Dear souls, remember that in your most painful moments that is when you can gain the most wisdom and you resolve what the issue is within yourself and the other person. When you learn what you could have done differently, these are encoded deep within yourself as experiences and this is what life teaches you. Sometimes you receive blows that you need to look at so your greater beauty can be carved into perfection. On this planet, it’s one thing to be kind and open-hearted, it’s another to be foolish, gullible, a victim, and naive to the controllers around you.  Ultimately the place you need to be is to understand when it is enough and to just remove yourself from their presence, for oftentimes it is your reaction and your interaction with these people with your continuance. When you try to prove your point matching their energy you actually become deeper enmeshed like quicksand struggling, sinking deeper and deeper to match their levels.

But the ultimate goal is for you to be in company of your SELF and have your oversoul talk to you like a loving presence to guide. When you reach this level, your personality what you think you are, that aspect will find the greatest strength and encouragement and can be in the company of itself.  It has the Master there, and that Master is your soul that has been through many lifetimes. As long as you need to have reassurances from people you are staying stuck. You have to win confidence in yourself and LOVE yourself and become a dynamic person because ultimately it’s all up to you. And once again people really do not want to hear your problems, they want to be around happy dynamic people.  People that complain and are negative it’s like a foul odour. But I hope you know in your life you can look somebody sternly in the face when they are abusive to you and say something like “stop, you’re making me upset and you’re defiling my character of who I AM and that’s not going to happen”.

When you get to that point where you can tell people what it is that they are crossing you with, as matter of fact, then you will no longer continue these lessons to get you to the breaking point where you can begin to say that. You must learn not to be callous or rigid for then you become brittle and you lose the opportunity of the good things with people. Certainly, you must understand how to negotiate spaces between people when they are out of line with their true higher self and they’re in conflict with you and projecting their own unfinished business on you.  Dear souls, learn the art of stratification perception because there are so many different types of people on this planet and you cannot put them all into one group.  What you need to have is sound judgment and know what works for you because ultimately, this is your life and your responsibility. If you cling on to people and things in your life sooner or later the Universe will break them from you because you need to grow to become strong and you need to be self-dynamic.  Anything that teaches you otherwise is exactly against your growth.


This is the problem with religions, you have to be forgiven and you have to be saved. Nobody saves you, what saves you is learning correct behaviour and attention to details, becoming dynamic and learning to empower your sense of will and your sense of purpose, but that can only come from you. Otherwise you become just another sheep in a herd collectively grazing on ignorance while you hope that somebody with all the answers will tend to you. That’s why you’re so programmed as humans on this planet because you don’t seek that inner strength and that inner voice of your true soul. Never underestimate the power of your wisdom and the power of your body. Your body reacts when things are wrong and if you pay attention to your feelings and how your body reacts when you feel out of kilter, then you will understand the wisdom and know what’s not healthy for you. The more you continue to ignore these things you begin to shut down these mechanisms of your inner compass.

The fact that you’re conscious you must know the harmony that you are to have between animals, plants, the world and yourself. There are governing principles to your nature and to nature.  No matter what you think, believe or hope, if you go against those natural laws you will have dis-ease, you will have illusion, you will have suffering, and that’s just the way it is. If somebody is ignorant enough to try to get you to believe that you should not have a sense of judgement then you really are going down the rabbit hole of ignorance. Sound judgment, sound body, and a sound mind illuminate you to higher frequencies so that you can get off this playground of Earth and reach out to higher vibratory beings. Until you do and you learn your lessons you will stay in this playground of duality, error and ignorance. You can advance so quickly when you begin to listen and make the changes that you know you need to do and you know the things you need to know.

Ignorance does not excuse you from the liabilities of your errors. But you must move, you must do, and you must perform and learn from your mistakes so that you can be on target. This is your sounding board, this is what life is all about dear souls. You can make your life an epic of empowerment with clarity when you do not let others pull you away from your goals. But you must find them first and set your compass on to creating and the Universe will give you everything you need for your growth because that is what you’re here for. Become an epic in your life and something dynamic. That’s what you’re meant to be, that is your greater cosmic starseed. It’s up to you if that’s what you wish to be, for you can far exceed the commonplace of man.



Remember the law of attraction.  Things are attracted in your life through your vibration and frequency you are signalling to the Universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. So be aware during these times of great energy coming to the planet, for all is lighting up within you. It is a time of great cleansing and many of you will attract people, circumstances, and events resulting from your own deep-rooted unresolved issues. Some beings and people feed off these energies, so be very mindful and know of ENERGY vampires.

Often people with matching conditions latent will magnify emotions in you by projection and they will feed off your energy that is fitting to their reality in a form of potential agreement. Everyone is influenced by the emotional power to some degree. For example, when you create a positive emotion in someone it uplifts your experience and amplifies you. This is the positive energy you want to create, as your soul enjoys happiness and joy is infectious to yourself and others around you.

The opposite polarity of negativity and projection creates pain and lower vibrations of the dark passions, this too is contagious. There are those who are the broken and lost souls who enjoy creating these harsh feelings to experience them for themselves and others.  They have a need to exceed their boundaries to process these extreme emotions, and if you’re not careful, they’d gladly take you to that place with them. Through their reflection with you, they feel energised by your vibration and reaction. They desire to ‘see’ themselves through the emotions they are creating in another person.


These are attention seekers who brave the limits of decency and indecency, stepping outside their comfort zone which they feel liberates themselves psychologically as they revolt against society. Many have a deep-rooted psychological sexual dysfunction. These are the souls you need to be wary of. They usually exhibit extraordinary charm and are great actors so be very careful not to be bewitched by their words and actions. For they are very skilled at creating unsettling feelings in you and this gives them their vitality.

They seek to take advantage of your sensitivity so they can manipulate you. Know of the emotional dangers these people may bring you. And although you possess your own pieces of unresolved inner pain and issues seen as darkness that you try to balance, if you are connected to your LIGHT body you will find that these beings will not reach your frequency and you repel these lower astral energies. So use your inner guidance system always.  Ground yourself and stay connected to the LIGHT inside your hearts.

Keep your spirits open, but protect them also.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA


There is a distant brother that visits your planet and solar system that sneaks into the night and is not seen until he arrives. He travels in the night and shines dimly.  Yet his effects are noticed by the planets, for he tugs the star and the orbits of all your planets. This one causes earthquakes and volcanoes and affects the complete stasis of your realm. Your “holy” books call him Wormwood. They term this the “Acropolis.” In the secret book of the Bible, they call it the final chapter Revelations. This term means the lifting of the mystery or the revealing of the secrets.

This one has caused perturbances to your celestial realms and is very real. You will see strange colours upon your sunsets of purple, and some may even begin to see it set and rise in your skies. This is bringing additional energies to the solar system and will cause havoc upon your world, but it is so. This is part of the changing of the guard. This one will cause the weather to change and will create disturbances of solar flares and will even cause the planet to reset itself to a different quantum of time and space. “There is nothing new under the sun” till this one returns.

Significant changes are to occur. A phenomenon of the oceans will happen. Sea levels will rise and high waves will come to your planet. Fear not for this is what is, and you cannot change it. The Blue Kachina has marked the way for the Red Kachina to come. The connected Hopi teachers to the Earth in America acknowledge this as the great cleansing that will imprint a reset upon your planet. This will cause the world to pass in three days of darkness as the spin of the great Earth is in the opposite rotation. This is meant to be and will free many from the ways of old.


New energies will upgrade your very bodies, and many of you have already been activated for this time and feel the energies. The tables will be turned as the churches will call this end times and that this is the punishment and wrath of “GOD.” But this will be the end of their realm and control of your minds and imprisonment of your souls to their servitude. This is the real Revelation. The Earth knows of the power of this one and is in preparation and action, as well as many of you. But you must now observe for they control your information, your banking, your militaries, and your minds for now, but not for long.

This planet and sun Niburu will show itself in the next few months. This is nothing to be worried about, it is a great time of reset. Even if you many of you make the transition out of the body your souls will be freed. Take time to cleanse and relax, as the controllers of your world will meet the visitors this one brings. There will be great battles between the entities upon your earth and the nearby planets that are warring tribes of great beings beyond your grasp. You will see the vessels and the chariots of these ones in your heavens. Why do you think they have made their encampments deep in the earth and spray your skies to shield you?

They know and have this hidden in their elect doctrines they fell privileged to. It is time to raise an eyebrow or two. But for the real vision, it is time to activate your 3rd eye and awaken the pineal gland, this is what is meant to unit your souls to your body forms. Why do you think they have destroyed your visions with your teeth with fluoride? It is to keep you blind and disconnected. The higher melodies of your instrument need to be opened. Make this a time to learn how to activate your inner gem. For those already opened, you will already know how to sun gaze and work with the cosmic energies and your second LIGHT body is becoming active, and your real powers are returning.

This is a great time of freedom, fear not.




In reality we compete not with others, but ourselves. You see yourself in others and those that you select to be with, they are all your mirrors. What you need to critique in others is more often your own issues in life reflecting back to you or you would not stay to react, for reacting is acting out your dramas again. As oil and water do not mix so does an enlightened soul, for it is by specific gravity it repels the other. Such is it to the beings of LIGHT.

When you are in states of greed based on insecurity everyone is a potential threat to what you need to hold on to. When you are stuck in the lower chakras there are more cords tied to those in our company for these energies need to root and bond in the physical. As you raise frequency you become less attached to people and things for you are now in the presence of yourself in knowing.

Here is the distinction of the enlightened and the enslaved struggling souls. These are base programs that need attention and hunger for satisfaction. As long as you remain 3 chakras-based you cannot balance yourself for inner completion without the need of others.


In time, all souls learn their lessons and return to sanity and evolution. Those with vision and LOVE complete their cycles quicker.

The thing is, let people be what they are and choose to be with those of like-mind and consciousness. By judging others, you only fuel their anger. It is best to remove yourself from their shortcomings for your path is your path. And whatever fruit you decide to pick and eat your body will respond to the food and experience. Learn to share with those special to you but do not look to them to complete you, that is your task and only yours.

Likened to teaching others, you can show them the way but they must walk on their two feet and experience life at their level. And so it is, this is the way and it will not change. If you want to change the world start with yourself and what you contribute to in your deeds and actions. Don’t ask the mother to get your ‘CarMa’, you must drive it yourself. For that is your Karma.



Time, as you know it in your world, has a duration and is like a bank account. After all, ‘time is money’ as you say in your world. It is spent how you have invested it and this will measure your success. If you get the concept that life is valuable and so are you, you will invest it in good measure.

The time you share with others is your responsibility to see how it serves your goals and comforts your need for companionship. Just remember, there are only so many seconds you can have in life, so make the most out of your first measure. Time management should be reserved to accomplish your tasks with an agenda and a response that is focused and deliberate.

The successful know this and do not spend their time in idleness, and yet many have more free time because they have caught interest by learning skills and obtaining knowledge and professional skills. If you want to be successful this is a major commandment. Organisation and attention to details that save time are inherent to the successful person.

Learn to command your time with focus, information, and a balanced energy flow which includes your time to regenerate. Planning a recreational time with focused play and nature is the best way to stay in balance.

Learn to set your pace and your time with clients. Take command, and moreover, keep them informed. In doing this you will have repeated business and a propagational clientele. Be organised and dress well, for the appearances of your truck, office, and workplace yields the perception of your state of mind.

Remember that people see you as you see yourself and integrity is priceless. Lose this and you have nothing to offer but deceit and guilt that lack genuineness in your character.

Skill yourself and polish yourself, and you will be a diamond.



Never forget the power of fear, for fear roots deeply and controls you through your feeling of separation and scarcity and this is how you humans are manipulated.  By connecting with your core and your inner processes that have been neglected you can do great work in understanding and befriending your being.  Dear souls, this is about integration. Learn to find peace and tranquillity within first, for this is freedom.

When you assume that you can get your needs met by others, it takes away your power to make things happen by your will and state of being.  No one knows you like you know yourself and people upon your world are in their own shuffle, yet you will find stasis when you begin to settle down into calmness so that you do not stir up the deep-rooted sediment within.  Then clarity will let you find moments of peace and others of similar presence will connect to you.

This process of attraction also goes for the lower negative pains and sorrows of uncompleted business and affairs. They are always looking to be heard to be resolved.  This you must attend to and process.  For it does not go away until that hurt and fragmented self unites within yourself and is heard for its suffering.  In this process, you must ‘listen’ for they are all voices of your SELF expression.  Listen and embrace your lost portions and ask this one intense charge how it felt.


What were the lessons and how can they be resolved and be loved by you?  Have you any idea how many people upon your planet live their lives in the past and not in the present?This is because fragments of themselves are running the moment, for the dire need to be heard.  Making transformation of the self begins by being still and making the encounter of this self and ‘selves’.  This is termed soul retrieval.

When you get these fragments in union of yourself and listen to them you can integrate great power of emotions that can be translated into the workings of wisdom and LOVE.  This is what you need to complete in order to feel and thus be the great powerhouse of creation.  Make this your homework so that you do not spend your lives compensating this deep root aspect of your soul that has been rejected or abused.  Just remember, it is your responses to situations that unites you to the world.






Vibratory rates of density change.  As we transmute we change others and with our realisation we create an engram to the Collective Consciousness on this planet.  That’s why our job is not easy because we have to win without our hidden powers.  It is all the same playing field in The Matrix.  This encodes upon you the cause and effect relationships between your action, your thoughts, and your creation as a human and this can be far different than starseed, so the two must be integrated.  This not only educates the beings of the higher dimensions with first-hand education, it also gives you temperament and strength to understand humans and their demise.

For each and every one of you is being activated to a degree of resonance by the energy coming to the planet which is stirring up your true nature, and the history of your lifetimes are all coming to a single point. You are beginning to access this as your real nature.  Dear Souls, you are what you are and you cannot change that.  All the latent history of the cause of your being is making great strides to test you to overcome and achieve completion of your suffering and illusion.

In your DNA you will be tested for the amount of advancement you will be allowed to have in gaining the of the power of Kundalini activation and your connection to the Universe. There are safeguards mind you, if you do not have the wisdom and your chakras are filled with negativity this process of your ascension will be curtailed. Go within because we are instructing many of you through dreams.  These dreams are archetypal forms that relate to your soul and give you images and opportunities to work, not only in your physical life but also in the accelerated matter in the astral planes.


It’s time to come clean at your core and learn LOVE and acceptance of other states of being, and certainly how to detach yourself from their illusion of negativity that does not fit your inner guiding compass.  As I have spoken before, learn when to walk away with wisdom and your soul’s worth by integrity, for knowledge is your innate and inherent value as a being.  This is part of the change of state we have been talking to you about, a new door will open up.

Like the boiling off and precipitation of higher volatiles, some are crude oil, and some are highly volatile explosive elements.  Think of knowledge and state of being as ‘high octane’.  This is the power that you have when you’re released from the lower earthly states of being.  So let the crude oil address the squeaky wheels in the material Matrix and let the final volatile become the LIGHT once ignited.  Just remember, the third dimension will keep you there and the higher dimensions will offer you a chance in this 26,000-year experiment upon your planet.

Some of you will be taken in your ascension to the higher beings of your Pleiadian and Lemurian ancestors.  The Earth is going to make the transition, it is quite evident.  Many will lose their physical form but will have their LIGHT bodies already activated.  This is the completion of this cycle.