Dear souls, you forgot that you have sovereign rights and that they cannot be invested unless you allow yourself to be part of this program. So it is by “giving” permission through contracts you make with people and agencies that you are lead to be lead and must suffer your agreement to be compromised of your supreme rights. This is manifested by trusting others over your own information and value of your soul and its experience that knows YOU better than anyone, for it is your keeper. Knowledge is the first thing to remember and to gain for the solution to ignorance, and you have a choice to encompass this into your lives dear souls.

What is the main ingredient in your religion contracts? You give your divine sovereignty to a belief system that you think you can trust for your dominion of your soul, great mistake. Think about how many problems you have taken into yourself by your union with toxic people bound by what you termed love. It enslaves you when you learn to reason from your own control centre and this is what the world is enticing you to. Artificial food destabilises your neural networks and thinking. Mass EMF programming is now being used to stop your connection to the very Earth and nature and Universal waves that you would normally cycle with.

Massive birds are dropping from the sky, whales and dolphins beaching themselves. For the very world you are in is being tampered by Enki and his clan to rewrite nature and even the weather. Lily waves at your homes with Smart meters, your Wifi routers all syncing you to an agenda you are being drawn into by the NEW WORLD ORDER. Their goal is to enslave you through bots, resonance chips and nano probes that are invading your body as they spray. There are 4 worldwide main servers of computers that know your every move, spending habits, religious context, level of intelligence and programming saturation levels.

You are being sucked into a grand artificial network and are jolly going along with it so that your own inner system of knowledge is being mass-minded into mass groups and force generators. This is coming at a time when you could be freeing yourself with the new PHOTON FLUX BELT that your region of the Solar System is passing through for your inner freedom and awakening. There is going to be those that connect with the gems, crystals, animals, nature and galactic sounds coming to your planets. This Enki Empire is waging a war of those from the Orion Console and the Pleiadian Lemurian groups that are now facing down this psychopath and his Arcon parasites of that infected mind.

This war is what destroyed Atlantis and Tiamat and many of the other planets that this rebel has compromised. Many of his sickly have been cordoned off and locked into your planet Saturn. Time does heal and many are now ready to be awakened to their real history and many memories of your ancient soul knowing will be coming online. Hence the high energy of the rulers to vaccinate your children and deaden your senses with poisons like aluminium oxide and fluoride. Even your current wars with Syria has to do with Enki’s operatives in the ancient deep underground areas. These beings you know as the Reptilian Annunaki are being discovered as very active in Antarctica and as well as other out posts.

There lies a war that goes beyond your Hollywood or Christian understanding much like the Empire Strikes Back. They are telling you so that you will have a mind knowing that they ‘told you’. There are armies of interdimensional beings working with you as you awaken from your dreams to the real understanding of the greater picture. Your very society is corrupted and the leaders are just mere puppets and the real disclosure will happen very soon. For many, you already know the Matrix is real. You need to heal and claim your boundaries from those that do not serve your highest spiritual awakening. Form the collective consciousness that is not based on fear but love and learn of the Universal teaching of Thoth and the return of RA.

For they will be cleaning house very soon.



When you speak, you use sound to deliver messages in the form of language. But do you even realise that in the very tone of your voice is the transmission of your state of being? All the emotions and feelings are resonating in your tones and vibrations through sound. As wave creates the sound so does sound create vibration. Yet so much of the time we are not even cognisant of this form of expression. Yet we are aware how some people’s voices show power and happiness and others weakness and doubt and this goes beyond the content of the words even though they are essential.

Your ears are so important to hear for these are a very impactful part of your senses. Music is a form of harmonic medicine or poison as well. It can uplift you and increase your imagination and heighten your awareness and temperament. Sound creates vibrations of frequencies that resonate throughout all of nature. You hold the keynotes to your tranquillity by your selection of sounds around you. Take this as strong medicine for that is what it is. Soon your world will use sound to levitate working with the primal nature of the hidden sounds in all forms. Everything has sound and frequency.

Even the microbes that infect your healthy bodies and turn them into hosts, they all are sound and frequency based. Sound can heal and soon you will discover that sound also has waveforms and frequency scales that have to resonate energies that match the life near them. In Atlantis, they used crystals and sound with colour to store information, to reprogram and impress upon nature their creative knowledge, not against nature but with harmonic synchronicity. The very buildings were staged to amplify these principles of form location to the lay lines and magnetic force lines that permeate all of the earth.

By using sound in conjunction with the mind they were able to speak to the planet and it would delight in the magnification of sound and energy waves in the very stones that were made up of her. There is so much to remember that was once upon the planet to create a wondrous field of creation upon the earth. But these sciences are being repressed by the overlords and are being kept out of reach from the public. But here this knowledge is the key to freedom. For vibrations can shatter the cage of the controllers and tumble their control over you.

Study the effects of sound with your crystals and the use of colour and light in your meditation for this will greatly free you. Listen to the tone of your voice, if it is negative do a mantra to encode a change. This will make a world of difference in your experiences in life and as always let your selection of food be the “tuning fork” for the vibrations of the fuel you take within.



Very many people live their lives at the continual pace of compensation because in their hearts and their self-love they are at a deficit. This has been brought on by rejections, lack of love and social crises in the formative years of the life of those individuals. All too often children are the projection of the hopes of their parents so they can look at themselves and not the children as individual souls and a blessing. You see dear souls, how people feel about you is often how you feel about them. Make no mistake, these validation signals are very real and you can’t hide them and ask them because that is disingenuous. How can I tell you that the formative years of a child are the most impressionable?

When a soul is fractured it doesn’t have self-worth, it lives its adult life through the personality always trying to prove those memories that have never been resolved. You will see these people in all walks of life but they’re not integrated, they are emotionally reactive and out of touch. Until they can retrieve a balance of inner growth and validation to their younger years they will live the rest of their lives trying to prove and heal these fragments like splinters under the skin that have been filled with pus and infection. It is no different to the sake of the unloved child. So many people have their solar plexus and their hearts protected and armoured because at the core the child never grew up and never integrated and loved itself.

And to reason with these people you have to treat them like children and speak a language of a child to reach them because they are adult children. Somehow or another they stumbled along with their lives pretending to be adults and if you happen to be involved in a relationship with one of these, whether marital or in a working environment where you’re under contract of sorts, it affects your mind and your emotions begin to resonate the same frequencies and patterns of distortion. In some societies, they knew of this and other adults would take the child in to teach them and they could go through the rites of passage into manhood and womanhood.

Hidden incompletion and patterns of pain often cause people to have a pile that they must see through in order to be touched. Often the growth of the soul is to look at your inappropriate behaviour patterns and at what point in your life you were rejected and hurt and there you will find a definite moment of contact that you were invalidated in a crisis that was never resolved. How can I tell you the importance of sitting down at least once a week in the sunshine and just saying to yourself that you are valuable, that you are wonderful and embracing yourself on all levels? Do you realise how often people neglect to do this? You see, as you love yourself people will see you are the one that describes how you are with others.

If you have a dysfunctional family seek help, counsel. Sometimes your soul can be an adult and help you address these points if you’ve reached a certain level of awareness. If not you must seek professional counselling. Emotions are wonderful magnifiers and amplifiers of your existence, but they also light up your hurts and pains and sometimes those are not even in present moment and this is what you need to get into contact with or it will affect your reality. Often adult children seek the playfulness of other adults for they have matching pictures of realities and this is a co-dependent creation, but does not resolve the growth and the healing that the soul desperately needs with the personality in the body.

Learn to resolve and to discover your inner pains and amend them so that your patterns of your present life is not shared with the remnants of the infections of the unloved child. This is like a virus that is likened to a pop-up on your present computer of the mind. You must learn to delete them, to reboot and reprogram yourself with love and integration and learn to be proud of yourself. If you begin here you’ll be a better dynamic to the world of yourself. Following religious figure heads and saviours will only act as a band-aid and you’ll have intense guilt and become even more out of balance. The journey to enlightenment begins with the love of yourself and the healing of the child into the passage of adulthood and wisdom of the soul in unison.



You that have the awakened eyes in the mind, remember that is your nature. Also remember, the world collective belief systems and people with limited mindset will not have the information to think beyond the herd. So keep your finger on the pulse because if you continue to talk you’ll actually do a disservice to your reality for their very limited perceptions to be on what they want to believe. And all this does is frustrate you because they don’t have the bandwidth nor the interest to look beyond to find the true nature of history and who they are and what the world is.

These are the minds that would rather stay on vacation and play and never achieve much beyond cradle-to-grave. These are the people that just hang and work with mediocrity. Go to all those fine souls that have never lost their quest for knowledge and the philosophy of life, the seeker of wisdom and truth. I salute you, for you have captured the meaning of life and can harvest much during your duration of time here. Just keep in mind what you feel is real. As you are feeling limited and judged, so are they judging you if they don’t understand and therefore the reaction is to think you are strange and non-conforming to the pack.

All you can do is lead and teach by example and let your light of brilliance shine through. People that are not self-dynamic must cling to reflective mirrors to have a sound cord of individual and collective consciousness. Those that can talk to themselves and be by themselves are never alone and are unique and dynamic. So I caution you on your attempts to placate and communicate because the more you know and the more enlightened you become the harder it is to relate. This is the last thing you must know and bring into your vibration so it doesn’t bring your resonance down to their level.

Here comes patience on your part and if you don’t speak their language other than your talk it’s meaningless. Dear souls, learn what you can in science, archaeology and self-study. For these become the building blocks that help you connect with us which are far more advanced than your plagued human society upon the world. When the world lacks love and respect for the land that it lives on, when there’s disrespect and lack of love, a society will never advance. Such is the state of affairs upon the world because of greed and manipulation by your govern mental and religions.

Unfortunately, this civilisation of yours has failed immensely and should have been much more advanced than this time. We are all very disappointed and now must intercede. However those that have made the mark, they have endeared and this has created the temperaments to reprogram what they have to do to get them to recalibrate to the wondrous opportunities of existence beyond the slavery of your current Matrix system. Learn to question your feelings and to inventory and ask why. For this is a learning lesson and you have the information on the way out always, but you have to depend upon your inner knowing.

The more dependent you are on others that are misled, the more infected you become by the pack mentality. As you begin to arrive at a good footing within yourself, then and only then will you meet others of your similar vibration and understanding and they are as rare as the gems of the Earth and you have to dig for them. Just remember to grow in your knowledge and wisdom and free yourself from the pulling of materialism and addictions. For when you reach the higher levels of existence the joys that you would be on the temporal pleasures you have with a human body are so limited by the spectrum of what you can feel, absorb and understand.

And to all of you that are out of your mind I embrace you, because now you are within your soul and the knowing of the universe.



This story begins with a young boy and a girl that were told to write an essay and use their imagination. They then began to talk about the land keepers of Central America, an ancient tribe of Indians. These ones had the power of stones and crystals and in the caves all through the lands of Central America, Peru and South America the best tunnels were made. Somehow, as these children started to tell their story they began to remember more and more, almost as if they were incarnates again to speak. At first this was a small article published about some rare phenomena in a school in South America, but as luck would have it some recent findings concurred the actual foundation of what was being spoken in these stories.

As the children began to gather and form groups they played with their imagination and it had created a hole in The Matrix. Other souls began to speak that had come from the societies of these advanced American Indians through the Americas. They began to talk of a great civilisation that was very nice and connected to the Earth. They were also connected to a race of aliens that had come in their craft centuries or perhaps millions of years ago. They talked of being the survivors of those that came from their mothership, ‘the Great Moon’ as we know it in the skies of the night. It was their ancestors that worked with stones, gems and all the minerals and connections of the animals and kingdom of the Earth and the great spirit of the Earth.

But somehow as people began to talk, more discoveries were found and soon they realised there was a whole civilisation through all of the mountains in the Amazon Jungle. At first this got government attention but then the information coming to press started to reveal the recent discoveries, that the armies and the secret intelligence were just discovering great vast machines and levitation devices that work with simple stones, so they thought, but the chemistry of the stones was nanotechnology and somehow it infiltrated the grids of the Earth and this was a great source for the ancient worldwide dwellers of far long ago. Once this got out more keepers began to speak and the children began remembering things, and more and more people began to talk as if they had lived there incarnated now as a young child.

They discover that all of these rocks along the gridlines ‘the ley lines’ recover vortexes of power points and that somehow the stone and geometric shape patterns created a force field that was coming online again as another planet was returning. It was as if there was a communication with the Earth and these old ancient machines which were now beginning to vibrate, make sounds across the world. At first the governments were worried, for only the Elite knew. But a strange phenomenon happened, the more the children wanted to use their imagination the more they were actually seeing things that were in fact the first discoveries and good work of civilisation buried which is now seen with special filters and satellites.

Something was awakening and the controllers were alarmed because they had been warned new souls would be coming to teach again of the great ways of the planet. That we are now going to re-manifest this and the gatekeepers were the crystal children, the ancient ancestors not of this world as we know it, but before. This is why governments were wanting to give vaccinations which were in fact elements to destroy this information and the genius of these new children that came in and are coming in with new powers as awakened souls with a knowing. They even gave them Ritalin and other fluoride substances so that their pineal glands would be shut down. But the more of these beings coming through began to create a vortex that had once been the union of the minds of man with these stones, elements and machines of the world.


But there was a sign in the heavens and a red kachina planet that was changing and signalling the grids on Earth. These were the ambassadors coming back because this had marked a sign that the Earth was now entering into new Quantum flux metagenic fields. These ancient machines were here and built by those of Gaia, the Earth soul. Sudden changes in the planets with volcanoes and earthquakes began to come at great heights and frequencies. Even the sunlight from the days began to look different and shifting. Although the government works hard to coat them with chemtrails to hide them from the masses and to increase the inoculations of aluminium oxide, barium and thorium, the infiltrating souls began to come in and awaken. However, many came in way before recent times.

They were looked as the strange ones, they had instant knowledge and they were so intelligent. They were the wisest of teachers from Atlantis, The Pleiadians. It seemed as if this sector of the solar system was moving to other areas in The Matrix of the Universe. Things were triggering activities on the planets that were coming into generation including the Moon. All of this was spoken in the Library of Alexandra. Even until the 1400s when Columbus came, they went to look for these ancient devices known all about this world. When the Romans vessels travelled the seas to look for these great lost civilisations, not only did they bring the blinding religions of oppression, they brought diseases and killed off the Indian populations and took over their land. All of these secrets then became buried into the ancestors of the Hopi, the Navajo and the ancient of Central America.

This ancient civilisation was now called ‘wild Indians’. Ignorance and all of their minds and presence on the planet was corrupted, so no longer could their skulls harbour any thoughts of imagination to keep the legend active. All of the mounds in the civilisations in the Great Lakes where there was writing, mathematics and knowledge of the stars was taken by the Roman Church. Even the large Giants, their bodies were taken and dumped to sea. Those that control the Earth did not want the dwellers to remember their ancestry, for if they did the masking of the religions and their oppression might no longer serve the illusion and keep them in power. The new minds coming in began to remember and somehow they had the knowledge of Atlantis, space travel and that Universal grid work of light fibres that connected to the Father, the great grandfather source of all that is.

Those in the machines that are huge and vast for new times on the planet are returning because the new grid work is opening up and doorways and wormholes into other dimensions are now forming and there’s going to be the great cleansing. It may seem like a terrible time so you’re taught that this is the end, but this is merely the beginning. Much more information will be coming through for it cannot be hidden from the new souls that come in. Their minds will begin to unite and speak of these lands and the magic will be the breath again. The souls are what make these machines work and they are one with nature and the Earth. This is the new order in the garden of creation and once again this land will raise its frequency.

For they knew how to work with crystals, semiconductors and magnetism and they made great structures under the Earth in their caves to harness the energy of this planet that not only work through machines to control the weather, it was also that which gave the power from the other dimensions to come through. In fact, this planet was a vacation world for other Star Travellers to come and visit, very similar to a Disneyland and Disney World. It was a lush garden full of Dinosaurs and huge trees and everything in the wildest of nature, tamed to work with inhabitants. These crystals worked with sound and frequencies of the vocal cords, they would amplify and they would speak back the language of the great planet.

These were magnificent machines and with their magnets and their crystal lasers they could cut huge stones and place them into wondrous harmonious buildings and structures. Yes, this was a distant time, but primitive by no means for these loving beings. The church was there to steal all the gold and all the information and just say they sacrificed humans to the gods and be ruled by fear. But who in this present world would believe that when it is the leaders that are bringing war and oppression? All of that which they said was of these primitives, but those from the stars said they would return and now they are. There’s a new cycle upon the Earth, a new format and all of this will be upgraded.

So the destruction really is the Western mind and the oppressors of humanity. They are the ones that will be destroyed as a civilisation for they’re not worthy of the World. They have destroyed the seas, the oceans and all the wildlife and call of nature which encapsulates the LIGHT force of creation.



So much is being spoken these days about finding the moment being in the present. A Zen approach indeed, but in the higher realms there are different frequencies that you modulate to at least most of your essence. You see, as you begin to change your vibratory rate you have different experiences because you have a different frequency pattern. Remember you both receive and transmit every moment whether in a body of the physical flesh or in your spirit body, it is all the frequency modulation that you do. So in reference to being in the moment, think of this as turning a dial and fine-tuning a station that you care to listen to and resonate with. When you do that you focus by pulling in a signal of concentration and energy, no different than a radio station your tuning into.

And there are many radio stations and many broadcasting on your planet, these are the minds of every individual. When you begin to be around other people you form a collective resonance pattern. This is called collective consciousness and this is why with every member of that collective there is a participant in the bandwidth of the frequency that you’re experiencing. That is why when you meet people one day they may be different the other, and how you are with them by their emotions is very infectious in a positive or negative way. This is why you must keep your force field and your concentration strong in the moment with your self integrity and your own dynamic overrides much of this noise. When you want to accomplish something, if you’re trying to tune into many stations at one time all you will get is static and you have no way to concentrate your field of power.

When you’re totally concentrating on your field of power you manifest and flow with things. That’s what it being in the moment is. Too many of you are not in the moment, you’re trying to worry about too many things at one time and you overload and block concentrated energy patterns and this scatters your field when you’re not focused. A magnetic flux which is what everything in the universe has is a field Vector. When you learn to use these field vectors you can become a very creative dynamic being but you have to override everyone else’s thought forms in mind, including your old patterns that have been programmed into you. Sometimes reaching Enlightenment is unplugging, turning down the noise within yourself and everyone else and just quieting and focusing on to that station within yourself that you wish to be.


How can I say more simply? It is likened to someone that’s been hypnotised in an audience. They’ll say ‘sing like a famous person’ and they do because they’re totally focused on the command overriding what other people think or even their own limitations. This is why when you’re hypnotised by the mass media the mental controllers of your planet with their agendas to run your species take over your birth right of who you are and your consciousness. You’re just so fragmented and powerless that you need a saviour and the religions that they created to even further hook you into the rabbit hole of slavery and sheep. Think about it. They tell you not to have any of your dynamic and not to be proud of who you are. They tell you to follow somebody that supposedly live 2,000 years ago that died for you, or some other religious figurehead and has nothing to do with the dynamic that your very self presents.

May I remind you dear students that you’re here to learn. This is a school and there’s nobody out there taking your test for you, you’re taking them yourself. Your very actions, knowledge and self improvement is what life’s about. If somebody is trying to offer you a cheat sheet and the answers to all the questions then you’ll never study and you’ll never know. I can assure you there are vast amounts of knowledge that you can obtain and that is for you to accomplish. Life isn’t about someone else filling in the blanks in the multiple choices. There’s a definite distinction between knowledge and the experience that each entity has and that is called wisdom and this is what marks the soul that is the nature of the temperament of that being inhabited the body.

And no, you are not all equal. Anyone that tells you that is delusional. Some of you have higher frequencies and have higher integrity because you’ve learned your lessons and you’re finishing up your graduate work from this planet, your prison world. Until you make the grade you will not graduate. Your soul has to have a certain quantum of energy, consciousness and LOVE otherwise it’s doomed to repeat in incarnations on this prison world because you’re not ready for the higher realms. You still need to live your boring life and that’s okay, you have all the time in the Universe. But do keep in mind, there are tutors like myself that work with you and see those students that are keen and want to grow. They are signalled by radiance of light that is around each and every one of you that is your resonant frequency.

Dear souls, knowledge contains wisdom of sciences, yourself, your connection to nature and your very vibratory frequency of being in the moment. For one to continue to shoot a bow, if you do not take the effort to hold the arrow and practice, so is your life with your mind and your soul. You must be the archers and understand that the mind is the bow and your arrows are your intentions. The thoughts that you fire off when you learn to focus will hit the target, and this is what being in the moment is.



This is a time of transition, there’s great energy coming to the planet and all of your traits of who you are at the core are going to be put into action. There is the preparation going on that will make the task of differentiating conscious souls and unconscious souls. They will get denser and all of their natures will come out so that they can see what they are at the core of their being. Those that have been oppressed by others will be released by them so that they can get on their own dimension and be given the opportunity of what they are to themselves in the world behaviour.

Just as the planet is doing the same with its transition, there is a lot of energy which will oxygenate the holographic form upon your flesh and planet. Think of it like turning up not only the sound volume but the LIGHT volume, so your ability to make things happen will become quicker whether it’s destructive or positive in your life. This may seem a little nerving and you may go through periods of energy shifts from your feet and hands where you feel electrical energy coming through you. For those that run energy and are aware of it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile the iris of the soul is opening up the veil so you are accessing your greater powers. But be mindful and don’t try to explain this to the those who don’t understand. They may try to give back to you that you’re some kind of mentally deranged person. They have no one but their brainwashed religions and their old ways and they don’t have any contact with anything up-to-date. Think of it like a software program, if you don’t have updated programs that your soul has given to you then you won’t be able to download the new updated messages that are being broadcast from the cosmos through our Sun and on to your planet in flesh.

Your antenna is the Antahkarana and is the ovum of your life force that surrounds your body and it can be anywhere from 3ft 280 ft or more. This is your magnetic force field and the greater this is the more sensitive you will be to the higher frequencies. This is epic but do understand, those without any concept of what I’m talking about do not have the reality to even comprehend what I’m talking about. Your basic person on the street is dumbed down to very based energy levels. Food, sex, sleep and materialism is about all they know besides their football game or the collection of digits in the bank. They have the mentality of a herd or sheep.

Those that are the higher consciousness have an image of LOVE and appreciation and they take life easy. Now is the time to start holding thoughts, plan and pace yourself with that which is held in your mind thought and your chemistry will manifest things instantly, for you will know this when things happen in synchronicity. So stop trying to worry about your sexual identity and the economy and stop worrying about your Democratic and Republican leaders. It’s more prudent for you to concentrate on your connection to source and your ability to download the information coming to your planet so that you will be directed when the changes happen with a safe spot to be.

Just remember, you’re all taken care of and it’s your reactions that often cause you a disorientation of perceptible reality. Be careful of those you draw to you because many people from the past will come into your life as you begin to change. It will be the hooks that harbour you into them and a lure that will knock you off course. Now is not the time to fall for this, it is the time for you to really make plans and make your life simple. Just remember, people carry their anger and fears around them and what they project is their reactionary buttons.

This is exactly why they are so messed up and if these pictures match with your reality this only further makes you more on your SELF recognition of who you are, or even what you might want to be. Find your life for you and your children, because things are going to be going all over the place with wobble not only of the Earth but of your personal affairs. Even the Earth will shake as well as your mind, and all of that which you knew yourself to be will be shaken so that you can become discharged from your connection to false people and situations that keep you stuck at the soul level.

Just remember, your soul reacts swiftly and with good logical reason. Take things that are of perfect speed and when things get intense withdraw for a moment and let the smoke settle before you make actions that are wise. With this particular Quantum flux of energy coming to your planet everything is being lit up, even your good traits as well as your bad and delusional.