It takes a plan and a vehicle to get to your destination along the roads of life. The question is, do you have a destination? Do you have a plan? Many people go about their journeys of life without any plan or strategy and so they just drift with the crowd and random circumstances, never really achieving or mastering their energies and have no purpose. This is what sets the achievers from the pack. Drifters doing time and mundane life patterns never really become iconic or mastered. Why? Because they make no plans, hold no dreams and have nothing to strive for.

It is very essential in life to have an inner drive, goals and objectives if you want to accelerate to your destination. Of course, many are happy being entertained in the masses of complacency, sedated by the media. A master does not choose this mediocrity nor should you. With youth there is ambition, drive and dreams (well, it used to be). This is changing because of the traps of cell phone dungeons and media cyber opium dens. Tragic to be sure, just take a walk anywhere and you will just about see everyone with their cell phone matrix programmer at hand.

As you age, it becomes harder to rebound and stay in the motivation of achieving and having dreams. So the message is to become attentive to the maintenance of your “vehicle” the body, and secondly, to connect with your soul and find again its calling and listen. Just remember, you will have things on earth and measurements of your success in the accumulations of objects, things and financial digits. All of these are temporal in time and like your footprints on the beach they will be forgotten in your passing.


But to the master, it will be the achievement of knowledge of the soul, human nature and the experience of participation in the game of life. When one is quickened to the soul, there is a harvest that is bountiful that the soul takes with the personality. As nonspiritual as it may sound “Life is a Game” and games have winners and losers. To become skilled in a game of life, you must study the rules and know the system. As it is said “Knowledge is Power”. So, invest in your knowledge and health, and beyond all the knowing of your soul. And yes, life is not easy, and is getting harder and harder in your complicated civilizations.

Know this, as it is all to make you learn. In all your scriptures and religions this message is said “know thyself”. Learning is the gain and acquirement of knowledge, skills and experience. Such is the duty of the soul incarnate, like it or not. Until you get this concept at your soul cord you will have many painful experiences driving home the things you need to learn. The speed and journey of your life is your responsibility and your dream to create. As long as you can breathe, it is not too late to quicken your pace and purpose of life, and to make it meaningful and in alignment with your soul cord.

Sometimes when you go down the wrong road it is time to pull over and check your map, then you will know to where you are going. Finding your direction is what keeps you from being lost. And to you I say, “Be not lost in illusion, learn the way and ask SOURCE for a map if your have the need for one”.



Learn dear ones, it is not always outside of you where information comes. In fact, that is why we pull away now and then so you can process and listen to your own insight otherwise we handicap your progress. You have eyes to see, use them. You are no different than any other sentient being. Apply your energies to see and know and you will find much of the knowledge that is all around you. The Akashic records are for those that enter the Library for knowledge and are ready.  You can go there when you really want to.

Just understand that it is also a chemical based passage of your endocrine systems that provided the keys and the tickets for your vision. And you can also partake of the Soma nature provides if you use them wisely for soul review and not just to get high. The elements of knowledge have codes of LIGHT and geometric forms that trigger many into altered doorways. So do your research and your meditations and nature walks and self reflect. Stop trying to own knowledge like titles.

Really the thing to grasp is the letting go and wisdom. Moreover peace and radiant LOVE flowing from SOURCE in your hearts. Just to let you know, your solar system is coming into a delta level of energetic magnetism that is on one of the arms of Orion of your Milkyway.  This will emit high energy that your planets and sun will have to induce as well as all life on the planet. With this is the entering of the Age of Aquarius, a new bandwidth of photon and electromagnet quanta.




You are all doomed to making changes and expansion. How you deal with this is your choice. For some, it will be triggering great insights and wisdom. Your bodies will become more electrified. Even the very crystals in the planet that is a matrix of grids will start to resonate. Many sounds and sonic booms will be heard all over the planet as the astral energies are expanding and shifting. As you awaken to the new levels many of you will begin to meet your ancient ancestors that have gone before you.

They will give you great insight and comfort. What you are in the crystal state of your bio fields and chemistry is what you will be working with. Some will conduct more than others because they have started this process much earlier. Focus on the feeling of these new energies and know that your mission is for your personal growth. In doing so you will serve others best. Keep an open clear mind frame. Eat lighter foods and go within. Ask for your gaining of growth and wisdom to walk with your own power. We prefer to work this way.

Forget the hocus pocus and get behind the experience, not the titles and labeling, for along the way to your perfection you will pass many schools and graduations higher and higher to new frequencies. Know that this will occur in waves not just on time. Just stay calm and know it is all meant to be. This is not the endtimes but the end of this movie and it is all a play on photo holographs build by the collective of all your minds for you all have an element in the creative picture.

Quality is lightness and strength and good character with integrity.  Advancing souls are not concerned with one-upmanship.  Hot air and manipulation based self-piety will surely keep you stuck. Polish yourself and share your LIGHT.




With the complications of your world in legal, civil and institutions you need to be very focused and rational in dealing with these matters. Know that fear and reactions that are in essence the domino force of what it is you face can and will amplify your ability to step out of these waves that wake in your life. It is now time for you to counter in balancing your fields and create your own wake. To become awake and be the force of your supreme higher self coming through your personality to take countermeasures in addressing the issues. Now to reach this state you should be rested, calm and focused. Have a clear mind and desk and order around you.

Think about what your reality is and position to the issues and research the insinuation that is being concerned about you. Now respond to what is being required of you and exactly what the agency or person is requiring. Then respond in a favourable light for all parties concerned. Just know this, that you are learning universal cause and effect relations between yourself and yourself to others. And yes you will make errors and blunders, no different than you did in when you were learning to walk. Sometimes you will fall and bruise yourself, but as you are learning to keep your drive and determination and adult essence steadfast you will arrive and pass through your trying times.


Admit to your shortcomings and be honest to your soul and move on for shame and guilt do not serve you. So when faced with situations that you have created and a reaction that you must address handle it a piece at a time and reward your successes. For in the end, you must be your own coach and doer. The more you bring order and balance to your life and duties the happier in the system you will be and less stressed. Know that repairs on a level are sometimes performed, you just need to put forth truthful efforts and make the changes necessary. Your voice and presence still carry more clout when you become more refined and civil. Find time for your soul, your duties, growth and enjoyment and recreation.

Learn to study reactions of others as sounding boards within the system for sometimes you may be getting taps on your shoulders for a little more government of your actions. Never forget the power of your voice and your presence and follow your heart and inner know. There are collections of idiots in agencies and groups that are oppressive and shortsighted with badges, suits, and titles, as well as stubborn indoctrinated New Agers and liberal that fit the same forms of oppression but you must keep your nose clean and ride their wakes. Life in your estranged world is not comfortable, and you will have to be a spiritual warrior to keep your sanity and sovereignty.

Face your trials with smiles as you ride the wave and someday you all will wave goodbye to this world.



People that are detached from mind heart and soul have no inner moral compass and are stumbling in the dark. So do not expect them to be cordial or anything but their intense misguided desires and perceptions. You will see this by their chaos and crud tolerance levels and verb aria of mouth and mono-dialogues. These ones you call sick. Understand, this is their choosing. If you prop them up, they will fall again. If you assist them, they will work with your inner resources and drain you. They are compulsive and addicted to substances and emotional reactions from people and actually feed off this. All in all, they are abusive and draining. And you will feel something wrong about them when you are around them that is disturbing.

These people are termed mental or deviant and do not work in the social context of behavior, and they are varying degrees of estranged.  Just know that they are living in the shadow and will live life in the clinging of objects and power abuse if they can function in that capacity.  A word of caution, you will not change them for if their very soul is lost to its personality, you will be wasting your breath and time.  It is best to remove yourself from them.  As I mentioned before, this is a prison planet and these beings have been brought here to work it out for many lifetimes until they can face their creations and heal.  Just know that Source is always on their side should they wish to turn to reason.

One trait about these characters is that they know how to turn on the charm and also how to cry and manipulate you by your kindness, for it is their nature. Smart are they in their recruiting of kind people with big hearts that are easy pickings. Part of your evolution is to learn how to recognize them and remove yourself from their company and call them at their plague. We assign bodies to each individual before the incarnation here in your world, and there are preconditions in the DNA of the mother and father that will encode the continuances of the lessons. Just know this you have to overcome the predispositions of your imbalances and when you do the turmoil will stop in those lessons.



You must overcome the trials and be victorious and never think someone is going to fill your void that your ignorances have created. You, therefore, are doomed to yourself and your hell and leaving the prison world begins with your attitude and the knowing of harmony, for this is the frequency of that which you draw into yourself. A word to the wise, study your condition and see the character of the situations you put yourself into with people and relationships that are not working for there is a pattern, and if you look closer, you will see much of that which you are and are changing to make you that much stronger. So for today’s lesson spend less time complaining and talking about it and more time on making the necessary changes.

It is your job to get it handled or be the victim, idle talk will not address the situations. Seek advice from the wise but make the action to remove the conditions and to survive. As in the school, your trials will always be just to your threshold, and when you are processing correctly you will experience changes and elevation of your energy and self-knowing. It is, therefore, better use of your time to study and inform yourself of the changes and the necessary actions you need for your growth and sanity. Know this, the majority of the people in your world are very ill and distorted and very selfish because of their turbulence and neglect to their souls and inner guidance.

Understand that for every puzzle that you face there is a way out and a solution for this is nature. Where it is good there is bad. This is the principle of life, the balance, and the polarity. Some plants make you sick, and next to them there are the plants that can reverse and heal, both have their magic and place. When you are faced with the worst possible scenarios, there is hope, a way out and a new door to pass into, or a fork in the road that needs your decision for the path you were on has a different destiny. You just need to see read the signs and flow and beyond all grow and detach from the drama and collectives of distorted groups situations and people.

Life is temporal, and it is only your wisdom and inner companionship that will draw you to likened people of the higher frequencies and that is what you will bring into your life when you master your lessons. So start with yourself and the mass you have from objects, possessions and poor unhealthy habits. Inventory and depart from these things that do not serve you. You have all the time in the world to be unhappy and part of the masses, asleep and without the knowledge. To change, you must take action to the heart-mind and dedication to the path your soul leads you to. Then you can be in the families of a higher company and of the learned and harmonious to nature.

We dwell within much higher frequencies with the evolved souls and you when you get your parole and graduate will then be in similar realms. Change begins with attitude, action, and decision mingled with those you chose to dwell with.



The hour is at hand dear ones, that new energies are activating many of you to higher oscillations and in turn you are quickening to your LIGHT and dark sides.  Do understand that negative issues for the most part within you are from the pains of rejection of your self-worth to your parents, peers, and institutions.  Currently, many of you are uncovering this as so.  For often your unresolved self-love and opinions have tainted your projected colour frequencies and this is what is being lighted up in your emotional minds and memories.

Do understand that it is not necessary for the nature of man be violent and aggressive and/or misaligned in the creative sexual expressions, but the trapped energy must flow and the pressure of the new energies coming into this sector of your solar system is needing flow and cannot be blocked with restrictive issues. What makes it worse is that you are like sheep enmasse being inundated with programs that go against your hearts and core by the New World Order agendas.  This has corrupted your basic fields of being that creates fear, panic, anger and violence as well as unbridled sexual fires and desires.

Do know that the eating of death does harbour bacterial receivers that crave more meat and frequencies of violence that program your minds and takes control of your nature by the second mind of the microbes you harbour in your vessels.  With intensified energies now upon your planet coming from your sun (as it is reacting to new energies and planetary satellites coming into closer ranges of your sun), there are unstable changes that are the process that is happening at this season.  Not only is this affecting your physical world it is also influencing your mental and soul astral bodies.

The energies you are at the core are being excited and you each need to be aware of the dross you will be detaching from. Know that for many of you, you will be seeing many deep dreams and will start to hear a familiar guidance and insight that is coming from your spirit council and oversouls. Do know that many are in process and will either become very lost, violent, angry and self-destructive if they do not look at this as a process and cleansing cycle.

This will be a very epic time for you so please look and go right to your fears and gremlins and feel them without reaction and process the energies that are coming to surface. For many, you will begin many deep journeys in your dreams and mindsets, for that which has been hidden will now come to light the loving presence within yourself that has been rejected and the hurt will awaken.

This is a time to be away from those on overload for your sensitivities will be more aware and the poisons of many will surface, so stay away from them and understand that they are venting.  This will be happening on a mass scale and the world leaders will try to get you linked as amplifiers to the negative icons they will be staging.  Just know that they know we are returning to harvest you to the next levels and are setting up chaos in these great times.

Know that there are wars going on that are beyond humans on Earth and are of stellar conflicts to be reconned with that which does not concern you, for you can do nothing about it.   However, find your centre so that you are not drawn into the mix.  The changes are happening on many levels but find your core and remember your dreams and make the changes you are required by your own inner guidence systems.

Be brave dear ones, it is an epic time of great view and experience.



What is the measurement and condition that makes my life the way it is and what is your part in it all? Things that happen to you are reflected in your experiences and filter their way within the realms of emotion, feeling and stasis of being. The thermometer of your being is your emotional resonance within your bellies. You call this your solar plexus, how apropos and fitting. Solar or sun is of radiance emanating feeling from your bellies. It is what you keynote to yourself and is your frequency level metronome.

Here lies the centre of your base and core feeling that you transmit to yourself value and issues to the world. Is there turbulence and fear or quietness and radiance? This will tell you much about your relationship with yourself and source. It is your inner measurement or speedometer that regulates your sojourn here on earth. How can we explain to you that things have gravity? Even your thoughts that collect and gravitate the things you are experiencing right now in the moment. This is the very energy that is in your belly, what you feel and react to. Know this, you are creators and pull things into your journeys by your thoughts, actions, mental perceptions and certainly by your goals and desires.

The question becomes “what are your real goals and cognitive stance you have?”.  Rare indeed, for many of you lack the information to form yourselves on the inner. Let’s begin by stating again the gravity of the creative soul you are connected to, for information is what forms the inner. This is IN-FORMATION. There are universal principles playing in you and around your world. The energies you transmit from your centre of emotions work on the principles of attraction, magnetism, radiance, and gravity. The sediment is distilled from your physical experiences and emotional body health. By desiring to make changes you will make changes by directing your thoughts. You will with intention and begin to create the 3-dimensional holographic forms you call yourself and your life.


You can do this consciously with harmony and growth or you can be the product of others and their intentions. You feel you need to be with limited powers of your own creation and it is so. Just know this – you are creators. By stating this abbreviated scenario, we wish to inform you that by understanding some of the primordial lessons of life you can change, command and be the being you are meant to be. You must have a vision and visions along the path that serves your higher purpose and service to the Universe if you wish to have your solar plexus radiant and on fire with the dynamic principles of source.

To put this into a concept think of it as an object in space and time. It has a velocity, a course, an energy and is moving constantly on a trajectory. If you aim a force at it, it alters its course and the more you point a direct pulse of energy at it, it is affected and becomes influenced by your interactions. So it is with the mass of your being. By directing positive pulses and habits you influence the course of events that would have occurred without your intervention. This is also what happens on the negative detrimental voyage and has gravity. You term this as duality.

The dynamic of life is much simpler than you think, or should we say have been taught to think. It is that simple if you want to change what is going on, do so. You want to stop your bad destructive experiences, do so. The very act of committing deliberate acts to improve and refine yourselves alters your course and your experiences. There are no victims, only the actions and reactions you participate in. And know this – this is Karma. Many of you were hit by situations and have strong gravitates you must overcome. They can be overwhelming to be sure, especially when you are under attack from someone that has it out for you, either out of spite or because they want to take your energy and dynamic away from you.


Be mindful of the people you exchange your time and company with. They will affect your experiences more than you would imagine. Their fields affect your energies and thus your experiences. This is a real phenomenon. There are disruptive beings that can’t have it on their own (so they think), and can and will come across your paths causing you much anguish like pirates, we caution you. Strategic they are, for they will make you a host and ride you like a mule to get all they can from you and have no conscience as they suck your energies. These are psychic vampires. Learn of them. For they are children that have not grown up to be of their own dynamics.

The beings that you are know instinctual boundaries and have a compass to the interactions that do not feel right. Since they have crafted their tongues without hesitation and can speak things of untruth and non-love without any sense of remorse. So listen you must, you mind your mental. We wish also to point out that the velocity, motion, and ability to change course is what we call your ‘will’. Others can also push your mass to assert you or to take from you and pattern negativity. You will have to remove. Be careful of who Hue invite into your dimension. There are many influences around you that are negative and you must learn what you feel in your gut and listen, by avoiding in recognition the obvious that you feel is not right with direct intention. True manipulators know their craft. You will find them in walks of life, from the spiritual and churches to the corporate business world. We find it amazing how they have no in conscience or understanding of Karma. Know when to set up your instinctual boundaries to those that do not feel right. We say again, you mind your mental!

Willpower should be understood as the motion of mass in the direction that is mindful and has exercised his intention along the experiences he has had. Added with the clarity of desire based on spiritual evolution, one becomes aware of their creative source and the principles of attraction. Your intention directed with focused attentiveness will make you a dynamo and your own intentionally manifesting being. This takes time, directly to the mass of illusion you must push through to reorient your compass settings of consciousness in your journeys. Do know this, everything you do to become polished to reflect your inner beauty will affect you on your path, and things will gravitate automatically to your supreme self as you begin to know yourself in perfection. You are a powerful being if you wish to be so.


Again we say when things become overwhelming for you, learn the power of intention vision and claim what it is you want and this can only make positive changes for you. The Universe will reward you by making it so with your intention. Unfortunately, this is not always being created with LOVE and respect for others and life. Understanding these principles of power can also make you a tyrant. Just remember, all things are rewarded by attraction. What is sent from your centre will all come back to you in time. So be careful to make yourself illumined and in harmony with the Universe, should you wish to experience your creations with LOVE and clarity you will find LIGHT and good things. By choosing the path of LIGHT, self-empowerment, and clarity you will bring an amplification of experiences to you.

You are creators and will gravitate to your destiny by your actions. This is why there is such a stratification of planes or worlds made up of actions/inaction and choices by the dwelling entities experiencing the Universe. Get beyond good and evil and understand that your resonate frequencies will take you to whatever dimension of similar beings you have earned yourself to be around. There are many collectives and realms for you to experience as souls.

This is the conclusion of today’s lesson. May the Fireworks of your solar-plexus shine in abundance and loving knowledge, and good luck in the forming of HUE.



Life is forever changing on your planet and the quality has now become quantity. The more your world is removed from nature, the greater challenges of your quest for stableness of your mind, hearts, and spiritual understanding and happiness. The body and the mind need balance and creative flow that comes from the soul.

But the illusion is you are being programmed into creatures of the need of stimuli that is foreign to the way you are designed. Happiness is in essence, peace or centeredness of your being not being pulled to needs that have to be satisfied, for this enslaves you to the quest of satiation of those cravings.

What has happened in your world is that these basic needs are being magnified into pangs of hunger and cravings. These are used to have you consume and respond to the deliberate manipulations of your psyche and body, by very sophisticated chemicals that affect your dopamine levels and appetites that are not in balance to a sustainable level.

Feeling good and happy is an effect of chemical triggers of beta-endorphins released in synaptic pulses in your brains. The manipulations are played on your societies from pharmaceutical companies and your food factories, to the material gadgetry you need. Even your very computers are being overwritten with waves of light and stimuli that entice you to needing this on a very unconscious level.


What this all means is your souls are being entrapped deeper and deeper into the 3-dimensional realms. Your knowing of the inner dimension of the soul and nature is systematically corrupted, to the point your union with creative flow and stimuli will not come from your souls, but from artificial intelligence.

In the not too distant future your whole societies will be linked to massive computers that will “educate” you into the real and “scientific” agendas of beings behind the scenes that want to have your souls enslaved to this material realm and not go further to Star Seed and evolution, for they need the life force of your souls to sustain their creations and agendas.

Things will be “better”. Your cars will drive themselves, your children will be programmed into wonderful complacent human resources, and drones with synchronizing controls and will have lost the connection of their own sense of awareness.

You can see it everywhere you look. People need to have their fix by staring into a hand-held device as they walk down the streets, have their meals and social context. Soon there will even be implanted chips for your security, identification and “convenience” where you will be monitored and headed to mass minglings and agendas, all controlled by One World Government. This is not just a prediction, it is already happening.

Your only course is to be vigilant and be very mindful of your foods, entertainment, and cravings and to disconnect periodically in nature to find your real nature. Keep your minds active and away from computer simulation 24/7 and pick up a book, listen to some nice music and walk in nature.  Use your own information and insight to keep a perspective, or even this force of your soul will atrophy.

Remember you are more than this.