We work with computer biological units that process Karma and conditions to Humans for their training here.  Yes, many will now be showing up all around the world because the Agents of this realm refuse to disclose.

We will be everywhere before the big changes with the need to show our vessels to the world.  Many are from the Inner Earth and we are making room inside the earth for about 1 billion of your higher beings that we have been following.

Some will go to ships that are stationed on the moon and some from Mars, and some from Saturn.  All based on the level of intelligence and love factors.  And of course, some will stay and connect to Artificial Intelligence and be of machine mind.  This cycle is completing.  We had hoped for a better harvest but your Elite messed this crop up in a big way, but to those that have endured you are real gems.

Major events will clock in 20 days across the planet with strong solar flares, more volcanos, and earthquakes.  The Earth will make more loud sounds as the crystals start to vibrate and resonate like the moaning of whales and deep tones like trumpets.  We will display LIGHT dances with many colours on our ships so that you will know you have friends.

The weapons will come out in droves from the war departments and fear will be stirring to cause panic.  Many transport vehicles with National Guards will be staging battleships ready with scalar weapons to fire at us. We already know ahead of their every move.

They will be coming to trial in OUR COURTS.

They will like being in Saturn with the disruptive ones and of course our holographic units to give them new lessons.



Life is like a card game and the particular game that you play you can only play with so many cards in your hand. People come, and people go. Jobs and opportunities come and go, but your hand can only hold onto so many cards. So to play the game you must bet with the hand that you have and also know when to change your strategy and draw up new opportunities, new cards as they were.

Situations happen in your life that requires the letting go and the focus on how to play the best hand. Again, you are encouraged to keep the highest faced cards so that you can to win the game of life. So it is with the selections of people, sometimes you can ‘Ace’ the situations and life is hands down much easier.



But sometimes you are dealt low cards. People that you know that you cannot hang onto, for you will now have good odds in your life, and of course, sometimes you have to bet and make changes and risk for life to deal you a whole new hand. Just know that the face cards are always the best and highest cards in your hand to play within your endeavors. So it is with the people you surround yourself with.

In life you may not win every hand nor is every situation an easy bet. When dealing with your life, it is your cards, your bets or investments of time, your poker face and presentation that can weigh the odds of your success. Practicing this is what life is about and the game of life will improve. And play by the rules, for that is just the way the house is in this world.

Life is a game and a play of cards, learn to win and Master the game.



Bridle your passions, for in the house of your dwelling in the body the same windows that vent and let things out, will also with the same vibration and cord let things in. Be mindful of your resonant magnetic fields. There are many levels of vibratory beings in and about your realm of Earth. Some are discord night souls and some are in very low frequencies that will attach to matching energies and drop on your life forces.

This is especially true if you’re drunk with the spirits of alcohol or drugs. For your innate force field of your character and being is compromised and this leaves the gateway for possessions of beings you do not want around you. When you’re angry and continually fire off missiles of your energy frequency you will actually amplify similar situations by the very nature of creation.

Just as if you radiate LOVE and caring for all things you have a force field that will draw that to you. But more importantly, do understand that there are beings that are interdimensional that work with the government leaders of this world that are corrupt and in the true sense ‘evil’. Situations where people snap and all of a sudden do crazy things like sheep people en masse are literally being pawns by interdimensional destructive beings for an agenda.

Just like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada the other day. This was more than killing. This is to disarm the people so they will not have weapons because there is an agenda to depopulate and create sicknesses and plagues in the next few years. If people are infected then they will not be able to arm themselves without weapons. Know the chapters of the elite have spoken of this and tell you on the Georgia Guidestones about limiting the population of the world. The two main areas of attack are England and the United States.



There are interdimensional alien beings that are not humanoid as you know them. They are working with the elite and the fourth Reich and they are systematically creating all of the wars and destruction to keep your race and society suppressed from advancement. But they are not the real leaders that lack compassion for the masses of people and their evolution. The Anunnaki are returning and have been here. This is a great test, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you know.

I have personally met with these beings and I know exactly what they look like and who they are. They can implant people around you and situations and use you like a pawn if you are someone that does not fit the mundane typical Matrix. They will set many challenges upon your way if you are not savvy to what they are doing and know who they are. Their agenda is to destroy and maim the creations of man (humans as you know them) so that the experiment of the creation of man as described in the Sumerian Tablets will be proven to have been a great mistake. This is their agenda.

Know of the factions of the Anunnaki and their culture. Some are for us and well advanced and some would rather have us erased as if an abomination to creation and their starseed. Look in the writings of the Bible and other teachings, there is seated small nuggets of a code where they will tell you what is going on. The Phoenicians Egyptians, an ancient manuscript as well as archaeology that is upon the World shows history beyond what obvious time frames of the Bible and other religious suppressive teachings are about.

There have been many civilizations upon this world and it is all cycled every 26 thousand years. This is why they destroyed all the teachings of the Maya, Incas and even great civilizations that were in the Americas during the 1400s. They do not want you to know of the Extra-Terrestrial and Alien contacts in the real history of the world. So in conclusion, keep your vibrations high, because we are going to go through a dark and light time of many changes upon the planet both geophysical, emotional, mental and societal.

Be mindful of your vibrations for in this time of the energy, now they will be magnified.



Dear souls upon Earth, there is more going on behind the scenes than the Matrix of the outer information wants to tell you. It goes beyond you being slaves or mere units to worship and praise ‘gods’ and saviors. Your souls are assigned time and lessons from the moment of your conception. Inherent to the DNA selection are traits and experiences encoded into your genetics from the history and information from both your mother and your father. You have this downloaded into your very fibres of human experience.

The lords or Karma are sentient biological units that act like machines and place you in your human forms for processing the inherent challenges and probability for your ‘time’ on Earth. Some of you are very Earthbound and are processing in evolution from primate souls into the higher starseed and expanded consciousness offered to you by the completion of each incarnation to teach you the separation from mere animal consciousness. Some of you are from other realms and have gotten out of control to the higher frequencies and must now come to this field for conditioning.


So your duties are for you to awaken to know the principles of integrity, karma, cause and effect, and social and mental advancement. I can assure you that you all can be great beings when you understand that you must make the mark and pass your karmic lessons, for until you do you will not have the powers of the higher creative forces allowed into your life. You see the struggle is with your attitude and ways of looking at things as problems from the outer and others affect you. You take no responsibility to make the necessary changes that your insights are telling you to do from previous incarnations and so you are stuck.



My teaching here is for you to look at your problems and find solutions and the lessons that each incident of disharmony teaches you. When you gain the lessons in each of your testings they are no longer luggage you carry as incompleted cycles and the learning you must have again and again, until you finally get the basics of how life and YOUR actions work with your choices and participation.

How can I say many times? Your projections of confusion cast seeds of weeds in your garden and you feed them until they take you over. The learning of wisdom and moderation is the elements many of you lack by your negligence, and this keeps you stuck. By studying works of the great masters on these subjects and applying this into your minds, hearts and souls, you will certainly make your life a flow of your discernment and learn to arm yourself with others’ missiles and conflicts. Learn to trust your instincts and discharge the harmful downloads others try to make you take into your experience.

Sometimes you just have to be ‘rude’ and to the point with people and call them when their gift packages do not fit your realities. Stop being led to believe that you are all ‘equal’, you are not. For there are many levels of awareness and many adolescent souls in bodies that may have more years but their level of soul evolution is very low on the gradients of the higher learning. Be careful of these ones, for many are great manipulators and you do not need to facilitate them. You need to worry about YOUR evolution first and primary.


And always guard your feelings and attachments to people and be selective who you hang with as their company becomes a deciding factor on how you are influenced about life. Just remember to learn here on LIFE and make the grade. Continue to evolve the soul so that you can go to higher realms and be of greater service to yourself and others.





“Father How can I understand women?”

“You cannot son, for women are creators of sentiment. They flow out of the mind and into it on their whims. And if you try to understand them when they are in feelings of release and female discharge you will not find the one you know”.

“She is in strong medicine of the Moon and not the Sun, son. For the nature of herself is on the prowl like a feline, leave her be.  If you must, bark of the ‘dog medicine’ to send her back to herself. But stay away from the rays of this Moon”.

“Son, only a woman in her Moon can understand this strong medicine. Take it not yourself, avoid this medicine and leave this cat to itself for 3 days until the MOONING has waned and waxed its spell. For this is the call of the wild of man and feelings being released that she has taken to heart. It is her witching”.

“You son will never understand this, for it is a realm you are not privy to. Leave her be and send her to her own space of MOON as our ancestors did. She needs the tears of the collection of her own kind and not the perspectives of the man of logic and mind at this time”.

“Leave her, for she is in deep Earth spell and hypnotic rhythms. Give her music and drums and light food and water and most importantly, space”.

“This is the MOON son. Know of this, for there is no sense or meaning of this state”.

“For it is in the ether and magic…”



What on Earth has happened to mankind and why has he been so blinded when he was so Advanced 500 BC? There was a time when man studied with his mind and he questioned. This was termed ‘philosopher’ a seeker of wisdom and truth, and yet nowadays there’s hardly a common sense of thought and study of human nature and life. In the past man was on the right track of understanding himself. How many of you really study yourself?

It is the understanding of sociological behaviour how you have been manipulated and controlled. This has caused the fall of the intelligence level of mankind and his self-knowing. And I question, it is religion to blame when religion should help you find God? This is the problem. We’re looking for God and we’re not even looking for ourselves and finding out who we are. That is why we exist, to understand and to learn of ourselves.

What propaganda and poison these teachings have been to the evolution of mankind. They are the whole source of wars, controversy and suppression of information and of self-knowing. Religions have turned mankind into one mass of sheep. The higher sciences of knowledge and understanding, the higher senses of the occult or the hidden sciences of the metaphysics were the pathways to understanding oneself, and the ways to understanding the maker of all the Universe. Now these are labelled a cult and demonic.

I need to question, why does man not question anymore? Is this not what a child does when it shakes information and wants to understand the world? That is until the child is taught religion and religious doctrine and then loses oneself and it doesn’t need to think any further. How can this be in this Modern Age? That we are so dumbfounded and controlled by organizations and religions and in question of what’s going on and all under the phrase that is ‘conspiracy theory’. No one needs to think again about any issue where you’re being controlled and herded to the death camps and to the mass destruction of the human race.

It is unfathomable that mankind for the first time is at the lowest level of intelligence, self-thought and direction. He cannot even find his way around without a mechanical computer to further deaden his brain capabilities and self-awareness. And once again, the finger points to religions, especially the most dominant Christianity. You shall know a tree by its fruit. Look at the branches of religion. Look what they’ve done to Native people, look how they have tortured and took away people’s culture. They even rip off nature and tame it to their illusionary Quantum of mindset.

And so, I ask you where the real evil is? Even our history has been controlled and regulated and it goes back thousands and thousands of years. For mankind, even perhaps two hundred thousand years. Socially we are indoctrinated and imprisoned with our mindset, that we’re disobeying and somehow in error for thinking beyond the box. So dear souls, the true scorecard is your relationship with yourself, your actions and your self-awareness. Are you going to give that to the hands of an agency that controls the governments, the banks, the institutions and all the religions taking all the money and starting wars?

The keepers of these powers are really corrupt and unfortunately, the whole mass of the world from the majority is running off the deep end into illusion. They’re like sheep but like lemmings running off a cliff. Ever wonder why there’s no profits, why there’s no teachers, none showing people the way back to one’s self. Because it is your responsibility to pass the test! You have to make the grade within your soul and your knowing.

The mumbling of words and prayers for your sins will still be there until you make the change and understand your nature and expand your awareness. This is more than reasonable to think this way. Do you not agree with a rational mind? And yet the people that are parrots reading their Bibles and their religious studies can tell you everything about the Universe from their myopic point of view. If you only knew the deeper causes of this it would turn you white as a ghost.

But they tell you, they make movies to explain. It’s the Matrix.



You have to get to the point where you repel because if you fight you’re still tied into the mess of people. The key is to change your frequency and vibration then you disappear or you will clone yourself from the energies of distortion. So next time somebody bothers you it is better for you to just change your frequency. Then you will cloak your emotions to them and it will not affect you, even if the active resistance is the act of attachment.

Things hang on to you when you do not know yourself and you’re in constant need of validation (because of your invalidation) so that is what you need to begin to heal in your soul. Until you make yourself grow and until you heal, no religion or prayer is going to do anything for you. This is the fallacy, people think they’re going to get a clean slate. Until you change your frequency and pass the grade you keep making the same mistakes.


The Universe wants you to evolve and get beyond it. There is no such thing as forgiveness. There is release and paying debts of karma but all in all the lesson is for you to know so that you don’t continue your ignorance. This is the delusion of religions that say ‘you can just pray’, this is absurd. You need to make changes in yourself and come to a state of realization and your prayers should be asking for information and teachers to help you evolve past your hurdles.

For you bring a wonderful spice with your presence and flavour to the world but you can also bring negativity and bad energy like a domino effect just with your attitude, all projected from your lack of self-worth and LOVE. Logic dictates to be centred and to LOVE yourself, for your actions are all based on how you feel with them. One may merely look at history from what Christianity has done and other religions.

It is there to destroy the soul not to evolve it. It’s there to make you stupid and indoctrinated so that you will never change or expand, it’s just all a way of controlling you.