You cannot grasp the future and simultaneously cling to the past and hold it, for this is how it is in your temporal detection of the 3-dimensional holographic cage world you live in. The purpose of your life is to gather your fragmentation of disruptive natures into cause and effect understanding.

What a wondrous education your soul gets. Dear ones, understand that there are so many realms for you to see and experience for learning the basics of your core and yourself and this is all I hope to teach you; fragments of PRIME SOURCE developing the sense of sentience. This lesson is to understand that you must let go of everything that traps your spark of SOURCE.

Know that you are all ONE and all in the creation of individualized authors of your creation. The sooner you grasp this the quicker you will formulate the creation of you, dear authors. For life is your book, you’re an autobiography of all that you do. The delusion is that you are a biography and some “saviour” and “god” will write it for you. Has it ever occurred to you that this is the reason you are stuck and in limitation to the dynamic opportunity you have before you?


Religions are propaganda that teach you “evil” and “good” and that it is all “God’s will” and this is how the Overloads control you. I can assure you it is not that way and if you gain back your real inner connection to your source currents you would understand. Know that your fears are your uncompleted cycles and your inability to let go of the past and your crutches in people and family.  You will not graduate this sandbox prison world until you get the knowing of yourself and your responsibility.

If you think that the gods will continue to nurse you and keep you as adolescence souls you had better take a reality check, for you are doomed to being responsible for your life and your cause and effect. Put away your trinkets and your rituals, learn the way. Again your food is your fuel that sources your energy levels. As you open up you will see all that what you put in will affect your mind and your body; hello? Your thoughts are your resonance magnet that draws its calling. Your fears are unresolved trauma and you need to turn around and ask them what it is they threaten you and want to teach you.

Dear creators, know that what you put out it returns to you, and it is not good or bad it is the dynamics of the Universe. Know that if you hurt someone else their hatred and modulations will keep hounding you, for they are creators as well. Harmony, does that even enter your minds and hearts dear ones?

There are no excuses, for nothing is dismissed what you create. Your life is your responsibility. Period. So stop being a victim or a sufferer and awaken.



There’s a time to think, a time to study and a time to put the mind down to rest. And there is time to use your mind for creative imagination guided by your soul. The mind works with two principles. It can lead you and be a wonderful tool, or it can pull you astray.

The awakened mind encapsulates the presence of the “Superman” or the superconsciousness. When one is empowering the nature of their soul manifested in their present physical form. And this is the goal, this is the union of the Mind, Body and Soul.

But it will not always maintain that way. Just like the sun has clouds, so does our sense of presence and purpose dissipate now and then. The point here is to seek your wisdom as a sailor would. To navigate through rough waters and to know the signals and to prepare yourself.


Nothing is static and things are always changing about you. It’s how you react to them that creates your emotional connection. The soul must master the learning of detachment; an understanding that it’s just an experience and a process.

Grab the rudder of your mind and trim your sails of time and action to stay on course and adjust to the circumstances. Never forget the power of availability. For to navigate and plan your destiny and know when to change course, you will get to your destination skillfully. That is a recommendation.

For a life where one is a master and captain of their ship, one must understand the nature of their course in the obstacles, as well as the provisions necessary for their journey and goals. This is the difference between an awakened soul and mind, and one that is adrift and complacent, static, tossed and turned, without preparation for forces that come into their experiences. All of which is your choice and your activity, for you create your life.

Remember your soul. When you do, you will awaken. For your soul has been through many realms and is quite wise.



Knowledge is an ambiguous term and is like the unfocused potential to apply a usefulness to a task, subject or duty, even in reference to soul understanding. Knowledge is not always static and can change within the system at hand.  One must be aware that technologies and cultural evolution and the components of what is known at the time and place, can and will change.

So be careful of holding onto titles for they can keep you stuck and ignorant of the flow of changes to “knowledge”.  For example, a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering 50 years ago would not have the understanding of one in the present time if he or she did not continue to flow with the currents of knowledge. The same holds true for what you may term a Spiritual “Master”. Even they can become fixed and stagnant to evolution by holding onto titles.

So understand that knowledge must follow the following criteria:
  1. The task must be focused that references the scope of work and issue.
  2. One must understand what they know, and what they do not know, boundaries as it were.
  3. Study and reference to the components of the issue, and how to source it.
  4. An open mind that uses the resources of the inner mind, and the best sources of the collective mind conclusions.
  5. Knowledge takes skill to see and understand the application and stay in shape with the tempo of the group and the fields that are part of the elements.
  6. Discernment in choosing the sources of information and options.

Dear ones, there is such an abundance of information at your fingertips, all you need to do is determine how to focus on the utilization of the resources. As mentioned, to master something (for a moment in time) you must study and invest research and dedication to the subject once you have determined it.

Be aware, that there are many ways to learn; such as from a master in the field, hands-on and through study, but practice and focus are what creates the skill that allows one to achieve. You can learn from your mistakes if you look at the causes and correct the inefficiencies, but there are others that have already done that for you, so if you study the codes and sciences of the application you will save yourself a lot of hard knocks.

Think of knowledge as a stairway that you ascend to that has planes and doors at different levels that you can enter, but when you are done you must leave the same way you came in. So on your path, you can ascend up another group of stairs or you can decide to go down to a lower level with the knowledge you had learned and reviewed from the lessons and information.


Such is the Quest of the Soul.

Just remember that the soul, not the biological mind, carries the information you have of many lives and you would be WISE to harness this into your current life, for no one knows you better than your soul. The skill to reflect upon your life challenges with the guidance of your soul will impress great knowledge to you of why certain events have crossed your paths.

So I wish to impress upon you that knowledge can affect your experiences in life and your future destiny. Science and the knowing of the Universe can be useful, and is necessary to the realization of the soul in each incarnation.

Be ever vigilant to understand that how you live your life with habits and choices can be one of knowledge by study and discipline, or it can be one of learning by cause and effect, pain, suffering, and loss.

It all leads to the same path when the soul “gets it” and chooses to be in harmony with the Universe and to enjoy the experience and an active element of growth and beauty.



So dear ones, if you take ‘a fence’ to things you are still in fear and attachment. You term this taking offense but listen closer and you will see.  The reaction or re-action is where you are still stuck in a past rejection and have a sore physic nerve. When you have fences in your life you have to carry them wherever you go.

So is it not better to set your boundaries and your will, and inform someone promptly when they trespass upon your sovereignty instead of constructing fences and limiting your experiences? For what do you have to protect that you can just walk away from? Learn the difference in life.

Contracts have to be completed with people and one should know how to construct them and how to end them when the energy is no longer to your growth and acquisition dear ones. Just remember you own no one, and no one owns you.  All you own is your scorecard of actions and your nature and integrity; poor decisions and lifestyles will display.

So stop your clinging and let your soul travel the mind and personality you clothe yourself with.  Nothing is permanent, this is all a movie. You will learn this before your life has expired its lease in the material form you think you are.



Are you consuming other people’s excrement that has been processed and feel you are their toilet seat?  These people are everywhere and their smell and scent are very toxic. You will find them in all walks of life and professions. Many are hoarders to some degree and substance abusers.

You must understand that life force energy flows around all objects and so if their chaos is in your space you will be in energetic disturbances that will repress your Chi.  So, therefore, you must cordon off their influence and effluence.  For the sewage of their being will fill your void with their frequencies. This process of change begins with ridding useless items of their clutter and vibrations then setting up your frequency and allowing the winds of energy to flow.

Like a damned restrictive river upon the field changes of stuff, you will feel many currents flowing again and this will have a great impact on your life.  Just remember that this process will drain your energy, for you are in effect transmuting the space until the Chi has restored it, so expect to be drained and fatigued.

Dear ones, claim your space and if it is a joint situation make it harmonious without overbearing objects, clutter and junk so both your energies can flow. It is a call to order. Know that you also must change your habits to keep the flow going. You must talk to people that insist on manipulating you and discounting your sovereignty because they are congested and out of touch with their soul and reality to function beyond comfort and mundane.

Forget about the emotional ties that are used and the contracts. You must find the sacred space for your soul to reach you or you will be negative and your inner LIGHT will dwindle.  List your needs as a being and demand that you are respected, and make yourself respected by cleaning up your act for it goes both ways.  If you want changes in your life you must begin with a clear space for new energies. This is a fundamental principle in your life.

So refine yourself, fast and clean your body periodically and you will have a clearer reference apart from food, noise, and cravings. As for your relationships, after you have grounded look really deep and decide if you still need this relationship that has stagnated and learn what is holding you to it. Replace those areas and make yourself as self-sufficient as you can. For the reality is no one owns you nor do you own others.

Keep on your path of clarity and evolution and rid yourself of toxic environments. Do these things and your life will be free to repattern and be the best you can be.



Separation from illusions comes by turning yourself into the inner universe, as does the connection to the unified fields of LIGHT and the endless bliss of the source point energy. It will all be remembered when you find this moment and space and time; for that is where your very soul cord came from and is connected to.

The mind gathers information and is learning a form picture you call “yourself” in the belief of your body and script you are incarnated into.  Be aware dear ones, there are agendas of beings; corporations that seek to program you and use your life force as a collective.  Be ever vigilant of the hidden subliminal programming that is conditioning you into a product to be controlled and manipulated.

How can I tell you? That there are agendas of infiltration of technologies your governments are using to spy and gather all there is to know about you, and your types are being classified as a class and unit as a human resource to study and manipulate and watch you.

Yes, indeed it is sinister and works with entities terrestrial, inner dimensional and extra-dimensional.  They are not new, for they have walked among you for thousands of years. It is now that your governments are given technologies for their agenda and doing the dirty work as puppets, thinking that they are gaining technology and greater power. Yes, and only for a while.


They are linked to your governments and people in high power of authority both physical and non-physical in this vibratory sector. You are being studied and tested and used in many experiments both in DNA splicing and in psychological testing and evaluation. This wonderful world has been taken over by them and they love to come to this zoo and play with you and observe you. They delight in your fears and wars and emotional flares.

They have bases under your oceans and lands and on many of your planets and especially your moon. This is slated to be taken down and many of us are already at work to stop this and to retrieve our Starseed and souls of our family. Do know, that there is a last-ditch effort to pollute and distort your moral characters and corrupt your souls so that the harvest of humans to the next quanta will be less appealing for our investment in your species.


This is why they are making political correctness and “acceptance” such a mainstay and endorsing the very corrupted use of your male and female biological functions into the union of the same gender as “normal”.  Mind you, they teach you to not judge any moral calibre of your being and social ethical norms. You are being conditioned to needing external stimuli that come from the broadcasting of lightwaves and messages into your brain and are forgetting how to rationalize your own cognitive abilities.

Great computers are under construction and following your whole world into one central artificial intelligence. This will assure that you are staying stuck in this realm and wish not to move on to the next quantum leap as a species. Great changes are to occur but many will not even be able to handle the new energies. Do not underestimate the cocktails of vaccines that are being injected into your bodies and the chemical arsenal of aerial spraying and microwave induction you are being bombarded with.

I tell you this because it is very real and you need to be very cognisant of this and do your efforts to not be drawn into this trap of the controllers on your world. Just know that we are here and having to undo many of their belligerent hostile and aggressive actions. We need you to make your minds clear and bodies pure so that you can reach us in your bandwidth on the inner frequencies.

Tune into the best good and be careful to not let fear take you over, and avoid substances that distort your higher brain function. Stay away from your involvements in wars and fear, and especially financial concerns that entangle you from your inner peace. Handle this information carefully so as not to feed into the wave of mass hysteria. We will be working with you but you must unplug from the intense bombardment of your media and computer programs that are corrupting your very good nature into a mass hypnotic sleep, like sheep ready for the slaughter.

Be informed.



When you reflect brilliance in your being by polishing your act and presence with knowledge and good intention with service to others and your self-respect, you will have no shadows to cloud your presence.

When you have the power of the know and time of the moment encoded into your mindset you become radiant of positive LIGHT from your soul. Lower frequencies will either raise or be repelled in the matching of your frequencies.

Seek knowledge, not idleness and the consumption of things that drunken the mind and vanish our soul connection. How is your life “going” you might ask?  For many, this is the case. But to be informed of your soul connection and making your intention LOVE and the path of knowledge and service to all life with great enthusiasm, you will surely find supreme joy and realness.


You are the maker of your reality, so do your best and life will flow with the soul. Here lies the secret of enlightenment and happiness. Your duty is to evolve and to LOVE yourself.  Forget the terms Ego and self-centered for they cripple the strength of the Soul. When you have the honor to your Soul and are centered in the true self you will not need so much attention from the world and their judgments and limitations.

For the world will see an Eagle in the heavens before they see the rats, so is it your course to soar the heavens with your own wings and life with the wings of wisdom. Be strong with your talons of a sharp mind.  You will have no problem having the view and power to defend your being from the ground of illusions and sedated world of repression and illusion.