The limits to your potential are squarely between your ears. You see, it is the mind that is the limiter or the accelerator. When the mind is not focused on useful activity and study and in action with habits that are patterned with success, then there is the element of doubt. Doubt is a concept of the mind. Action that manifests things lies in the realms of probability. As you tune yourself up to higher frequencies and cleanse your body you put yourself in a flow of action based on direction with a plan and then doubt is not an option. It is no different in life when you create blueprints and you imagine things in the mind knowing what it is you want. This is the formula of a successful life.

If you have doubt then that comes from a place of lack of planning with poor habits and self-image, all of which can be corrected by action. Whatever you produce as energy in your mind with focus you’re calling to yourself what it is you’re focusing on. By that standing, if you’re focusing on non-achievement then you’re creating a recipe for failure which will be manifested into reality. Think of it as probabilities, the more you pattern your life in the flow of what is it you want by making the encounters and setting up the dynamics of what it is you’re focusing on then you will manifest. Doubt equates to a state of untempered will, poor habits and laziness.

Magic is the ability to summon what it is in your mind and call it forth. Self-limitation is a form of magic that is destructive. For it is all in your head when you learn the power of focus, action, emotional passion and excising of will. Then your frequencies will make things happen at a much higher rate because the exchange with the mind, emotion and astral planes are quickened to your emotional resonate patterns. All of which begins with seeds of desire, focus, and what you feel you deserve. Remember, you’re creators and you create your power and your ability to affect things by the victories you have and the balance you have in focusing your life.

Being centered with a quiet mind to your soul is ever so important to make the distinguishment of what your soul wants and the noise in the mind. The noise in the mind are riddles of self-antagonistic pains and doubts fuelled by the negative influences of those around you, and once that has eroded into you it takes a great deal of energy to uproot the negative patterns in the mind which creates the space for doubts to occur. Whatever you do in action and focus reinforces the energy into your life. Self-sabotage embraces the hand of doubt.



Life is your journey and experience and will always be your creation. You have 7 doors to your being while dwelling in the house of your body. Hidden deep are the repartee of your deepest secrets. All that you have obtained in knowledge and in fear is hidden deep within your inner house of consciousness. For who you have bonded in your company and whom you have connected with sexually will have lasting imprints as you’re forming your social structures about yourself. When you make sexual bonds with people it is not just the physical but the downloading of feelings, energies and perceptions from their resonate patterns you have invited.

Choose wisely in your company of friends and your lovers. Your first gate is your ability to function and survive in the world. It is primal and you should learn this with the company of yourself and nature. You must learn to earn the appropriate ways of money or exchange as it is within your society. Be mindful of your value, you must tend to business. Be ever vigilant with the knowing that there are takers and manipulators that know this arena so well and will have no quarrels with stealing from you if you’re naïve. Here you must find your power to be free with your own mojo.

Sexual energies are compelling and they can pull you each and every way with their fire and splendor. Be careful, this is a very creative fire and can bind deep the connections you make with others. For now, you have invited them into your house and their temperament will mark you forever until you cut these bonds with deep astral work. Your solar plexus is what you give in your creative juices and social wagers and this is the gate of your self-opinion. For as you’re in power achieving freedom and clarity in the former two so now you state your presence in the forms of energy you imbue, take in and respond to people in social dexterity. If you have insecurity about yourself it will be seen here.

So find the fears that compel your actions to cover up old patterns. This is to be replaced with your power to decide what it is you really want and how to manifest it. Difficult it is if your 1st and 2nd door has rouge energies. So clear them and get in touch. As we move into the heart centre it is of nature to love and to feel and share what it is you are. This centre should work without effort and HUE will radiate this majestic space of your being when it is not in the pattern of your lower disruption causing limits by fear and unfinished business you’re still in debt to.

The voice is the power of speak. This gateway speaks your heart, your fears and your wisdom. What food do you take in the purity of this vital doorway that controls your energy and your expression voiced from within? What do your eyes see and what is seen behind the veil? Can you use this 3rd eye or is it calcified and inactive? The door below this level must be used wisely to obtain the value of this wondrous tool of sight. For when it is open you will see all the work you need to do in the other sectors of your gateways, it is the orb of light that comes to you to feel and connects you to the earth and the Universe.

Here you can connect with the voice of your oversoul when you have mastered the keeping of the other gates. It is time to know yourself in each of your entries and exchanges with the world. For if you do not maintain good keeping of your rooms and houses you will not be able to escape the lower realms you’re in. Great is the world when you have mastered yourself. Start your cleansing by cleaning house.



You will know them, for they are different and walkers. Awake in the night by the power of dreams, unchained and aware of the power of the Universe and its depths. For they’re of the soul connection. They’re lovers of animals and are in communication with them, they see them in their consciousness for they’re of the same speak. Dwellers in two worlds and non-bound to the planes of the structure that is controlled by the elite, in them is the power of the spirit, free are they and journeyers with vast vision.

They’re friends with the spirit world and Earth. Quick they are to sleep early and wake up early in sync to the rhythms of the orb of the spirit world. Many they meet, and great things are taught. You will know them for they cling not to the matter of this world, but do their passing of time amongst you. Your souls crave this knowing but instead you’re now being trapped into the sights and sounds of artificially staged programs that further your entrapment into the Matrix.

When you’re ready to evolve into your power you must know and remember the way of dreams and the spirits that are all around you, for you’re not divided but have suffered amnesia of the world of death, materialism and fear, all controlled to limit you. Seek the path to enhance your dreaming states and learn to travel awake in the flight of the soul when you rest, to become alive again into the ageless wonders that is your right as a sentient being.

You must find the medicine of the plants that can help you in your dreams if you have forgotten. That is why they are here for you. And in the garden, you will be naked again and free from the clothes of society’s enslavements. For the power of the soul is only limited by the ability to imagine and to have visions of the worlds beyond.



The being that you are has many emotional states. Many layers encompass what you feel in your present moment. Emotions that have been radiated or suppressed are memory forms in your psyche. Sometimes you turn into a different state and part of your shadow comes out. Before you judge something is negative you might understand it from a point of pain and rejection. The unvoiced child is a fragment of your emotional place that has been isolated and not allowed to be.

If there has been a lot of disruption in your earlier formative years, not only will you take what was given to you at your home side but also children and people around you respond as your self-image in memory unconsciously. Many people have ancient triggers, sensitive spots that react what you may have touched and you will get an immediate response that’s quite negative. The same as within yourself, sometimes things come up that are venting and you need to watch them.

Understand that these are all part of the complicated seasons of your being. Just know there are things and actions around you that are making things happen which are far beyond just your human mind. In other words, if you follow the path of the spirit your spirit will take care of you and things will fall into place. Some people go off the rails because of substance abuse, whether it be alcohol, drugs or medications, and this, unfortunately, throws a wrench in the process of your soul working with your body and mind.

Sooner or later everything you feel will become part of your awareness, so it’s best to do your homework and work layer upon layer within yourself because ultimately you can’t hide your feelings. It is also imperative for you to give your body and your mind the creative time of recreation and pleasant things and emotional support and happiness. If you learn meditation and feel these things and become aware of them and embrace them, you’re collecting very fundamental particles of yourself and these are particles of feelings or your consciousness that has been fragmented.

So when you’re practicing meditation do encompass feeling and learn to visualize great things within yourself of joy, light, and radiance from within. In doing so you will do a great healing and service to yourself and others. Ultimately, what you create needs to be in a good vibration or it will haunt you with negative or isolated feelings.



It is the time for you and your whole society to awaken because the illusion that you’ve been kept in cannot contain itself with the new changes about to happen on your planet. You’ve already seen the weather changes, you’ve seen many earthquakes and many volcanoes. This is all leading to the fact that something is changing, not only on your planet but all the planets including the Sun. Each and every one of you is connected to the innate presence of consciousness. You are more than what you believe but you have been suppressed of your knowing and made slaves.

This is a great time of change and you can see by the unrest of the world and the governments. But the select order has by privilege knowledge of their findings in earlier battles and your history. They do know of what is to come. Be very careful of what is happening in the world as a sidetrack, because much greater things are happening beyond your imagination. But not only is the world rumbling with changes, each and every one of you are having many changes occur in your lives. Many of you are the fragments of the ancients that got stuck into the three-dimensional duality and need more time to process your natures.

There is a harvest that is to occur with those that can move forward to higher dimensions and those that cannot, and once again they will have to take more and more time until they can get it. Love is compassion and the dynamic of what you are. You have to take responsibility and be the best you can be. Ancient keepers are returning, you may know them as RA. You see, there is a greater potential that you must experience in power and creation If you do not have love and respect for others, the higher chapters of your consciousness and remembrance of what you are will not be given.

This is a great time to do well in your processing because your old patterns need to change to newer refined, calmer ways of being. It is time now time for your freedom and disclosure because you have all been duped by religions, government controls and negative forces teaching you distortion about your very nature and taking away your mind into artificial intelligence. This a collective consciousness that doesn’t want you to have self-judgment or any judgment for that matter and this is a grave error that will distract many of you. You’re going to see continual changes of intensity all around the planet.

There will be many changes with governments including your currency and your ways of dealing with money. Money has become a way of enslaving you and it’s not based on reality which has allowed the cabal to keep you stuck and enslave with scarcity consciousness. Many of you are revibrating within your fields of awareness and seeing things much more in-depth. You have awareness of animals and that all life-forms are expanding with a sense of unity and respect. Congratulations to all of you that you have been through your changing and growth. It will indeed be rewarded with your next venture in the Cosmos.



Take the worry out of action and address what you need to do. All too many times you worry about how you’re going to get things done with workloads when all you have to do is just focus on getting it done. If you like what you do it’s no different than looking at a large plate of delicious food. You don’t worry about eating it, you just take one bite at a time. Your tasks should be done effortlessly without placating your mind with the stresses of how difficult things are because it is mostly your mind that gets in the way.

When you want to go somewhere you move one foot forward and you start doing what it is you want to do. It’s that simple to get things done. You need to be in the moment without worrying about trying to do things quickly or in a specific time frame. Get out of this nonsense and just be in a flow and you will have endless energy. Oftentimes it is your very mind and worries that deadlock your creative potential and flow of energy to get things done, with the rewards of clearing off your plate so that you could have a new serving when it is time.

Dear souls do not overwhelm yourself. You’re not here for slavery but you must take care of your daily acts and duties. Always take care of the most pressing things first for they weigh deeply upon your minds. Do take time to recreate or you will find your life dissipating and energy levels of laziness appearing. Production will come with enthusiasm and passion with what you do.

No matter what it is you do have a good attitude and this will make your tasks much more manageable. Be away from those with negative attitudes, they can bring you down for they’re unhappy within. Stay away from these people, keep your surroundings in order and your soul will be much closer for it knows what is in balance and what is in chaos.

The Universe will reward you when you’re on the right path of production and clarity, always.



Time, as you know it upon your Earth sojourn, is guarded and controlled by the collective scripts of each and every one of you. Know that there are seasons that affect you that is not just of the weather climate but are of the social and collective conscious influences. What is now happening is that time is moving forward and backward for everyone you know and encounter.

All unfinished business with souls that you’ve not completed release and karma are coming into your lives. You’re either resolving or coming to a head with great reactions from the past, as these elements must be resolved. What you need to know is that your soul has its presence that effects simultaneously past and future ties of its experience, all linked together.

Now in this season many souls are finishing up business and relinquishing ancient battles and unresolved issues as their need to open up and see the new potential vistas that are now coming to the forefront. To make this leap forward, the past must be resolved with the ancient memories and karma that has a charge and is stored with gravity keeping them stuck.

People will appear to you that you’re all so familiar with, and the current people that you have found in families, their true natures will come out as well as yours. The season now is to complete the cycles of unfinished business by releasing charges and bringing to light the true nature of your connections.

This may mean seeing very dark natures of family and siblings as well as the positive and loving traits that unify you. I say this because you must make peace with the past that even predates the present life you have with those around you. Your psyches are going to awaken to levels you have not seen.

This has memories and must have a clean slate for new information to light up this part of you. At these levels, deep-rooted pains and negativity will be devastating and place you in the fields of the lower astral planes. This is why you’re now cleansing and making the way for higher chapters of advancement.

This is now a point that you must reckon with, for it will mean the gateway to your ascension or you being shut out to higher states of being.