For ages, it is the lesson of the moment that is the quantitative production of all that proceeds in your life. Change is the moment.  By being in the moment of your actions you change the frequency of that which you frequently see and so it is in effect the effect of your energies, thoughts, knowing and movement.  You have a term in your world related to the body called exercise.  Mind you, you have many bodies that this principle works with, such as the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body.  And so in the astral-etheric realms the astral body pulses and draws things to you in the physical form.

The question is are you in shape, limber and yielding in your bodies? Often you think about getting there some time or somehow on this magical day when you have time. The TIME is the moment.  Understand this, as the temperament is to be in action when it is the most difficult and most energetic time of conflict. This is the moment to understand and listen and make the change. The idea of hoping to get it done someday only reinforces the resonate habits of your nature.


It is easier than you think to make changes if you desire to listen and let go of the RE ACTION of the movie and stop the re-runs of your energetic perceptions. When you are turbulent, find the centre by breath with watching and none reaction. Look at the elements of what the situation is and how you are the facilitation of the drama by your reactions.  Understand, that the mind must always be right to solve it, but then again, it is the mind making the judgment from the position of the mind.

With this merry-go-round, you will never be free. In order to be free, you must be unattached and focused on the following;

  1. LOVE for all things.
  2. Respect for all people and their positions.
  3. You must understand that rejection and pain makes you judge and that your reaction feeds the continuances of the illusion that you have to work through.

In the Eastern Hindu Religion, this is termed, Yogi Maya. So then, finding a stasis for balance is to let go of everything and rest the soul. Next, ask the Great Spirit of Source to help you have the vision of the lesson or send you a personal trainer on the issue of your life.

We will work with your dreams to help you see, for insight is the only way you will get to know the issue of your reactionary states of being.  Often from a survival level on the feeling, you will not have enough, and that everyone needs to hear your position to sound off what you cannot incorporate within yourself.  Word of caution, you cannot change people when you both have the blinders on. Change your frequency and the world will change your stance and calling to reality you pattern in your mindset.

I wish to share more my brethren at the next lesson. Be well and at the moment for it builds the future.



Inherent in life is breath and your breath is a great power to understand. Many of your terms revolve around this principle, for breath is the wind in your sail of movement and creation.  That is why it is so essential to the stasis of good health and motivation.

Exciting your breath can increase blood flow to the brain and your thinking abilities, whereas breathing to a rhythm with the mind and good melodic music can calm and detach the mind and unify the spirit to the body.

As simple as this may seem, if you wish to ascend in peace and balance of mind you must understand the power of breath and how essential it is to your health, for when you are led by the spirit of breath you can have breathtaking experiences along your journeys.

Let the power of breath and sunshine be a part of your day.

Know of the power of movement and breathe and stretch your body so that it does not become locked in restrictive patterns. There are great practices of Yoga that can teach you the way of being with movement and range. This is so essential in today’s modern world where machines and chairs imprison you and solidify your body and incapacitate your range of motion.

Maintain a sound body and you will have a sound mind.



As I talk to you from my realms, you on your frequency of human experience perceive and interpret your reality by your vision, so you are encompassing the expressions of consciousness and understanding. Today let me begin by suggesting to you the following.  While in the human body you are as a vessel of material substance believing and thinking in the lower material realms, and thus your understanding is encapsulated in the 3-dimensional body forms.  While like the physical expression, you are bathed and enriched by the energy and influence of the galactic sea.  These are forms of current you flow with and are affected by.  Now the question is, are you adrift and without cause of your expression and purpose?  Or on course with the intention of truth and self-harmonic destiny flowing with the cosmic currents and taken on a wonderful journey.

This is not to say that there will not be storms and current bodies of influence you may be at odds with, but the fact is, this is what builds your character and self-actualization. When you understand that there are field vectors in your experience that can enhance your emotional charged energies then you will begin to understand how to course and flow with your life in a new and purposeful meaning.  Be aware of synchronicity and learn to use this to amplify your meaning and understanding in your journey.  Your imagination is powerful and if you learn to create goals that you can intent the course of your experiences as a captain of your ship. Lose not your hope or positive feelings, nor exchange them for fear. Fear comes from not trusting, not knowing, and none-focused commitment to live. Know that you are creators and that you do have to work with the principles of your dimension.

Even the planets are pulled in the cosmic gravity of existence. In this, all things have alignments and currents that effect whatever resonate vector fields you emanate as your identification of existence.  Your material possessions indicate your patterns of your mind and state of soul connection and indicate your state of affairs.  Therefore, if you see chaos in your material it is indicative of your inner state. The simple act of cleansing and putting objects in order changes the resonate frequencies of your flow and expression. Be mindful here. As strange as it may seem to you things that happen to your vehicles and objects often tell you something.  In many times these patterns are repeated. You may notice indicator lights all of a sudden appearing, keys not working, or brakes and alignment problems.

In this experience, I would encourage you to attentiveness and repair them but also ask yourself why there are lights coming on and switches failing.  Once again, look at the patterns, they will tell you much. There are the unconscious realms, open your eyes.  For this is really where you connect with your soul cord and not just your computer biological mind.  If you learn the messages here they will tell you at the cord and inform you of many things that are coming, both in harmony or what is forecast in your current journey if you continue in positive or negative courses with your involvement in life. There are metronomic or pattern pulses that come from you.  Know this, as it will bring things to you or repel things from you.


Never forget you have a part in this, either willingly with a positive motivated and inspired aspiration or with a lost and crushed spirit lacking design and interest. This is where you are creators. By taking the tasks of your knowing duties and setting agendas you have the greatest influence on the things that will come across your vision and path, remember this.  All things work with harmonic resonance and every one of you have field stasis. These fields are influenced by those are you resonate with, in the positive or in the negative.  If you place yourself with others that do not have coherent and positive energies nor walk in the paths of LIGHT you will begin to match energies and lower your frequencies. Remember even your mental visions will be influenced.

Learn to surround yourself with like-intention and character of your companions and in groups if you choose to expand.  Always seek divine harmony and clarity of inner truth. By doing so your path and journeys in life will reward you with the spark of the luminescent source.  There must be a change and metamorphic questioning and goal setting to fully expand to your potential. This is what sets apart the achievers and the drifters, time wasters and stagnations so prevalent in your realms. All we care for is for your expansion and self-creative alignment with source.  As you begin to get it by your frequency changes you will raise your frequencies to the higher galactic family and ascendant beings. Bad things and turbulent experiences will come to you if you choose not to abide by the principles of spiritual evolutions.  Remember that this is gravity.

In your emotions that manifest unclarity, depression, fear, or self and idle indolences it becomes very hard for you to tolerate this at your core for this is not you nor the design of things for you.  Remember you are given a blank key and each day of your life you cut into it, and as you cut the key willingly with purpose it will unlock more and more experiences, either into the dimensions of LIGHT and the path of harmony, or into lower frequencies of experience and delusion.  This, of course, is always your choice.  It is what you pattern in coherent vibrations that affect your field of experiences, the actions you take mindfully and spiritually will imprint your destiny.  If you are lost and ask for our guidance we are here.

When you took on the task of a body we were assigned to instruct you but not make you. You either learn the skills or become an active ingredient with consciousness and action apparent thereof in the cosmos, or you will diminish and be the dissolved of the greatest of all opportunities life has to offer. The pages of this sojourn are running out as you are entering into a new dimension and quadrant. If you have not mastered the lessons of your many incarnations and learnings you will not have the key nor the required frequencies to enter the next realms where we abide.  It is not easy to have to be the director of your life, but if you do in the harmony of LIGHT you will have the inner radiance that will accelerate your harmonic vibrations.

As you begin to resonate higher resonance fields, your life will become effortless in the survival levels, which for the most of you are your root of fear in suppressive governmental prisons of your societies where just a few families empire your freedoms and spoon feed their agenda, controlling with fear.  Remember this, control and slavery is not slated to continue in the next quanta of energies that are clocking hands on your timepieces.  There is going to be a failure of all the governments on your planet. This is necessary for the changes that will be coming. The world will be shaken up on many levels like the quickening of a mother in labour.  A new age is at the forefront.  Listen, for each of you will be given many messages and inclinations as many things will fall that have held you stuck. This is necessary for you to let go. Flow with it and hold on, and you will be taken on a very metamorphic process.




What business do you have here? Or do you even know? Dearest ones, your life is a contract you made in the flesh from the point of your birth. Your life, your responsibility! Never forget that. So do you have a business plan for your life, such as goals and agendas? Probably not, in which case you have no objectives to align with, so that life becomes your doing.

Know that life has chapters or contracts in a book as it were. The book is the years passing and your script which you detail in the signature of your life. There is a time to close the book on the story and start a new one. So are you the author of a new dream, a new opportunity? So many of you dear ones, keep stuck in the exciting parts that give you stimulation, and this can be the drama that keeps you stuck in “their faults” and “if only I would haves”. This is not the soul cord of the dynamic beings you are becoming with your associations.

There is no right or wrong here at this biological stage, it is only for the soul’s growth. However, do know this dear ones, that your life carries a scorecard of achievements in the ripening of the being individualised you are becoming.  This you take with you as a quanta of “light knowing” at getting the lessons that are prescribed to the individual personality you have built. Know this, we have the greatest compassion for each of you on the journeys of life and we are always in the level of personal trainers and coaches for each of you. Your goal dear ones is to become perfection and strong with all possibilities of the knowing.

How can we say this for you to understand? It works very simple. Mirrored to your personality is the supreme spark of consciousness you are as the observer, everything you do and don’t do creates a product of information that the oversoul records as knowledge, and this is your harvest. Know this again dear ones, I can assure you that your “gods” need not your attention and worship. This is the fallacy of your religions. They are based on unsound arguments and “beliefs”. How this has plagued your world, and put you into the “govern mentals” of your planet to suck your life forces to build their empires. They need your following, for each of you carries the creative connection to the source of all things.


If you only knew the power of your dynamic creative potential, how you would but become the luster of the soul. This may break your concept but you have been lied to since 300 BC by the Roman Overlords and their allegiance to the bloodlines of the Reptilian beings that came here before your human forms and have evolved to a very high level.  Know this, they are not all wrong or evil because the DNA structure is different that houses their souls, and many of you have even been in their realms incarnate. The world Earth is a great study and staging area for souls, evolving or in detention, the “gage world” as we describe it.

Your understanding of time and the vast duration of time unending is something you have been deceived by through religions and selected sciences. This I will say, that your souls have been in very advanced technological realms (for some) and in very pleasant societies and galactic cultures. There have been many of you ready to advance and some in detention, this is the function of your time here. Do know this dear ones, you hold the key to completion of this contract when you enter into the higher levels of knowing, and of course, realising just what creators you are. As I have mentioned before in my previous discourses, you all hold a body of energy and orbitals that belay a field vector of energy that attracts what comes to you and pushes with your intention those lower frequencies of disruption and lower base levels.

When you achieve Ascension you will not fit into the lower densities, this will be very evident. This is because your cravings are not base but based on the brilliance and harmonic knowing of the Universe with respect for all life and forms. There is much-unfinished business that you must and need to complete. Understanding beyond the illusion is the key point. Know that we speak to you as guides and counselors. It is such a shame that the major religions call us “unwanted demonic guides”, and of course they would.  For you would become the dynamic you are meant to be if you would but learn to unplug from the devil and good and bad concepts of the programs that have caused so much disruption and setback of your divine destiny.

In conclusion, your business is your duty to know and discover how to be self-dynamic, the cause of the effect, and deliberate entities of presence.  Look at religion and you will see it is dynamically opposed to you to really know your PRESENCE and POWER. “This is the ‘devil and Satan’ not the way of our ‘Lord and Saviour’.” Until you get out of this illusion that you hold this concept will by your belief system, create the “End Times”. If you are full of shit that is all you will smell and see. I can assure you the whole of the greater Universe is not in this “reality”. This is so convoluted, it sickens the many on your world in the knowing of their soul’s destiny and has imprisoned so many of you. The time is now at hand. We will be ever present with the return of our ships of LIGHT and knowing to harvest the ready to the higher realms.


Be ever wise to make yourself open to the real inner net of LIGHT before you are captivated as souls to the inner net of the artificial intelligence that is drawing you in ever so linked to the one mind of the controllers. This is shutting down your minds’ link to your soul cord and to your ascension. The agenda is to trap your soul’s life force and use it for the dreams of the over lords that have not your best intention. Once again, this has been allowed so that the lessons of the true nature of the ones ready can be released from the “Matrix” as your movies are informing you, for they have to disclose the terms of their contract and agenda. Your ignorance to read the fine print will be of no use when they have you enslaved to your acceptance of “their” realities.

With that said, ever wonder that any “new” inspirational changes that can rewrite the general belief systems of your planet are the “antichrist” or of the devil? Every wonder why when the dark ages were ever so prevalent in your Matrix you had such control to the Church? Yes, so I caution you with your contract to such agencies. You may find yourselves in control of the demons and the fear tactics of the ones that are your overlords. We will come to those that know us and call out to us for help, but you must be willing to escape the pit and remove your mental shackles of this illusionary world. Forget about the sleepers in the dream of the Matrix, for you will not awaken them. Rather, clear your vision and let us deprogram the lies and limitations. For your destiny is to be the children of the Universe and to grow and enjoy with self-authenticity.

Your dreams and focal points become the ink on the scripts of the book of your life. You are doomed to perfection, but this I do say, the longer you stay blind and enslaved the more you will find incompleteness and suffering. Be in LIGHT and remember to react to the invasion of ignorance in sternness like checking your footing on the climb up a steep mountain. Know this, that there will come a time that you will have to take off the ropes that tie you and get to the peak of the mountain as it were by yourself and with your own volition. When you do, you will see great vistas and those that have gone before, for they have made the ascension.

Such is your life, the way of the path of inner knowing and beauty. Fair well dear ones, be at inner moment and peace.



How am I ever going to get out of here? Put it in gear and select the low gears first so that you do not stall!

Many people do not know that they can change their environment and situations. But you must start your engines.  That is to make a decision to change.  So it is in life.

So many are just sitting idle and not moving on in life, stuck in an environment they do not like.  For real travel is to be led by the soul in the knowing of what to change and alter for a quickening of change.


The soul is very keen on order and vibrations of energy, and does not like to be trapped in chaos or negative energy fields. Often those that we hang with keep us stuck. Sometimes you just need to hit the road and change the place you are in before you stagnate.

Follow your hearts and the know of your soul, and a path will always be ready for you when it is time to change.



When the thoughts are written they impact your psyche as real and permanent and a way of making things permanent. This is an excellent tool for working on the rebuilding of your mental and indeed your reflective space until you manifest and have become it. Needless to say, your wisdom and experience can help a fellow traveller when you are in-sync with the complimented exchanges. Think of your written words as a flashlight for the paths that may be dark and in need of LIGHT. Change is excitation, or it is the draining of states from one level to another.

Metaphors can imprint human character to the lessons because they reflect the input of others and therefore become more connected to you. The image of clay and potter is such a one. The Potter was working to achieve centeredness of the medium before creating a piece. So when looking at the world as clay your opportunities to manifest are first performed when you grab a portion of the earth and work on centering yourself and it. And so the process begins. First, the selection of mud that is workable and of the proper moisture, an idea and a concept, moistened with emotion. Kneaded through the mind and pounded, it is ready for the wheel or the test of the world.

So is the creation of your manifesting. The clay is put onto the wheel. Now the mind begins its spinning and how it is handled is a matter of skill that can be with ease or is wrested especially and fought, tossing the potter around until the clay has found a centre point. Of equal importance are the speed and the grip of the mind, the rate at which the wheel of consciousness is turning. The talented potter knows how to work with the clay and stays with it in tempo with each turn until it is centered. Like the spirit guides and your innate wisdom working with you, helping you to control your creative hands without wrestling and being knocked side to side.

Until you are centred in the motion of your mass nothing can be formed with the creative ease, it should be centered in all that you choose to direct, allowing your power to influence the form. There is always a procedure to making things happen in your life. Grasp and form your intentions into the clay and flow your desires into form with your hands and your purpose. The skill to be centered on your response to mass is why we see achievers and docile performers that just don’t seem to get it in life.

So once the clay is centered all that is needed is the flow of desire to form it. Know that the clay must be worked on the table and pounded or it will explode in the test of fire once the form has been made. Until you are ready to learn to be the potters of your soul creations and learn the skills of a potter by practice, study and doing, you will not be able to make the things you really want to manifest with the flow that is in the process of forming your reality. Learn your primordial lessons. Now take as much clay as you can handle and centre it. Use only the resources that you can spin in your dimension.


Mass or the material realm can throw you off centre until you know how to centre. These are the skills of a potter. These are the lessons life will teach you. As simple as this concept may seem many of you cannot even centre your connections to matter. Look around, mud is everywhere and the potters are frustrated. While others are achieving and manifesting, many are struggling in their lives because they cannot centre their needs in the material realm. Ah, but this is only part of the skills a soul former must get. Know once the mud is centered the rest becomes easy, things can flow.

Until you as beings in the realm of material get this you cannot even begin to imbue that which you want to form. Now that you have centered your physical and quieted your mass you can intensify the revolutions. The revolutions are the principles of time and space. As the velocity of your mass accelerates the forming is effortless. Now, all that is necessary is for the imagination to give a design held in thought and the hands will form it. Why do you not understand that in your need for things and endless daily motions of time and you do not form anything? These are the skills life should teach you.

A skilled potter can go anywhere there is mud, the physical and bring form. Thus it is in the bodies that the potter can work with. Get these simple principles and your lives will be free from the worries of manifesting materials things. We are potters and we can teach you but until you get the skills of life and soul connection in the centered manifesting mood there will be much wresting in your lives and certainly much clutter. Your clutter and out of placement and your things will always remind you as an indicator how you are learning or forgetting your physical connections to the materials around you.

When you have finished learning to be potters in the mud, without attachment caring the mud in your holding patterns then we will teach you how to be potters of LIGHT, for know many of you so wrestle you horde, your mud set bounties on it, and flings it at each other as untendered souls and adolescents. So in your world of possibilities and creation you have scarcity, fear and limited resources. We come to take the potters that can let go of mud and our students of time and body will be taught our way, the spinning and forming of LIGHT. Yes, you know which have made it for they are full of peace and LIGHT. Upon their back, there is not caring of mud for where they walk they know what they are and can form anywhere with the wisdom of a potter to survive.

Resources are abundant for they see opportunity in each place they may travel. We will take them to the resource or the dominions of LIGHT for they have become the formers in the wisdom that is an actualized being. Yes, the higher universities of the quicken will be members in our higher teaching. Even in your universities, you have levels for the children that have made the grade and have played ready to be selected if they will utilize their opportunities. It is no different, you are ready or you are not and you are in the playground still flinging mud at each other in basic competition and are not ready to learn the higher states of evolution.

No judgment here, we work in cycles and will accept the talented because they are ready to leave the playgrounds for higher education. All is ok, beings that are formed and those that just are in flux without grasping the inner forms are where they need to be. Remember and know that there are cycles and clocks throughout the Universe and when time which is the motion and turning in physical works with the LIGHT emitting from source, then the physical will become alive and patterned in the opportunity of life and the unfolding of soul ascensions.

We are excepting the applications of our students to the higher frequencies. We know each and every one of you by name and character, just as a school teacher concerned and caring is honoured by the busy classes of students. Know then, this is what are the principles of the changes about to occur on your planet. A great harvest will be occurring many will make the transition many will not. It is the way our galaxy works. Like crystals in the mineral kingdom, and dust without life.



When you reach those moments that you are pinned to the LIGHT and your emotions show fear and sensitivity to the awareness of your core, you are now in a space to do some real work with your soul.  Never forget all that you do is recorded and responded by the deeper depths of the soul.  For in your actions is cause and effect.

These make repetitive patterns that bring about more experiences of similar until you are resolved and have passed the lesson in the current arena you are going through as a soul.  All in effect is accounted for, for you are creating your patterns of identity.  Know that you can observe and gain information, so you are not uncertain in your life.  For the basis of fear is uncertainty.  We are creatures of desires and habits all of which carry a metronome of vibrations.


Actions become your duties, your enslavements, or your rewards and feelings of accomplishments.  Just remember, the soul knows order and balance and has passed in and out of many bodies and life forms.  It, therefore, is advisable to be right with your soul and not hide from the inner feelings that are there to quicken you.

Understand Karma and your connections with people for you are always dancing in the exchange of information.  Take heed to have good company as it is forever imprinted to your nature.  Sometimes great changes occur by meeting someone that brings out your LIGHT and sees you with appreciation and honour.  On the other side, sometimes it is time to leave the company of people that no longer serve your growth.