In the events that are to occur within the realms of your solar system, significant changes of the material planetary bodies and of course your inhabitants will see of epic proportions unlike any of recent. As Nibiru comes near, large craft of this world will be present and the sightings very common of armadas of ships and scout craft. The agents of the polarized families of the negative elements that have been leading the masses of man from this evolution through wars, oppression and moral degradation are in their element for proving that the starseed hybrids of humans was a great mistake and not worthy of continuance.

Your species for many of you was supposed to be wiped out with the flooding of the planet by the last pole shift, including those that are of the hybrid Anunnaki and the giants. Your races of humans are now evolving into your starseed and higher nature, while those of restless and untempered soul material will be proved to have been in the right by being destroyed. So the evolution of the higher calibre will occur for many. The delusional will meet their fate of the starseed units leaving in this harvest and great awakening cycle upon your solar system and not of the galaxy, for this concerns the contracts of life and creations by the genetic engineers of your world.


The fallen and the wicked evil and satanic perceptions do not run rampant upon the galaxy. This was the errors of the Atlantians and the Anunnaki. For a while, many have been in processing for 3,600 years trapped inside Saturn for corrections and are now being released at this time. So there is going to be a great gravity of natures that will amass again of the realms not of this vibration. This will be a wonderous and trying time for many and it goes beyond your Earth and bodies, this is history and the completion of contracts of the Ancient of Days.

Some of you are already masters in a human form from other starseed and have come to help in this completion of business. This will gift you a human pearl of experience and this is highly sought after to have this experience with limitations requiring a mindset of a proficient player to cut through the illusion and wake up. So to you that have passed this test, congratulations on your inner resourcefulness!

And to you vain ones that put your little egos in front of your ‘teachings’, we find you disgusting and misleading. Keep your hearts open and do not take yourselves so seriously, as this keeps you stuck. Learn to step back. Digest your teachings and get on with the functions of your daily life, for within you are two worlds going on, the inner spirit realms and the physical.

Learn to be in both and in balance.



Remember that there are opposites that complement each other throughout the Universe from sub-atomic levels to higher energy realms. And I am of the female gender but in balance and not in competition with the compliment of the male, for we are both unique. I would not like to be a male no more than a healthy male would like to be a female. These are completely different energies necessary for life. Your world is a bit confused here and made so by your sick overlords with their agenda.

So if both man, and womb of man or ‘woman’ would but embrace the greatness of each gender instead of competing like you have something to prove (that you fuel with your own sexual frustrations) then your world would truly learn to be in the balance and healing. Sexual fires are the delights of the gods including you, for it creates with the union more offspring but certainly not the souls, they come from PRIME SOURCE. There is great disparity among the Elohim and Anunnaki space travellers of great advancements in technologies and their DNA gene pool.

They have played with the life forms of Earth and have quickened the souls in your body to explore and learn and have given you powers that are dormant for a while, but soon to be activated by the Mother-Son of your ancestors. These lie dormant in the “junk” strands of your DNA memory chemical bonds. This planet X or Nibiru is now in your close path and activating and quickening many of you to come online with the real visions of the UNIVERSE and your part in it.


This is why the other half of the rebellious ones have created DNA altering substances to stop this process from happening along with mercury ‘stabilisers’ that destroy your higher brain function. Many of you have learned not to drink the tainted water with fluoride. But the workings of your ‘food’ corporations like Monsanto are extensions of the 4th Reich that have an agenda to exterminate you. They will even enhance and release deadly plagues upon your world when the asteroids and meteors start to land upon your planet. And of course ‘they’ will say it is ‘gods’ wrath.

Just know this, everything you have been told is misinformation about the stars, the universe, and certainly your history. Your being cannot be destroyed but it can be imprisoned for ignorance, not only in our minds but also in cage worlds of quarantined stasis like the great planet of Saturn which has many souls caged doing time on the inner portions learning to tame their illusions. So change your perceptions from holy gods and demons to your self-growth, divinity and service to the Unified Realms of the Stars that are in order and respect for all life forms.

However, there are a few lower realms that still delight in wars and battles, and many of them have been sent here to your prison world. There is a lot of clean up to be processed from the unfit keepers that rule your world. They will be surprised by us ‘gods’ that are advanced in the know and work with the magnificent entities of LIGHT that give us direction and work to do.

Welcome to my teachings, and I am looking forward to sharing what I am allowed to speak to you about for your transitions.

Anna NaRaca RA


Dear souls, you need to understand your power and presence here. First, all your ‘gods’ and saviours do not exist but are creations of your limited sciences and understandings. Many of your encounters are the viewing of our technologies and craft that you cannot fathom. There is so much to learn and to know, and it is your science and religions that have blinded you to know by the control of your churches and religions.

The real is relative and very diverse throughout the many Galaxies, but there is one underlying term. Your consciousness is derived from PRIME SOURCE and you are endless and eternal stemming from this, all linked by life force fibres of light. So what is it you ‘pray’ for? The Universe and PRESENCE IS and does not change because you summon a god to become your genie.

And no, there is not just one saviour for you that will wash your ignorance away. There are biological computer monitors that are the “Lords of Karma”. They review your records here on Earth and set up events to quicken you when you are turbulent and out of sync with your soul alignment and evolution. Failure to get your lessons are repeated until you pass the test. Then, and only then can you go to the higher realms and gather more abilities and powers to know and create.

Just remember, your negligence is your scorecard and your measure of health and happiness. So your incantations are emanations to something that does not exist but was created by Aliens, your Overlords and Elite to control you.


They harness your minds as repeaters to make magic and manifestation of their agenda and collective. So staying with the little prayer is useless because you are not focused on the principles of life and the energies you run.

If you want to go somewhere you must decide where you want to go, then you get a map of direction and go. It is that way about your life and the things you want to manifest. For the very ‘god’ you seek is in your own mind and soul. So rather than pray, meditate on your desire with form and image. Focus your intention and you will be directing particles of energy to that form.

Learn that if you actually want to heal someone work with PRIME SOURCE and visualize energy mass and light projections to improve directly to the patient or thing you want. Sorry that many of you waste your efforts by pretending to be holy and saved. You cannot be saved from yourself nor will you move the great PRIME SOURCE to make things happen. You must follow the laws of invocations and study the higher sciences to be actually useful in your desires.

So if you want to manifest learn, study and work with the principles of reality, not conjured things you ‘must’ believe in. This is your life and your duty to know, but if you want to stay brainwashed by the deceivers of your planet then attend to your churches and make no changes to your behavior. To tune into the higher stations you must increase your antenna and vibrational rate. Guilt and shame are products of your distance to the harmonious designs of the higher creators that have created your bodies.

Learn of yourself as a child of the Universe, for it is your responsibility to know and grow, not ‘god’s’.



In the months that follow, many weather events will shock the world’s inhabitants that will cause great fear and question upon the Earth. Geophysical events will occur because the world is awakening to new quantum leaping and cycling of itself and all its inhabitants, whether they are in sync or not. The gravity and cosmic clocks move by the celestial seasons and not the precepts and concepts of man.

He either learns this reconnecting or he will learn through pain and suffering for not being aware . Be in the knowledge that is here from the voice of nature, the signs, and to all that keep an ‘inner connection’ to their souls and star seed. Your minds of the Earth collective are evolving and devolving at the same measure. For the polarities of the ignorant and ‘knowing’ religious cults and those of idleness of mind will be out of the real knowledge of their true purpose and ominous real selves of the soul’s quest.

The process of the star seed enhancement has begun, and about the wise are frequencies that are not in mesh with the masses. By now you have gone through the letting go of the excess, the meaningless identifications of things and titles, you have let go of loved ones and false friends and your tastes for food have changed. Tremendous awakening has begun. You have chosen to not eat of death and flesh, stopped junk food and have been bored with the average citizens of the world.


You have maintained your lover and are not attached to people and the outcomes for they have already shown you their spiritual integrity (if very little) in the score of LOVE and uprightness. But like the Phoenix, you pulled through and had a broad sense of your being and listened more to your inner mind and soul voice. Congratulations! You went through the fire and your souls are ready for the embracement of your real family of beings of LIGHT and higher dimensions.

That is why you are drawn to our teachings, for you resonate with it. You are seen by us as orbs of LIGHT and Akasic Record displaying your valor, with great courage you have arrived. We are of many ships and star families and your people like lost dogs at the kennel. We know those of the kind that can move onto the next quantum leap and those that are lazy, selfish and deluded without LOVE. Understand this, religion does not prequalify you no different than you need to pass a test to practice medicine or get a license to drive.

You must have the knowledge and the aptitude to pass the test. Let me say this, LOVE and compassion to yourself and others is the first and foremost condition. We have based our clocked vessels all around your planet, be ready. The world is in fear of us because they are not telling you what is about to happen. We are here for the noble souls and beings of LIGHT and to free you from the fallen aliens that lack compassion and LOVE (the ones controlling your world).

We have underwater craft and bases in the deep oceans and Antartica. The world governments think that they are ready to take us on. Yes, they have reversed some of our technologies and have unfriendly ETs working with them, but we have much greater minds and weaponry to quarantine them, but they will try. Right now the leaders of the governments are staging massive ships to position against our bases and we already know their every move by remote viewing.


This cycle happens every 3600 of your Earth years and the harvest occurs every 26,400 years for the quantum leaps of the galactic pulsars to upgrade this sector of the Milkyway. Just know, you are residing inside skin suits and bio transducer devices that your souls are the essence of value. We can give you a wide varity of cloths or bodies suits, but the evolution of your spirits are priceless and only those that have passed the tests will be ready to be taken to new homes and bodies to expand their journeys further.

All is well, do not worry. It is your Overlords that are in fear and they want to persuade you to leave your world alone to their demise. That is why they have been polluting your minds and bodies so that our harvest of souls for their next stages of cosmic expansion will not occur as it should. We have allowed this but the Earth will make cycle change regardless of right and wrong or your ‘gods’ way. My recommendation is to do your best to heal and raise your frequencies, for this will be a homing device for us.

Farewell, I am pleased to share with you what is going on behind the scenes, and no this is not a cult or a religious persuasion but your family that LOVES the spirits of those beings displaying their LIGHT and good nature through all of their trials. Arise and awaken, time is moving at great speed.

May the new rays calm you and awaken the sleeping Masters in the making.

Anna NaRaca Ra


Jesus cures the troubled mind by removing it and placing your own judgement in the hands of others. For in the repression of the flow of energy you have sickness. The saviours brought diseases of the sexual nature to the new worlds and shamed those that they raped and tortured. Yes, trust in Jesus! The finest of the Roman troops that perpetuate their armies like the blood of the Medusa to continue for the CHURCH.

Just know this, that Christ means ‘the anointed one of oil’. And it is the Oil Cartel that runs the world for the power of the fossil ‘fools’ (fuels). If you loved your family, what would you say if we took your finest young son, nailed him to a cross so that you can forgive your other children you created who are still learning and making wrong decisions you term ‘SIN’? Try this in REAL LIFE and you would be thought of as psycho.

Yet this is our government based law and religions. I would like some explanation here, please solve the riddle! Whos ‘god’ is this? You give your life in an agreement sealed to the church in blood. Have you any idea of the EVIL sinister contracts you are imparting yourself to? You are giving yourself lock, stock and barrel to the Reptilian Humanoid overlords and your corpse is ‘corpora’ meaning corporation owned.


They have your very body owned by your registration number. Social Security is no different than the numbers on the Jews by the Nazis. Open up your eyes before they stay shut. The DEVIL is the CHURCH and this has two points on the same snake. Eat of the tree of knowledge and know, for the real serpents are the power centres of your SPINE that can awaken your higher function.

The Anunnaki seeded your body with their star seed and have hybrid you with the primates in this world. Many of you have been given too much of their seed and are evolving radically. But there is a war going on in Nibiru about who should control you and those that want you to evolve. This is what is going wrong with your planet. The secular orders of the NEW WORLD ORDER Elite are in the legend for working with those that do not want you to evolve into self-dynamic species.

So this is being weighed and you are being studied. The soul is from PRIME SOURCE that is different from the DNA enhanced body units. You have been watched by us and the Anunnaki as well as other galactic species. For you have become so grand with nature without the powers of the enhanced star seed and have gained incredible knowledge and power at the cord, those that have maintained clarity in the hardness of your world.

This is the harvest we speak of. You are more than our slaves, within you is the soul seed consciousness that expanded to know itself in from the collective as ONE to the dimensions of authentic parts of the PRIME SOURCE.



When will magic occur and make my life happen? When can this all stop? Well dear souls, it is the capturing of the moment that creates the beginning. Life is really quite simple when the emotions and the ‘need tos’ are in sync with the focus of the moment. All too often you want to worry about things that are not linear to the moment, and in such an emotional headspace you cannot focus on the perfection of the moment.

You see, unless you retrain this habit of being in the duties of the moment and focused in linear time and space you will discount the time of your actions for the future that needs its own time and space. If you actually want to make changes to your anxiousness and behavior that is your soul in action, then learn to stop this pulling of sequences out of time to the matters at hand.


So understand that emotional imbalances are such because you have patterned your life out of time and rhythm. This creates nervous energy and misdirects your flow of beingness. So if you want to make all this go away stop the habits that disrupt your focus of the moment in your actions and block the interference of your mispatterned self. Also address your provokers that do this to you to manipulate your time schedule to theirs.

Learn this lesson, and your skills and actions will be much more productive because you are focusing on the duties at hand and not all the other ‘have to dos’ that cannot be done in your linear time sequences. For dear souls all there is, is the ‘Quential’, the moment of sequences of time that flows and all are built upon the passing of moments that are coherent and out of time to pure creative and soul focused imprints of your actions.

Correct the moments and recapture your soul in sync and your will flow through life as your directive of mind, heart and soul.



All too often we deaden ourselves with indulgences and habits that congest our flow and environment, and things become a complacent disruption to flows of energy. This knots up your creative juices and your soul will always let you know. Just be aware and know these lessons dear ones, it does not get done until you do it! Learn to capture the moments of your actions to clarity and the placement of things, then you will walk in order and the soul will flow for it knows and is of order and balance.

If this was not so, that the spirit of your individual brilliance is within you how could your very body know what to do to heal? When called upon to give good advice you are bountiful, but when it comes to heeding you own, you are slow to move and respond. And this has to do with habits and programs you believe about yourself that deadlocks your true nature. Like the fingerprints of your hand, there is the specialty of your grandeur, for you are truly one of a kind.

Oh, how have you been deceived that you are not a special being? If you were to know this, you would not be living in beliefs of some ‘others’ order. Before you sign up, read the fine print as to how it enslaves you. Just remember this, you came in alone and you will depart alone.


What dear souls do you take from the Earth but your honour and your lessons? You are here to learn about yourself and to create perfection for you and to learn the lessons of refinement as it has been assigned by the keepers.

Following the ‘lords’ is your first clue that you are being deceived into a contract based on suppression of your nature, and this is the binding of your feet to you walking in your own footsteps. Learn the history of the Roman Church and the beginnings as brought to you by the New World Order secret societies of ROME, and the Masons that have stolen the history of man and have diverted your minds into their spell.

Therefore know again that you save yourself during the days of your life by raising your knowledge and touching the hand of your spirit in guidance. For you are but a personality of your OVERSOUL, a pearl on this great presence that is a spark of the PRIME SOURCE in the process of individual manifestation. So get beyond devils, your rulers and saviors and tend to the creation of your self-dynamic. Dare to break out of the EGG of the MATRIX, for in doing so you will surely advance and KNOW.

Leave the drowning to the collective mental stew of the masses, find yourself in your DIVINE splendour.