You need your ears, so have the time to listen inside dear souls. We are bringing in many teachings and so all of you that have kept strong and remained inquisitive and steadfast to your inner truths, the seed is in HUE so you can now grow. This year the LIGHT and energy you wanted in the dark years of your life will be activating HUE. This year, root deep within. For the trials of your dark soul will arise in the winter to help you dream of your real being. The germination is happening, this is why you have been buried. We will be with you our clan of LIGHT, activate your real self. You will remember now who you are.

As you break through ground you will see your whole-body itch and rash. Hives will appear as you transmute, this is a sign. You will feel very high and out of touch with what you were. Your minds will be quicker than ever. Yet they will be stilled because you are being pulled by the soul down through the heart and all your chakras. Whatever unfinished business that is dormant will be activated. This you will face and it will be fear, anger, LOVE, hate and invalidation memories. Watch this, for it is the passing. The fires of the Kundalini are rising in your spines to capture your minds.

This is the poison apple of knowledge, listen to the serpent for you will have the knowledge of what you are. And eat of the magic mushrooms and plants in the garden. This will activate your LIGHT bodies and take you from the garden of the Archonians to the remembrance of your cosmic birthright. In the moving of the snakes (polarities -Yin and Yang) you will experience them spinning around each centre lifting the debris of your ancestors in the bloodline and your own encoding brought by fear and rejection of your sovereign right. Forget the teachers of the night darkness that come to SAVE you (religion), for this is your enslavement.

You must keynote the voyage and travel between the gates of the snakes that guard the entrance porthole. This is why they poison your minds with fear, they do not want you to go, for if you do they have no RA power to create and this will dissolve the Matrix. Let them stay in the destruction of illusions and remain in the dark, for in reality there is no darkness nor hell. What they create with the scripts of the misinformation, they program you from birth to death. For the SUN walks on the water as it sets and rises. HORACE Horizon, Seth is the Moon and he takes the day and turns it into the night.

Those that run your churches and your governments are the devil. The created archetypes of good and evil. We are the Elohim and the RA, those that came from the heavens on the chariots of the gods. Your world is full of lies, your only ticket is to go within and find your being.


When you pass through the gates you will understand again and know we have always been here waiting for this harvest. THE CYCLE IS OVER AND ENDING. Those that are in change must listen this year and go within. We will reach each and every one of you that is of our star seed. The DNA holds the “blood” that saves you.

The Cristos of the star seed, the cross is the Solar Cross. The disciples are the 12 solar systems in your view that you see in the procession of movement, all stolen from us of Lyrian RA. The Masons have no exclusive right to our knowledge nor are the Illuminati illumined. They work based on greed, oppression, wars, killing, and fear. This is not who we are. We are of the Laws of ONE. We let them be for they’re letting us separate “the wheat from the chaff”. Once again, the precipitation of what you are is what you are, you cannot change your nature. You can only change your state of awareness.

Be not tricked by the mind, here it is being enslaved. Why do you think the toys of high technologies are now here in unprecedented quantities? They want those of ignorance to stay on the outer internet and will control you with artificial intelligence, lily waves, and biofield microwave oscillations. Why are they insisting you take the vaccinations? These are the cocktails that will inhibit the cellular DNA spinning with the new energies coming. Why do they give you fluoridated water? To destroy your pineal gland and higher thinking. Why are they doing the Geoengineering (chemtrails)? They contain aluminum oxide that is a very good electrical insulator that passes the blood-brain barrier. Great to keep electrons from firing in the brain, hence increased dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The dendrites are being compromised. Barium is being added to increase the human biodefense mechanism and stresses it to overreact your immune systems. Radioactive strontium is being added to damage the thyroid and cause cancer. This year, heavy black disbursements of nanochips will be dropped that will become systemic and works with your cell phones to register your bio fields and person. Your cell phones are being used to harm the reproductive organs with microwaves to make you sterile. Your GMO foods will make you have low sperm counts. This part of AGENDA 21 depopulation control.

In the blanket of your aerosol attacks, the Elite are making the air like a giant grid that can and is being energized with microwaves that are programming you with radiation at or close to 7.56 Hertz. Your skies are being jolted with pinpointed microwaves from four broadcasting areas, two of which are in Alaska, one in Germany and one in Norway. These send microwave plasma collisions that alter the stratosphere and ionosphere, changing the weather. The project CERN is working with magnetic scalar weapons to fire upon our ships. They know we are here and have been tracking us.

How can I tell you just what you are being subjected to? This teaching would be pages. Just know we are working with our ground crews to activate them.

In the meantime, work on imprinting your own force fields.



You live on a world that’s called the ‘planet’. It is composed of humans but all have scripts to learn from experience, but the key word for your essential growth is to plan it. Every Soul on the planet has an orbital of energy and reality and this creates gravities to your own sector of force and being. Understand this, that your attitude creates your frequency vibration as well as your diet and your sense of LOVE to yourself and others. So many people on your planet want to be victims and they hold these thoughts so strong in their intensity that they make it happen because people respond in kind to their gravity.

On your planet, you have a game called ‘pool’ with a pool table and the cue ball which hits a rack of other balls with their numbers, and away they go and collide, randomly hitting the pockets with the first break. This is no different than when you came to the planet, you rock against other beings which could be like the tabletop balls. There are people that clip and are so clever that they know how to make people act and put them into where they need to be at their will. This is how you need to be if you want to be on the world or you will be at the cause of other people’s play of the game of pool, and you are shuffled into their dominance of energy fields and reality.

So when it is your turn to play learn to focus with your power and your intention to where you want to be. This is planning, this is the skill you need to learn to make your life happen. Sometimes the order of things is not in a row, that’s when you need to back off situations and take a look at the instincts of yourself. The trouble with people on your planet is that you have forgotten the power of instant and knowing. You’re too concerned about what the others in the group might think of you and their judgment, and you’re not living your own cause and effect to getting to be where you want to be.

The energies upon your planet are changing the frequency and it’s very important for you to step back and take aim at your life now because of the intensity of power. Every person is going to be magnified with the new energy coming through the planet so learn to craft how to roll your intention. Everybody that is in your way that is negative, sometimes you have to learn to strike your intention at them at the right angle to have them go to where they need to be out of your space. There’s such a quickening happening in your world, that the lost will become more lost and more desperate because their feelings are coming up that they’ve been suppressing all their life.


Karma is deep, it is digging down and resetting the balls on the table for your misses and strike of things you’ve not paid attention to in your life. They’re all coming up and you have to aim specifically to the pockets and set your goals, and depending on the game you play you don’t want to hit the 8 ball in the pocket and lose the game. Just remember the house that rules this world. You’re only renting on the table and it is all a game but in this process, you must learn to master who you are and impact the changes in the experiences you want or other people will take them from you.

Just be aware of where you’re heading as one element of yourself. If you’re lining up pictures and other people, they are seeing that and they’re going to knock you off the course of your direction. So it is very essential for you to hold your intention and see where they’re at in their position. A lot of people do not know they’re only reacting to other balls that have collided with them and they’re not the cause of the effect in this game of life. Right now it’s very essential for each and every one of you to quiet down and to get in touch with your feelings, to look inside the situations and become aware of an end.

You will sense annoyingness of where everybody is by their emotional broadcasting and energy and gravity. I can’t tell you enough how those that are reaching the higher frequencies you must close your eyes and you must feel. You must face your fears and your anxieties and not react to them, not to suppress them, and to ask what it is they’re wanting to tell you and show you. Otherwise, you’re going to just be following the shots of others that have been in your course of your experience. You will not break free of this karmic cycle within yourself and you will be a victim, and life will take you to the table played by others.

Right now, you will either climb up the rungs of the ladder and advance or you’re going to fall, but you’re not going to stay where you’re at because this is a time of cleansing and higher orbital frequencies upon your planet, interdimensionally and astrologically in the cosmos.



If you cannot yet completely overcome the distractive forces of others in process of the human personality, it is being indifferent. For the lies and pains of early imprint are surfacing due to the feelings that must be felt. What has been hiding will now come to the surface. What is on the bottom of the cauldron will be excited by the new energies and will precipitate as vapour, the vapour level of the soul force and knowing. For nothing can be hidden when the soul excites the body unit and feelings are truly what we are, not our mental subjective realities.

It is now the time to understand the instant levels again. This is the only thing that will release you from the Matrix and you will be seen as strange and weird by the denser units. It is now time to leave their jelled state of affairs, for in the matching of their pictures they have manipulated you by feelings and judgments of shared limited façade. This is all they know because you do not conform to the Matrix. They will smirk and laugh at you as strange but when you have the inner clarity and connection as a trusting and knowing star child you will know you do not belong here.

So turn your child-self into a dynamic LIGHT being and connect on the inner dimensions. Let them stay with the stimulus of their sexual and stomach appetites. Let them vision the great new controller Google and Facebook and be indulged by the programming and deadening underway. Little do they know that they are to be enslaved now with total exterior mind manipulations. For there is a great AI (artificial intelligence) computer being created with several massive servers that are taking data on everything you say, do, need, and are predicting your every move to haunt you with advertising, desires and social scripts as designed by the Elite New World Order.

Much of what you will be seeing will be holographic trickery and this includes what happened with 911 projectors that were used to crash into the buildings along with explosives. Soon threats and fears of the ETs will be melodramatised. As the world will go through major energetic quakes and seas rise, winds of nature will confront these manipulations and unbind and take down the Cabal.


Never forget, that the very world you live on is the essence and control of a female creator god you term “mother nature“. So, the lost souls will find the diversion of the fallen leaders of corruption.

Nature follows the laws of the system of harmony and is going to rid the plague of these abusive corrupted ones. Never forget who is in charge, it has been allowed as a test. The civilizations of the Earth will be overturned again just like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. But of course, those connected to source and nature will make a new transition. The Ambassadors of RA are in their ships to take those of the heart and soul evolve to the next excited states of existence and this will be the return home for many. These are the builders of the Earth pre-dawn, not the gods of religion nor the saviours of Christian misinterpretation.

This dream of lies will awaken into the real nightmare for those of falsehood and not connected to their soul cord. The carnival is closing and the clown leaders will no longer be able to stop the real realities that will be not of this world. Your bodies will be showing signs of rashes and your emotions coming up and uncontrolled. Things are precipitating first to the higher vibrational beings well before the denser ones get a clue. This is the calm before the storm. The world leaders know what is about to avail itself.

They have been given stellar weapons to fight the returners of the harvest but your nature is your vibratory rate of change and these beings can do rapid changes of states with the advanced craft. Even their very beings are of LIGHT and they can travel as energy by changing their states. They are coming to take us in the chariots of FIRE. The very markings of the Sphinx and the pyramids all around the world tell you of the real history and these are the Ancients of Days.

Those of their soul cord will remember.



Greetings my family of LIGHT beings that have chosen to come to this Earth vibrational realm in skin suits. HUE are in a time of great transition. Depending on the portal of time genre, you came into this dimension to take on the lessons of your chosen mother and father and the history of the ancestors in their bloodline. Hue are now beginning to meltdown and lose touch with the personality mindset you thought Hue was. For many, you know that everything is energy and photon arrangement of magnetic field vectors in perpendicular geometric building blocks with frequency modulations of mind intended by the primal lessor “gods” of the Elohim and Ra ancestry that have worked in this quadrant of your solar system.

Remember that the solar systems are in a cosmic time clock and spin. This not only is repeated on different levels, it is happening on the radius of your movement of your planet through the seasons. Your solar system is moving into a cosmic cloud or null zone of energy. This will completely affect the vibrational building blocks and upgrade to higher frequencies. Think of the line a tether that is far from the central poles but as it revolves it moves faster each time around at a different speed and energy level. This is the 4th house of cycle for your recent human forms and life experiments and experiences in biological forms of the denser fields your world was experiencing.

Know that your souls are sparks of consciousness that are unified as ONE with the SOURCE of all things. The concepts of being apart as a separate agent and identity happen in the skin suits of mind and social cultures you have come to wear, but this is not HUE. So there is a time-space orbital quanta change of state you are all going through. It is affecting all that you are of your mind and personalities to your human forms evolving in a new fabric. You, the masters that have already ascended will know this time in advance of those masters in the making still in sandbox playground, but something is definitely unfolding. Over the next few weeks (beginning on December 21, 2017) there is a quanta doorway that is opening up new vortices of energy.

This is first affecting those of the HUE soul cords of the LIGHT Brother and Sister spirits that have come from other advanced civilizations and other planets far in advance of the human Earth realms that have been corrupted and allowed to rule, to let souls work out the lessons as in retribution of prison to capture the knowledge of the polarities of reason, harmony, and self-corrupted stubborn soul newbies that are still adolescent in the experience of HUEman nature. For them, they need to test the waters of what you may term evil and good, which each carry a vibration and a Karmic script and Astral bank account of action to each of those that have been affected by their presence.


Moving on to the important issue, those in the forefront are going into an energic crucible of fire to melt the metals of the mental scripts from the mother–father and the added flavour of the meat that this new incarnate is viewing and experiencing in Earth density. So what is happening is a complete meltdown of the psyche and identity because the soul of that human is now reaching down as the physical unit, it’s moving in its vibratory real. What the result is during this transition state is that the personality is losing its mind because the core of the soul has been too far away because the core feeling levels and kindness, LOVE and integrity of LIGHT has been compromised by the incarnation denying the access to the power and knowledge it had before when taking on the uniform of the Earth body.

These evolved beings have time to adapt to the rejection and pain of the emotional corruptions of this dominated duality realms. So because of this intensity of the energy quanta, the minds are feeling estranged because every rejection and pain is being lighted up into panic and fear-based imprints. So this is what you need to understand, and it is that you must now take time to do your hibernation. You must take up upon yourself to be away from the lower frequency people and go within yourself. You must turn on the fires of the soul force and cook and heat the crucible of your being. Feel and face all your fires and you will become molten again and this is a time that you can reform in new bodies and casts of expression.

But what you are feeling as pain, anxieties, fear, grief, and loneliness is exactly what you must face in your furnace and heat it up with your eyes closed and with your breathing to combust your fires. Now the soul will take its spoon and reach down inside and remove the impurities of this realm from your ancestors and your life expressions that you have indicated to, and you will heat. Your Master OVERsoul will now pour you into a new form, but you have to go through the fires. You need to do this first for you are at the forefront. The other people around you will become frantic and not understand that the higher vibrations are exciting their lower selfs as well. This is also happening on the living planet you are on. It will be heating up, great volcanoes will become active for the release ports and a quivering of the planet will occur.

The rings of fire will now become active and expect a major earthquake in California very soon, with Mexico, Alaska, Vancouver, Japan and the islands of New Guinea. You will have major storms and winds of unseen scales. Rains will flood many lands and the world will panic. This is why it is so essential for those of our family to quicken. We will be addressing those that are coming online and ready. You will now have your dormant powers return after you have processed. Many of you will become very clairvoyant, some will have vision and become great teachers and many will be terminals to the higher frequencies we term ‘Keepers of the Flame’ and you will be great magnetic lightworker healers bringing about stellar healing and emotional body alignments to those at the cusp of their new levels of frequency.

Prepare, for this is a great time of change and cleansing upon your planet.



In your journeys of life, there are mountains to climb and puzzles to solve, all to give you a picture and a perspective along the way of your experiences. You see, you must get the picture and the vision of your life to have the meaning, and understand you the viewer.  Know then, when you are far from a mountain it takes the time to get there and to climb it. And mind you, time is a perception of the burden and how much you are in shape to move your body and your mind, but note you must move your feet and take the steps to make the venture. So is the case of your life when you have conflicts and nothing seems to fit together.

This is the puzzle, for you do not see what life situations are teaching you and how things fit together, again this is done one piece at a time.  So the proverbial lesson here is your spirit and mental connection, your perspective and your spiritual health is it not? You have a saying on your planet, a good one I might add that sometimes you turn “molehills into mountains“.  When you are puzzled in your life without meaning it is no different than making room on the table and looking at the total picture on the box and vision what the end game is. For this will encode your mind to work on solving the pieces and looking for patterns that fit together, placing them in the general area of the total picture and collect the fragments that fit together to solve the mystery of your life.

Life is, therefore, the fitting of the pieces and the incidents to see the total picture. This is a very powerful analogy to get for it fits life and the occurrences of your life situations in every detail of your life. When you seek to see the total picture of what the meaning of your life can be you can piece your life together. Do keep in mind that your parents and your ancestors are the edges of the pieces that all link together. They are your traits encoded in your DNA.

In conclusion of today’s teaching know that it is best to sit down and see within to your soul what your life can be in the perfection of the elements that you are and bring it to the table, your work table.  Let the consciousness of your mind begin to see the patterns that keep reoccurring, to get you to see the messages of what your soul cord needs to learn in your incarnation. Have patience and study for it will not fit together in one fell swoop. But know this, the more you are building direction the better your vision to assemble the pieces of your experiences. As things begin to fit together you will draw them to you with great occurrence and speed. You term this serendipity, but this is the science of how it works.

Now for the mountain, these are your challenges, that you must find the footing and the stamina to climb and get into shape by learning to exercise your free will and start your journey. Know that inspiration is the nectar of the gods that sweetens your way giving you energy, and action is the course of applied energy to seeing your goals. Let your spirit be your compass and follow your hearts in life.  Take time to know the way of providing the provision that you can carry along your way, that is essential. A heavy pack of things that are not relevant will tire many a traveler in life.

May the lessons of today find meaning to you, that you choose to begin to solve your puzzles and see the making and growth of your soul.



As always, when good things happen there is the different action of bad things at your doorstep, so be careful who you invite into your house and have them remove their shoes so that you can see their soul.  For many will come to a place of rapid change in their lives for the positive but the keepers of illusion will distract you. Be wise in the world.

Here in your world, to walk this dark and LIGHT there’s always polarities and issues at just about everything in your room. Just remember, you call things to you by your state of vibration.


How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.  Chemicals, additives and food not only affect your body they affect your mind and enhance your frequency or deaden it.  How you feel emotionally is what you broadcast. What you broadcast creates your reality and pulls people into your life.

It is best to start with your food, nutrients, and fuel. For a sound body is a sound mind, and this has been said for centuries.



Dear souls, fear is a devastating element that is foreign to the soul. It serves no purpose in the way that is used by the modern world of mixed messages, corrupted values and insight that was once inherent to the given nature of man. The dumbing down of your own inner compass, judgment, and creative nature is ever eroding by the controllers of your world that know what is best for their human resource and chattel.

Your bodies are like a prism that manifest polarity and holds the connection of the soul to develop your personalities. And know this, you are in detention and training and have a predestined chapter of variables that you must work with by design by the wardens of this realm. However, the challenge is not just the processing of your soul and its agenda. You are being interfered by a group of interdimensional beings that are ruling your world. They make studies of your experiences to learn and to sport for entertainment, along with the chosen elite that has been calling them into their souls and minds for “power”.

You are all part of their programming and agendas to use you as slaves and resources. The game is now using technologies to link you into one artificial mind that is electronic and computer-based to tap your soul’s energy and enslave your minds. The only way you can escape this is to free your minds and reboot. Fear is the product of uncertainty and also survival where you feel you can do nothing and have no say. This is the agenda to unify you as one mind like batteries (they informed you with the Matrix movie).


You must be free from the needs to constantly use your government tits of the computer, “smart” phones, and Google exclusively. For this will shut down your being and entrap you with surveillance and it will be a computer programmed probability your life will lead. You will not even see this coming!

You are dealing with agents that run your Churches, Sciences, and Media and are cold blooded to any compassion. For you to them have no value, but are just containers that they use to tap your amplifications of life form and creative beingness into a united mass or one NEW WORLD ORDER. Learn to trust your intuition and to practice your will without the concerns of others and the outcome which is already there to create a reaction to you attempting to be different.

They control your music, food, news and even your living shelters along with endless sophisticated agendas to make you ever unified with their agendas. This is where your fear is coming from. You must find your way back to your soul and hear yourself again and know your worth without worrying about the Devil, Jesus, Allah or whatever Iconic engram you have been plugged into. Just remember, they want everything that they can take from you and will use any means to get it.

Wake up, the illusion is becoming real by the acceptance and collective agreements that the races of man are allowing.