If life does not pound a lesson on you now and then you will not gain temper. Keep your temper and sharpen your mind and knowledge to keep a sharp edge on the sword of your wisdom and power. Just remember, the more you keep playing the tapes that are negative and reacting to them the more you are stuck to have them continue their harm.

It is not easy to let things go that have not been right but your hands and heart can only grasp so much. It is better to hold on to the choice of your life and views in the positive. You see, life is as much of an experience as your reaction to it, sometimes you need to just go inside feel the pain, and send those teachers love and a goodbye.

Get on with YOUR LIFE and not the continuances of their infliction of hate, ignorance and other vile things you took part in. This is as rust to the finish of your sword, learn to polish yourself and keep your lustre. Be always ready along your path to draw your sword and the low lives that try to surround you and take from you will know not to continue.

Master your affairs and become self-sufficient. Make your life happen and find yourself. Then if you meet someone else of similar reality you will be in-sync. Try not to change others, find those of your similar realities to keep company with. For the choosing of your company is the beginning of good habits to follow that they draw out of you in close proximity.



Levels and grades is how we see the soul’s growth and such a vast level of training for each of you, from basic boot camp to refined arts and science. But the greatest challenge for souls is to remain flexible and loving through all tests. The heart beats in rhythm and the breath is in sync, so is it for you to see that all things come and go through your life as breath. So, holding onto things that are temporal is like holding your breath.

Learning to calm your breath and to breathe deep and full is the first step in mastering your meditations, so is it to your life. Material things should come and go in and about you, and never should they rob you of your soul’s breath in their pursuit. As soon as you learn to let things go they will not weight you down in your life and this goes for just about everything.

It is all a process of learning the art of holding momentarily and letting go, for all things material are not what HUE are. They are but mirrors upon your way to see yourself in all expressions, forever changing. Life is precious and it is temporal, but to the soul that understands none attachment to things and outcomes, this one will not be hurt by disappointments and the need for things beyond good measure.

The more you try to carry, the less distance in your ascension you can achieve because the material has the mass that holds you. But those that turn to the joys of happiness by the expression of love they will abound in the soul’s core of expression and not be estranged by the stale worldly things that are always demanding your attention for fulfilment.

Learn to find good health and enjoy the spiritual depths of wisdom and you will not be lonely or disappointed, ever.



Things are only as hard as we make them to be. It is yourselves that often create your greatest challenges in life, and it is your perspectives and fears that often work against your creative flow in your daily affairs. The fact of the matter is, you get imprints and coded rejections of earlier disappointments in your lives which have become reactionary baggage and self-limitations.

This is the fog in your minds and behaviour to situations that require a new perspective and problem solving. Your lives repeat the lessons and continue to fall down until you learn your footing and balance in life. But it is up to you to pick yourself up when you fall and stop crying and learn to get your balance again, life is like that. Sometimes it is your damaged memories that become your greatest challenge to your potential, but such is life.

Either you learn and get your lessons or you will not overcome the simple acts of walking on your own two feet. Now I must impress upon you that when you clear your past rejections and replace these episodes with victories to overcome your skeletons in the closet, then you begin to transform your perspective and realise that life is not as hard as undoing the vast amount of energy you put into your life by self-sabotage.

If you truly want to change, know yourself and inventory your habits and correct the continuances of negative patterns. Sometimes just cleaning the entry into your house and rooms will release stagnate energy that becomes sickly which always impresses upon your psyche as disturbances. Try cleaning up your clutter and changing your diet to purer food and you will ask yourself from your new perspective why you were so negligent.

Do understand dear souls, you understand on many levels the changes you need to make. It will always impress upon you as unfinished business until you do. This drains your energy for the new things that can and will come into your space as the opportunity you have been waiting for. As the current must flow at polarity points in a battery it is vital to keep your connections tight and clean to your soul or there will be no charge flowing.

Many times in your life you just need to clean your terminals to get a jump start in your lives. Activation of growth does take your effort and desire if that is what you wish. But again, this is what distinguishes the enlightened growing souls from the wandering sheep.



There will be a new venting of energy in the next 3 weeks. It will cause thought changes and your perceptions of time to change. Like the loading up of a cosmic cannon, the sun is at a low before another frequency band of energies will be emitted. For those on a path of growth with many bouts of stagnate energy patterns will be seeing changes in their energy levels and health conditions. Those details that have been in the back burners to deal with you will now find the time to release these tasks and bring the changes at a much easier manner than before.

For now, things about you are in an energetic flow and you will be manifesting clarity from a past of confusion. Be sure to take time to rest and time to do the things you need to do in balance. Stay focused and handle things in a systematic sequence. Nurture your bodies with good food and thoughts and perform at the perfect speed that is flowing in your tasks. Instead of working long hours tired you will accomplish much greater achievements. Start to look to the inner and connect to your instincts and notions. Everything is going to be ok, this is what awareness brings.

Trust your soul to guide you and listen to its wisdom for it knows you more than you think you know yourself. And with this let your soul call you on the changes necessary to make in all areas of your life for optimum performance and balance. Listen to the news of your heart’s wisdom and awareness well before the news you are watching, for some of this is to set seeds of fear and collectively mislead you. Summon your powers and grow up, find your meaning of life and it will not be so estranged. The planets and the seasons all impact your minds and psyches and there is much going on with all of them influencing each and every one of you.

Just remember to stay in the flow of the light and the kindness of your hearts and it will lead you to the flow of the rivers that work all around you with energy currents. Take time to feel, take time to think, and take time to chill. What is meant to be will be and there is nothing that you can do to stop the changes, so flow with all of this.

It all has a reason.



There are so many different levels of people’s awareness. People are generally good in their natures but just a little out of balance. Not hard to comprehend in a world that is controlled, where you are so busy just trying to survive in an abundant world ruled by a bullying demonic agenda. Gone are the real keepers of the world. Be in the moment and totally aware of nature and your energies with awareness of the frequencies, not in the movements of the herd. The world is being overgrazed by the ignorant sheep that are all being led by their LORDS.

The world is being systematically brainwashed and there are great events that are about to occur. You are starting to see it with many volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and seasons that are out of character. You will even notice that the days seem to be lasting longer as the earth axis is moving. The world leaders will offer you diversions with wars and fear to distract you. Prepare, for you are going to see Biblical proportions of events very soon, then that may get your attention.

Great armies that are part of the United Nations are being assembled to deal with the millions of people scrambling for their lives. You have been warned, trust your instincts. Much geo upheaval for the changes are occurring as our solar system enters the Plasma Clouds and the binary sun and planet come into your solar systems, be ready. They will deceive you with propaganda and holographic projections and spacecraft of their higher technologies that are in their private bases.

The elite have been planning this for a long time and they will be starting at this time massive genocide. And to those that took the vaccines you will know of great changes in your health conditions for you have been marked with very deadly RNA genomes that will be triggered by controlled sequencing of the activator air born discharges. For you the sheep, this is not a good condition with the LORDS that rule and govern your world. All of this is in the manuscripts and hidden knowledge stolen from the old world and the books and knowledge in Alexandria.

The controlling church has the knowledge and time of all the events that are to occur in your world. Their agenda is for themselves and their interdimensional beings that do not honour your existence that they work with as their keepers. Even what you ‘think’ has been seeded by their covert agendas, so look at what you believe. It may not be the real truth of the Universe but an agenda pattern to harness your life forces and keep you dumbed down and limited sheep.



Start the day with the command of what it is you want to do, for what you believe the day to be will continue YOUR reality. Is it not better to plan a day to achieve and direct your energies to create your focal point? If you start your day seeding negative continuance of misery then that it what you will feed to bring into your life dear creators. Imagine if you have to, and “pretend” the best and happiest outcome. This pre-tending will manifest your focus and this will become your desire.

When life presents to you challenges they are for your growth. When you use your mind and plan a strategy in your life you are tending the outcome to great measure. Castaway negative people and complete the cycles so that you can begin to be as far away from their nightmares manifesting in your dreams. The world has plentiful of negative entities that want to sulk and do their tantrums and as long as you facilitate them by reacting and staying tied to these destructive ones they will continue to take great tolls on your mental and physical health.

Actions and harmony are more meaningful than a pile of religious beliefs that do not address the source of your core that needs to change and let go. For as things enter your mind and psyche they are recorded and it is only you that can open up the door to remove these scripts and forces that you have chosen to identify with. Understand you are all processing and learning and are totally responsible for your actions, deeds and expression. So believe great things to be for yourself and create a masterpiece.

A little foresight and discipline goes a long way to making good habits within yourself. Just remember, the more conscious you are when you disrupt your inner peace and higher frequencies you will feel it deeply when you are not being what you are meant to be.



Some souls are taken by the wind and grow the wings to fly. Some souls take to the waters of the sea to face the currents and uncertainty of life. Some take to the fields to toil and grow in the sun and soil. While others go to the cities and carnivals and look for the pleasures of the world of man and his circus and stages. And some souls have lived, and are on the path to return to the inner connection of love and knowledge.

Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life has shown you? In your life you have had the dances of love, and the wars of hate. You have tested your power and have dreamed to be. For what? It is only in the experiences of life that you learn what it is you want and do not want. But the greatest tragedy is if you are stuck and bored with your life. This is when you must go to nature and purge those things that keep you stuck.

Often changing patterns in your life like diet, exercise and going for the path of the food for the soul is all that you need to make great changes. You are always moving and becoming, never forget you do not need to be stuck. Sometimes a little motivation by a dream contact from your soul can start the ball rolling for major changes. Know that when you are on the path your soul needs for both of you, things will naturally fall into place.

Never underestimate the power of spirit when it sees the opportunity for you to grow and gain wisdom and love. The only hindrances sometimes are your choices to hold onto negative experiences without releasing them. This can be seen with chaotic patterns around you. Learn to respect yourself first and foremost and quicken to the guidance of your soul. Regain your friendship and respect to your soul so that it can be proud of HUE.

The action you start will be the first step in climbing the mountain, and sometimes you just need to get into shape. The better the shape you are to act with deeds that are in balance the easier it is for you to succeed. You dear souls are doomed to being the creators of your presence, forever. So the time is now to be what you are in perfection and balance yourself with love self, respect and kindness to all living things.

For the frequencies of love and balance greatly affect what comes to you with experiences.