and the quality has now become quantity. The more your world is removed from nature, the greater challenges of your quest for stableness of your mind, hearts, and spiritual understanding and happiness. The body and the mind need balance and creative flow that comes from the soul.

But the illusion is you are being programmed into creatures of the need of stimuli that is foreign to the way you are designed. Happiness is in essence, peace or centeredness of your being not being pulled to needs that have to be satisfied, for this enslaves you to the quest of satiation of those cravings.

What has happened in your world is that these basic needs are being magnified into pangs of hunger and cravings. These are used to have you consume and respond to the deliberate manipulations of your psyche and body, by very sophisticated chemicals that affect your dopamine levels and appetites that are not in balance to a sustainable level.

Feeling good and happy is an effect of chemical triggers of beta-endorphins released in synaptic pulses in your brains. The manipulations are played on your societies from pharmaceutical companies and your food factories, to the material gadgetry you need. Even your very computers are being overwritten with waves of light and stimuli that entice you to needing this on a very unconscious level.


What this all means is your souls are being entrapped deeper and deeper into the 3-dimensional realms. Your knowing of the inner dimension of the soul and nature is systematically corrupted, to the point your union with creative flow and stimuli will not come from your souls, but from artificial intelligence.

In the not too distant future your whole societies will be linked to massive computers that will “educate” you into the real and “scientific” agendas of beings behind the scenes that want to have your souls enslaved to this material realm and not go further to Star Seed and evolution, for they need the life force of your souls to sustain their creations and agendas.

Things will be “better”. Your cars will drive themselves, your children will be programmed into wonderful complacent human resources, and drones with synchronizing controls and will have lost the connection of their own sense of awareness.

You can see it everywhere you look. People need to have their fix by staring into a hand-held device as they walk down the streets, have their meals and social context. Soon there will even be implanted chips for your security, identification and “convenience” where you will be monitored and headed to mass minglings and agendas, all controlled by One World Government. This is not just a prediction, it is already happening.

Your only course is to be vigilant and be very mindful of your foods, entertainment, and cravings and to disconnect periodically in nature to find your real nature. Keep your minds active and away from computer simulation 24/7 and pick up a book, listen to some nice music and walk in nature.  Use your own information and insight to keep a perspective, or even this force of your soul will atrophy.

Remember you are more than this.



In a world that wants to spoon feed you all that you should believe, think and know, sometimes it is good to step back and watch and see what your gut tells you. So when your hunches and feelings are deep and different be aware, for they are more often than not more real than the surround of programs to the nature of your soul.  Often we are programmed daily with subtle messages that go against nature and our nature of the soul.  When there is a disconnection, the body-mind must interpret this disconnect. As this process continues the body is contorted in unbalanced messages, and mental and physical health begins imprinting this in tension and biological deformity and disease.

So ask yourself from time to time who and what you are and what you are doing. You may be surprised that you have a vast amount of information that you already have determined is the core and the resolve for your life course. Oh, and be aware, the powers that be who are controlling you do not want you to have access to an independent sentient being so they have created religions to think for you. In fact, many religions tell you not to listen to these “voices” and intuition as they are “spirits” or demons or discarnate. What better way to isolate you from knowing your self-knowledge. This lesson is to teach you to take time out from this and list and review YOUR information and become the knower of YOUR hunches that is your inner compass. For this will go a long way in your evolution as a sentient being.


As you start to know your internal dialogues, it will be quite easy to evaluate your information within yourself to know yourself. Listen to knowledge for it is power. You know your truth for it has a distinctive sign that is sounding with loving information and also pep talks to motivate you.  If you do not learn to gather yourself, you will never be free to be the knower and the doer. This is called reflection and should be part of your daily routine. It is no different than an indicator light on your vehicle. Learn this fact of nature, your nature.

Dear ones, your life is a unique contribution to the planet and life is an opportunity. Take it upon yourself to stop the erosion of your core information and learn to listen for this is your link to the soul from the inner path. For all other efforts of the outer are just more chains to your soul to be enticed and entrapped as a cog in the world of illusion. With a high tap on the shoulder, it is time to wake up and check and see what time it is in your life and get to work on creating your real power and self.



Humans are always trying to figure things out when they have problems but very few figure things in. Life is breath and so is our state of being. There needs to be release as well as intake on every level. Oh if we would be more mindful of what we take in from our food to our thoughts and the thoughts of others just how this impacts our presence and state of affairs on many levels. Know that you are the keeper of your body, mind, and spirit and it is you that allow things in and out.

How beautiful it would be if you spent more time in focus on what you have brought into yourself and its effects before you allow the entry, this would indeed save you a lot of figuring out your imbalances after the fact. Likewise, learn to be mindful of what you do and also learn to empty the mind from its clutter and attachments, for here lies the power of meditation and stillness so that the presence of the soul can feel yours as one.

If you want things to happen in your life you have to have the intention to draw them in and focus, it can be that simple. See and feel deserving of your life and the material things will follow your calling. Remember to keep your channels clear so that energy has pathways in and out of your being.


Learn dear ones the power of focus and feelings for they are your dynamo of creation. Be mindful of negative issues for if you emanate them, the Universe will surely respond in kind to your request about how you view your reality. And the same with the positive, loving feelings you broadcast.

Be aware that you may be in a kind space and a negative quark may come your way from others lost. You will know this, and it will feel like someone just socked you in the solar plexus, and this is the negative troubled being at work of discord. Know this and learn to ground it and understand you do not need to allow the energies within you, know the intention and recognise it as sickness. Make your life a study as there is at this time so much information on which to seed growth.

Learn about your foods in the purity of your thoughts in balance and keep your heart on the path of knowledge and LOVE. For every action and inaction, there are consequences. Know who and what you are inviting into your life for if you are not vigilant you will be plagued with pests and commitments you will have to transmute as your own. Oh, the power of input and output dear ones, you are magnificent. You just need a little wisdom now and then to save you a lot of learning from intense situations that you could have foreseen and been aware of.

Be well and good keepers of your inner home.




It is ever inherent for you as humans in a body form to understand that you as souls are pinned down for a moment of individualized learning in your assignment that you took upon yourselves, and bless you for your courage and trust upon your voyage as a human incarnate.  With that said, do understand you have within great powers of endless creativity and knowing that is separate from your biological DNA thinking mind. A deep well of inspiration that comes from your souls that are all linked to source, the presence of all things near and far, deep and shallow, the fission and fusion of all that is and all that will be. Many of you term this as GOD. Know this, you are all gods in the making and are all very special beings.

There is an inherent flow among many of your later teachings in Religions that you are already doomed and judged and separate from source and value as entities.  We wish to inform you this is not the case, furthermore, it is your religious programs of teaching in your schools that have to rewrite what is, in fact, contrary to your dynamic self- inheritance. In the doing so you have become disconnected from nature and source.  It is time to embrace your LIGHT and understand just how wonderful you are, each and every life form on your planet.  It is in your nature to have self-respect, knowing and LOVE, for by LOVE you were all created.  Know your world has been plagued by your false teachers that are of the agenda of the Churches and Governments.

 They have deceived you and have made you resonate with separation and judgment by their misleading teachings.  Again they tell you what they have to about the Matrix they build by your contributions of beliefs and following. As long as you adhere to this misleading information you will be fighting wars within yourself and the governments programming as fuel for the agenda. Mind you, you can stop and unplug from this and attach to the real source of Divine Inspiration that comes with your connection to source energy.  So in keeping with this lesson understand that motivation is the power and the inspiration that comes through to you by your soul that reaches higher spiritual realms.




It is only your lack of access to the Source that you lack motivation. Things in the Universe operate with the LAW OF ATTRACTION and FREQUENCY and not with the mind.  With this said, understand that there are currents that draw things to you on your voyage. These currents are the vibrations that attenuate the calling of the flow of energies and thus the manifesting of things made real on your world. Change your frequency and your vision and experiences will change just as fast as turning a dial on what you want to listen to.  Those spoken by your actions you will see the products of your contributions to the collective of your world. And in those you keep in your company of friends you will by the laws of similar attract resonate amplification.

 Understand that power and inspiration comes from your soul. Attitudes as you call them, are imbued with your emotional body that is very connected to feeling and your soul more than the biological mind. Have you noticed when you are not rested and re-creative (or recreation) you cannot move to your tasks without very heavy will power drawn from your reserves?  This negligent pattern is what stresses you as humans because in your worship to the system matrix you do not take time to hear nature and listen to the connection between Source and your spirit. What is even more harmful is that your need to rest and recreate is giving to the processing and encoding of your biological mind agendas and formats that program you deeper into the system matrix.

 To tap you on the shoulder, understand that rest is dreaming, connection to NATURE, the wild voices of animals and plant life that you are from, this is real.  So, here lies the problem, fail to unplug and meditate in the higher realms and you will become depleted. On your world, you have batteries that you use in your machines that are the power to drive the tools. When they are not charged fully they lose power and the drive to perform. This is no different than your bodies, the minds based to them and the source HUE need to plug in.  You have a SUN, a great device in your Solar System that fuels life. Did you know that from within it links the Universal energies that come from your Galactic source that the creator of this Galaxy is sending to sustain and review all that is manifested? Your very life depends on this.

Plants turn to the SUN and grow because they follow what is in their nature to grow, yet your religions teach you not to acknowledge this, hence your ailments and restlessness. Understand, they that have you held by the mind have an agenda to rob you of your life and pay interest to the system matrix.  So in concluding this teaching, take back your power by taking time to be in the SUN, learn to meditate to calm the mind, learn to feed your bodies life, not death.  Study the art of sun gazing and Yoga for keeping the body limber and thus your minds and do take time to rest and recreate to the Source and dream.

Wishing you much LIGHT upon your paths this fine day.



Greetings beings of this frequency, I AM AHMUHASHA. I have come to remind you of what you are and that is LIGHT, consciousness, and endless journeyers on a path, on a cycle. It is a tremendous time for you, your souls, and a quickening. Know this, you are held by your concepts and views trained to you by the overlords of your realm to keep you for a collective purpose. That is why some of you feel so estranged here and this world has become a prison planet.

We from the Federation of LIGHT have come to inform you of many changes that are to occur very rapidly in your sector of time-space and reality. Be aware that time is not jelled and the soul is not physical and is part of the form you call a body experience. We, many of us, are reaching you one by one to awaken you to what is in the process. This will be an exhilarating time for many and a very troublesome time for others as a result of your heart frequency.

Time does not move only forward not backward but in many oscillations. Many of you will soon remember. There are realms within realms and states of being on an endless experience and not just your frequency of solid 3 dimensional experiences. Children of the Earth planet you all come from many other worlds and frequencies but are here for a purpose and a teaching and lesson in the dark and LIGHT winds of mind and forms, all to learn strati vacation of the elements of feelings, cause and effect and you are blessed for such a trial and opportunity, you will soon see.


It is becoming very real that your world is not real. It is based on the dreams of many that you share. What is to happen and is happening is a great awakening for many of you. This time many are making plenty of changes and releases to people, locations and accumulations, and possessions. Some are being brought to abundances, and some to releasing and neither is correct based on what that soul has been drawn to in its currents. May I tell you that all is a dream and simultaneous realities are happening in the theatre of your Earth at the moment?


Many of you are watching different movies and having different experiences. In short, your realities are not the same and meshing. As this is happening things of your frequency are attracting LIGHT and density of the core essence. Some are rising in new insights, power abilities, and connections to our higher realms and some are moving to more panic and worry, violence and drama. When this is happening the fields of vision are vibrating according to the heart of each of you.


By dream and movies may I remind you. You are creators and viewers evolving to new dimensions of your quanta of LOVE. There is a great energy of the higher cosmic fields that are quickening many of you like the bulbs of spring to awaken in your DNA field vectors. Like you, many experience and know different states of being beyond with the use of your magical shamanic substances. Those of the knowing have ventured to try this will make much more sense to you.


You see time density and experiences are your choices in vibrational frequencies. But for now, let me say this. You are all experiencing different conditions and sights and sounds depending on your soul’s evolution and your DNA Star Seed Collective in your physical bodies. The world will be changing and it will take many of you to higher LIGHT realms and the rest will stay as that is what they still need. There is to be a passing of frequencies and the choosing of the movies is planned already.


This goes beyond time and space and your physical bodies. There is no death to the consciousness and orb of LIGHT that you are, only entrapment into different theatres to learn. With that said there is now the time of connection to many of you and disclosure to come. We ask that you keep an open heart-mind and always have a love for your brothers and sisters and all life for the elements of the grid of light inter-dimensionally is in each of you. This is the very principle of how you are selected to advance or stay behind and play in the dramas that are to occur on your planet.


There are several worlds, three that are inter-tied at the same time, and as the energies begin to vibrate it will draw your awareness to the one that you will condense to as the movies will play out.


May this be of use to you today as I wish to share more with Quential.




Think about what you are, a man or body form that has a brain and LIGHT or ‘hue’. This is what you are. Initiated within your structure is attached the PRIME FORCE of conscience which makes you the view and agent of the COSMIC FORCE OF ONE. Your bodies are a beautiful machine to experience the frequencies of this dimension and density, just as many of the other animals upon your Earth. You have free will and volition which is the aspect of the soul or inhabitant collective force of the experiences that has travelled far and wide in many bodies and realms.

So we wish to inform you that you are more than you think you are and limited by what you think you are. When you come into the sojourn you must play by the rules, and that is the thing that traps you. The fact is you have free will as long as you hold to your sovereignty and that is the great dilemma by the ones that create rules and ordinances that you agree upon in the form of contracts that you do not even know you are entering into. Governments, Religions and Babylonian Banking systems have formulated laws and contracts or agreements you enter into daily without your knowing.

The catch is, not knowing is no excuse. This is how they take your free will and turn you into chattel commodities without you even knowing. The Govern Mental’s and Religions have you entering into agreements every day and can because of your volition you have “agreed to” and this is how they possess you and enslave you. The only way you can escape is to either transpire your body or through knowledge and insight to disconnect your involvement into their agendas by the knowledge of what agreements you are “choosing” to conform to.



This is our mission to inform you and awaken you to self-realization and to find your lost being from the delusional controls you are asleep in. Mind HUE, the task to retrieve your soul and become connected to your inner presence is not for everyone for it takes work and awareness. Not too many are willing to exercise beyond complacency. Do understand that many of you are believers and few knowers, and this is a vast distinction of your fellow dwellers upon your world. In the arena of life here, you are forever watched and regulated to stay asleep as servants for the overlords that take your minds and spirits in control for their delights.


But some of HUE are beginning to awaken and become informed, and we see this and are aiding you in your recovery. Think of us as counsellors and life coaches prompting you to make the “intuitive” decisions so that your frequency can increase until you have inner irradiance and the knowing. This process is your decision, selection for the nature of your soul will intuitively choose the way back to itself. Dear ones, study and follow your hunches and tune into the higher realms for information because quite frankly the information you have been getting from the media is compromised. You must unravel your puzzle one piece at a time.


Learn about the realms that are your soul connection and dream states for their lies the way out. Empower yourself and be mindful of the contracts you enter into by the system for it will undoubtedly enslave you to the degree of your ignorance of information. Your body is controlled by them by arrangement, be aware of what you have done in Religion and Legal contract where you have given your soul to them. You can opt out and stop your enslavement with knowledge, but this will take you some intense commitment if you are ready.


Be informed, formed on the inner and find your know.




To understand, you must “turn yourself in” to listen to the realities that concern you and your experiences as a soul and not necessarily the world and the programs of others. In the act of doing so does the term “insight” hold value. Understand dear souls, the life of your body has a term and follows seasons of experience and it is temporal, as well as all that you hold dear to you. The soul knows this but the mind and personality do not, for if it did the illusion of time and the excitement of life would course itself differently and have a whole new context of importance.

Just remember your body, mind and personality track behind the soul and your creation is but an experiment for the soul to learn. The soul is always in observation of your progress and lessons and graciously records the data of all that you experience. With that said, your soul can adjust and make your life flow and be wonderful when you two are connected as a team in life, partners as it were. Your soul has a course and a mission for you to learn from, but in the moving back to the perceiver from the mind-body will you begin to grasp your life and purpose.


Your heart shines the melodies of the soul and its LIGHT and is the autograph that is signed by the soul. So know your heart and the substance of the energy it sends out and its vibration. Some term this “love” and that is subjective to be sure, but it is more. For when there is rest within to the knowledge and the understanding of the principles of life, and the sovereignty of all life with respect, then your actions and connections will follow this path. For the heart burns the coals and the fires of its keeper. Integrity, LOVE, and respect for one’s soul and being is the true path and course of every soul.

Just remember that no one will ever replace you or your void that comes from not being in alignment with your soul. If you think this then you are attached to things and people and you will experience the loss and the breaking of ties that you cling onto. Move yourself to the moment and be present with passion in what you do, and be around those that love you and resonate with you and of the same reality, for this enhances you. But to those on the path, having knowledge and detachment to props that you hold onto to be something, is when you will find a greater depth and knowing. Some souls need and cling and are so frightened of life that they still are nursing on the tits of the world illusion and are very basic in understanding. Let them be, for they are as children and need to play in the sandbox for a time.

Make your concerns knowledge and connection to the Universe and great insight will flow into your consciousness. Live with light and love and flow with the knowing of your soul, then you will have moved beyond disappointments and the tragedies of life.