When you’re in the deepest of gloom and don’t know where to go and you’re feeling weighted there is another aspect of yourself that is acknowledging this and telling you what you need to do to change the situation. Rather than focus on the heaviness of things you have to do that are troubling you listen to the whisper of the mind and the soul that will always guide you. Think of it like the turn of the century phone switchboard.

You can plugin and redirect many things in the mind, psyche, and heart and when there are negative situations you the operator can unplug and disconnect the signal. It is really that simple. Sometimes you as humans overthink things when they cannot be thought out. Oftentimes you come into the currents of other humans that plague you. This is why the best thing you can do is unplug and look for new pathways of situations for change.

Oftentimes you light up negative situations which are the processing of somebody else’s debris and problems that they have made you responsible for. Be keen on the law and be keen on the solution and understanding of the situation. Avoid lighting up more excess energy in feeding the attacks that are flung at you. The world is full of troubled people, many of which are without conscience and they can and will come across your path.

Be aware there are predatory people that consciously or unconsciously vampires with your energy. So when they come to your consciousness unplug and redirect their energy elsewhere, don’t take it into yourself. Own your problems and manifest your solutions and don’t accept the new delivery of problems. Knowing the warning signs of disruptive people goes a long way in protecting your sanity and welfare.

Follow your currents of gloom and look to the sources and you will often find that they are coming from a recent connection made with a disturbing event and disturbed entity behind it.



What you image upon yourself through imagination is the image you resonate in every form. Imagine that. Fear takes a fine line in this domain for fear is that which has not happened but that which can happen and what you imagine. Fear plays upon your mind and your images and enslaves you. Judgment to yourself against the matters in the flesh is another limitation that you must conquer. For an image held in the mind weaves all the fabric of form about you.

Spend more time in imagining yourself to be an image you care to hold and honour that sacredly. This is why they call it self-image because it is the self that manufactures self-identity to form thoughts and opinions, all of which are changing and never stationary but transitionary. Make it a habit to visualise and imagine yourself with value and clarity. The speed of which this can happen is the state of letting go of the old forms and this brings true information to that which has been misinformed.

Reform your inner and change your thoughts to the highest opinion and honour and that is what you will create in your self-image. Everything is transitionary and is all based on the forms of images, all of which you control. Learn to control your thoughts with the strength of your inner sovereignty. Be careful with who you trust your images because ultimately you entrust your image to you. Create yourself with an image of splendour and that is what you render.

Lighten-up and lighten-in, it is just mere perceptual identity and action.



The love between two people is something that should be honoured and kept in perfection. In a relationship, one should want to talk and be able to express their concerns and this should come with maturity and trust. Reactions that are negative and hurtful in a relationship are not coming from a place of trust but of manipulation.

When you are with your love there is no room for manipulation because this breeds mistrust and ill feelings. Your partner should be a part of yourself and you should think as one in the optimum of your lives together. Play no games in your relationship of love because when you play games there are winners and losers and this is not recommended in a dynamic loving relationship.

What you put into a relationship is what you get out, so invest wisely. Be strong in who you are and be stronger in a relationship that is based on trust and honesty and communication.

But if you both go your separate ways never give ill intention because it will bite with heavy karma.


Art of Catherine Andrews. 


Are you keeping your connection to your soul charged? You often want things done without putting out the energy. When you realise you need to put energy into making changes into your lives for them to occur. Anytime you’re out of balance chemically, emotionally and physically because of diets and habits it is kind of like a sink full of dishes and a messy countertop.

What you need to do is roll up your sleeves and take one issue at a time and bring order into your life. Much of what you are focusing on is what you are magnifying. Life is a continuing process of reidentification, refocus, and you often need stimulation. Don’t forget to stimulate your soul and mind with present thoughts. Wisdom goes a long way in setting positive patterns In your life. Remember your life is a series of input which manifests the output.

Inspiration is so vital to the core of your being. If you read and identify with inspirational things it will have a positive effect on your life just as the people you keep around you. Be ever vigilant to not be sucked into the media of propaganda and negativity which lowers your vibration. The soul likes order and clarity so by keeping that around yourself you will always keep a higher vibration and order.

Learn to maintain a higher frequency.



There are many disciplines of health and healing, there’s not only one doctor that heals the sick. Take this to the higher learning of your mind and understand that there are many spirit guides on your planet that intercede and want to work with each of you to evolve but you must listen and understand your wisdom. The higher you raise your frequency the higher your teachers will be.

Diametrically, the lower you vibrate and put your mind to illusion you will have teachers and obsessive-compulsive discarnate entities instructing you to top off your life forces and mislead you. There is a definite distinction and you will know them by the quality of your life, LOVE, and clarity. So, applying this to the rationale there is not only one God but there is only one YOU and that is your responsibility.

Understand and grow as a seedling into a tall tree of wisdom and power embracing the heavens and connecting to the Earth. You have been through many incarnations and these are fragments of personalities that are all linked to a common core and this is your oversoul. When you incarnate most of you lose connection with this wisdom.

When you leave your body you embrace the whole that is your personality which surrenders to the greater light. All of its lessons and the presence is restored to the higher being that is you. The real you, the I AM presence. Some of you have maintained and are ascending. You have opened up the veil and can see beyond. You see and know of your previous lives and others.

But this takes a certain level of evolution of the master that comes into the body to do work and learn more about sociological reactions with others that are lost and distorted or high and bright and this is the wisdom they have gained again.

So pass your test wondrous entities.



Enlightenment is a state of charge and vibrational glow throughout your whole being. There is no better feeling in your heart and presence than when you are in a state of vibrational euphoria when the soul glows through your body.

Make sure you get proper amounts of Sun daily and never underestimate the power of the Sun and its radiance. This connection is what you need because it is pure electromagnetic energy.

Those of the quickening soul know the art of Sungazing, when the Sun begins to rise and when the Sun begins to set. These are wonderful times to look at the Sun and let this energise your body, that alone can bring you into a quickened state.

Know the art of Sungazing so that the light can come through your eyes and your state of being. Study the science and you will find incredible powers awakened within yourself. Be sure to understand the science and the training because it is the very power source of a Master.

The light is always there, you just need to turn to it.




Do not trouble yourself, there is plenty of trouble out there. When you participate in the confusion and distortion of others you begin to own it. Reaction is the beginning of how you approach things in your life. It sets the groundwork for things to intensify. This is where experience and knowledge have their saving graces.

This is what sets the experienced apart from the novice. Do not be at odds with yourself and learn to view situations and traumas from many sides and perspectives before you commit to actions you may regret. Know your nature and those that you come into contact with that are formidable in your life. Sometimes you must see with your own eyes and through the eyes of others.

Bad company is a negative influence on your clarity. Stay with what feels right and leave what distorts your inner knowing. Instincts are preconceptions that often are quicker than the mind and thinking can be persuaded to mislead you. Learn to flow with what you feel.