You walk in the path of yourself alone and it is like you are waking up and leaving where you were and need to go home. And you are walking alone, you know the way but have forgotten. You are hearing for the first-time parts of yourself renewed and integrating yourself.

It is as if no one understands you because you are waking up and seeing the world in a different LIGHT but something draws you to a great essence. And so, your information is different than theirs about what you are.

This marks the beginning of your transition and inner growth. Yes, you are leaving the past realities for it does not fit your new understanding, and this you FEEL. And you are moving into the uncharted territory of your mind, soul and heart.



At first you are in limbo but as you move, your speed and knowledge of your path becomes clearer and things begin to fall into place serendipitously. For this shows you that your new growth to your higher awareness is meant to be.

Even your dreams are becoming more deep and intense. You are feeling you can fly and travel and this gives you a remembered joy when you awaken. What comes to be is that each night you dream you are gaining more information and knowledge.

These are the steps and the way out of the Matrix and your inner connection to the Universe.



“Bring stillness to yourself, and turn yourself in”. Disconnect from the pulling of the world and listen to the noise that calls you from the outer. Then listen to the “selves” of your mind scripts. So many voices, and each with a certain intensity and direction. It is when you hear the most knowing and ageless wisdom, that you grasp the connection to your soul cord.

It is always there but often drowned in a sea of noise from the outer and the mind. Remember, you came in alone and you will leave alone, but you also had a companion and that was your soul link. If you would take it upon yourself to hear the knowing presence within and to abide in the teachings and wisdom, gone would be many of your needs to be seen and heard.



For in the acts of listening, the voice of your true being becomes ever present and the many useless noises of the outer to pull you astray are lessened. So this is the path to self-realization and freedom, for life is easier than you THINK. To be friends with yourself is the hallmark of happiness. Take time this New Year to acquaint yourself to the magnificent beings you are.

For to only cater to the world, you will sure be insignificant. You will be the slave of many desires that have been conditioned into by the propaganda of consumerism and status quo. And dear ones, the body is not eternal. Nor are the things you cling to. But to find unity within yourself and a balance, you will be in the flow of the cosmos that flows through you.



Learn to explore the power of your dreams. Dreams are the most primal hidden aspect you have to the collective of your group minds. You are what you have always dreamed about in the forming of your dreams into knowing. The unique creation of your potential happens when you can become proficient at being lucid in your dreams.

When you learn this skill and bring it into consciousness from the unconscious, then you will begin to manifest things much more quickly in your life for you have the power to manifest in your dreams. When you learn to dream your imagination is your only limit. Know and practice to keep this doorway open to access and it does not need to be accessed only when you sleep.



So vital to being the genius is this ability to use the media of the astral and create holographic images and feed them live with your mind’s imagination. Throughout history icons like Nikola Tesla have tapped into this knowledge and could create mechanisms and test them in their minds and have a complete working vision from the media of the astral dream states.

Learn the art of visualization, for this is what can give you the power of your imagination manifested. This is how you can break away from the commonness and be truly unique and creative. Think of it as a canvas that is energized by your every stroke of mind thoughts and images.

I would encourage you to learn these skills and bring them into your meditation. In doing so, you can change your life and bring to be your dreams.



Finding your centre means to stay in the moment and to do what you can do in your perfect speed. Oftentimes in a daily scurrying around like rats we tend to spend useless energy trying ‘hurry and worry’ instead of accepting the moment and doing what we can in perfect focus.

Hurrying does not necessarily make the tasks we need to accomplish any faster, in fact, when we lose focus and are in a knot of inner distraught we do not function well, and we fear sometimes about what others will think. It is time we stopped pacing ourselves in life like hurried rats on the rat wheel.

Ask yourself for who? It does not accomplish anything but stresses us and makes us more tired and weaker.



Learning to focus and schedule your work, personal time, and recreative time is something we just need to do and practice, or we will burn ourselves out. Learn to task in the flow of your performance level and keep pace and leave the concerns that create anxiety out of your program.

Learning this will make your life more peaceful instead of ‘pieces full’.

Above all keep a clean, orderly workplace and schedule your time for there are only so many hours in a day, and some of those belong to you and your soul time to chill. Do not infringe on this, for it robs you of your joy and turns you into a slave. Work to live, but do not live to work.

Be creative, enjoy your tasks and taking a moment to be present and in peace. This goes a long way to keep you in balance.



The state of your heart is the image you send to the world. How you feel about who you are and what you are in alignment to your soul is voiced in the energies you are posting from your mind and heart. Though life is not sugar-coated and much of your adult life is based on how you were treated and “loved” in your formative years by your parents. If your parents welcomed you and loved you, your self-image will head to a higher harmony and expansion.

If your parents did not want you and projected their frustrations on you, this becomes a significant challenge to unite with your unloved child and to find your validation. Some people never resolve the deep crises of embracing themselves, the result is they have a weak image about themselves. The nature of an unloved core is imbalance and anger and frustration that is stored in the heart, and this is the negative side of the heart.

Coming to terms with the loving of who you are is the first action one must achieve to “love”. In knowing people that are off-kilter and full of anger, or if it is you, a review of your past and a reaching out in memory of the joyful new spark, if life must be captured and embraced by you ‘the adult’ and communicated with. Often memories are as emotional fragments that are isolated in time because of pain and are never forgotten.




When your life is based on love, your actions are more in balance. When you have “deeply” charged pain hidden your life becomes a compensation and a proving to others that you are OK. But the real work needs to happen by going back to those moments of rejection and pain and feeling them and embracing your unloved child. Here you must transfer this energy and see all the personalities of each element that it was not you but the passing of your parent’s anger, or a bully in your life that caused this inflection and separation of a loving self-image.

How you feel in your heart is an energy that should be radiant and at peace. Making a review and finishing up old business within yourself is the first step in your healthy self-image. It is time to reset your nature and heal, for at the time of your childhood years you could do very little about your situation and had no freedom to express yourself and voice the injustice and invalidation. Begin here and learn and study for as an adult you do not need to voice the traumas of your unloved child onto others.

Deep tissue and bodywork can often aid in your trapped body memories. Healing facilitates growth, and this is something you all need to do to find inner peace and a passion for living.


Images:  Cameron Gray Digital Art.


As emotions are the primal base of your body reaction that unites the brain to the mind, feelings are your higher responses that incorporate your reflective thought and value in the process of emoting. Feelings are your drive about your connections to your state of being or situation in your life with things and/or people. How you feel is based on your body chemistry and brain chemistry that reward you or punish you through your neurons and endorphins.

Yes, the saying ‘we have chemistry’ is appropriate here, but you also receive the chemical reward when you have worked hard and feel good afterward. However, feelings are more as they incorporate thinking and judgment including believing systems that come from yourself and others. Your drive to accomplish and be motivated includes passion which is feeling that has the triggering of mental pictures and value attached to emotions. If you do not feel good about what you are doing you will not have your full capacity to flow and perform your tasks.

It is important to express ourselves to others and to ourselves for this is the basis of our creativity and expression that we value ourselves with. The crux here is feeling, if you are being ostracized you cannot function to your potential. The same goes for opinions you have about yourself, and these are judgments and belief systems. Since feelings give you power and keep the channels of your creative energy flow open it is of inherent value to value yourself and to see yourself in good LIGHT.



This is why it is important to reboot yourself when you are in a tailspin and a downward course of self-destruction. You must rewrite your negative chemistry and self-opinions to change your feelings. This may mean a complete chemistry change beginning with diet to include cleansing and fasting. For old habits of toxic substances will in no uncertain terms affect your body chemistry. Smoking deadens the brain by cutting off vital oxygen, trans fatty acids and excessive meat deaden awareness. Alcohol and drugs toxify the liver and numb brain function.

The mind does hold opinions based on belief systems of reactionary or taught programs as well as what others say and show to us. Both diet substances and mental pictures impress upon our feelings about ourselves. So this covers the basis for feelings that you may need to adjust to bring yourself to your higher feeling levels, and hence powers of your dynamic. Periodic maintenance is crucial in staying aligned and true to your soul and to have the best potential and drive based on a good feeling about yourself.

Just remember, you are responsible and have an obligation to control your life and understand your nature and actions in life for all your experiences that come to pass are greatly influenced by your health and self-feelings.



Think about it, you have survived many trials and disappointments, highs and lows, riches to poor, and coming and going of loved ones but you have always managed to hang in there and have continued to survive. Could it be that there is something beyond that is watching and assisting you? I think you know the answer to that question; it is your SOUL, your personal coach that is always there to watch over you.

Your soul speaks to you with visions, dreams, intuitions and occurrences so that you are learning the lessons of life and yourself (what you are, and what you are not). It is the infiltration of fear and the self-judgment that works against you in your endeavors of life. The point is that your soul knows the answers to your tests and just how much you can safely endure in trials to gain understanding.



You can turn the whispers of your soul into deep communication by listening and asking this incredible presence for some tutoring. Learn to turn your notions into actions and corrections and grab the helm of your ship. You all have so many different courses in life as well as lessons that are specific to your life. When you get to a point, you review your life and see that is it a journey to teach you. Study your lessons and you will see patterns change and new opportunities arise for you to experience.

Live YOUR life and learn to detach from all that is propping you up with malicious attachments that keep you stuck and immobile. Learn to dream and to direct your minds to find you the truth. For the only lasting truth is wisdom and the understanding of the nature of man and the world around you. Know just how creative, resourceful and amazing you really are as humans.

Find the voice of the soul and let it become your voice, not the imitations of what the world would have you fit into, and your life will be on track.