And a door opened because she knocked, yet it was her that was the stranger that entered. For they knew her yet she felt something inside she already knew, and even her body, yet it was her mind which was estranged. The rest of her felt comfortable and in the knowing. It was as if the mind was the mask that hid her and her understanding. Instead of working to educate her it was working to hold her back.

It concentrated on memories, tried to solve and hold pain and hurt, at the same time as protecting her, but as she began to shine in her heat a radiance burned and flashed through the mind. And the mind felt like ice and became cold and as her heart filled her body the mind began to melt and drained through her eyes. The tears were the releasing of held pain and judgment for protection and understanding from the world she left to enter the doorway.

She looked back and saw a body lying on the ground like the form she would see in the mirror but it was lifeless and she realized that she had made a transition to the 4th dimension until then. Torn between the new loving environment and the duty she had to the body of meat laying there in the 3rd dimension devoid of the perceiver and consciousness she was trapped into that what held her hostage in the Matrix.


Then she remembered her dreams and how she would knock on the door and it would open and a wondrous LIGHT and beings were there. They were HUEman not human. The very essence of them had colours of LIGHT each painted in colours of their thoughts and feelings. Each time she awoke in the return of the 3rd dimension to ‘fall asleep’ she called the other a dream. As the transmutation of her inner LOVE and understanding became more of her loving herself without measure to others, the density of the 3rd lost its hold on her.

She remembered something in each of her teachings with her family. I may be in differences with others but that is because they are hurting and cannot resolve their pains. So I see the LIGHT and beauty in them and the programs of the mind that are sick, covering the glow and their happiness and real self. It was then that I got it as to hold those of sickness to the best of their abilities and find something to reach out to them.The frequency changes state and I have uplifted a reprogram message in them.

That was the key to me being free and the soul lesson to free me. Since I could fully grasp this, I knew and my ascension was in the final moving and transmutation. For to enter this new state all that was necessary was LOVE for all and understanding that confusion comes from the latent pain that was within myself, and all of the episodes the Earth was just my own lack of LOVE and understanding lighting up.

I chose now to LIGHT the good in everyone and let the ugliness fall away to the embracement of LOVE and the divine spark of the soul in everything. The mind of the body in the 3rd dimension could not reprogram from the virus of human history and programming. I took the essence of the 4th dimension and maintained that dream.

That was the opening of the door and my soul followed.

Anna NaRaca RA


There are many ways to look at this question, for there are many “things” to learn about with the different functions in life. From survival or primordial to tasks suited for work and then, of course, the lessons we learn about our being and its mingling with others in a social context.  All are important and serve you well in life, for knowledge is power and has the real currency to the owner of the skills of knowledge. But in the mix of life’s lessons is the application of what we know, and our actions as well as knowledge. For will, discretion, and creativity are also important to dress the soul to wherever it journeys.

Adaptability is a skill as well as learning to function in your environment in the most efficient and balanced manner. There are certainly lessons in life and your experiences, but one must remain flexible and adaptive and in the flow of being. This is stated, for we also learn at times negative values about ourselves and others which make us jaded and callous, and this area needs discretion so that the soul does not assume that all is bad and makes generalisations that it pins on others.

Here is where we must learn to heal. For often in our lessons, we learn to pull back and become less naive about human nature. This then limits our flexibility and pains are stuffed deep down in the body and numbs the communication of the soul. This dear ones, is why it is so important to be around positive people that are in touch with their souls and in balance and to move away from negative breeders of hate and addictive substance abusers. Everyone you are in contact with does have a vibration that you are affected by.

This is a very important lesson, for you are who you hang around with as social education and habits. Review your life and see what it is you have learned and what it is you must unlearn and gain a more expanded vision of the Universe and your connection to it. Remember, when you leave your body there is a time of review that is the inventory your soul and your guides grade you on. If you do this process when you’re still alive in your life, you will have a better report card and score.

Enjoy your life, learn and distinguish the many levels of knowledge and refrain from falling asleep into stagnation and complacency, for in doing that you will have wasted a life that was given to you to learn.

Be in study, always.



It is one thing to touch a body, it is another to see the soul. It is one thing to feel the emotional connection and the history of experiences kept inside the mind, and here lies the dilemma. We take our experiences, both the good and the bad and often stay stuck.  We are showing what we are, not from our being, but from our pain and hurt and unresolved completion from experience. We compare accumulations of ideas and concepts which revolve around our pain and not our duty and our soul experiences. We’re often so afraid to look at what is merely a shadow in ourselves and here lies the main problem of people and their experiences of LOVE with others.

Not until that is sorted, there is dis-ease and disappointments. For what we are drawing into our experiences are merely matching pictures of our identity that is not really us, but our pains and suffering which is so much part of life. Here lies where we need healing.  We need to process emotions coloured with pictures and concepts and reach to our core and embrace the parts of ourselves that have become fragmented in pain, instead of looking for others to fulfill the pieces of our presence that have been disassembled. Until we can process this there will never ever be someone that we can reflect new ideas and new ventures of elation between each other.


That is why substances and chemical alterations that are so prevalent in society are used to stuff our feelings. And our feelings are the most golden thing we have that amplify the whole experience of life.  That is why people are numb, they can’t handle what they’re feeling because their feelings are telling them to change. They are afraid and don’t want to change because they are hurting and co-dependent with pieces of themselves that are lost. Until you do deep bodywork and a cleansing you will not integrate your connection with your soul.

Here lies the homework, finding yourself and your fragmented pieces to reflect all of the memories of pain. Look into it and see how you have reacted to it. In the process of reacting, what you have created is really what you need to overcome. Get down to the core of what it is you need to feel. Send that LOVE and embrace yourself as a whole.  It’s not something you can do with your mind by analysing, it’s something you do with your heart and your feelings in embracing these emotions.

For your emotions are your real soul.



The Earth is going through a metaphysic shift to the previous rotation, and the ancient grid forms of the planet are opening up the doors. The seals that have been shut are awakening to release the lower astral ways of life and consciousness to the higher frequencies. This is opening up celestial doors that will allow the lower to rise again for the establishment of creative Earth and mind-unification of consciousness and to take the inhabitants of the lower realms to a new state of experience. This is the transitionary stages and change of state. With this, the planet will have a new orbit and “spin” on things.

The polarities will shift on the poles creating an opposite rotation and magnetic flux. This has happened many times on your planet. With this new rotation and field vectors, all of the species on your planet will be in a new vibratory resonance. This happens every 26,000 years as the solar system passes through a null and higher frequency in its orbit around the galaxy. This not only is affecting all of your planets, it is also going to alter the mental Matrix of your world and its biofield coding. This will raise the vibratory receptors in your DNA to realign and change to adapt to a new inner lattice of the life force grid.

This is not the “END TIMES” or “Gods” judgment but graduation for the incarnate and astral entities that have been stuck and asleep for many millennia. Do not be afraid of the significant changes to occur. But be ready for dimensions beyond what you “thought” possible in the Matrix you were imprisoned to by the families and royalties that have ruled your world aided by entities that stayed stuck who know of the hidden knowledge and want to entrap you to just the material realms of the lower density. Many have come into bodies from the higher to help with this transition.


You are beginning to awaken and have made many changes in your life situations to allow a state of detachment and inner growth. You have changed your perceptions, cleansed your vehicles and are beginning to remember beyond the body form your higher states. You are transmuting at the forefront of the rest of humanity to be the terminals that will receive these new energies first to stabilize the collective and create a critical mass. We see things on energy orbs of colour and resonate tones and are working with those that came in and have worked on the transmutation of the DNA memories of the bloodlines in your body for information to relay to us.

When many of you took on the body you did not fit, for you saw the emptiness and were estranged by social games and people’s subjective forms of reality that are not in honour or integrity and separate from nature, propelled by misleading controlled brainwashing of the socially controlled matrix which you are not part of. So now you are processing great fears and isolation cries of the bloodlines that were stuck in these patterns and are soon releasing this past karma and are in the reconnection process to your higher oversoul units and to us. You are now forming overlayed LIGHT bodies that you are shifting states into, and making many transformations and energy shifting as the new energies are coming to the planet.

We are able to converse and help you awaken as you raise your frequencies. You will now begin to remember your mission and work with us in the higher dimensions as terminals and repeaters of lightworkers.

We welcome your return Bringers of the Dawn.



The world you know as Earth is undergoing battles of the domain as to who is controlling it and who has rights to it that work behind the scenes as you know it. This is the reality from those that think of the celestial bodies on the lower frequency as something you own. You term this “real estate” and this is not what the Earth really is, nor any other astrological body or planetary mass. Please remember, that each planetary mass of a certain metagenic field has waves of forces and vortices that are a lattice of grids and field that logically incorporate astral fields. These then imprint the dimension of form based on geometric building blocks that the Ancient of Days used in the forming of each character that is evolving into a sentient planetary node.

As this occurs, there is a weaving of the material and high-frequency biotised units or bions that incorporate a living planet. When a critical field has been established, a sentient soul guardian is given a planet as its creation to dream and astral project forms of life and maintain the order of the whole planet. This is why you on your Earth call it Mother Earth or Gaia. Some planets are male like Mars the warrior, and some are of the female principles. Each orb of LIGHT at the centre you term stars or suns are composed of magnetic induction fields that are linked to each central Black Star at the centre of each Galaxy that is composed of two principles, usually a binary black pulsar. Each pulsar is of the male and female principles that transmit energy packets of design and LIGHT fields of energy that create imprints of each planet that is in a solar system as the source of LIGHT energy and force that is induced into the grid of every sun.

There are streams of fibres that unit as a link with every sun and planetary body and to every “living” thing and has a distinct vibration that breathes a flow of forces that work with magnetic fields that align photon energy, electrical energy, and the ethers that are the ocean of cosmic energy. What you term in your understanding of fission and fusion does not contain the main forces behind the functions of the sun. In the other realms, the evolved beings in a higher frequency of LIGHT bodies travel in and out of each sun as a wormhole by transmuting magnetic induction and working within this reality. The lower denser inhabitants of creation are fission and fusion based, and this is their only source of energy.

This is why they do not have the basis of understanding of the connection of the LIGHT grid and battle for powers using the forces of fission as destruction and this is their most powerful way of concurring with these weapons of destruction. Many planets in your sector of the solar system have been destroyed by misuse of this force in the battles of a right to real estate. Your planet Mars was just like Earth until a great war occurred approximately 2 million years ago. There have been 4 civilizations that have been upon the Earth from about 2 billion years ago. The Earth has had many different eras of life and form, from the more advanced LIGHT body visitors upon the planet that created the various worlds, and ages that you see in your fossils.


As the passing of time, the entities of LIGHT became more fused back again and connected to the galactic centre nodes and moved up away from the denser realms. Other forms of animals evolved and each collective mind became tribes and expressions on the astral realms with frequencies of their nature. All are connected by a force that is close to what you know as a feeling of ONENESS and LOVE. This is what travels on the inner dimensional grid.  As part of the forming of the physical life, each creative potential of design of the animal form is induced with a receiving genetic field that attaches the LIGHT spark consciousness from the Galactic centre of the PRIME SOURCE imprints of itself to explore, and great individualized units that reflect their own creation and learning which is what each and every one of HUE are.

You are in the creation of your self-expression working in the denser matter and becoming more of the principles of your knowledge to SOURCE with your experience. Your bodies form collectives of mind and social order and the soul that you are is drawn to resonate the frequency that draws the experience to you based on your vibration. Some of the evolving souls are cut off from the connection to the higher grid and seek to use those connections as energy taps of this creative function. With the understanding of these principles, some groups have conquered your planet to dominate and control the free entities incarnating and tap their life force to control you by making your perception of yourself believe that you are only the denser bodies of the bio-machines.

As you lose your connection to the higher realms and grid, by only focusing on real estate matter becomes a dead material object, and that planetary soul is dominated by oppressive entities that have lost the connection to the Universal understanding. They use nuclear reactions that destroy the fields and isolate the planet and the inhabitants from the PRIME SOURCE connection. The soul consciousness that inhabits the planet will call out to PRIME SOURCE and a cleansing of the disruptive inhabitants are recycled again with great cosmic solar flares and this vibrates the planetary bodies to align it again and there is a rebirth.

This is what is happening on your planet Earth. It is making a transition and those souls on the planet will evolve to another frequency, and at the same time, a lower field of ASTRAL replication will take the lower disconnected entities downward into its gravity to learn on its own what the disconnection causes. Think of this as the transition of fission, the splitting of unstable nucleus releasing large amounts of energy, the path of the downward disconnection and the fusion where fields are uniting in LOVE and creation to enhance an expansion of energies to the next level on the Astral planes.

This is my best attempt to express what is happening on your planets at this time.



Communication, just what is communication? Communication is in a sense the broadcasting of information to electromagnetic vibrations and frequencies. When you communicate with other people it’s essentially the same. You’re broadcasting frequencies of what you are and emanating your emotions, perspective, and your subjective realities to other people. Communication that works well is one that is narrowed down to the right bandwidth. You see, to communicate effectively with another person they must have the same bandwidth matching your perspective and reality.

One must ask what is the purpose of your communication. Do you ever get that thought when you communicate with people? Are you genuinely interested in people? That makes a big factor. Are you lonely? Are you selling something? Do you want something from them? Or is it your own addictions of need and loneliness? Many people suffer from verbal diarrhoea and vomit their positions on to others because of what they know and they try to force it on to others. So, this year in the mastering of yourself take a look at yourself and what you speak. Even the tone of your voice has an impact on how people will respond to you. It all is resonant tones and information and you get feedback from people when you speak.

You will feel it in your body, see it in the smirks of their face, or in a change and shifting of their emotions. Souls become savvy because they know they are responsible for what it is they project with. Others affect your opinion of yourself and will either amplify your condition or enlighten you. Moreover and most importantly, people do not want to hear negativity. When you’re upset you need to counsel yourself and if you need to yell or scream do so in the quiet of your own space. Do not expect others to transmit it for it is your own reaction and not theirs. Do not ask your friends to transmute your energetic reactions, as many cares not to. It is no different than asking somebody to wipe your butt! They would rather not unless you’re an invalid.

But of course, all of this I speak of has to do with your level of awareness. Understand that mental knowledge and spiritual insights are classified as bandwidth for frequency modulation to induce your know and feel the energy, and to be expanded in your awareness and connection to the Universe.


Many people are lazy and finding opium in the form of religion so they no longer expand with knowledge because they’re in a drug-like knowing of the matrix program. They think this answers all the questions of the Universe in their life. If this were the perfect remedy they would be enlightened, their vibrations would be high and they would have an open mind. Instead, they have chosen to become sheep and follow religious indoctrination.

Dear souls, make this the year of quickening. Never underestimate the power of destructive opinions fired at you by people of limited calibre and mind, because in the groups of their energy fields they can broadcast really nasty frequencies that interfere with your ability to resonate at the higher frequencies. Just say it simply, and be careful of religions and politics unless you are feeling the same resonance of your belief systems. In communication, you have to understand the bandwidth of people and sometimes you just need to tone it down. If you speak to people that have been brainwashed into religion keep it short and simple. Do not try to educate them to higher realms or they will try to make you equal with their realities of opinions and emotions because they are fear-based.

All religions have the wild-card of fear, hell, and punishment. But it’s never now. For the most part, it’s always in the future, somewhere out there and God is going to punish you. I cannot express to you enough that this is an astral prison world, another school for your souls to evolve and remove old patterns of confusion. The best thing you can do when broadcasting in connection with somebody is to listen to them. If you want company, find something of mutual interest. No different than turning on a radio channel you can both tolerate. Sometimes that’s how it is with communication. Communication, after all, is a resonance within yourself and others.

With the higher energies coming to the planet if you want to be evolving into your SELF-empowerment you need to speak less and when you do speak quantify it with ‘quality’, not quantity. Take this time to talk with yourself and by that I mean your soul, your ‘oversoul’. This is a time for you to create yourself in a new dynamic and have a powerful year of self-mastery.



Many people on the planet are indecisive with self-doubt and no direction. Why? Because there are encouraged to make this their modus operandi. Social peer pressure, media brainwashing by the corporations and of course the religious institutions want followers as sheep to process as batteries for the matrix. Their mental battery of energy and creative force is robbed from them. Even grade teachers are slandered for speaking insightful directions to change people’s connection to the slavery of the matrix. This is the path on by projections of parents is then seen by the children reacting to their entertainment and matching pictures.

This is what indoctrinates people to being weak followers with no self-sense of purpose or inner strength and character. It is only the rebellious that have connected with their soul that have not forgotten the power and determination they chose to come here and bring. Many a child was kept in the dark of their creative energies and did not fit the norm, because they are not the norm. These are the Indigo children that are here, not necessarily to deal with karma, but to help bring teachings and upgrades to the planet. These are the children that if allowed to become their own uniqueness become revolutionary in the field of science, mathematics, and even prophetic enlightenment and great teachers.

The controllers cannot have people coming online and being activated with the new energy coming in, for they know what they are. This is why they want to suppress this ball of energy of dynamic proportion. They are seen as not fitting as in many examples in history such as great beings like Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and iconic Galileo, all bringing the truth which is a contradiction to the control of the churches. Remember all roads lead to Rome, previous roads to Egypt and the centre of Babylon and the Sumerian knowledge. A few bloodlines have decided only they can teach and control the world with their agenda and are fully aware of what is happening and how to manipulate the masses.

This is the elite and the New World Order inclusive of Washington DC which is the military might and propaganda. The Vatican controls through religion in Rome and the banking institution in the district of London, for the bankers are the alchemists creating gold out of thin air. These are the three pillars of power. They are the centres of control and fundamentally decide how the world is going to play out by their design. They are power-hungry warmongers, their church is greed and deception and the military control the swords, guns, rifles, and tanks. The banking industry controls through maritime law and makes contracts upon your birth and has a right to everything you do.


You are an innocent enslaved by them. This is why it is very difficult to be an individual and break free on whatever little freedom they allow you to have to be unique. The way to undo this is to focus on your strengths and not be worried about time or other concerns, but what you feel needs to be done for a greater clarity in your life and self-empowerment. This is a year of great change. This is a year you can reprogram your habits, so make your plans and strategies for what you want this year. Don’t worry about the outcome, worry about the moment and what you are doing to make the corrections necessary for your empowerment. Become the discerner and make the decisions. Learn to have your communication and dialogue and do not reward your weakness with encouragement. This means walking on your own two feet and making your own decisions and learning the consequences.

In this day of knowledge, there’s no reason you cannot research and become strong for you, no one else. You are here living your own life and your framework, remember that. Others are responsible for their own creations. Learn what it is you need to do to become dynamic in the dynamo on your own creative flow and energies, for you are all truly unique. Go that extra mile one day at a time, watch and make order. Pick up that used trash on the ground, file that document or do that that little thing that you need to do that has been haunting you one step at a time. Create new patterns and encourage your growth, this is how you transcend the patterns of habit and ignorance.

Make time to study, exercise, recreate and stay away from the sheeple. They think in packs because there is safety in numbers. Find your inner glow and be cordial and be careful with the nests and their hives for if you attack one you’ll interrupt them and they will all come after you because they are the collective consciousness. You must become the decision maker and encourage your inner communication then your soul will communicate with you. This is your inner voice that tells you what to do, this is who you are. Sometimes you have many aspects of yourself which is the hurting person, the unloved child within, and you must resolve that.

This is why the church has no new prophets and no new information so pay no attention to the doctrines that say this is the spirit realm for you are talking to low spirits. The best thing you can do is get validation from yourself, and remember to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.