Strength is something you are not necessarily born with, it is something you earn by achieving the tilting of the scales that are your challenges. It is what you build. Granted, your soul did set up a program here on the boot camp of this Earth plane to test your convictions and your character and strip away your awareness, so that with the building of your will you learn the nature of the action and social dexterity. For the weak must have the powers of the collective and servants to nurture their poor self-image into patterns that are not the offspring of their volition.

In the yielding and reinforcement of weakness and blame of others, they wither in undisciplined nature. This is something that is running rapid in the world that goes under the new ‘free to be’ collective brainwashing that is being fuelled by social media and by the Cabal to destroy the strong and castrate the man, and to systematically unite the idiot lower mental losers into the dominate class of low moral mental distorted temporally empowered because they are “feeling hurt”.

In the season, crying is just during the breastfeeding and crawling and the need for a mother to help the infant in the early stages of development. They cry not because it resolves their helplessness, they cry because they do have needs in a body and situation of immaturity. This process comes to be and babies that learn to cry in their own minds and shadows become strong. They then are put in containers and cry for many reasons as they learn to handle their own generated needs. But when you condition them to not be self-responsible this carries out to adulthood.

They have been conditioned to survive by crying and now complain instead of making the responsible decisions that for centuries have worked building responsible adults that function in society. This has now transposed itself into adults looking for the mother’s breast in the form of government tits of entitlements and rewarded by the authorities because of the stress of their numbers to cater to their whims. What has now become the fall of society are the strong ones being taken out by attacks of the crybabies in union.

Unless those of strength unite in a movement to stop this plight society will be given to weak zombies without logic running the world ready for the real powers to now remove them in herds, and the 1% will have achieved their agenda for the depopulation and control of society. And in the end, the masses will be asses and not warriors to fight for real civil causes and maturity. For to encourage the evolution of the faeces instead of refinement of the strong you will not have evolution and growth, but instead of a state of devolution.

EYE warn you to see and stand up in your power first within yourself and when the “social justice warriors” attack your civil liberties employ your own team of united thinkers and defend your Constitution from the agenda of forces set to ruin your powers that should be evolved. When the weather of the Earth changes, those that have floated like faecal matter in a cesspool instead of rising being strong warriors they shall be the first to die in the world that is not catering their weakness like a frail animal in the Jungle.



What you know as history is a modification of lies and false truths. What you know as god and saviours are created iconic archetypes to deceive and mislead you. The real history of the world which you should have known was taken away by Rome. Rome created your religions from the ancient ones already in place for they knew the power of what spiritual connection was and redrafted history, taking away all of the gems of mankind which are buried in the Vatican catacombs in Rome.

Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas, he was sent there when Spain finally had the technology to create ships to cross the ocean with provisions. Not only did he bring his men he brought diseases to save and conquer the powerful nation of the Americas. The very noble office of the White House has been build on very powerful ley lines of the earth which had previous pyramids and power points that the American Indians had which they disassembled and took down to desecrate with the Illuminati nations. They took the secrets of mankind and felt it was their power to rule the world.

Near the Great Lakes were pyramids of greater statue than South America. The Native Americans lived in peace and in harmony with nature. They had a written language that was very hieroglyphic, similar to Egyptian and Atlantean and were very much connected to the Pleiadian and star-faring entities of the cosmos. The Roman conquerors set up the colonies and later the United States of America and built the Statue of Liberty which was the symbol of the prostitute goddess.

Your country has been ruled by the Rosicrucian Masons ever since and has become corrupted beyond measure. Donald Trump is a mason, they are all masons and a part of a secret order but Donald Trump has broken away from the Illuminati to bring back the once noble causes of the Masons. The war that you see on the planet are the factions of the Masons taken over, realising they have corrupted the world with irresponsibility.

The American Indians knew that someday the ant people would come from the depths of the earth and the star-faring people would come in their ships. They knew the world would be contacted again during a time of great metamorphic change and this is where you are at the moment with the current changes. Those that run the earth and the governments have the tanks and weaponry and power at this time, but during the transition, those that have been contacted and made aware telepathically in their sacred order are retiring to their noble causes of the Masons and have been warned of the future.

They are systemically working to undo the damage of the toxic leaders that have been running the planet and are going to reveal great information that you must understand to make the quantum leap your planet is going to go through. This is why your society is at a crossroads with your spiritual nature and consciousness still intact. Radical perverted sexual oppression has now corrupted factions by the other hand of the elite, but in 2020 you must find your inner vision and see clearly.

Many think they can control the world and can change it, but they are just pawns. When the star-faring and inner earth people return and have already returned, the planet will make major changes all based on the vibration of the mentality of consciousness. This is why certain factions of the Illuminati are poisoning the brains of the people with aerosol spraying and mercury vaccinations that destroy DNA in the body, and corrupted sexual behaviour which is against nature and biology all of which will plague your consciousness.

More of the world population will be destroyed to eradicate the perversions of humanity, all based on the consciousness and clarity of societies which is simultaneously being corrupted by the fallen factions of the Masons. The house of Rome is falling and it is in fire. We are at the cusp of a new era which is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Quential .


It may appear that your president Donald Trump is an evil person from the context of business and environmental concern. He was slated to be your president 20 years earlier and you are all going through the motions of believing you have free choice and a vote for choosing for your president. However, their ideas didn’t quite pencil out and there were conflicts in the boards of the Illuminati.

Some factions have broken up and during this time there is contact with inner-terrestrial, the Pleiadian, and the Alliance of Planets warning that there is a great change of events to occur and there is no time for the Agenda 21 with their deep underground military bases and their pathetic facilities.

Though they knew of current events in the ancient manuscripts that they took from Alexandria, they had no idea the impact of Planet X would be, nor of what is coming in to the new house of the Age of Aquarius where the planet will have a different rotation and cosmic energy field and go through an evolution.

There is such an interest in those that maintain through all of these centuries of tribulations and dominance of the elite. There are those that have maintained clarity and integrity and they are going to be making a Quantium leap, because many are ascended masters holding this together.

The planet is getting ready to make an acceleration in its vibratory condition and humans are along for the ride. There has been a lot of attempts to make the planet sickly and uninhabitable. There must be disclosure to the people immediately to prepare them for the earth changes that are about to occur in the next two years.

There are going to be solar flashes and electric ignition of force fields and opening of realities unseen for centuries. The very pyramids from the Atlantean age will be coming online and many of the extraterrestrials and innerterrestrials will be coming for the earth rotational change pole shift and recalibration of these ancient devices inside the earth and its grid work.

Because of their misinformation, the cabal has factions of the board having a corporate change of management. In essence, Donald Trump will be the commander making final decisions and disclosing information because the realities of your planet have been dominated with false information.

Meanwhile, there is a strong force from the Democrats and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to prevent the evolution of the species and to systematically work on destroying society for there is no clarity of morals and behaviour and they are poisoning young children.

There is an all-out war between what you call the Conservatives and the Liberals as it may appear, but more is going on behind your two-party system. You would be much better sending the President positive thoughts and support because what he has to do is not easy. What you are experiencing on your planet is going to be epic, to say the least.

The underlying fact is these technologies are not yours without the wisdom and love and spiritual awareness to use them. They have been locked down until you as a species have reached a point of light and spiritual awareness. While you are fighting your wars, other things are going on behind the scenes.



Everything is the weaving of energy at different densities of pulsed waveforms. It is assembled by geometric grids and vibratory resonance acted upon the consciousness of those that are the living crystals of perception and states of being. The avatars and masters can and do work with these principles and manifest from the astral holographic forms you call solid and real. This is however only the assembly of creation in the grid of the lower densities you term terra. We that speak to you are very advanced and many of us come from within the Earth that you dwell upon.

The Earth is in fact very much like a hollow egg and inside are the walls of terra that are roughly 1287 kilometres. Inside are oceans and forests and caves with beauty beyond the imagination. Inside lies a central Sun and it is the source of the inner Earth Sunlight. You at your density live on the outer skin and are exposed to the outer radiations and elements. We have access to your world through the North and South Poles that have intense energies of magnetism and electrical charges that are not only the force fields of your planet, it is also the gateway into our planet and home world.

You have been fed misinformation and are trapped by your belief systems and states of perception. It is not telling you to think outside of the box that you perceive us. The tragedy is that this does not happen until your container bodies are put into a box and you are free again as a spirit being. We look very much like your Adamic form but we are much larger in stature. Our average height is 10 feet tall, but this varies from regions. Inside our world where I dwell currently the cites are in vast caves with gold ceilings and emeralds and gems that give off a light very much like your LED coloured lights.

There are very tall buildings mostly round and geometrical that are 27.5 meters tall and usually house about 30 occupants. Families have their own suites and our heating and cooling are done with exchanges of pipes and geothermal fluid cooling. In our world, we exist to learn and study and our creature comforts are not what we strive to focus our attention on. We are very spiritual and travel in and out of time and visit your world to study your behaviour. Because you are of good attributes with potential for error acting out with your false leaders, we observe the potential and watch many of you in how you solve your life challenges.

Sometimes we incarnate upon your world and must put aside all of our superpowers to take on the containers you call human. Our nature is that we have a great sense of humour with love and compassion but are very vulnerable to trusting by assumed nature of the character that all know of the Law of One. We are in essence the Supreme Presence intertwined in the venture of this experience of the cosmos. Upon your world, your core that is of the knowing has been hijacked by religions and Govern Mental agendas to entrap you. You are all kept and taught lies of the Universe and your history.

We are often there for our family to guide you telepathically to remember that the soul is real and that many of you are divine masters and you have been entrapped by the lower thinking of this world and news. Your outer world is going to go through a change in rotation by induction and your poles are going to shift. This will activate the grids upon the outer realms that are buried and many of our ancient devices are to come online. These are mostly the pyramids which are built upon the grids of the Earth or lay lines. The planet right now is in a major state of flux and much of the vibrations are rising.

Your Sun is appearing to be much hotter but this is because the induction motor of the Earth Iron and Nickel lava liquid is aligning to the clocks of the cosmos for the next quanta leap. This is not the end of the world but the restoration and reset and this is making the Pirates of your planet very nervous. Like the burning of Rome, their time is over and the charade will not have the military or the forces of man to deal with a world in fire and survival mode. All of what you know of the lies will now have to be disclosed and we have come to take you out of your dungeon.

Hybrid Reptilians have also gamed with your species for the last 3,000 years changing your DNA and incarnating and learning their sport of passion and emotions that they do not possess. This is your Satan or devil and though you talk of the Son of God, we wish to point out that it is the SUN of the Cosmos that is returning to bring in this shift. A great battle of territory for these experiences is being studied by the Reptilian and the Inner Earth beings that have the ancestry of the Advanced Atlantis. One thing is certain, your world is now going into a vibrational state of change. Great energies are going to affect you, not only in your weather and terra, but also in your minds.

Uncomforted mental images will be hard for many of you for you will now have to grasp a whole new reality. If you want to get this resolved the crystal eye of your pineal gland must be operable and not solidified by calcium carbonate and heavy metals and aluminium. You are being fed fluoridated water and are being crop dusted as pests by the elite to destroy your higher faculties with chemtrails. So let the souls of light and love advance and the lower stay in the lower patterns and become the tools of the negative forces that love war and death and suffering to feed the natures of the Reptilians rebels that have been sent here to learn as well.

As we have sent the disrupted to prison in your world to learn, so have the Reptilians. They are not all bad but their factions that are not so loving and understand the Law of One will be here to play out their whims and wishes. I will continue to share more in the following notes. just know this is a great moment upon the planets. Look beyond to the exposure of the hidden knowledge.



Consciousness is the caller of reality and the flight of your soul. You are the passenger and the viewer of your journey in the form of reality that you feel. When you judge the reality of who you are, it is coming from how you are feeling in your perceptions and how other people feel about you. So there is a tremendous amount of quickening happening on the planet, for it is for like the call to the wild. The wilds of nature and the Universe are coming to the surface, and your realities of life and perceptions that have dominated your reality are being quickened and are subliminal, deep, and overwhelming to the untrained.

The dream state has become awakened and the sleeper has become the dream, this is how reality is changing. What you are dreaming is bringing into photon energy the reality of what you think you are. This is going to be quite compelling and frightening, to discover a wake-up call, and the soul is going to make a tremendous transition. It is like a record player on a certain velocity of spin and rotation and vibration.  It is like going from 16 rpm to 32 rpm.   So there is a new quanta of energy and this is a state of vibration and energetic spin of the toroidal molecules of your body.  Reality is going to happen quickly and your greater power and potential will be released of what is normally controlled in the matrix to what is the nature of your being.

You are the creator and whatever you have created is your balance sheet. Whatever is your debt will be manifested, for karma is knowledge, activation, reality, memory, and acceleration. Everything is based on energy, illumination, and radiance. Whatever it is you are lighting up in your psyche and mind, that is what you will experience. The planet is making an incredible change all based on energies that the rulers have not been able to stop with time. The travellers of light that come to harvest the souls and take them onward have come and gone many times in the playgrounds of the Earth and in many civilisations.

Be of good keeping, for what you are cannot be changed. What you are you collect about you, and everything about you becomes a mirror to see yourself. If you want to change the world change yourself, for you are here because you have selected to be here. Just know that many of you have forgotten that this is all a game and a journey. Now is a time to be settled and breathe. Know that you must find the centre of your world. Everything you have put in your psyche is coming to review and you are the one to review. Think of it like a diploma, sooner or later you have to graduate.

There are many worlds, universes, and realities. This is not the only reality. There are worlds of very civilised races and wondrous planets of life and experiences. How can I get you to understand that the most important thing you need to learn is love? For love is a vibration that is based on harmony and balance, not discord, fear, and shortages. Fear is always coming from a space that there isn’t enough. The manipulators want to create shortages and the belief system that there is not enough but there are obviously plenty of resources.

Many are taken from their hearts and minds down the rabbit holes of slavery, self-judgment, indictments, and self-rejection. This life is for nobody else but your own soul’s journey. People are going through mass amnesia that is programmed into the masses. You cannot forget what you already know. You have been coerced into belief systems of what is held by the masters and rulers of the world against your soul sovereignty and the dreamers must awaken. Into the reality of the New Earth comes new power of liquid into crystalline formed light jelled geometric wave forms creating new worlds.

The molecules that cannot boil to the state of advancement will stay liquid and not vaporise and make the transition. They will have to start over again, in a different form of space and time.

Quential .


Emotions are the primal base of your body reaction that unites the brain to the mind. They are your higher responses that incorporate your reflective thought and value in the process of emoting. Feelings are your drive and connection to your state of being or situations in your life with things and or people. How you feel is based on your body and brain chemistry that reward or punish you through your neurons and endorphins.

The saying ‘we have chemistry’ is appropriate but you also receive the chemical reward when you have worked hard and feel good afterward. Feelings incorporate thinking and judgment including belief systems that come from yourself and others. Your drive to accomplish and be motivated includes passion which is triggered by mental pictures and value attached to emotions.

If you do not feel good about what you are doing you will not have your full capacity to flow and perform your tasks. It is important to express yourselves to others for this is the basis of your creativity and expression that you value yourselves with. If you are being ostracized you cannot function to your potential. The same goes for the opinions you have about yourself. Since feelings give you potential and the channels of your creative energy flow open, it is of inherent value to see yourself in a good light.

This is why it is important to reboot yourself when you are in a tailspin and a downward course of self-destruction. You must rewrite your negative chemistry and self-opinions to change your feelings. This may mean a complete change beginning with diet to include cleansing and fasting. For old habits of toxic substances will in no uncertain terms affect your body chemistry.

Smoking deadens the brain by cutting off vital oxygen, trans fatty acids and excessive meat deaden awareness. Alcohol and drugs toxify the liver and numb brain function. The mind holds opinions based on belief systems of reactionary or taught programs as well as what others say and show to you. Both diet substances and mental pictures impress upon your feelings.

So this covers the basis of feelings of what you may need to adjust to bring yourself to your higher vibration and dynamic. Periodic maintenance is crucial in staying aligned and true to your soul, to have the best potential and drive based on a good feeling about yourself. Just remember, you are responsible and must control your life to understand your nature and actions, for all your experiences that come to pass are greatly influenced by your health and self-feelings.



For the last 3 days, the planet has been having intense electrical charges. Many of you may have noticed slight static shocks that are happening all the time. You are picking up electrostatic energy because the fuels of energy are extremely charged and ionised. The Van Allen belts are absorbing the cosmic energy from the Universe and the planet is being hit with high energy particles that are grounding to Earth. This is a condition of induction that is affecting your life force energy.

There is nothing of solid form in the physical. When these energy particles are in flux, change, or induction of wave particles it destabilises the matrix because it is all a movie run by consciousness and photon energy particles. Everything is of torsion energy. There is a great deal of change happening on the planet and with the Sun. With that said, the Sun is settling down for the moment because great cosmic energy fields are coming in.

The Sun is a sentient being as are all the planets. Most of humanity think the planets are not sentient and have disrespected the planet. The Earth and Sun are your mother and father and you are cosmic children. Right now everyone is so busy worrying about politics and lighting up issues within themselves that they are breeding more attention to that which they are trying to stop. It is the primordial function of how fear works.

Your perceptions are so busy trying to prove their position they are creating your reality. People are spending so much time on the state of the world instead of their consciousness. They blame everyone else for their reality and they are weak of mind and heart. Many are being sucked in like a flock of sheep to blame others for their problems and their whole belief system. Their mind is perpetuating their issues.

They don’t understand the fundamental principles of creation with their unsound perceptions of reality and want everyone else to take care of them. So to put this another way, the ignorant cannot learn and those that know everything cannot learn. When something happens to the planet they will be the first to perish because those that are basic to nature and strong will survive, not those meditating in the lotus position or praying all day.

Those that walk with the animals and walk with nature have true knowledge.