The collective of all your minds helps to contribute to what you call reality and you are all being allured with enticements of reaction to feel and to get emotionally and mentally involved in the dramas that the mass media is producing to lure you in, and you become a link to help creative energies giving it power.

If everyone were to start falling off the contribution of the mass hyper illusion, the world powers will lose their manipulative en masse manipulation. Part of freeing yourself in this world is to not participate in the world’s dramas. Don’t be lured because your news is set up to draw you in and have your energy focused on it.

Whenever there is a group of people that meditate and visualise harmony and positive things the areas around it become affected by vibrational frequencies that are high and violence and fear dissipate. I plead to you in this teaching to learn to separate yourself from being concerned about the news, you are being enslaved into a mental tap of negative energy force.

If you really want to make a change in the world detach and bring clarity into your life and that will make great changes on the planet. The more of you that bring in these higher frequencies the more at peace the planet will become. Stop worshipping their gods through their religions and fear tactics. Wake up from the illusion and find your centre of radiance.

When you are pulled into the matrix you have entrapments and feelings of importance and this is what entices you in the matrix. I would like to say that most humans have very good hearts and are very loving but many have been hurt as a result of being kind and loving to people that are takers and users, and they become breeding stations of more of their kind.

It is when people are hurt, dissatisfied, bored, and in pain that they lash out and magnify that onto others and that is what you have to stay away from. Learn to discharge the negative in a way it doesn’t loop you into other beings and lifeforms. The more you unplug from the matrix the more you will remember who you are as a dynamic force of presence and you will begin to awaken.

Remember, when you incarnate into a body you fall asleep and download and loop the programmes encrypted into your biological DNA. When you come online in the matrix you can rewrite the course of events in your life when you become illumined. Do not seek saviours to save you but listen to the wise sages.

You must walk upon the path of your life and many evolved souls bring life to help your pathway so you do not stumble. The world is full of many enticements, many to keep you stuck here. Learn how to open your eyes, all three of them, and learn to listen with your ears and your feelings.

Remember to get things wrapped up in life and finish up your cycles but don’t become wrapped up into them. That is a fine balance.



You occupy more than one dimension, more than one reality of what you think you are right now. You are multidimensional beings in a world of experiences, thought forms, and realities, and that is why you are so complex and dynamic as humans. The different fragments of your consciousness have different outlooks on the way it deals with your life, your emotions, and what you think the reality is.

The true matter of fact is you are multidimensional and when you start tapping into your subconscious mind you will begin to see that you know more than you thought you do. It is as a coach and an actor, the aspects of yourself in existence. Part of you is learning from the emotional body, and part is the server and student that is the master.

There are two students, one is the actor and doer in the physical world and one is the soul that learns from the experiences of life. When you walk the magic of an awakening dream state and you are in connection with your dreams then you can understand the symbols and interpret icons in your dreams which are markers.

When you learn to interpret your life from this level you have a greater understanding of what works from the emotional body, mind, and soul that some term the ‘oversoul’. When you can learn to awaken in your dreams and be the observer then you will open up a secret powerhouse of awareness.

If you really want to understand who and what you are in a better dynamic of information that is really truly coming from yourself, listen to the language of your dreams and awaken in your dream state. You will be amazed by the wisdom you know in the collective consciousness in archetypal forms of the base reality in this dimension.

Here lies the key to your power and awareness of awakening in your dreams. The placement of objects and things and what happens in your life has a lot to do with your present state of mind. You can affect the outer and it will correct many of your discords instantly by changing frequencies of fractal energy units.



The nature of man has not changed over the last 3000 years. The only thing that has changed is technology, propaganda, and the devolution of man’s thinking capabilities. Your world has always been a playground of war, peace, evolution, and devolution.

If all of your minds work together you will be a very advanced species and race of people, but there are counterforces. This world is all set up like an amusement park for your souls to learn. There are dimensions and worlds much higher, tamer, and of much-evolved beings. These worlds you will venture when you learn your lessons in this amusement park you call Earth.

There is a lot of tension in the Middle East and the United States government wants war, that is why they have strategically placed bases all around Iran. There are agendas and plans for Israel to be the dominant world government run by your banking institutions and the cabal. The question is, what is the United States doing in Iraq, to begin with?

They destabilized and bombed the country under the Bush administration with the destroying the twin towers, with no respect for the United States citizens. This event brought down building number 7, all controlled explosions. This is all being set up for the Israel Jerusalem empire that the Rothschilds dreamed of.

Your president Mr. Trump was left with a very difficult situation when the occupied country had the United States Embassy bombed, so, naturally, a superpower will fight back. But this is marking another activation of world conflict for the ultimate goal of the Jeruselum empire.

The agenda is not for the best interest of the world. But if nuclear devices are detonated there will be earth changes with cataclysmic high winds, floods, volcanos, and disease and you will be struck down like you have not seen. Much of your population will be eradicated. Take this as a kind warning.



All matter in this dimension has been set into place by the primordial architects of the ancient of days. When you have achieved self-mastery and compassion for yourself then you do not need to use others for what you do not have within yourself and you do not oppress others to achieve leverage over them for their detriment. For masters help ready people, they do not invest their time in people that they know will not change.

Gravitate to your core seeds and find the pieces of realities that you feel comfortable with. Keep an open mind and consciousness to know when your soul talks to you with the lessons you need to gather for your own transformation. The temperament of a soul has been established by the poundings of the lessons and the fires of karma by the blows of a soul blacksmithing its wisdom into the finest sword through illusion.

A word of caution, get your satisfaction and validation in the resonant frequency of the heart and mind for that will keep you centred to the wondrous wisdom. People will be drawn to you through being genuine but make your path of ascension your path or you will force others to hold a reality they cannot grasp and this makes many prisoners of hot air and piety.

The measurement of your wealth is your ability to not react. Take heed, for you must shed what you think you are. When you do there will be nothing but realisation and love which ignites those around you. This is the initiation of the soul activated in a human form. If you need to have people worship you and feel very possessive of knowledge then you are indeed insecure about the wisdom you think you know.

When you are ready you can extract the sword from the stone and use the energies from the fibres of the sword to cut the illusion.



Don’t ever underestimate the power of your dreams. The more you learn to deal with dreaming and vision, the further you can travel out of time and space for this is the magic and the power of your soul to release your potential. Learn to stop dreaming in the world of all media broadcasting and propaganda. Ask yourself whether or not it is real and of what value is it to serve you.

Start to look for the things that are important for you in your personal growth. Do things that enhance and compliment your power and are of noble causes. There are great potentials that open up to you as you learn the secrets and hidden sciences, but you have to learn to believe in yourself and more importantly, to know yourself. It is very important to talk to yourself from all aspects of the doer, the perceiver, the dreamer, and the genius.

Be careful in how you compare yourself to others of the lower vibrations because when you know the masters of light and love and the sentient beings of the higher dimensions, it enhances you. When you become adrift in the lower frequencies of the deranged humans who are still wrestling with unbridled passions and toxic minds and behaviour it will affect your potentiality.

Your very strength is based on your ability of discernment and brevity with chaotic people. If you take a moment now and then to still your mind and to focus on bringing in positive energy it will go a long way in bringing positive things to your self. This will be a vital nutrient to the body and soul. Right now is a good time to make sure you have a connection with animals because they will be very grounding and very aware.



Many people are talking about a shift, but few people are putting it in gear. In order to move forward, you have to get your life in gear and you have to shift and accelerate to the things that come before you. Events on the planet are going to be happening quickly, a new space and time as it were.

Great efforts are being made to rewire your mind and your bioenergies with distorting microwaves, while at the same time great and wondrous energies are coming from the cosmos. Many of you are waking up regardless and will be discovering more abilities in your mind to perceive things on psychic levels.

There will be a lot of distractions with political mass media to cover events that will be coming. Many of you are evolving greatly and coming online with your potentials while many are being sucked into corrupted perceptions of reality. It is important for you to make contact with the Sun every day for at least 15 minutes.

The Sun is broadcasting very high energy that your light bodies need and can restore a great deal of health to your bodies. Learn to move, flow, and to observe things in front of you that are chaos, and repair and correct them. Make your movement and space in the body effortless and get plenty of rest.

In your dream time, many of you will be journeying far and will be building aspects of yourself. The events of the cosmos are going to make contact with your perceptions. There is a reason you are being told of a space program. It is only the preparation of more things to come that cannot be hidden.

Be prepared for strange weather conditions and earthquakes. Many of you will awaken from your amnesia. You will make new encounters with interdimensional beings, but don’t forget, many of those beings are aspects of yourself from different dimensions.

A whirlwind of forces is converging on many levels upon your world and 2020 will mark massive and great changes. Learn to trust your intuition and the guidance that will be given on the inner planes.



With family members, husbands, wives, exes, and business associates your life is a chain reaction to try and cover-up, undo and get out of the web of other people’s energies. The most important change you can make is to stop associating with others for a while making space for yourself and not others. In being concerned you are becoming facilitators to people who are using you.

A lot of what you feel about yourself is often a mirror of other people around you with relationships and actions. The first step in making better changes is to eradicate the toxic people and to send them onward. Sometimes the hardest thing you need to do is to leave a relationship where you are being abused and not cared for which ruins your self-image and takes your vital energies.

Part of being responsible is to know who to care for and who not to care for and to complete business when there are entanglements that are destructive. Your feelings are most important and you should guard them and flow with them and keep them in balance. Do not waste your feelings on others where they are not being reciprocated with positive energy.

Understand that people are very angry with themselves and they can take it out on you as a sounding board. Do not allow that in your space. People in your life could be infectiously good for you or infectiously toxic. Find your space of equilibrium and learn to cut the cords of people who do not respect you. Moreover, respect yourself and bring yourself into alignment with clarity.

Be happy and be in balance and protect your happiness by not letting your joy be corrupted by the negative people in your life. That is your responsibility. It is one thing to be kind and another thing to let yourself be abused. That is what you do not need. Learn to draw your boundaries in life for that is the foundation of your sanity.



It’s 2020, what is your vision? Be very careful about being forced to placate those that pressure you to be correct from their position. Some of these entities are rattled in their minds and are trying to rewrite morals and reality and will not allow you permission unless it is theirs.

Free what is from the heart and mind along with your vision. I wish to impress upon you the power of positive creative thinking with the power of vision and seeing things as they are and holding them in your mind of what you want to achieve. This is the magic of manifestation.

The dark side is when you keep holding negative feelings and judgments to prove your positions right by focusing relentlessly on all the problems in the world. Then they will become your problem. Envision positive things and do not be negative to someone with another opinion.

Your self-growth is what aligns with reason and nature and your group. A lot of the imbalances from the far left are swinging more to a centre point. It is time to put the conflict down and to be responsible for your nature and spirit and your goals and family.

In 2020 make a positive attitude your mantra and walk away from an argument. Don’t feed negativity. That is the first step in keeping yourself out of harm’s way with reactionary people looking for conflict, all of which are unhealthy.

You are one humanity and one family, it is time to put down the difference of opinion and look for clarity and peace in the world with the change that begins with love from within.



When you are still and static, what is needed is a shift in your patterns. Sometimes you get complacent into patterns and you become still and bored with your lives. If all that you see around you is chaos my recommendation is to take your life up a notch, and that takes some recreation.

Take a moment and be in nature by yourself. Exercise and take a nice walk, watch your breathing, and just reset. Then follow that up with making order in your household, in your car, and you will see a repatterning and recalibration. Sometimes simple acts like that are all that you need to reboot your life.

Never underestimate the power of food and nutrients. The food you take into your body has powerful effects on your mind and state of being. Cleansing in the diet is also required. Lighten up from starches and carbohydrates, for the very body needs to the purged of toxicity as well as the mind.

Feel the urge to purge so the soul can emerge.



Your bodies are biological machines and are empowered by the course of your soul. They are finely tuned mechanisms that you are granted, but they are garments and not who you are. Any imbalance creates separation and disease in the mechanism of the finely tuned vehicle you are in.

How many of you truly look at your day and what you learned? What patterns occur in the positive and negative, and what supports the feeling of good? Are you that enslaved you cannot take meaning and find your inner support?

If you do not find your inner inspiration you become aware that you are empty and you will seek inebriation because emptiness without the inner spark is cold, lonely, and isolated.

All souls have a homing device to take them home to higher states of frequencies and clarity. Fear patterns can be healed through vibrational love and electromagnetic charge that links you with nature and the soul.