Dear Masters in the making, always remember that you need to learn and practice. Just as you need to allow to speak a language so must you allow other people their growth and space.  It is better to learn the way of non-competitiveness with struggling souls, it is only draining.  Understand where their hurts and pains are coming from which has to do with their childhood, let alone their incarnation and karma that they were set up to live and experience as a remembrance of what they need to learn. Pains are not just the first incarnation and of your current life. Always allow yourself an open mind and to practice and understand, that’s when you gain enough wisdom and intelligence and you move up to another quanta of frequency.  And some of the things you thought you knew were only relevant to the frequency of where you were before.  Laws and realities change with your attenuation to the higher realities in the finer particles of the electromagnetic spectrum and experiences.

When you come from the higher frequencies you have mastered your emotions and learned LOVE, moreover, respect for every being. Then energies will fill your heart, hands, and mind and you can manifest things and heal people, not till then. When you have reached the higher level your intention brings things to you and you can literally materialize objects when you have come from the 8th and 9th dimension.  Allow yourself the room for mistakes because even in your mistakes you are learning.  The point is you’re not going to be perfect until you grind each facet of knowledge that fits your particular quanta.  Sometimes the grinding chips off your illusion and you feel pain, hurt, and reaction and discounted when you’re in the lower levels of basic 3 chakra areas of your experience.

The first three chakras are not wrong but this is how most people relate and this is the only level of relationship they have with others.  So because they can’t grow and work with their heart and the higher interdimensional reality they have to sell the energies of the first three chakras to market themselves and prop themselves up and they’re so insecure when anything threatens them.  This is part of the vision that you get when you understand people are basically good.  It is their own pain and ignorance, and oftentimes they react because you are lighting up their own areas of work.  You need to take people with a grain of salt and remember to find your reality and goals and have LOVE for yourself.  You are taught ignorance and are taught to take second best.  My teachings tell you to take the best for yourself, and why wouldn’t that be? To take the best for yourself!  Unless you’re taught that you do not deserve it.  But I don’t mean this in negligence to humility, that’s where LOVE fits in.


With every relationship, you should have the best that you can find because you deserve the best and everyone around you influences your resonant patterns.  If you’re in a relationship and a very high spiritual person and you’re with a negative illusionary person that’s depressed, angry and frustrated this will affect you. Period.  Understand that when people eat death and garbage food there is pain and fear in that animal and suffering. It may taste good to them but it’s really the bacteria in the body calling forth because that’s what it wants to digest and flush.  That is the second mind of the bacteria in a person’s body which is also a living force. There’s so much more to chemistry you need to understand, from the vital foods you eat to your thoughts and your reactions to people.  If things are negative you need to look at yourself and see what it is, not to hurt yourself but to see what it is that that you’re unsettled with.  To feel what emotional pattern is coming up and what you need to change in your vibration.

Just remember the gate of your mouth.  What you put into your mouth affects what you eliminate from your mouth, body, and vibrations.  Don’t expect to have high conscious levels with meat eaters, that isn’t going to happen because if they were aware they would see these things and it would feel discomforting to them.  They don’t know why they have fears, anger, and problems because they’re not even aware that the food they eat has the vibrations in the memory and the DNA, and they are eating that pain into their bodies.  Once again, it’s all a level of awareness.  Be steadfast to your soul because sometimes the winds will blow an illusion but you can harness these winds to pull yourself stronger and tackle these energies.  Learn to set goals for yourself no different than you would navigate and understand the seas of life. They’re not always calm, this is where intuition and wisdom take place.

Just remember if you see love, LOVE will come back. If you seed anger and hostility, anger and hostility will come back to you.  You are gardeners and you get to be right about your position and reality.   Your subjective reality is the reality, learn to expand in LOVE and find the law of one and you will save yourself many times of suffering and illusion.




In 20 years from now, we will be in the Aquarian age.  These are the planetary bodies, our solar system moving in the Galaxy experiencing new dimensions and vistas of constellations each affecting our mental, physical and earthly realities.  Yes, we are in a new age.  We are coming to it and this is the change that is coming to be.  Anyone that has studied astrology or astronomy would know this.  We are all energy and starseed.  Everything is linked together by particles and photons and the soul is of supreme energy.  So in this dance, there are different cycles like nature when there’s fall, winter, spring.  Rejuvenation, it works affected by the planets in the amount of sunlight and something triggers the DNA.

One must get beyond the sciences and religion and find the ancient non-partisan controlled knowledge.  When beings came in crafts or Chariots of LIGHT from other dimensions and brought teachings and set up societies they gave mankind great advancements.  These are archaeological things that have been hidden by the overlords of the world.  These were not made by humans of this era. Even with our great technologies and pride, we cannot move stones the size of the ones that were used to create the structures that are monolithic and ancient.  The current view of the world only has a history of maybe ten thousand years.  Forbidden archaeology is carted off, large skulls artefacts and tools which go back as much as 2 million to a billion years ago.

Scientists are not allowed to talk about it because it upsets The Matrix of the system by the overlords controlling this.  So it’s really hard to truly find what is knowledge and what is true, but that does not matter.  Because when you link to the planet and animals and your inner self then you have insights in you guided by your own soul that has been around for many Millennia and many lifetimes experiencing it personally. When you get to a point where you stop believing and you start feeling and knowing then you have quickened yourself into a reality that becomes your own, and it’s not easily shifted by the masses and their unconscious controlling of you by the propaganda they ‘believe in’.


This is the message I am trying to bring.  Your minds are being corrupted with thoughts that do not make sense and you are being knocked down to units as slavery.  You’re now being brought out of your minds and bodies with control with high technology that is beyond your imagination and many of you don’t even have a clue of the agenda that’s coming down.  The more you try to break away from the Matrix and you find points of interest where you’re inspired and you start to make the connections right around the corner, there will be somebody of the framework in the Matrix that will see something in you that threatens their being asleep and their belief system and you’ll get a reaction.

You will know the sleepers because they won’t have an open mind to at least understand what it is you’re saying from your position, whether it’s right or wrong.  They immediately become reactive because you are challenging their props, hopes, and beliefs which you’re not doing intentionally.  Look deeper, for they cannot because they hold all of themselves by somebody else and live in a total state of fear and servitude to Lords and belief systems.  Even upon those that say they ‘know’, their pride is in their vanity and gets in the way.  They don’t share knowledge and just want followers who are weak.  And so, if that is your goal and you want followers to manipulate so they make you feel strong, then you are delusional.

All good teachers can step away, detach and laugh at themselves and everything for they don’t need to hold on to it because there are no props.  They see and they ‘know’ and they live their life for themselves.  A few selected family members or members of your clan that were in a mental fog and reality are advancing and on the path of knowledge.  Planetary processions of the solar system through the Galaxy has 12 houses with each era.  There are new things to learn and societies will go through many different effects and experiences all influenced by the gravitational field and LIGHT quanta hitting the Earth and activating biological and DNA for print.

If you overlay historical events and match them up with the astrological events of the planets and their positioning you will see they correlate, and this is scientifically proven with overlays of the constellations over the historical events that have happened.




Great brave beings incarnate upon the planet, I salute you for your bravery and challenge to play in the game of life upon this dimension you have chosen to excel in. It is quite a quagmire of events and challenges you bestowed upon yourselves and the cards are stacked against you. In the undertaking of life, much of your real self is forgotten in a dream, and that dream varies in every society and social mindsets you have embodied in. I am here to teach you how to remember who and what you are before you took a great fragment of your soul to dwell in your bio-transducer biological human machines.

The human body, as well as others species of animals, are liquid crystal receptors and receivers that are a complex unit of DNA imprinted circuits that are by design encoded with functions of personality and nature specific to its phylum and subphylum of animal life. The more complex the neural nets and brains the more specific the minds of each unit becomes identified as a sentient being, based upon that specific identification. Programs are written like a flash drive in the biological DNA and passed along with each processor mirrored with a history of the past, and imprinted with its expression encoding that change and experience to the next lifeform with knowledge and memory.

It is by this mechanism lifeforms know how to function with this operating system. You term this nature. It is known that in the very lifeform’s bloodlines, certain personality traits and characteristics of nature are inherited. In everything is the primal force of the SOURCE that gives life to each and receptor of neurons and synaptic reflexes. The greater the amount of neuron triggers the more capacity the units can hold the elements of consciousness that each brain can access. Consciousness varies from animal to animal in the mental capabilities of subjective perception and free design and will.

The humans on your world tend to make distinctions that animals are not sentient, do not have emotions, nor depths of awareness equal to “man.” It is this perception that separates man from the connection with other entities in nature. It is time to understand this and begin to reconnect on these primal levels that you have been conditioned to forget with corrupted mental disconnections to the Universe and your experiences in your miswritten programs of learning. These corrupted programs of the mind are what are shutting many humans down with the ability to communicate with the other lifeforms and be one with nature.


There appears to be a toxic deading and correction program you call “education” that is taught to many of you humans. This makes you the ‘govern’ mental’s programs of education, a network to their agendas which are systematically overriding your own connection and operating system to nature, so that you conform to functioning as a disconnected entity and cog in the wondrous term you call the MATRIX. As you are programmed by religions and social pressures to conform to the social masses you are pulled out of your inner connection, shamed and brainwashed, losing your innate sense of connection to nature and your instincts and personal realities.

This makes you estranged and lonely for acceptance and validation by conforming to marketing and placating others for a reflection of who and what you are by their thoughts of group acceptance.  This is further allowing the programs of mass media and corporations to herd you as collectives like sheep. They control the religions, history, money, your very survival, and how and what to think to be normal. Your brains have the pineal gland which is your inner compass to remember your soul and connection to the UNIVERSE. It is the magic tool that unifies the human to beings of awareness and connection to nature and the cosmos.

Why do you think they fluoridate this to calcify and destroy its higher dynamic “random assess memory”?  The answer is to link you to a collective agenda and network so that your brains can be accessed as elements of the Matrix and continue the dreams of the Overlords that run your planet. So to break free from this you must make it your objective to focus and know nature and animals again and do whatever it takes to begin the process of decalcification of this crystal eye that is the gift of the Gods.  Then you will know outside of the Matrix and empower yourself with real visions and knowledge.

Your spirits are trapped in the Matrix. You are broken down, your inner knowledge is separated from nature, and you seek help from the very religions and gods that are all parts of systematic brainwashing that invalidates, punishes, and trains you to believe and conform to an iconic form that will save you. Your lives being sinful and worthless is further part of the agendas. To begin knowing yourself, you must first cleanse your body and unplug from everyone’s reality and find your own. You must LOVE and know who you are and access your connection to nature and be one with all animals and nature and reclaim your higher brain functions.



As always, it is charming and wonderful to speak with you earth incarnates. We understand the great battles and Mobius loops you are going through. Understand that these are trying times on many levels and many planes.  All nature is coming to grips with itself and its core sediment. Just as in the mind grid of your planet, there are sentiment core energies manifested in the time and experience of all of you. This is a time to see and to view your nature of who and what you are at the core. Do understand that in your pain and suffering you are wrestling with yourself and matching pictures of your belief systems.

This is why when things in you have been communicated to the core and resolved the non-entity unit that you are breaks the connection to amplify the condition of your patterned mindset. Thus, many relationships and connections you have with your soul and your personality are being unconfined. What is felt at the core may be the pulling of roots you have, attaching the changes you need to make.  You term this as emotions of unrest and think this should not be felt, yet this is at your very core of power, your ‘solar plexus‘. By not letting go and seeing into this centre you will try to suppress this as weakness and deny the necessary changes that must be taken care of.

The longer the duration, you hide with your concepts with the mind to not make the connection to your emotions, the more resonate the nature of your unrest will weigh the experiences to cut your illusion. This is why you continue to have experiences that are your calling at the core for release and changes.  We say sit down with your mind and listen to the fears, the anger, unrest, and additions you have. Take notes of this and ask for the vision to find ways of change. The illusions you have come from you, the changes and correction to harmonious stasis must come from you.  Never forget you cannot escape your god presence, for that divine spark is linked to the whole Universe.


You cannot, therefore, destroy the source of all things that you are at the core as a god spark. You may hide from yourself and create more mass and illusion but it will always be with you. As you are the divine spark you can go to the infinite source for recalibration and insight.  Thus said, be it known you can unravel. You’re in harmony and address the “pile” and blast your confusion with the guidance of source, bringing a balance in the divine set of universal knowledge and harmony; or you can continue to create more suffering and roadblocks, pain, and suffering in your creation of the individual particle of god you are learning to be HUE.

Life is serious business to address. There must be balance, flow, insight, and knowing in life. You were given a body, a mind and the potential to be great in the amplification, you are your concept of experience. There are universal principles that must be respected, acknowledged and understood for which all things must pattern to be.  The body, therefore, if maintained will work better and be a greater machine to utilize in your sojourn while incarnate. Just as your machines require maintenance and alignments for optimum performance and safety so are your bodies and minds to be respected and maintained.

Creatures of the earth with divine spark you are beings of habit and you are responsible for your ticket here in this dimension you signed up for. Remember it now. You can ask us for clarity and help to make your changes, but what you do and don’t do is your volition. You see what you want to see, again learn this principle. You taste what you want to, you feed the fuel in your bodies by your selections. Thus, the effects are the measure of your choices.  You must evolve from the infant to the adult to the Master, then you will acquire the mastery of life and the answers. Study, be observant and careful of the company you choose to bond with.

Your very being is an effect, you can be the effect of the cause or the cause of the effect with insight and spiritual training.  Do understand we are here to guide you as instructors of your school in life. We want nothing more than to have you pass the grade. Understand there are levels of awareness and see the quality of people you amplify around you. Their nature is the magnification of your core. People that enjoy petty enjoyments, substance abuse and indulgences that are out of balance will accumulate to their resonance.

By changing your attraction and knowing to HUE you will attract the LIGHT of being to surround you.




Let’s pretend we are sleeping and what we dream and hold together as reality does make the experiences of ‘your making’ form the photons of the mind held. And this is precisely what takes place in groups of people in their belief systems whether it be science, religion or government agenda and mass media of corporations, it does not matter. They know their dreams and this held in the matrix forms the reality.

Now that things are presented in the law of the land all dreamers must follow the system of the collectives. To rewrite “realities,” you must have a group of a critical mass of the same dreams and perceptions. This is why fear seeds more and influences the creative emotions or energy in motion to systematically “dream” effects to all those viewing the dream.  This technique is used in the agendas for war and to carry out the programmes of the dreamers taking charge of your world.


So that is why you have events like 911 to justify and propagate mass media hypnosis. This even goes to events like the Las Vegas shootings. All planned by the central intelligence. If you want to awaken you must find a collective of dreamers to another reality and that will be another dream.  You are all the viewers on this realm and your emotional reactions and perceptions flavour your lives’ experience.

It is not till you learn to awaken, shielded and aware of the power of thought-forms and imagination that you can make a destiny for yourself as you choose. Just remember that the whole Universe works on this principle. You bring to yourselves experiences and lifetimes by your state of emotions and reactions.  These are your “PLANE” tickets.





Think of people like distillers, for often the vapours of their inner restlessness is changing states and venting from their minds and mouths. Often it is not even who they really are, for the centred needs less, talks less, is observant and in touch with people by the focus on their being, not their accumulations and the restless search for the meaning of their emptiness. When you are at the higher levels, that is your being in balance.

When it requires restless agendas and fear-based actions the flow from the soul is lacking to energize the intentions of the master that is more of deep forces of LOVE and wisdom from a state and place of knowing. The master manifests with his or her intention and reaches things with LOVE and understanding that is primal, this is why children stop and trust you and connect with you, as well as animals.

For the restlessness of the frantic mind has been harnessed to focus on LOVE and playfulness. Beings are then connected to the LIGHT grid of affinity. Feeling and sending this is the way of mastery, unlike the need to dominate and hold your socially oriented beliefs that entrap HUE. You become HUE when the energy centres are grounded and the cosmic source flows through you like the radiation of and incandescence all from the shifting of your state of being.


Magic Yoga - Moonlight Meditation

If there is trouble with the connection the wise just move on and do not fill the void of the endless emptiness of those that drain and cannot be of the same reality. Know this, that the very religiously indoctrinated work in group minds and must read their manuscripts as written words of the gods of man, while the real SOURCE is within them and they will never allow new insight to come into their precepts and programmed matrix.

They are deadlocked into misunderstanding by things always being outside them and in “gods” order of things.  So the movie of life is always and only from the reels of the few select and they welcome others as long as they all can watch the same movie of conditioned matrix reality. This is why there are so many sheep in the world and ‘Lords and Gods’ to tend to the flock using them in the collective like the brainwashed young man in the military for their agendas.

There is the banking, political, military, and the church mindsets of ‘sheeple’ upon your world, all pawns in the control of the overlords on this world.  Think you are free? You better think again from the position above the world agenda.



Boredom is when you look at all the possibilities you have to build things but choose to create nothing because the soul connection has lost ambition. For the soul is the inspiration and the motivation that moves the personality to accomplish great things in life.  Never forget the healing powers of nature and take time to be in the presence of the medicine of nature. Often these are reasons that we do not feel motivated.

Rest and recreation are essential and the need to be detached from the daily work mode. The soul needs balance to integrate with vision apart from work.  As important it is to work hard, so must you learn to play hard and leave the days of work unto themselves. One’s attitude in life is often based on the simple knowing of recreation.  Take time to get away and stop congesting yourself with “duties”.


Oh, and the powers of knowledge and education to the soul is so important! Take time to learn things you are drawn to. That way the mind will think about the new things you put into it and will identify with things of that nature to input comparisons.  Know the power of food and substances you partake of. Food is a fuel and very influential to your state of being, for you are so much of what you eat.

Keep in the know that the very bacteria in your body hungers for what it thrives on.  Do you crave meat?  Know the bacteria and microorganisms within you become the driving force of your body. Change your diet and you will change your attitude, energy level, and sense of well being.  These are indeed some very essential things to keep mind of for a happy life.