The Day begins with the rising of the Sun from the slumber of the night. You awaken to it and it initiates a quickening to begin a new day, or so it is designed that way by nature. As it is a new day, one should be refreshed and take the time to plan the creation and design with creativity and enthusiasm, a new canvas of ideas inspired by the opportunity of life. This is what the cycle of life with the soul and the body does, so innately and by design. Likened to the ebb and flow of oceans churned by the cosmic clocks patterned all around you, all doing so in harmony and perfect pattern, if let BE. Unless disturbed, it is the natural habitat of the very life that sprang HUE here. This is to say that you all are taken care of by the wondrous design of life and opportunity which you are in the arms of SOURCE, so we all are.

You must understand, what gets in the way is you and your refusal to remember the natural harmony that was given to you from source which you are all infinitely part of, like droplets of water in the ocean of the cosmos. What we mean to say is things will work out, guide you and assist you in your creation and in greater measure if you let it carry you in harmony, like all creatures in the sea of life. You see what you want to see, you bring about you what you want to create, it all comes from your intention. The lesson to being alive and in harmony is to get out of your way by your attitude and desires to be vengeful of others and insecure about the flow of life, that you will have everything you need in good measure for your soul, and of course your body. It is by your disbelief and patterned negative intention you continue to feed, that you are not connected to life, the Universe and source that HUE are. Many of you cling and interfere with what would be a natural part of existence. An abundant, joyous and purposeful journey here on earth.

It is rather something you think you have to do, like work hard and the endless actions that make you chaotic. How can we say this to you? Life is simpler and more dynamic than you think. We would also include feelings, except that is something your world is plagued in, with disasters of ill will and disharmony. When you feel, you see and know in no uncertain terms where you are. This would normally be simple except you deny your emotions and hide them from yourself. You think it is in your mind that your problems come from. Yes, because when you are disconnected to the Earth the cosmos and your fellow beings, all from source, you inundate mental dramas to understand and keep tempo with your illusions you are trying to keep, all while the real being of feeling and consecutiveness can’t be HUE. Your life is chaotic and with illusion when that which streams from you are feelings that are full of anger with limited judgments to the outer world, people, animals and your very spiritual guides. This is why you have lost the keys to understanding and the simpleness of life.

When you can let go of these hostile and limited concepts and come to a moment of forgiveness to yourself by metronome thankfulness, compassion, and trust in design, then you will get it and everything around you will change. How can we say this in a way you will understand it? From your solar plexus pulse energies, from your heart flow energies, from your genitals flow energies, from your mind flow energies, all emanating from you. Now if you are not in touch with what you are broadcasting because you are fighting to stay away from what you feel, you have chosen to cut yourself off from everything you indeed are creating. Of course, this is why you suffer and have mental illnesses and unfortunate experiences in life, and you haven’t a clue who is creating this. You all need to medicate your mind because it is so tired of generating disharmony without source behind it. This is why you have so many medications and additions to mind-numbing suppressive agents. If you want to change and be dynamic then start with hearing what your feelings are saying. If people anger you look at what is the issue. It all stems from hurt and your feeling that everyone must pay the price for what has happened to you.


The problem is, you as a creator never seem to complete this and keep it kindling by throwing new logs on the fire to prove to yourself this was painful and undeserving. This is one part of your dramas that you focus on with many issues that you must complete and release. KEEP IN MIND, in the Universe, there is no right and wrong, just experiences. For this is all creating you. Unplug the power you give to continue the dramas you have to prove and forgive and embrace yourself. If you fail to let things go and continue fueling them, then there is no other path to your experiences but the continuance of your negative creations. This is why you are here on Earth, to learn in limited bodies the test models of the Universe before you are given more expanded vehicles to venture in the experience of the Universe. And we remind you that if you broadcast anger it will lure bad things from those that resonate the same wavelength. Does this really work? Oh yes indeed.

In closing this lesson, try this exercise.  In the morning, wake up look to all four corners of the world and say “hello and thank you for the opportunity that I may be a creator in the wonderful things that are going to happen to me. I open up my heart and let the sun in, and all that which is in the new day.  Thank you for the opportunity and life source, and my spirit guides here to help me on my path”.  Now list what you want to accomplish today, create and visualize in detail what you want and let it go. Start your day. When you are with yourself listen to what it is that life wants to teach you. Go with your feelings and if you are broadcasting anger, try a different approach. Whoever you hate, whatever disturbs you, whatever comes into your head that has you BROADCASTING disharmony, say “enough, I will not feed this any longer, this pulls the same amplification of exactly what it is that does not feel good and loving”.

Feel the moments of your scripted pattern of negativity and at that moment change the program. What you have hate for, send it love and release your judgment. If you have chaos about you and you do not like it, say “I love harmony and I am joyed when I put things in order on quadrant at a time”. Learn the release of LOVE, for in joy and in good intention becomes the flow of the divine currents you have always been part of. The Universe works on feeling or the broadcasting of energies that shine, why not HUE? Be at peace, for good feelings bring good feelings and hate and disharmony bring in what you lure by your broadcasting of feelings. This family is more important to your connection to the home of the Universe and its endless opportunities. The mind creates minefields that can be explosive and re act shun nary (reactionary), or the reacting of the pain and delusional mindsets you all can be free from by changing your patterns.

In keeping of knowing and remembering, always Source my family.   Greatest LOVE is the power of Source through HUE.



In order to have substance, you must find the deeper parts of yourself and understand your nature and refine this to work with your present life responsibilities. Your life is your take on your episodes that you experience. You always know what it is you need to take care of. So, put your deliberation to taking care of your tasks with your inner inspiration.

Your life is your responsibility and you must meet your obligations head on. Be practical and efficient, and remember the time is NOW. The last thing you need is your bad habits in the way. Be the action of your dynamo and do so in balance to your personal time. By taking action to your duties, that will be one less mind to haunt you and you will feel better when your tasks are done. Learn the patterns of your deliberation and live your life like a reflex connected to your soul.



Reset your connections and habits and gain your momentum. When you do your life will flow. Sometimes all you need to do is prime the pump by the decision and focus on your matters. Since your body and mind are of matter, your life matters by your selections and actions. Learn this principle and you will become much enhanced to your dynamic presence. Kindle enthusiasm, and be in present time with every task with a good attitude.

A focused mind with the insight of the soul’s vision will make upon your life much joy and creation of your expression and worth. For tasks become has hard or as easy as the way of looking at things and attitude. While in a body you are doomed to action and cycles of tasks, there is no way out of this on the 3D realm you are experiencing.



The health you have is based on your selections of the fuel you choose to intake. The food you eat has vibrations and the closer it is to the sun and the natural states on nutrients, the more it will bring purer energies into your body mechanisms.  What is felt by the animals is contained in the tissue.

Never underestimate how this will influence your consciousness. As you begin to awaken and become more full of light you will naturally require the foods closer to light. Your selection of food is in direct proportion with your frequency and vibrations.


If you want to excel in your spiritual paths, start with your diet. the body needs to combust to fire the foods you eat, so breathing and exercise are essential to a good state of health.

Know that if you are excessively tired you are showing signs of a toxic body.

Pay attention to your body, it will always give you signs of what it needs and when it requires healing and cleansing. Do not wait till it becomes a disease. Many of your sicknesses come from your diet and ignorance to the maintenance of your bodies.

You would do well to maintain your bodies.



Deep within are your visions and your quest. Look there, and you will find the hidden realms of your genius. Your thoughts are possibilities and courses of action that you can form into being if you so desire. The problem is this takes action to bring into form, and many have self-doubt and low opinions of themselves so the would rather follow the paths of the common group mind and achieve little in their lives.

Imagination is the faculty of imagining your creative visions into form. Ideas not made real in your life as of yet until you feed these images with interest, fascination and passion. And it is with a curious mind and nature that the soul is persuaded by the mind to the vision and creativity. Getting in good habit makes the rhythm of your life in-sync when used throughout your day and in your dreams.

For your thinking becomes the blueprints to manifest when you take the time to design your life and plan it. When you learn to will and intent on action, your power flows with the particles of energy from the ethers into form, this is called MAGIC.



As you align with your soul on your inner journey into nature you will learn to control the energy threads into a form that directs the material world of the outer.

Learn to harvest and use these energies as directed with and by your soul and things will manifest. This is when you become the cause of the effect not the effect of the cause of your life. In doing so, you will cause changes to occur in conformity with your will. The ingredients of magic are a vision with feeling, imaging and action. Just remember to walk your life as a contribution to the world and in harmony and learn to control the forces within yourself with wisdom and good intention.

Thoughts and emotion create form. As you gain wisdom, you will learn that contradictory forces are in fact complimentary for the world in duality. All things are connected, and we are all part of the entire spectrum of the Universe. Be your dreams and find them, this is your mission.

Master your self and find the achievement of harmony.



Energy needs to flow in our bodies like breath or it becomes stagnate. This goes from survival to sexual energies, and heart and mind. We need to be creative and in action and to rest and restore like breath. Many of our ailments are the result of stagnate energy and holding patterns trapped in our bodies by fear.

Sometimes something as simple as a long walk can restore our energy and get us in a metabolic flow. Elimination and periodic cleansing of our bodies are essential to a good state of health. Not only must you stretch your body you must stretch your mind as a daily habit. Learn the art of balance. Expand your energy and recharge it.

Keep in the movement with your body and mind or it will stagnate. It does not matter what age you are, this is essential for vitality and invigoration of your body and movement is a must. Remember life is always choices and action. How you respond to negative people and their “gifts” is your choice. You do not need to open them and hold on to them.


Things in your life have value by the charge you put into them, and so do beliefs. Just know that when things stink in your life you may need to take out the garbage. Be away from negative people and media for it breeds disturbances within you. Everyone has magnetic resonance and it will induce upon you by association.

Be selective in your encounters and who you choose to be with. Learn to be with yourself now and then and open up to nature. This will give you a better sense of who you really are. Just learn to let things settle in your mind and cool down and wait for your higher self to come forth. It is always there beside you.

Find your inner love and peace and keep attentive to your pile and garbage you cycle through. This will always be and is your maintenance. Know that it is not just your garbage, it is the restless mind of man that has lost his path and connection to nature.



When you attenuate your focus of ideas and dreams with purpose and service, you open up the connection to your soul and the Universe responds. Joy is the state of flowing creative energies and LOVE through your being. It attracts it, the universal flow of energy, for you are in the flow of your principle as an active agent and cell of the Universal Presence which you are ONE with.

It is in the giving and receiving the breath of this principle that you are a flowing river of resource and function. This is when you are in harmony with intention, thinking and action. You cannot receive unless you give. If you give out negative energy you will draw more of that principle to yourself. If you give joy and something to everyone you meet and indent them with something that rewards them, you are sowing the seeds for more to flow your way plus in doing so you have touched others.

Giving and receiving are like breath or the waves of the ocean in principle. When you have LOVE based in your heart you do not need to hold on to fear of not having, for in essence it is LOVE that binds all things together. Changing the place of judgment to others including yourself leaves room for good things to flow. Remember judgment is based on your belief system, self-values of what you need to hold up what you think you are not.


Find the fullness of spirit and self-presence and the mind base value of things, and titles that come from a lessened opinion of yourself does not become stuck in material possessions and accumulations. LOVE is the spark that ignites the soul into action of unity and oneness. Invest in LOVE and your returns will be joy. Take time to quiet the mind at least half an hour a day and to just sit still and feel LOVE and imagine LIGHT all around you.

Doing this will shield the negative and create the focus fields of energy you visualize about you. In today’s world, this is ever necessary to cleanse the fields of the confused world around you. Abundance is a state of mind and heart given action. Listen with your heart and you will gain the notions of opportunity to the things you need and ask for. Learn to ask the Universe with specific instruction, like placing an order and let the Universe provide you with your needs.

For most of the limits in your life are not real but your disvalued self-perceptions and self-imposed restrictions. Get connected to your soul and know it, for it is your best friend and meaning to be. Take heed to life and the notions that you feel with your inner senses and you will be guided by the true source of your nature.



You walk in the path of yourself alone and it is like you are waking up and leaving where you were and need to go home. And you are walking alone, you know the way but have forgotten. You are hearing for the first-time parts of yourself renewed and integrating yourself.

It is as if no one understands you because you are waking up and seeing the world in a different LIGHT but something draws you to a great essence. And so, your information is different than theirs about what you are.

This marks the beginning of your transition and inner growth. Yes, you are leaving the past realities for it does not fit your new understanding, and this you FEEL. And you are moving into the uncharted territory of your mind, soul and heart.



At first you are in limbo but as you move, your speed and knowledge of your path becomes clearer and things begin to fall into place serendipitously. For this shows you that your new growth to your higher awareness is meant to be.

Even your dreams are becoming more deep and intense. You are feeling you can fly and travel and this gives you a remembered joy when you awaken. What comes to be is that each night you dream you are gaining more information and knowledge.

These are the steps and the way out of the Matrix and your inner connection to the Universe.