You’re more than your body and simultaneously living multi-dimensions. With that said, those dimensions each have separate realities and responsibilities in mind functions of each of their dimensions. All of them are linked together to one central core, the spiritual self or the oversoul. This being that you’re connected to is your soul and it has great infinite wisdom and is continually learning the aspects of human nature and other dimensions, even animals. You have no idea of the power in creation that you have access to, but this is limited by the orifice of your conceptual reality in your vibratory rate. The great access is your third eye or the pineal gland but what humans need to understand is that you’re a segment of a script that is limited by that body dimension, and that body dimension has its own reality that you’re responsible for. Just as the other dimensions that are linked together as one that is yourself, you have different tasks to do when you’re operating a ship.

You have the captain, the navigator, the hands on the deck, and you have the engine control. So it is with your soul and the reality of what you are. With that said, you need to live your life in the dimension and reality that you’re in, in the most productive manner with the insight that you have at your fingertips. You know more than you think but it is your thinking that prevents you from knowing what you know. The ancient philosophers and Greek societies that were savvy to potential and self-development, such a Socrates and Aristotle, proved that you have information that you know. You do not know how to access it, and so it is with your lives. What I’m trying to convey here is that you need to let the other cells of yourself do their task, and while you’re in a human body you need to master that task because that is the lesson that you signed up for, the fragment of your soul Consciousness that links you momentarily as a fragment, but you are greater than you think you are.

Understand, this reality has been corrupted with the teachings of your religious manipulative overlords that have twisted fact and your potential power into making you predetermined as a slave to their whims. Thus, they make you dishonour yourself and make you crippled into thinking that you’re not of any potential ability and you need someone else to save you while that someone else is the demigod they created in their religions. So this is why your civilisation has been plagued with wars and manipulation of your psyche of your mind and the shutting down of your soul connection, all to control you and suppress your growth. But you’re indeed responsible for who you are and you have to battle to find yourself against all the programming in this illusion. You get blocked by having a biochemistry that cannot electrically conduct the higher frequencies because of the fuel that you put in it. Moreover, your pineal gland is being destroyed by fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water.


There is an agenda to corrupt your souls and to make the keepers have other thoughts about perpetuating the sickened societies upon your planet. They have perverted your very sexual nature. They sedate your mind by consumption and enslavement of things and possessions, that you must barter for your self validation. All losing you from the touch and the genuineness of your own soul. The basic primal needs of sexual intercourse and relationship for procreation and bonding between man and woman has now become a battlefield of seduction and manipulation, not for love but for potential survival on income because you believe in sparsity when there’s abundance. This subject is very deep and very lengthy to discuss all of the details at this time. My main emphasis in this discourse is to teach you, but in reality you must be dynamic because that is the change you will bring to the frequencies around you and what you will overcome. So rather than worrying about escaping to other wondrous vehicles of technology, part of you is already there.

Rather than worrying about being in the heaven world, your duty is to focus on the wisdom of what you can gain and grow in this quadrant your reality. This is why you’re not given the secrets of the entire dimensions because they would corrupt you, you’re not ready. But those few souls that have quickened within reality and have detached from cause and effect and show and tell to be somebody, they won’t abuse the power that comes to them because they become a vessel that is unified with the higher self and the lower dimensional self in the density of the world that you’re experiencing for your lessons. So rather than being pompous and saved in religions, be active, clear and turn your vision to wisdom, knowledge and the expression of love, maturity and spiritual union within yourself. Not by the values of religion but by the maturity in the growth of your soul for you and only you. The reason there are no prophets coming through is because they are castrated by religiosity.

The young souls coming through are brainwashed and forget what it is that they were asked to bring into the world when they chose to come here, because they’re all caught in the Matrix of these Roman and interdimensional suppressors. They do not want you coming online. So before you wish to escape the planet or call upon UFOs or saviours to rescue you, understand that we’re already here and have been here for quite some time! This is a prison world and many of your souls are doing detention that we’ve spoken of before, to undo the karmic lessons from your previous lives as great magnificent beings that have destructive habits. You have to pay the karma by getting the wisdom of what the potential damage it can do to the soul, and to the other dimensions which you will not be allowed to venture until you get the lesson and graduate from your lower frequencies and let things go, evolve and become one of the family that you’re all part of.

The universe has been and will always be. Two billion years ago this sector was involved with very high entities living in this world with a lots of wonderful devices and technologies. As they say ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun’. Understand the information of this teaching and get it together within yourself first and you can be most effective in changing the world. The world needs to go through an evolution which is quickening right now with all the Earth changes, and I warned you. There is no Jesus or saviour as dreamed and created by the deceivers. This is a sacrificial entity based on blood, deceit and corruption. Not on love, self evolution, and the responsibility of your life to the creation that you are as part of the great oneness of God or the prime source. There have been many great teachers upon your planet in many religions, but they have been turned into religions and archetypes which do not serve you. You see, you need to learn to become evolved as children of the universe and unify with your deep selves, and until you do the lower dimensional aspect of you will be back bound to Earth and carnations.

No different than you doing time or having to pass the test in your schools until you get the grade. You don’t graduate, it’s that simple. You may have great teachers but you must do your own assignment and you must understand the reality of the deeper dimensions that are real beyond the Matrix and the confines of this planet that has been taken over by very disruptive entities. So I say to you, start by the changing of your diet and what you feel within your body and what you’re identifying with. Let your dreams reunite you with the other realities, but let them be what they are.

Raise your frequency to the Union with all.


The Teachings of Quential


In the dream of your Earth travels the greatest loss is when you have forgotten to love yourself and be happy. You can achieve only as much as you find the inner connection to your value based on being a channel or vessel to the flows of the cosmic currents and rays that should flow through the expression that is HUE. Until you break free from what “they” may think and accept, you will be in stage fright and your energies will go to the random function of trying to be a crowd pleaser and that will not happen because you’re not in your moment of melody.

For this very reason when people are told to be something under hypnosis they forget their limitations and fly in perfection. This is the key, to un-program from being the receptor of discharge and ill frequency much from the beginning of your early childhood. Parents love your children! For if you break the flow of their presence and creative self by your failure to understand that they are so malleable in their early stages, then you will have programmed an engram that will fester as poison for all the formative years of their life. For many this has happened. You have a core rejection that you suppress as incomplete love-hate messages. I can tell you, this plagues most of you.

The other tool is religion to form negative imprints to the wonderful nature that you are. Your very core becomes a battle ground of good and evil at the core. Until you break this cycle you will be forever limited in the potential that you can be. The only one that can relive this is yourself by understanding it is all a program of self evaluation and comparison to images that are dependent on what others may think of you. We are here to help you remember just how wonderful you all are.

We are taking great steps at this time to make many adjustments by removing the dams to your creative flow. Learn the power of dreams and find the ways to love yourself again.This is the only way to escape the negative programs. Force yourself to do at least one session of duty beginning with actions you can compliment yourself with by action, self commitment and inner respect. This will go a long way in making changes within yourself. You’re all such brave and wonderful souls, never forget that.



Time is transitory as such in your dimension. What you know as time is in transition to your planetary body and your solar ignitor. It is always a case of movement very similar to your clock’s position and reference points but moreover, magnetic flux and points of reference to the location and celestial positioning. Note that your very solar system is on a great wheel of time like the gears in your older time pieces all imputing reaction and sequencing of space and time. The very clock you use to measure time is the circle based on mathematical degrees you term 360. Note that your Earth world travels around your Sun at a time of circa 360 units and this is what you base your time on. It is relevant to motion of cycles in its orbit and each of your planets has a different sequence of time based on its transition to your central Sun.

There are energies of magnetic flux currents that happen which trigger all life upon your planet and the others. Keep in mind they each have different time based on cycles and motion. Within your Earth are great crystals and semiconductors that work with the iron and field vectors that all lace together. Your ancient dwellers know of this in their sciences and had aligned their buildings, structures and machines to harness free energy and to collect these energies. There is knowledge of this even today within your secret orders that have stolen the evolutionary forces from humanity thinking they can keep them for themselves while they make use of them in their own laboratories such as CERN and area 51 experiments. Furthermore, they are now uncovering great devices from the previous civilisations that date back as much as 200,000 years ago, with machines and devices that are far beyond your lower level reviled information.

Because of the suppression of select groups upon your world that have interfered with your evolution, this present world has not been to the stages it should and could have been to a great detriment to many of your souls embodied at this time. We came through at your peak time with incarnations to uplift humanity by icons like Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer, physicist and futurist. Ready at the right time to bring the ancient technologies once again upon your planet, such as free energy, levitation and time space displacement devices. The banking controllers like JP Morgan and the other cartel secret members of your world dominance that took power and influence over your societies have been working with shadow infiltrators, to ruin the flow of events that could and should have manifested in your worldly timing.

We came several times to upgrade and give the proper alignment to your governments and leaders and even landed on your White House in 1953 to speak with your president Eisenhower. Unfortunately, his hands were tied by agreements with our nemesis reptilian inter dimensional beings that wanted to entice them in the tools of war and suppression for dominance and control of the populations in exchange for technologies of destruction. We are a peaceful collection of Star groups that prevail much higher and lighter frequencies, unlike the dominate suppressive agents that have them entangled out of control that they must now serve. We do not expect you to fully understand the territorial battles that have been going on in this quadrant of your galaxy. The sequencing of your planet is still going through changes that will be as you term ‘biblical proportions’.

Your mantle and fluidic energies are moving as hydraulics lift objects by pressure. So is it now occurring upon your planet. This effects the weather, your tectonic plates, your minds and sleeping patterns that many of you linked are experiencing of recent because these energies are intense. Your world is getting many impulse and cosmic gamma and alpha waves and N waves that are resonating the crystals and the plates to vibrate so that your time will be adjusted to the new space and time your planet is geared up to. You are all interlaced with this movement that affect your minds, bodies and soul. This is all meant to be, but your leaders are not informing you. Many of you are getting tired early in the evening and are waking up 2 to 3 hours off your normal patterns, this is because of the time and magnetic shifting and the inner Earth of your planet.

The poles are shifting at a very rapid rate. The location of the setting and the raising of the sun is also different. This is a time of the changing of the guard. Your bodies are also changing and you must pattern them to flow with new sleeping cycles and get rest when needed. Many of you reading this know that you have experienced the notions that you’re transforming your thinking and awareness to much more loving and detached wisdom, and love for nature and unity. Meanwhile man is becoming more indoctrinated and numbed. We, many of us, are coming into bodies to help you right now. You will know us for even as babies we will stare at you and our eyes will penetrate even the elders into question that these ones know and read beyond the majority. Why do you think there is such a move to inject these light spores with poisons to destroy their neural circuits?

We are here working with many of you in your dreams and you’re systematically being in our counsel to be ready for the changes that you deserve for the new ages of sequence. Stay away from your religious manipulations that speak half-truth, for even they’re using this to propagate fear and control. The Roman Church and its descended Christian, Judea and Muslim branches have been “created” by the knowledge taken from your ancestry by systematic inoculations and forecasts of doom and gloom and wrathful “gods” to mislead you. This will not change what is going to happen but this will have taken many of your souls from advancing, and at the same time making many much more tempered and stronger. The wars between the factions are all about you, but there is hope in that this is a time of great cleansing of the Earth. Take this as an entry of much more information to follow.

Remember to rest, dream and vibrate love. You’re all in the clocks of changes.



There are greater things and capabilities to yourselves than you presently remember or know while you’re in your present dimension. The limitations are your thinking and your perceptions as well as the physical units that you’re currently dwelling in for many of you. Understand dear souls, you’re eternal and endless and your capabilities are only limited by the progress you learn in the areas of love and actions of harmony to the realms of the Universal homes you dwell in. All of which level is based on our training while you’re on your path of the understanding of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that prevails in your experiencing perceiving greater self.

Frequency and balance create the harmonics for the realms you’re allowed to enter. For this reason, we are here to help you remember as your counsel. You see, experience is the vision and the motion of time, space and venture of every place you will be as you begin to create that aspect of the genuine true self you choose to identify with. For each of you are your creator and master or slave of who and what you choose to be. In each venture you will continue to ascend or descend based on your actions, attitude and growth of the soul. Along the way you will group in the laws of the realm, and in each house there are agents that monitor your growth and you will always have coaches along the way for each class and stage.

The consciousness you’re at are the personalities and nature you create. What you create you experience. As you grow so does the vehicle, or the body forms become adaptive to what you will be allowed and given like a uniform for each level. Just remember, it is your growth that allows your POWER which really is the access to make manifest the ethers into forms. There are many realms and states of what you term matter. So, if you find peace and you find contentment you will move to higher levels based on that, for your consciousness that experiences is not the accumulations of things or the dominance of others and animals but they’re there for your enjoyment and reflection.

Ultimately HUE ARE what is within by how you feel, generate and participate in each home world and dimension. It is by your selections that you identify and repeat your experiences to stay advancing or dwindling in your potential. So, this is done with the principles of love, growth, action and knowledge. KNOW that there are no short cuts by accumulations of the exterior forms of matter, people and things. What brings you there is your own inner developments. Where there is greed there is a reckless soul looking to hold and cling, for it believes in the lie that ‘things’ fulfil the soul, but this is only a sign of the second mind of the body personality that becomes trapped.

All reflections of discord are not the soul but the personality fragments of the house you’re in and the body forms that are stuck. Your souls are eternal for they are CONSCIOUSNESS. How can EYE get you to SEE that meaning begins with uplifting your NATURE in to harmony of self-perception and reflection? Until you begin to understand that HUE must evolve in LOVE and harmony you will not be in the allowance to the depths and wonders that will become endless joys of your soul. Begin by changing your patterns and attitude to love and knowing, and the Universe will make your dreams into many REALITIES.



In the last two days there has been upon the planet very intense rays of cosmic energy. There is shifting within the Sun. New Cosmic waves are entering the solar system and you’ll have perceived intense energies on Friday of last week where the sun feels hotter than normal. On September 13th this started and these energies coming are being controlled so they do not cook you totally. This is causing acceleration of issues within you. You’re going to have to make changes with the things you’re holding on to. Think of it as inertia and gravity. This is why many of you are making changes. This is going to cause insomnia and sleep pattern changes.

Keep in mind each of you are plugged into the great magnetic work of the Earth in the cosmos. At this time many anomalies are occurring in your weather patterns and in the skies and heavenly bodies. This is a time of great change and transformation and an awesome time of great deception. You see, if all of you knew what is going to happen your whole world economies will change and collapse. You’re not in touch with nature, instead you’re depending on the currents of money and digit consciousness. You’re not in touch with the Earth and many of you do not even know how to feed yourselves outside of the system and grow your own food.

There is great destruction to occur and a great cleansing. Meanwhile, the governments are preparing for major earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and hurricanes. The higher governments and scientists already know what the agenda is but they do not want a pack of wild hearts until they know exactly the extent of what the changes will involve. However in the knowledge of the higher orders are the secular groups of the Catholic churches and Illuminati and they’re already preparing for their safety. Look for the signs of false Wars. There are great ships mobilising in the Caribbean and other parts of the world with foodstuffs and disaster preparedness.

They know what is coming but your scientists don’t know to what extent. This is the time where you should check your values of your soul because if you do not have that connection you will not be connected to Earth to know what’s going on. Be prepared towards the end of this year through to March of 2019. Get your emergency supplies and have your generators, storage of water and food for at least 3 weeks. And be ready when the government cannot hide the fact that the Earth is going to shift its magnetic poles. This can create large waves and weather pattern changes in biblical proportions. Once again, this is another cycle and chapter completed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This has nothing to do with good, bad or evil. These are just cycles that are meant to be in the cosmos.



Thoughts create waves. Some are in balance and some wave forms are discognitive conditions upon the world amplified with the new magnetic field vectors. Therefore, collections of people amplify stasis of perception and realities of their mass. In these times of the Proton Belt or Nebulus fog that your solar system is passing through in your cycle through the galaxy, many and most of your thinking will be manifested. What is delivered by your thoughts and feelings create your ‘wishes’ as you know it, or choose not to know it. Be aware, for now is the time to be very selective of the people you are in and among. This is why those on the path of ascension are in a quickened state of change and flux, for your light bodies of the Earth are all vibrating at a very accelerated rate.

Your planet is recalibrating and your bodies are made of mass density. This will require your thinking to be fluid and your perceptions expanded from what you’ve been told that was reality by the councils of your leaders who are controlling you by forces of deception for the last 2,185 years of date. Their agenda is based on ancient knowledge of the Elohim and Ancients of Days. They’ve taken the genie’s lantern and have enslaved you, but the genie and the Ancient of Days are here now. We’ve travelled through the Star Gate you call your SUN. This is why there is so much cooling of your Sun anomalies of the designed time. We said we would return and we have. Your world has been a processing centre where some of your souls have been assigned to and some have been in rehab for the last 26,400 years of your solar cycle.

As the gears of clocks turn, so do the mechanisms of quanta and electromagnetic shifts occur that your solar system is passing through. This is not the ‘gods’ nor the end times but the quickening of a new procession you term the ‘Age of Aquarius’ that you’re on the forefront of. You’re now leaving the Piscean AGE, previous the Taurus, and in 2,400 years you will pass into the next Astrological procession. This is real to your key notes of reality, but this knowledge has been taken from you by the Church and the other 3 pillars of control that binds you by your collective beliefs. This is all their mass control of your dreams as a collective.

We’re here to rescue those of the ‘hearts of light’ upon the scales of light. To those whose soul love is heaver than the feather of the Avians. This was told to you, the ships of Ra are going to take you back to your real realms. Dear ones, you already know what is going on and who you are, you just need to awaken and remember your soul’s cord. You’re the ancient Atlanteans, the lost Mu, the lost Lemuria. You were from Tiamat and have been stripped of the connection to your power and memories in your trials that conditions your hearts to the knowledge of the unity of the ONE presence. Simply put, LOVE others for they’re your brothers and your sisters.

Love nature and all animals for all is conscious and alive, your bodies are just the containers for experience. Dear souls, you’re only trapped by your mind’s perception collectively enslaved under hypnosis. We’re here for the harvest and our ships are all around your planet to help with the shift. Your militaries will be put into check, your systems of Govern Mentals will not stop the advancement of us in your psyche. For many it is time and we’re awakening HUE, you’ve served your time. It is the karmic agreement to pay back the debt, however many will not make it for they cannot complete the state of change Quanta into the next remembrance. Fear not the change, it is all wondrous and we’re not invading your world but your Govern Mentals from the deceivers.

We’re your ancient family. We’re not religious figure heads or ‘angels’, nor are we ‘devils’. We’re your family that is taking you back home from your vacation as it were. You’ve just forgotten who you are in the Matrix. Attune to your soul, for in the frequencies of your inner we speak and not through the propaganda of your media.



The epic of creation from the soul manifests itself when one remains as the Sun and perceives itself as the power of the Sun, always shining. And through the clouds in the storm of life the Sun sees the best, it sees the soul from a reference point of light, power and ray. It is the HUEman experience where the soul and the Sun takes a glimpse to the other’s perspective for a while in the separate to get a perspective. Because the Sun and the soul ask why they cannot penetrate with the warrant for the presence into the illusion of the world. So dear souls, never forget this principle. For if you align your soul and your present quadrant and combust the meditative brilliance that you are as a soul in this perspective, then you will have dreamt what the Sun could not do in this perspective.

And as you dream to be free and find meaning in the shadows of the lower realms and densities of life experiences, remember that when you gain the connection and your third eye is open through the pineal gland which is Ra, you will have rediscovered that the spirit realm and the brilliance of your soul is within. And so I say to you, arrive into the form of light and love. Not by looking into the shadows but by remembering the brilliance of your soul and allowing those rays to combust within you by remembering your radiance and connection to the soul, not to the shadows that dwell in the realm of the fear impression that you were experiencing. So then comes the true term of ‘enlightenment’. For the real inter-net to the soul are the life fibres and the cords, the great presence all consciousness is linked to.

For this very reason the masters of the shadows want to harness your souls and have you stuck in these shadow realms to divert you from your inner knowing with all the enticements of advanced Artificial Intelligence which they hope to interrupt your souls by. Take this as a word of caution. Anytime you wish freedom and connection go within and find your cord of brilliance that you’re one with. When you bring the light within yourself from your soul cord ‘the light fibre’ then you will link the diversion the deceivers have brainwashed you into by finding Saviours or sons of God, which you must sacrifice your sovereignty by contracts or agreements in the blood of life to bind you into the shadows of the Earth. There is a fine distinction here between Sun and Son.

May I remind you that when you turn yourself in you’re all sons and daughters to the brilliance of the presence of the Universe. If the religions have done such a fine job with the world then the product would not contain such hypocrisy, wars, and the killing of animals and people through the worship of bloodshed. These are the workings of the lower reptilians stuck without light, tapping upon the resources and soul cords through the manipulation of religions upon your world. I encourage and each and everyone of you to escape to the nectar of the light sources coming to your planet. Listen carefully to the deceptions they use with religions and saviours to manipulate you to bloodshed and illusion by creating you as a sinner and not worthy.

These are the ancient techniques of divide and conquer of any religion that does not have love for all life and does not speak the breath of the divine presence that you were all linked to, if you choose to be the radiance of the true SUN.