Sometimes we are caught in world winds and the pressures of life and cannot see clearly. When situations are intense, it is best to detach and listen so you will know what to do in life. By disconnecting and letting the dust settle the initial charge of fear and anxiety diminishes allowing for a better perspective and assessment of your dilemma. In the tension of disturbances in your life you need to see all angles, and just what it is that is bothering you. Recognizing the problem is half the battle.

There are always solutions to problems, and most often with a little homework and research, you can see that what “appeared” to be a big deal was just fear of the unknown and how to get a handle on things in your life. Dear ones, understand that lawyers and agencies understand the power of fear and use this to manipulate you to comply with their terms. Knowledge is power and understanding their motives first then the nature of the infraction and/or situation you can mitigate and negotiate the outcome.

Learn to let things go and do not take these episodes to your soul. Most of the damage to your lives are fueled by your reaction and holding patterns of fear. So take responsive actions and plan your responses with mindful activities. And always let things cool a little and review your letters and focus on the issue. Understand that strategy is a skill to be learned in life, and you will have many trials during your life to make you stronger and to test your abilities to cope.


Think of life as an opportunity to build character, for if life had no challenges and lessons it would be less educational to the soul. Fear is one of your biggest challenges you face in life, but the better you learn to focus on the issues and make strategic moves to counter the adverse challenges you face the agiler you become. So plan your focus and see the things that disturb you and make an agenda to deal with the cards dealt. Know that sometimes life is a poker game of luck and betting your hand, it takes practice and is best won by learning to read your competition and betting on the ability that you are gaining each day of your life.

With a keen eye for your life and actions you can avoid much turmoil, just know that knowledge is always the best bet. So study that which disturbs you and seek information on the subject and you will be amazed at how much you can lessen the impact of things that bother you. Instead of reacting to the dramas that you have and will have, study the way of the issue and possibilities to modify your position and cope with situations, for in this you will find other options that work with the best results for your problems.

To the mindful and studious soul, there are no victims only idle and spirit broken entities. Learn your lessons well for you have a whole Universe to explore and understand. Just remember, growth begins with action and focus. Keep good habits among your life and enjoy every precious moment you create.



Whether you like it or not you are creating yourselves and your experiences constantly, and know this, you cannot escape the fact you exist and are conscious, always of viewing whatever realm you become excited about on your energy levels.

The principle is this; what you focus on emanates energetic particles that are imbued from HUE that affect the molecular states of things around you. These energy packets are modulated by feelings and your mind’s creations, this is the very science you humans are discovering in your quantum mechanics fields.

As creators, it is very important to understand that whatever you keep and hold in your mind manifests, period. These particles you emit are forces that attract and also collide with electrons and protons and literally affect their behaviour. I tell you this for if you have the metronome of unresolved injustices you carry, on your very decision to get even makes you seek into a breeding mechanism of these fields, and the force fields of this will continue to bring the reaction of others into your perceptions as they are real by your mirror thoughts of inner reflection.

Beings of personality, you have collected a mass of insight and evolution into the creation of your self-authenticity and creative force fields, and are in a realm upon your planet that has the experience of pain and suffering and direct intake of experiences you feel and view by your creations.


So if you do not like what you create you must first understand that you can change your state of being by feeling LOVE and non-attachment rather than feeding your negativity. In short, by focusing on your course you can change the direction and end up in a much more tranquil space. To transcend you must forget the notion of time and focus on the moment and breath, and create love and stillness with presence, and believe me even imagination will make the shift in consciousness. No different if you were to imagine you are worthless you will create the “self-destructive” manifesting as a change in your melody.

If you do not like what you are listening to, change the frequency until you find the sounds and vibrations you like. Ascending from the entrapment of your negative environment is merely the decision to attract and pull in loving people and spiritual reconnection of the higher realms.

Do know this, we are all connected and when you are ready to oscillate changes the Universe will bring into Hue the colour changes of your frequency.  There are many negative things upon your world and if you keep and dwell on them you will unite with these creations and expand the illusions.

The realms you are experiencing are multidimensional and at the base of ALL is one grid of LIGHT from which you all began.  Everything is connected, only your frequencies make the unitized experiences of what you have drawn.

May the words resonate with your understanding dear ones.



When you are in the state of Alpha or Theta realms, your frequencies are connected to the cosmos and the power of ideas is knowing and desire to manifest the places and the flow directly from your soul. Great energies are coming to Earth once again to awaken those that are of soul and higher frequencies that will begin to remember where they come from and the dynamics of the character and soul once again.

Being connected is feeling free loving energies throughout your bodies, there is no fear or guilt or even ideas of limitation. You want to be somewhere, you go by to the power of thought. The cosmos flows through your energetic bodies and you levitate and manifest the things that you desire. But the time now is that the dream state is awakened in your lives again.

Be aware of the collective of your company for in the mindsets of your surround your energies vibrate, and the character of those around you become the ingredients of your reality. You may see, but those frozen in the Matrix will overshadow your awareness by imprinting conscious and unconscious fields of doubt and judgments based on their framework of the mind. So be with those of the higher understanding that vibrate above or at your level.



Those gelled in the Matrix take you down by slowing your frequencies to “prove” what they cannot understand and in this process you doubt your frequency and judge yourself from their framework of reality. You might as well be trying to explain colour to the colour blind, it is pointless. Know that the major collective of the Earth are stuck and frozen into working cogs of this reality and perpetuate the collective reality as “real” since they are not starseed, they are right, and you asking for their measure are in error based on their potential to comprehend.

It is by working in your dreams and exploring your power again and awakening this to the world that you will break through and enter into your new abilities once again. Just remember now not to depend on validation from the frozen and know your know. Practice your memories of your soul states in your dreams for you are more than you think. Form the collective of LIGHT minds, and you will all begin to remember and regain your birthright and soul powers again.

This is the way out of the Matrix, to awake in the dreams of the Cosmos.



Wisdom starts with the character of the soul. For the nature of the elements of the personality are what reflect the knowing and the LIGHT.  Not every stone is a gem. Not every gem is cut and polished to perfection that the soul enjoys sharing with its many life incarnations, that are the necklace of the Emperor or the Queen.

The elements may be there but the frequencies and the matrix of the spirit are what makes a crystal in the form it takes on.  Such is the rarity of souls in the harvest of the keepers of the higher realms. When you are such a one you will be taken into the higher teaching ground in experience, to make you a multifaceted creation of your soul’s perfection that can be.

Sometimes, when we have endured the greatest pressures in life, is when we are truly the formation of a diamond.  You can be a grain of sand on the beach or you can be a diamond in the depths of wisdom that you have gained.

You have the choice, that is to polish yourself into perfection and endure the testing of nature so that your real beauty comes forth.

For even a pearl is but a grain of sand that has suffered the elements to become an evolution of great grandeur.



There are options for the tests. Although you company the connections of others, you are within the company of the DNA ancestry that is in you with the memories of your ancestor’s experiences and decisions of their creative spark.  So within you is the viewer, the consciousness that is the Spark of Prime Source that is your individual element of thought form, viewing, and comprehension. May I remind you that your emotions are the energetic reaction to the things you experience and see?

Ever present is the nature of the bloodlines and your challenges you must undergo to achieve the grade of your incarnate working of your soul’s mission. You have the area, the culture and the body form overlaid with your divine spark to experience the testing and the temperament that your soul set up as an application to train itself in further inner power and accomplishment. Fresh was the ambitious soul with steadfastness and isolation of being, to learn and explore on this world of the creation of HUE, as an independent free agent of deliberate creation of the SELF with the context of adversary, trials and pleasures.  Just remember, HUE signed up for this incarnation and it is up to HUE to know thyself.

Religions, people, governments and your very own DNA are the hurdles and the battles within to master the self into perfection and strength. The journey here is not to possess or battle without meaning or find the perfect “soul mate”. These are the illusions. You must first and foremost find yourself and your inner power, or you will be a victim of life and the tragedy of failing.  With the connection and the knowing of the original plan, let us begin to unfold in the growth of the soul. All lights up for you the media you have to work from, thus being the house or home of your early years of programming HUE to believing the things your chosen mother and father and all the ancestors have encoded.


Remember “Masters in the Making” you, with full deliberation, chose this dense realm of information as the book about HUE. You are writing to become an ever more and individual Free Agent to the Universe, removing yourself from the collective to begin the individualized particle. A diamond in the rough needing cutting and polishing and many facets of lives. To become the royal gem of the Soul LIGHT Being that is “becoming the Self in Perfection”. Many gates will you open to states of being upon your completion of energy.  From the lower to the higher scales, you must complete the grade. Know that the false teaching of the world says there is only one life and you must serve a saviour on your knees and with blood. This is a gate you must open up and find your path in the maze of your test on Earth’s Matrix Hologram. And the govern mentals falsely claimed “Let us make God in our own image and let us rule the masses, for we are the rulers and the entitled Elite, to have you as our followers. We will make them sheep and be their lords so that we can use their soul’s energy and rule the game here for ourselves”.  And know this, it is allowed to be for your testing dear ones.

As I have outlined this chapter, let me say in overview.  You must find yourself and your soul or you will be created as a cog in the machine you are told to believe in. In keeping with this flow, let me begin the following discourse. There are gates and they are primal in your very core. Where you come from is the divine. A galactic star seed being, knowing and ever happy and connected to a group of souls that you resonate with. Know that life begins in a human bio computer that you selected and you have submitted to a chapter in your schooling, the Earth.  So unto the body did you download just enough of your soul’s spark for the journey. In this body, you sleep to download a different state, succumbed to the challenges and the insights of the memories of the unit’s DNA.  The wormhole of the uterus has now quickened the calling of your soul spark. The dream about a character that was scripted becomes the entity’s uniform of cast identity for a while, while in the carbon and water crystal body unit of superb design.

Now unto HUE, you awaken into another dream. The forms have impulses and needs that trigger conditions to your reactions in this shell of a body. The mother calms you and there is warmth from generations of energy, but not from yourself anymore as this has been disconnected from where you came. You have a knowing, though it is limited by the imprisonment of this neural body. This is Gate One “The Birth Start” of the soul. The next is that you learn to react and feel rewards in energies from this form here you know as your body.  This is the “Socialisation”. This is Gate Two. The next is a fire in the body that desires to blend, unify, connect and become one with the body. This is the “Sexual” Gate Three. Next comes the socialization of the being to the culture and the downloads of expression and collective awareness. This is the gate of “Self-Expression” of your uniform body and DNA shell you have personalized to call yourself. We shall call this Gate Four.


In all of this process, you are tested. And as our discourses continue in further chapters of the way back to Source, we will expand. The lessons to follow will come forth at a later date. But know this, you always have the chance to make the correct selections to every challenge in your sojourn, and when the gates are opened and balanced so that there is no more pain, hurt and fear, you will have made the test with optimal test selection.

It is becoming clear to explain this will require a volume of book in knowledge; I will give this teaching to you today as a preface to more in-depth principles of the way and the maps of teaching so that you can return with a higher report card. So I make this my mission as your tutor. Furthermore, if this teaching finds you offended, you need not journey to the paths of self-realization with me. Stay with the keeping of your own kind, for they are designed and imprinted to the path of forgetfulness. This completes my channel of knowing for today. If you have an interest I will speak more. Be well on your journeys for now, you are all wonderful champions to the creation of yourselves.

In the light of knowing to the supreme LIGHT fibres of HUE, be well.



For unto a master of the Earth experience, he may feel tears in his eyes, he may feel a fire in his heart, he may feel great sadness about the world and the people he sees on his journeys for he is connected to his sensory soul, his feelings. But it is he that reacts in action to that which concerns him, and everyone and everything that comes into contact with him is touched with joy and he leaves a feeling of hope and joy.

So unto you, life presents itself with many challenges and how you deal with them is how they are resolved. Challenges must be faced head-on and the elements of the issue must be seen before action can be delegated to impact the change and correct the missiles fired at you. Understand that there are many people in positions of power (so they think) and perhaps you work with them and you must relate to them on some sort of exchange level, including your spouse or partner.

Just know that they are human and colour their positions with their views and safety level and upon many, they will react and bark and abuse their positions if they feel bad or upset, hungover or even sickly. These people have a certain comfort level and if you make any change that you may need you can bet that they will bark and react for this works for them. Life hands you cards in such situations and you need to know how to place your bets and prepare to voice what works for you.


In short, know who you are dealing with and who is the dealer, and that the system favours the house but the dealer is the variable. Know that when things are intense for you, it may be that you need to make a change or that the situation is protecting you on some level.  Just know that your soul has a greater understanding when you as a personality lag behind. Your life dear ones, is merely a test and character builder for you to learn and it is temporal, the sooner you understand this principle the more magnificent your life will become.


You must learn to voice your soul and free it in all aspects of life that you have woven yourself in from work to relationships and make these things in sync with your soul and your growth. The Universe encourages growth and self-mastery and if you make this your path then you will begin to feel again and choose the involvement with things and not be enslaved to them. The first relationship should be to yourself and your know.

The people around you and who you spend your time with should amplify your presence and be pleasant to be with or at least respectful and cordial. But then again if you are not this way in yourself you will connect many mirrors of yourself to look at which reflects your agitation and conditions you need to work with, for that is the principle of Karma.

Dear students of life, all is but a mirror of your lessons needed so if you do not like what you see, changing the condition with others is in effect changing yourself, for you are doing your work on the reflection. So you greatly amplify the meaning of each condition when you work on both. For Masters in the world will always master themselves not their possessions and props.




And so it is, the tragedy of life. The struggles and the burdens we carry, such it is.  Likened to an old canvas sack we strap on our backs, the weight of life is heavy upon us. We are happy to carry the bricks of our pain and hold them in the canvas of our mural that we use to define life for ourselves. Oh, how heavy the burden that we must carry. Yet when we share our misery, we are so happy to share our special bricks of pain that we carry, to build our validation that we are great sufferers pacing through our lives. Scrambled and heavy footed we continue, and everyone else has their agenda.

Funny they are not interested in my heavy bricks I carry, and I am not interested in theirs quite frankly, and what is the interest of my own? Why do I carry them to such burden to my body and experience as I walk along the path of life?  Being of this mindset and “brick and mortar” we toil our mindsets.  Many of us spend a meaningless and unnecessary life in the dramas of our burdens and we think with this that the amount we can carry somehow validates who and what we are.  Right down to the things we stuff in our minds and the possessions we carry. How frail a life and pointless this baggage, and for what?


It was at the beach with the morning glow of the sun and the sound of the ocean waves pounding that I realized that I had a choice in the adventure of my life.  I asked myself, why I need to carry heaviness of issues, and keep handing out the same Mobius loops of my experiences of the negative things as bricks on my back?  What if I just leaned to one side and put the backpack of issues and agenda down for a moment and looked to the sun and to the ocean and said “today it is not important to carry my drama anymore, nor look to others to feel and suffer in my pain”.  What if I just let go of this passion like dropping bricks off my back?”

I then looked direct to the sun and felt in my heart joy for being able to experience the great solar disc, knowing that problems and burdens were something that I choose to keep piling up.  I let it go, and then heard the waves and the roar of nature.  I said to myself “life is simple when you get to the point to just take a moment to feel joy, and stop carrying the need to perpetuate the dramas”.  It occurred to me that no one forces a burdensome and unhappy life upon me. It is only my reaction to situations, measuring my life with my bricks and load that I magnified my burdens. Getting to that simplistic moment of inner joy by the detachment of my burdens and my need to be responsive in my heart and mind 24-7, that I concluded it is merely my choice that keeps me stuck to the illusion of slavery to the system, and this sounded deep in the cords of my soul.


I will make it a choice not to carry sorrow and the props of things to equate the significance of my value as a being, for the major issue is to be LIGHT and in joy at the core of my being with the sun to warm me and the air to breathe, feeling joy in my body and giving thanks for being able to experience such. Somehow this changed my frequency and the things I frequently see are changing by my lightness.  The question is, who demands me to participate in this illusion of caring for meaningless worries about things?  Is it only my reaction to them that makes fear and the union with them? It is time to worry about not worrying and take things in stride and do what is doable in our life.  Reunite with nature, for we fret beyond what is necessarily healthy, because we feel we have to be concerned in this game of life.

For the day, make your provisions and carry only what you need so that you are not weighted down for the journeys of another day.  Each day has its cycle, and let the tomorrows take care of themselves.

Today is your day and task.  Live in the moment.