When you encounter the act of making love is it tantra yoga or taunting yoga? Taunting yoga is energy based on conceit and manipulation for gain and not love. This action is practiced by over-sexualized young testy women and hormonal reactive men. The result is deep connections scattered without love, powerful forces connecting and sometimes creating babies and deep cords between the two. Not something you do lightly, for the act of union is a sacred act. This is why people gain rejection and become jaded and feel used in this creative fire that they wish to share which is of nature itself.

Oh but the power of tantric yoga which is based on the currents of energy that works with the powers at the base of the spine. It is the opening of portals from the yin the receiver and the lingum or the sword which is the main energy principle of fire. The woman is a cooling reception and together there is a spiral energy of creative fire and great magic that happens in many dimensions. Oh, the wonderfulness of life and a new child and the union of two hearts sharing deeply. If one is aware they will see energies wishing to incarnate between these two for a life portal on the planet.

Wherever two people meet there is an exchange of information that happens on many levels. Be aware of the fundamental principles in the union of man and woman. When the lingam penetrates the rectum which is the illuminatory force of toxic waste, in the union the receiver gets energy blockages and the intruder downloads toxic energies from the person they are foolishly practicing an act not natural for creation. Although one may be an orifice, the energetic principles become very distorted and can lead to an abhorrence of mind, soul and heart. This downloads the corrupted fields in the energy bodies of both people.

The base of the spine is the root energy and receptive of the earth energies. This is a common practice in males of the same sex partners. It is not my point to be in negative judgment, it is just to be discussed on what is an energetic use for this can have serious repercussions and karmic cycles of those in this act. However, those who choose this activity are already stuck in low energy fields and may take lifetimes to heal. For when a man seeks a man in this manner he is turbulent in his identity.

It is my point to state the biological mechanisms, not to condemn but to state nature. Nature and the merging of bodies is a sacred act and deep connection, completing cords and assimilation of each in the unit of their information. Be mindful of who and what you download in the union of your bodies. For this is the fire principle of nature that can burn sparks of energy lifting you into a state of bliss or a two edge sword that keeps you stuck into slavery and desire that overrides equilibrium of heart, soul, and mind.

In conclusion, the act of sex is to light your soul. It is not to conduct activities for manipulation and or dominance which creates traumatic experiences of hurt, rejection, and pain.


Artist is unknown.


Weathering the storm is to understand the principles and elements of the forces against you. It takes the cooperation of people to weather the storm and be skilled with the forces of nature. There are uncertainties and traumatic experiences happening in life. But when one has the wisdom to what to expect with the experience they know the warning signs with second nature and intuitive action for they don’t look at things as a threat but power in itself.

What creates conditions is not understanding what you’re dealing with or the principles, and the power it has over you in your reaction. This is what distinguishes people who can maintain calm with clarity when the obstacles come into their sphere of experience. Sometimes it is just a matter of grabbing the rudder, following your inner compass pulling in the sail and letting it out and working with the energy.

Everything is energy and will whither, pull or push you in your awareness. Harness unpredictability and be sufficient in everything that happens to you then you will not become victimised that everything you do is at a cost. Let no one tell you what to do when you know what will happen. Take your intuition as an indicator you don’t belong, put your fields up and don’t react because anything in your emotional reaction brings yourself into that turbulent water.

It is so important for you to know and gain your own intuition, not for a god but for your own survival and advancement. This is why you have the strong and weak, all are dealt the same cards! The knowledge is there. There is no excuse to not know because you’re at an important age, so take this before it becomes limited.



Remember dear souls of the lost, you’re not your bodies. Your bodies are clothing and biocomputer devices that are running an application where you call yourself ME. The world is alive and sentient and has high energetic liquid and solid crystalline crystals that are laced in a gridwork around the world in the lay lines and energy vortices of your planet. There are dense electric phonetic energy and computer programmes that are holographic light vectors you call the physical realm. But think of yourself as a bacterium in a Petri dish being studied by the scientist of yourself in the future. You look at time and space as something that evolves and is sequential. You look at the movement of the planets and the distance in which to where your destiny is but, in reality, all is consciousness.

The more you find yourselves connected to the source code of your being without being captured in the density of the moment you will find your supreme identities restored. You will be going through intense energy through intense fears because you have to release the spell of this realm in your Merkaba vehicle. There are treacherous fields that can overwhelm you like a tidal wave and unless you have achieved mastery and ascension in this dimension you might find yourself lost and out of control of what you’re seeing. If you don’t have spiritual growth and maturity in the magnetic orb field of your presence then you will have no force fields to protect you from lower astral entities and negative gremlins. When you’re beginning to make the transition you will be activated in your dreams by higher beings.

If you don’t have the comprehension and the bandwidth to what we speak of, it doesn’t possibly have any relevance in your psyche due to suppressive indoctrination. You have been systematically taught fears that are works of the devil and not “Gods plan”. The God you know is the God stolen from the cohesive book you call your bibles and major religions. All based on scientific knowledge and ancient of days from mankind. So you have already been geared to be afraid of the changing world as God’s judgment. The rulers are pitting you against one another for civil war while they are clearing the table and leaving into their secret bunkers and deep underground military bases with tunnels all stocked with food and provisions. But before they go they want you pitted against each other and will leave you with viruses and social war.

Stay connected by the heart in the matrix and the wisdom and love this entity has gathered and manifested in a state of consciousness. This is the only way to ascend to the higher beings. People are aware there are orders that kept on advancing since 1920 and have devices 1000 years in advance but in reality what this world has seen is even greater. This is just a remembering of what you had before you had the deluge because of the wicked nature to fellow beings. If you don’t have compassion for others and you feel that others have none even though they have a conscience being in their minds, then you will understand that anyone who kills and bombs people are not the leaders of the soul spirit of the higher dimensions.

They are acting upon interdimensional beings taking them over for this experiment of mankind. As with everything in the Universe a strong opposition creates strong positive things that may happen. We hope you maintain a balance of your formats in your responsibilities and not for the dominance of other people. Everyone knows this on some level. Do not take credit that you’re some special entity because your vehicle cannot take the entity on this dimensional plane. Unless you’re a healer with a good statute of humour to laugh at it all then you will become fixated on selfies and what we term selfishness based on sparkles and not solid gold. For this specific reason, we have had to hold back many of the teachings and technologies we’re wanting to give many of you.

Great masters have incarnated and gone through the worse of tests as humans and it isn’t until they achieve the hurdles and milestones of quickening and learn to let resentment go, that these are the lessons you learn. As you come online on the photon belt many of your bodies are aligning and reconstructing your physical vessels into matching light bodies. The lattice of your body forcefields create torsion energy ventures which are fractally connected and these are being activated on a fractal level for most of you. This is what is being activated and bringing you the quickening. Once again, we ask that you get outside of your insecurities by trying to prove to others how great you are without getting the message that you’re great by the radiance and compassion to heal and love.

Many of you right now are being tested to learn how not to react when some ignorant being or collective assault you realise that they’re hurting and misled, instead of sending negative and keeping your stuck in karmic cycles. When you have made one round and experienced all the potential heavens that you venture into there is a time when you shall have the opportunity to be guided by an usher of light and taken to a new orbit of experience and wisdom. For many, they will have to repeat the cycle again for c25,600 years. This is the red and blue kachina, it is the great medicine wheel, the shield of Brahma. By many terms you will be mistakingly calling this the rapture but in order to advance you need to be the kings and queens of your psyche in your pineal gland and responsible spark orb of the endless dimensional presence which you’re all filtering through with the very act of consciousness itself.

With that said, the real currency is your resonance volume of interdimensional Merkaba links of light by your radiance of light and self-mastery. This is your power and moreover your birthright. This is done by spiritual growth and evolution and not by saviours and lords. It is yourself in all trueness, it is your recognition of your presence that infiltrates your light fibres through the whole galaxy which you’re all linked together by a greater force of cosmic energy called love.



The force of your feelings and being is like a breath, they must come in and out. You must expand and reach to propel and withdraw. You must have a right to express who you are. You must have the right to listen, the right to love and to hate, you must have the right to fight and to voice and defend your space and your inner being, all of which must not take another life. It is the suppression of these elements that you have wars and collective pressures because they have been stuffed and not allowed to voice what they are, for they have been concealed into beliefs and into religion and political parties taking speech away for further self-expression.

The primal scream must be allowed at the core when the soul is attacked and bothered by an oppressive being. Men need to fight and women need to fight, they need to argue. Where they lack is the balance, for in the anger and fighting there should be listening and love. It is when you’re suppressed with your identity you question what is natural about yourself and you get into a state of doubt. When you have powerful forces which are sexual and creative and you’re screaming to be held and hold, when you’re not allowed to speak your mind, then all that is oppressed comes out in severe imbalances.

Men are not competing and fighting whether in sports or hunting and as a result, they’re not in completion at the core and they’re looking for a channel to vent that primal need of the species. When women are not allowed to nurture and are told it is a weakness, then they react from what they need to do and that is to feel and vent their feelings. Here lies the crux of how you’re all being manipulated. So the energy outbreaks create wars, political judgments, racial and sexual judgments. The antidote is not to suppress speech and to face when you need to talk with reaction.

When a person does not have freedom of speech or gets angry in communication then society is gearing itself up for a civil war which is made at the cost of many lives, nature, and animals. Society is being infiltrated with subliminal messages that corrupt natural functions of your society and setting up religious wars so that society will have a civil war based on religion or on the haves and have nots based on politics and on scarcity for a product, food, and housing. Take heed for this is the agenda of the New World Order for depopulation with the corruption of mental capacities with the annihilation of people on the planet.

Technology has reached such a level that machines can replace everything you do, including your mind. Eventually, most humans will be removed from the planet or trapped into artificial intelligence interface units. The only way out of the downfall is for people to have communication groups and to vent their anger, instead of through riots en masse and with military arms and weapons. So rather than take care of issues that are going to be devastating the planet, the negligent leaders of the world without reason are destroying the Earth. They are not planning for the advancement of the civilisation of man but for their corrupted agendas.



As you are aware many of you are meeting new people, strangers with great connections. You’re shaking each other up to realise that the things you’re perceiving and awakening to are in fact very real and encoded in your psyche and body, and you’re coming into activation in your mind groups. In effect, you’re collating a group of consciousness in your spores which are creating a matrix of form and thought of consciousness creating critical mass, all of which is putting out a field to each of every one of you that have a similar cognitive understanding of the group mind.

This is overriding the fears of the unknown, the shame and belief systems of the Illuminati and secret orders. Many in fact thought they were entitled privilege through genetic strain and in some cases many are. But even they are being coerced by interdimensional factions that have infiltrated your society from the future and from the past. Time is not necessarily linear at the moment. There are three potential realities that can happen to the planet and this sector of the solar system. And it is by the awakening of the souls from the future and past incarnating as warriors that will form a quantum of frequency to override the scripts of the matrix.

The Cabal and Illuminati are working with inner-dimensional beings that have study and interest and are genetic soul encapsulated forms to hijack the DNA and entrap the souls in the form of batteries. A more correct term would be ‘life form plasma’. You will know of great challenges of fear and obstacles simultaneously thwarting your awakening imprint and influence. You’re the ground troops and the secondary warriors of the Galactic Federation Of Light that is united as a collective, working with turning on the grids of the planet as it shifts in its rotation, for the machine of this earth will be recalibrated.

Those that cannot do this magnetic frequency modulation and realign will be left in a different paradigm of reality due to mental and spiritual densities and lack of being unable to come online to the new forces of the Aquarian Age. Follow your notions and look to the remembrance of what it is in the collective review of each other to inspire. This, in fact, is real and you know it. The more you raise your frequencies and vibrations and change your densities then you will see us. We’re all around you with masked cloaking devices that are out of sync with your perceptible realities due to magnetic and spiritual vibrations wavelengths.

We ask that you put down your over excitement that may mislead you to not thinking cognitively and understand that this is a process of transmutation and metamorphosis like a caterpillar. You will be leaving one body and gaining the Merkabah vehicle around your being and your spirits will fly to higher planes and realities. You will know you’re quickening when you get to the knowledge and you hear with certainty everything you need to do that overrides the previous mental disposition of self-doubt, limitation and hijacked conscious engrams in the body.

We wish to speak much sooner than later but take this as a three-part entry for this week’s teachings.



Going back in the time units that you can segment with your understanding, the Earth or Gaia is an Ancient Galactic amusement park. Your gateway here is at the edge of your Milky Way galaxy. At one time this was a thriving sector where visitors would rest and see the wondrous creations of prehistoric animals. By the way, if you had not noticed, the Elite in Hollywood are being instructed to inform you of the ‘truth’ and realities that you’ve had taken by the robbers of Ancient Rome that took your manuscripts and handouts for themselves and the Govern Mental’s and Religious Dominators that have ruled you since BC (Before Caesar). The Moon that you know is a hollow artificial satellite poised as the projector to be excited by the screen of the Earth. There are large sectors of crystals that are growing and alive within the sleeping machine you call your Earth.

Know that the Earth is a sentient being that has many group devas that enlist a grid of white fibres to all the various animal and plant forms, your bodies, and all the essences of your home satellite. There was a war of default from an invading galaxy that had traveled into your dominion through vibratory imprints of photon and primordial building blocks. Two billion years ago there were fractions of the Days of the ‘long-lived’ that were infected with a cross-link of silicon and fungi collaboration. You will remember this is a black slime that goes into your bodies and all your equipment and takes over like a virus. They have taken over many of your species both reptilian and other insectoid and humanoid forms. We are disclosing this to you, be aware. You will be taught many lies and are being deceived by those that have ruled you by religions, banking, military and Royal blood that is marked of the Blue Bloodlines. How do we begin to reveal that all you have been taught is a mixture of information and manipulative deception?

The whores of magic Hollywood are telling you what is true and deceive in your movies, from Jurassic Park to Forbidden Planet, and of course The Day The Earth Stood Still to mention a few. The quickening of the planet is now going to force the lords to reveal to you our presence that has been behind the scenes since the creation of this realm’s amusement park. Because of the escape, many of the ancients landed here as they were running from the Fallen Fleet of Angels as the legends. These beings are far ahead of you in technologies and the robbers and thieves that have been hiding the truth about your history and of who and what you are. The fail-safe mechanisms have been triggered and this is why the world was flooded to cool down and quarantine this sector. Your battles and Evil are the last of the ones that were trapped here that were ill.

As for ‘The Flat Earth’ there is a sealed plate and plane that is in dimension 1 in this dominion that looks very much like a mirror. Yes, it is flat and there are light fibres that connect everything that is alive in the biological machines that you inhabit with your trapped forms. The theatre and the amusement park is this domain. The Moon is in tidal sync with the earth, always facing the same side which is highly suspicious and unusual. It is like a satellite beaming and sending signals to the surface of the earth. It is the holographic projector that sends your thoughts as an amplifier to make form upon the earth your wishes for play and thrills for your consciousness. You once came here to amuse yourself, this is why you’re so thrilled about your new and improved eye candy and carnival of toys that occupy your thoughts and attention. This is how they detain you and keep you in control. The planet has now been converted into a refugee camp for Karma for souls to heal. This is not who and what you are, you’re all trapped.

Only a few know of this ‘Occult’ hidden knowledge. They have taken over this park and have used your minds to fuel their dreams as batteries. Those that rule you are part of the club and secret order that is now falling. We are here and this is all going to be repaired in your solar system. This may require a reset. So the Earth machine will be stopped and the torsion fields of the magnetic core will shift polarities first on the energy quanta as you know as ‘North and South’ followed by the shifting of the oceans and the plates. There will be some of your machines that will perish. Do not fear, you’re only wearing a wrapper of whom you believe you are. This park has been converted into a boot camp and your souls are paroled and kept here to pay your debts to each and every soul that you’ve hurt and violated while you went lawless.

Read this and take a deep breath and ask for yourself to be found in love and spirit of your core presence you term THE OVER SOUL.

Love to you all.

Quential, Amuhasha, and Metatron


The legends of Atlantis will not be forgotten. There are major Earth changes and a quickening. The Earth is going to be reset into the frequency modulation that encourages the thriving of spiritual evolution and your hidden powers. A reset is happening and this will be the Golden Age after the cleanse. Be mindful, many of you are from this time and your souls know of Atlantis and the once greatness that man was able to achieve with technology, philosophy and the understanding of the Universe and its principles.

This monumental change would have been more in sync with your current technologies and states of awareness except for the interference of the Illuminati and the corrupted keepers of the world. Their days are numbered for the Ancient of Days have returned and are opening up the vaults and a great influx of energies are infiltrating your planet, minds, and psyche. This information and knowing can no longer be suppressed. There is going to be a change of the electromagnetic frequencies on the planet.

Many are being tested and prepared in what seems to be painful and trivial experiences in your life, all of which is to see what your intentions are. For the gifting of great knowledge will be given to many of you and your powers restored but they must be love based and not with selfish and destructive intentions, hence the testing. When the great powers of the astral are opened up great things can be manifested at once, but if you’re not mature to handle these powers it will be devastating to you and those around you.

Many of you have already ascended and are great Masters, you have just been going through amnesia. This is not religious nor is it about worshipping gods, it is about reclaiming your power and freeing your souls from the centuries of bondage you have been kept in. Technologies will be returning and remembered which will be right out of a Sci-Fi book. Much will be returned to your knowing. The quickening of your spirit body is of most importance.

The body of the flesh that you’re trapped in may not be the unit you will using when the change occurs. You may have transformed into a body of light, not needing the physical plane. Great ships and starfaring vehicles will start showing themselves very soon en masse. The family of your Elders is returning and you need to remember that you’re more than you’re programmed to believe by the govern mentals.

Many of hue that walks of higher frequencies have been contacted by us, blatantly in some incidences, but we are working with you in dreams and many have been sleeping deeply. You have been travelling and we are processing you through the dream state. Your world is at a point of significant change, rebooting and recalibration. Many will make a transition from their physical form, many will stay and some will be taken.

You cannot pretend to be enlightened, you are or you’re not. This comes with the knowing and the genuine love for all things. The wise ones know, for they cling not to material things and are mature enough to handle their duties. For those of the light have a calling from above and a genuine caring about people.