A child learns to walk and in the process it stumbles and falls down so it does not judge itself, it is determined to pick itself up. However, as humans get older they tend to judge themselves when they have fallen. They tend to get into the dramas of guilt and shame and make themselves comfortable on the ground to play again after they have fallen. They even find others to crawl on the ground with and stay stuck. They take medications and therapy so they can pretend that they can stand up again, and yet they lack one thing different than when they were younger.

They have lost touch with their souls and their drive to know who and what they’re responsible for, who they’re with, and the drive of the new soul that they came in with. So in this long process, this is why so many are stuck with guilts and shames. All one needs to do is leave the situation and stand up and walk again on their path. Don’t make it a mindset to shame yourself for the things you’ve done when you have fallen but stay steady on your path, because you are moving and always in transition. Guilt has a funny way of keeping you stuck. Guilt serves no function.

You need to solve this wrestling of your mind and opinion about yourself because you’re not knowing yourself. You spend all of this time in your life compensating to be somebody and forgetting your path, you’re still crawling. You’re crawling on your knees and you’re praying to your gods and asking to be pet like a dog and to be noticed and appreciated while still on your knees. Unfortunately this has become the plague of mankind. There is no substitute but to stand up, pull yourself together and walk your path because your path is a path of the soul and it is not of this Earth.

You’re here from the stars and you’re here to learn, to read and pattern yourself from the lessons and the deficits you’ve had previously. You see dear souls, your life is played by your soul and the wardens that watch your term here on this biological prison world. You’re meant to grow and to get lessons, not to stay stuck on the ground and tumbled but to walk on your path to get to the other side and to know yourself in the process. This is what life is about. Have your friends and have your company but remember your connection to the soul can and will be your only measurable sense of being that completes you.

Pick yourself up when you fall and continue, and you will find that soon you will be able to run with the joys guided by your soul.



The more you think about your problems with uncertainty and despair, you create confusion on the mind and this cuts off the healthy channel to your heart. Worry creates FEAR and if the dark clouds of uncertainty and distress are heavy on your hearts when you think about situations you have no control over, you need to centre yourself and prioritise your thinking with enthusiasm. Overthinking can make you feel lost with the sensation that everything is going in slow motion and that nothing is happening.

Then comes the feeling of being powerless to act and the more you think about it the worst it gets. You produce a sense of feeling separate from others which then puts you on the downward spiral to isolation and loneliness. To reconnect you must bring yourself back to the present moment, the NOW, and connect with the LIGHT within your soul. Worrying is seeing your future with imagined dread so distract the mind and be creative or take a long walk in the healing serenity of nature. 


To solve your problems, you need to be prepared and take action followed by resourcing the correct channels for growth. If you are faced with a situation that frightens you seek support from your family and friends and develop a strategy to overcome your dilemmas. Everyone has stress in their lives because this is how you grow and evolve and your soul has asked for the wisdom of the experience. When faced with a negative life lesson ask yourself “what is this teaching me?”.

Remember, every situation in your life is there to aid you in your spiritual evolution. It is your reaction to your life’s lessons which makes all the difference to your growth, so give LOVE and be dynamic and actively solve your problems with a passionate heart. Above all, you must make the very best of every circumstance that life has to offer, good or bad. Act with honour and integrity and be prepared to focus when faced with your difficulties.

The law of attraction will always match your experiences by your sustained thoughts and feelings via the signal you are vibrating. Just remember, if you are signalling your chaotic thoughts to the Universe you will attract chaotic circumstances. It is the LAW. So many of hue have desires but are not manifesting. You have that ‘uncomfortable feeling’ of wanting, needing, yearning etc. and don’t fully channel the fresh feeling of expectancy which is true feeling of desire. Pure desire is fire, rich in LOVE and joy and raises your vibration!

Worrying will never change the outcome, only your action with focus.

Anna NaRaca RA 


For the path of truth is self mastery. Any teaching that does not discipline and quicken the soul to the body mind is deceptive and subversive to your prime directive of your very destiny in the cosmos, no other measure of cause and thought need be applied to this determination. Quicken yourself with a clear mind and a clear body. This has always been the real teachings of the Ancients of Days. Mens sana in corpore sano, sound body, sound mind. What on Earth has taken away your destiny and expansion?

Your civilisations have tumbled to the lowest score in history and will in effect destroy itself as a collective imprint upon your world, for you have not mastered the purpose of life and many are as bacterium upon the food of the planet. They consume, take and offer nothing to the universe nor even self-growth. You pride yourselves in the “naming” of nature and call it science and scientific theories, yet you do not even know of its oneness and divine principles you are all part of.

You are being taught ignorance in your Universities and parrot the bits and pieces that your ‘Govern Mentals’ placate you with, and yet you have not a single path of your hearts and inner mind compass. This is a real tragedy and strategy of the controlling bankers, elite, armies and Illuminati sections of the world keepers that have highjacked your very minds and souls for their own pleasure and dominance. This has happened but only for a while. We have our ships in your solar system and on the Dark Side of the moon and the whole local galaxy of 89 members have convened to deal with this unfortunate state of affairs.

There will be a new world order but it will not be with these rough and self-pious entities of the fallen sickened one’s, they will be quarantined. For today the lesson it this, you have to quiet your mind and use your imagination by taking a place in the morning sun, closing your eyes and letting your imagination focus on you seeing visions and scenes that will show you interdimensional forms and dreams. Once you train the viewing you will link to the real inner net of your being and as you do you will open yourself to the messages that the Universe and the higher Masters wish to teach you one step at a time.

A word of caution, you must know yourself and seek the counsel of your self spark, for in doing so only you will know. Be careful, the deceivers will tell you not to do this, for this will “open you up to the dark forces and leave you to the spirits of Satan”. Concern yourself not with either of their ideological gods, the Saviours and the Devils. This is how they control you, no different than doctors that ‘practice medicine’ prescribing the very poisons that will kill you, and not even know what it is that they do. In your journeys you will meet many that have been programmed to tell you the truth and that self-mastery is ‘ego’ based and “not god’s way”.

Waste not your time nor be fooled, there is very little time for you to get yourself to a place of self-knowing. Keep in mind the world is changing and the Church and the Governments already know what is before mankind, for they robbed this information from the City of Alexandra and other civilisations that were great and in touch with real nature. Their spirit walks the universe and the star seed visitors are here and have always been here, note that this is to be a time of great cleansing.

The products of the souls that have stayed steadfast during their 26,000-year term will be upgraded and reconnected to their real self and history, while the lower foolish ones will have to start again in kindergarten for a whole new cycle to once again learn to get it. To say in one word LOVE (living openly in the heart, evolving). I will be making this my point to teach those that are ready to return to reason once again. For the others that stay in shackles of stories, they cannot even comprehend history and these teachings are not for them.

Your Q-tips for today “Dare to open up your ears and hear more than you speak.”



All animals are free in the moment and are not concerned about their future nor their past. For the humans however, it is a different story. Because not only does man have the sentient power of the animals of the wild and the knowing, he has a brain but can’t create, analyse or act logically. Go back in history, at one time humans could be interdimensional connected to the soul while experiencing a body. The Eye of Horus represents that aspect of the brain that is the centre with a pineal gland, and if you were to dissect it at the centre of the brain is the Eye of Horus. This particular point of the brain allows for the magic of the interdimensional creation brought to the physical play ground of Earth. It was a place that souls could come and play in these bodies and learn.

Souls could connect to their ancestors, they knew of the grandfathers and they had connection to the Earth. As time went on not only was the mind of man talking, so was his connection to Earth and his knowing of the Creator and the presence and the spirit that was in nature. If you look back in history religions are a way of life and much different than what we have now. People knew of the stars and the influences of the planets for they were connected to it and everything in the universe. These beings in these bodies of the ancients were connected with their knowledge and mental capabilities. One may only look at what was going on in recorded history with the Greek philosophers which mark the real balance of the western mind to explore and to learn oneself and philosophy (philo- meaning loving and –sophy meaning the study of the science of self).

Why has this been lost? One may only look at whatever you can grasp with the corrupted stories of history and you will see that Rome had invaded the world and took all of man’s history and preciousness. They took his mind and soul and made him into a slave. Not like the Egyptians the Aztecs and all the otherworldly enlightened Earthly soul connected humans. So it is the law of Rome rewritten with all the secrets of man at their secret collection, even though the very laws of man are ruled by the Roman canons of law. All currency flows down from the banking industry and the world is ruled by fear and oppression since the beginning of Anno Domini. This was the birth of the Roman religions upon the Earth to dominate and conquer. They created the coins, the banking institutes controlled the land that was once nature and for humans to use, and took leases on the property of very life itself.

The only space you have is your mind and your Consciousness where you can be free and that has been corrupted with the mass media, and they soon wish you to be connected totally to artificial intelligence. Then they will have achieved their goals to entrap the soul into a bio computer and Borg state of entrapment. Keep in mind, where there are massive amounts of aluminium and fluoride in your body you will not be able to think nor have access to what is there with your very brain itself to the universe. With this you shall be enslaved, even to the knowing of yourself and who you really are, purely in the hands of the devil and the Gods. All of which was created by the Romans and their continual dominants on the planet. Just know that the major ingredient of control is fear and laws and ordinances which allow them signatory contract with your soul based on your ignorance to know the law.

Your soul cannot be taken unless you make a contract to do so. In order to find yourself you must cleanse your body of the minerals that destroy your pineal gland. You must quiet your mind and you must rid yourself of fear. For when you can sit as an animal near the ocean and just be quiet then you will have remembered where you are and where you came from.

You are connected.



The world is filled with much ignorance among its inhabitants. Know this, that ignorance, poor habits, and hurt and pain breeds more of the same. Take this lesson strongly and take it wisely. When you run into people that have overflow of issues and baggage of pain and suffering and the perpetual karmic debts that are not being cleared, you’re bound to get a reaction that is quite insane. If you want to keep yourself open and clear and be a loving channel to your flowing heart this can be quite shocking when you run into the land mines and they will make you feel bad by your emotions to try to want to win them over. That is a waste of time and it reconnects you to them.

As you begin to enlighten yourself don’t try to teach with words, teach with the radiation of your heart and your wisdom. Stay away when they give you signals and reactions that are negative to your personal growth. For centuries your world has been programmed and there are very clever psychotic people running your world with agendas that would treat you like an animal for slaughter. They don’t care, you’re nothing more than a human resource to them. So if you want to get out of this mess find your path in yourself and try to avoid needing others to make things happen. Find the company of those people that are healthy and resonate at your frequency and reality.

Understand dear souls, you have to let go of your pains, you have to let go of your rejections and you have to let go of your resentments because they only keep you stuck. You can never get away from it and until you do decide to unload it and put it aside and live your life by your path of self-knowledge, anything else keeps you stuck in perpetual wanting to make things right. You’re not going to make them right with the ignorant, they’re perpetual breeders of their own hell. They are sadistic and they want you to be the sounding boards. Talk to your inner self, talk to a good friend but beware nobody wants to hear negativity. You’re better going to the ocean and screaming out your anger to the waves and let them be drawn and vent.

Don’t do it to people, it’s not wise and they will not want to be around you. Keep the company of healthy people in your network. If you try to work with everybody liking you then there is something wrong with you! Graciously live your life with yourself being balanced to your health and study. Learn to tell your self when you’re running pain with others so it will let you know. Many souls are in competition with anyone around them that proposes a threat. You’re lighting up their pile and problems and they will highly react to you. As you know there’s two things you do not want to waste your time talking about, for they’re both illusionary. That is religion and politics because it’s all subverses and subjective based on programming to keep you stuck on meaningless issues and they are controlling you to react.

So next time you get into one of these confrontations talk with your feet and walk away. This shows your power and your clarity, for fools will always be fools. If they would be something different they would have already changed. In the reality, you’re living in a world where you have to cut through the jungle of ignorance to find your way.




In all that has to do with law and litigation the elements that work against you are fear and the unknown. So by knowing and understanding what it is you fear and what the constraints of the law is you have already resolved the issue. For the only thing that weighs heavy with litigation is the unknown anxiety of what could happen. When you strategise your moves you will make what could happen into the moves that you want with your intent. And this is what makes a good lawyer or a wise empowered person, not a weak manipulated casualty of governments in the legal system.

If you do not know the law know what you can do to prevent unnecessary turmoil by the slanting of Law and its regulations by the masters of Law. In order to have a fighting chance you need to understand the simplest of Law and think logically what is the issue and the resolution. If you focus with strategy then you will have control of your emotions on what you want to create because fear is really the action of the unknown in your mind. Where there is doubt there is concern about your foot in your foundation. If you don’t have a footing then you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Be careful because the legal system has masters that use it wrongly and will kick the chair out from under you and you’ll fall flat on your face with the injuries of your negligence. Be a warrior, understand how the game is played and put your feelings and emotions aside. Deal with the issues and the ways of resolutions first. Not the should and should haves. Until you can comprehend the world is full of people that don’t have conscience then you will be a victim of the legal system. Knowledge should replace doubt as well as facts and evidence. Don’t get caught into the emotions where you lose sight of this principle.

And don’t keep this perpetuating, you can get up and leave. It is only a game and you don’t have to play. Learn to take a vacation from it because your heart does not need to be filled with it. It is only the feeding your heart through anxiety, you create all of the pain and post traumatic syndrome that wears and burns you down. And keep aware that lawyers really are impersonal and they don’t care about winning the case or whether it’s right, wrong or conscionable. They’re only interested in tilting the scales. Focus on what it is you want, focus on information and stick with that.

If you master this you will always be victorious as long as you have integrity inside that you build with knowledge. Learn the rules of the game in litigation for you to see with knowledge that is focused to the issue and the resolution in the constraints of codified law.



And the question of what you look for to gain knowledge, to gain companionship? What is it really that you’re seeking? After one wrestles with the world they find themselves. This is because they begin to become older and withdraw from the world. They take dear to them their animals and they take them there, in walks of nature.

They’re untouched from the importance and the world sees his own. When they begin to find animals in nature that are wild they begin to see something as they experience it in themselves. They begin to see that they had lost their connection to nature, a bountiful source of pleasure and beauty.

And as the mind quiets, the soul begins to percolate through the heart and there is a reconnection. One must ask, why don’t you go to nature first? That is your home, that is where your spirit lies and you begin to realise that you were tricked by the mind into momentarily thinking you were separate.

And now, some have become ready to leave their bodies with very little harvest and enjoyment, but ill health. If one really seeks the path of knowledge in peace, begin with the process of quieting and connecting to nature. Purify your food of the pain and the suffering of animals and all of the fat, grease and sludge they feed you as food.

If you would just lighten the weight of toxicity in your body of the commercial factory foods set to control you and make you endlessly hungry your health will increase. If one were to apply these actions to life then they would find a wildness within themselves that all the animals knew. They would have a union again to nature.

Take a moment to discover the wildness of nature, and you will find that it was the mind that was wild and detached from reality.