You came into the world alone, and you will live alone that fact does not change. Your life then integrates with others and you socialize and make identifications as to what you are and who you are. So in the arena of life, you jell and mold identifications about yourself and gather the ears of others to be your sounding board and props. All too often the HUE in you is projected into mass, people and things.

As your body ages and your physical charm diminishes you become desolate and lonely because of ‘those’ things and people do not respond to your whims like they used to. So what is the point in bringing this factual glimpse up to your eyes, dear souls? It is because the crisis of life can significantly be reduced for your journey by understanding an inner dialog with yourself? So much of life is a lesson and a cause and effect to teach you of how you are being upon the world.

This teaching today is to get you to understand that lessons keep happening until you get the information and process your painful or joyous experiences, and see the common thread of just why your life works with an imprint of satisfaction or does not. Do you have an inner dialog and review your life as you go? If you do not, then you will be always asking others to speak to you what your very own soul is trying to convey to you.


As the soul connects with the personality, you can free yourself by increasing the inner knowledge of yourself. If you are not practicing the asking and answering to yourself and higher self, this ability for you to strengthen your intuition becomes atrophied, and you become lonely to yourself space and in greater need of others to answer your inner chatter. If you are addicted and codependent on others, you will be out of touch to the gaining of wisdom and self-empowerment.

Just remember this, people are really interested in themselves and if you want to communicate with them it must be mostly based on them and this goes for yourself. Dear souls, research your life and become informed so that you do not trouble yourself by being a projectionist of your inner lacking to cling onto others and have them fill your emptiness. So then the real magic of company and friends happens when you truly share your joy and your inner glow, not your problems, fears and unfinished inner business that is your responsibility.

Learn this way and your life will become more wholesome.



Your thoughts and actions create a pattern of your mindset and identity, and it is accumulative. Mostly everyone is given a fabulous mind and body and the choices and activities of the individual models nature, the product personality and mental conditions as the end result. So daily, your actions affect your mind and identity by habits that enhance the beauty of your soul and presence, or takes away and hides the soul behind a mask of illusion and a compromised spiritual expression.

So to quicken yourself into being the best expression of body, mind and spirit you must begin to make changes in your behaviour that are your most dynamic and loving to yourself and others. This can be a change in diet, exercise, thinking and working all aligned with a better outlook and attitude. Just remember, being out of sorts took time so undoing and correcting ignorant behaviour will take some time to adjust. Learn to focus on the good things about yourself and focus not on shame.

Embrace your choices that improve your character. As your actions are more harmonious to your environment, your vibrations will increase in the measure. With higher waves about you, your encounters with more loving clearer individuals will be upon your path. An essential part of the action is to surround yourself with spiritual and moral people of excellent calibre. People you hold around you shape your reality and construct of information and practical and spiritual understanding.

Sometimes in life, you must part your ways with people of bad habits as they will keep you stuck. Make it an effort to increase your love of yourself and honour yourself. For how you love yourself is how you love others and other living creatures. Become inspired and read and identify with wisdom and the great teachers and sages that have lived upon the planet. For this is food for the soul and awakens your soul when your mind is focused in wisdom. You are your best friend or foe.

Ever in your mind are things you must attend to in order to make changes in your environment and duties of life. So proceed and take the necessary steps to walk in alignment with your spirit.



And are you the ruler of your self divinity or dependent on the measure of others? So it is with your understanding, there are realms and sectors of the galaxy that are beyond your threshold to understand at present. So know that what you base your concepts of the Universe on, may and oftentimes is beyond your measure.

And it is you that compares your information to others and the vastness of the Universe. So your knowledge is limited by your ability to “measure” with your concepts. It is only when you step away from having to compare and measure that you can see greater things and have the capacity to experience beyond what you think you know.

Find the visions of the heart and the soul and you will be taken by the currents of the infinite to see. Learn to feel again and to flow in the freeness of your soul and creative syncing of your mind’s eye.

For some, they still need to play in the matter of the sandbox. They play out their roles and test their little mental concepts until they grow and stop playing and are ready for the gaining of knowledge.

As you move on your path understand this about people and let them play in the sandbox Matrix of Earth, for they are young souls. Expect them not to listen or care about the higher functions of awareness, they are still in infancy. So let them be, and trouble not yourself to change them or awaken them, they are not ready. They must play on Earth again and again in rebirth until this realm bores them.

Not till then will they awaken, for they need their play and playground and the whole gamut of experiences of cause and effect, for this is the boot camp for new souls. The real measure is a state of understanding and vision, for when you no longer need to validate yourself in each and every manner of expression then you have come to understand your connection to the soul in good measure.



Sometimes it is important to recharge and let the sun feel your being, to let go of the need of others and to be nurtured by nature. Just remember your nature is not separate. It is people’s lack of ability to understand and LOVE and show compassion for others that estranges you. Remember to find balance between your work, life and your soul connection. All areas in your life should be in balance. Just remember people are amplified fires of your mindset.

Know what is deficit within yourself and seek to find balance. You cannot expect others to fulfil what you are empty of inside by your own lack and rejection. People cannot process your pain, it has to come from yourself and your soul. Oftentimes pain is magnified beyond what it really should be. Loneliness comes from yourself not knowing itself. The majority of your life on the outer is empty and you will never find yourself on the outer.

Everyone has their own yardstick of measurement and are calibrated differently than you so learn to measure and evaluate things from your own calibration within and what feels right. When you do this, you can be a positive force of making your life happen and people will respond to your current of life force energy in action. You can have all the friends in the world and you would still be unhappy.

You could have yourself with a good soul connection and very few friends dependant in the world and you will be happy. Just remember you are living life cycles and nothing is permanent, you are not stone. Your life will pass through many seasons so you must learn to be not attached because each season has a different element that you must be prepared for. Just know this, nature will always provide for you and why wouldn’t it? You are part of it!

People have different seasons at different times and that is the reality. Remember to be happy and grateful for wherever you are at. That is really the acceptance that you need to get, where it’s all the journey and experience. Nothing is permanent but the lessons you learned and the wisdom you gain in life will go a long way to every season you pass through and in everybody.

If you’re not in balance then you have to attach yourself to situations you cannot hold on to further and creates imbalances within yourself. Just remember, people are drawn to the glow of your inner LIGHT and no matter what your body is.



You don’t need someone to complete you but when you find someone who accepts you COMPLETELY this LOVE gives you strength, courage and ignites the soul with your hearts ablaze illuminating your whole world. And for those who may weep for a LOVE so deep, your tears are born in your eyes that are the window to your aching soul, they live their dampened path on your cheeks with pain and then die on your lips with the kiss of sorrow. Just KNOW that a love you thought was never real does exist and is within you for all eternity. Play with your inner divinity and connect and explore ALL of that you are. You are a precious child of the Universe who is deeply loved and nothing can ever break your bonds of LOVE.

You are made of LOVE and this love is the core of all creation not only for yourself, but for the whole world. The love you carry inside your hearts has been with you since your own creation, a tiny spark from source, and you can access this when you connect to your LIGHT body. This is the bridge and pathway to your hearts. Love spans the ages and for those who LOVE with all their hearts time is eternity. LOVE is your true natural state, where you’re completely loved, accepted and adored. This is the precious jewel which is your infinite true divinity, this is divine cosmic LOVE. Your inner child is the creator and knows how to express and be full of love.

Stop wasting your time and connect with the SELF, for you are the captain of your own soul so take action. Turn your dreams into desires with focus. Just remember, there is no time, distance or separation for the divine. Only pure LOVE can connect you. Connect with all that you are. Here in the 3D you have fallen under the spell of the overlords and have forgotten your true divinity. You feel small and inadequate, maybe lost and afraid. You may feel weighed down by moral judgments and the feeling of loneliness and unworthiness. You may have been misled and told lies by the ‘teachings of sin’ through false religious doctrine. Know your inner truth, that you are not alone and never will be alone.

This is an illusion for in the divine you are LIGHT and free. There is no shame, no religious oppression or restrictions. You are free from the weight and fear of Karma and karmic debt. Nothing can stand between the LOVE of who you are and that pathway to your divinity within. Your LOVE can heal the world, shatter all illusions and break the limitations and bonds of the 3-dimensional realm. Connect and FEEL your ascension to the higher realms of existence. Do it NOW. Move beyond the restraints of money, materialism and the many limitations of this realm and glimpse beyond to the 4th and the 5th. Remember who you are and connect to your true spiritual being of LIGHT and INTERGALACTIC REALMS of every possibility.

And if it is destined you will meet your true cosmic mirror. The ONE who touches and ignites your inner core, the FLAME, illuminating one another with pure radiant divine LIGHT. Together they are empowered and protected, their divine love having a healing energy that pours into their heart, harmonising and expanding their consciousness to their pure divinity. The love from their hearts flows with waves of oneness beaming out through their hearts, and then out on to the galaxy, for their love is written in the stars. Remember who you are and reconnect to your being of LIGHT for the pathway to your hearts leads to divine infinite LOVE.

LOVE is whisper within your soul, and just a heartbeat away.

Anna NaRaca RA


Dear souls, remember that in your most painful moments that is when you can gain the most wisdom and you resolve what the issue is within yourself and the other person. When you learn what you could have done differently, these are encoded deep within yourself as experiences and this is what life teaches you. Sometimes you receive blows that you need to look at so your greater beauty can be carved into perfection. On this planet, it’s one thing to be kind and open-hearted, it’s another to be foolish, gullible, a victim, and naive to the controllers around you.  Ultimately the place you need to be is to understand when it is enough and to just remove yourself from their presence, for oftentimes it is your reaction and your interaction with these people with your continuance. When you try to prove your point matching their energy you actually become deeper enmeshed like quicksand struggling, sinking deeper and deeper to match their levels.

But the ultimate goal is for you to be in company of your SELF and have your oversoul talk to you like a loving presence to guide. When you reach this level, your personality what you think you are, that aspect will find the greatest strength and encouragement and can be in the company of itself.  It has the Master there, and that Master is your soul that has been through many lifetimes. As long as you need to have reassurances from people you are staying stuck. You have to win confidence in yourself and LOVE yourself and become a dynamic person because ultimately it’s all up to you. And once again people really do not want to hear your problems, they want to be around happy dynamic people.  People that complain and are negative it’s like a foul odour. But I hope you know in your life you can look somebody sternly in the face when they are abusive to you and say something like “stop, you’re making me upset and you’re defiling my character of who I AM and that’s not going to happen”.

When you get to that point where you can tell people what it is that they are crossing you with, as matter of fact, then you will no longer continue these lessons to get you to the breaking point where you can begin to say that. You must learn not to be callous or rigid for then you become brittle and you lose the opportunity of the good things with people. Certainly, you must understand how to negotiate spaces between people when they are out of line with their true higher self and they’re in conflict with you and projecting their own unfinished business on you.  Dear souls, learn the art of stratification perception because there are so many different types of people on this planet and you cannot put them all into one group.  What you need to have is sound judgment and know what works for you because ultimately, this is your life and your responsibility. If you cling on to people and things in your life sooner or later the Universe will break them from you because you need to grow to become strong and you need to be self-dynamic.  Anything that teaches you otherwise is exactly against your growth.


This is the problem with religions, you have to be forgiven and you have to be saved. Nobody saves you, what saves you is learning correct behaviour and attention to details, becoming dynamic and learning to empower your sense of will and your sense of purpose, but that can only come from you. Otherwise you become just another sheep in a herd collectively grazing on ignorance while you hope that somebody with all the answers will tend to you. That’s why you’re so programmed as humans on this planet because you don’t seek that inner strength and that inner voice of your true soul. Never underestimate the power of your wisdom and the power of your body. Your body reacts when things are wrong and if you pay attention to your feelings and how your body reacts when you feel out of kilter, then you will understand the wisdom and know what’s not healthy for you. The more you continue to ignore these things you begin to shut down these mechanisms of your inner compass.

The fact that you’re conscious you must know the harmony that you are to have between animals, plants, the world and yourself. There are governing principles to your nature and to nature.  No matter what you think, believe or hope, if you go against those natural laws you will have dis-ease, you will have illusion, you will have suffering, and that’s just the way it is. If somebody is ignorant enough to try to get you to believe that you should not have a sense of judgement then you really are going down the rabbit hole of ignorance. Sound judgment, sound body, and a sound mind illuminate you to higher frequencies so that you can get off this playground of Earth and reach out to higher vibratory beings. Until you do and you learn your lessons you will stay in this playground of duality, error and ignorance. You can advance so quickly when you begin to listen and make the changes that you know you need to do and you know the things you need to know.

Ignorance does not excuse you from the liabilities of your errors. But you must move, you must do, and you must perform and learn from your mistakes so that you can be on target. This is your sounding board, this is what life is all about dear souls. You can make your life an epic of empowerment with clarity when you do not let others pull you away from your goals. But you must find them first and set your compass on to creating and the Universe will give you everything you need for your growth because that is what you’re here for. Become an epic in your life and something dynamic. That’s what you’re meant to be, that is your greater cosmic starseed. It’s up to you if that’s what you wish to be, for you can far exceed the commonplace of man.



Remember the law of attraction.  Things are attracted in your life through your vibration and frequency you are signalling to the Universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. So be aware during these times of great energy coming to the planet, for all is lighting up within you. It is a time of great cleansing and many of you will attract people, circumstances, and events resulting from your own deep-rooted unresolved issues. Some beings and people feed off these energies, so be very mindful and know of ENERGY vampires.

Often people with matching conditions latent will magnify emotions in you by projection and they will feed off your energy that is fitting to their reality in a form of potential agreement. Everyone is influenced by the emotional power to some degree. For example, when you create a positive emotion in someone it uplifts your experience and amplifies you. This is the positive energy you want to create, as your soul enjoys happiness and joy is infectious to yourself and others around you.

The opposite polarity of negativity and projection creates pain and lower vibrations of the dark passions, this too is contagious. There are those who are the broken and lost souls who enjoy creating these harsh feelings to experience them for themselves and others.  They have a need to exceed their boundaries to process these extreme emotions, and if you’re not careful, they’d gladly take you to that place with them. Through their reflection with you, they feel energised by your vibration and reaction. They desire to ‘see’ themselves through the emotions they are creating in another person.


These are attention seekers who brave the limits of decency and indecency, stepping outside their comfort zone which they feel liberates themselves psychologically as they revolt against society. Many have a deep-rooted psychological sexual dysfunction. These are the souls you need to be wary of. They usually exhibit extraordinary charm and are great actors so be very careful not to be bewitched by their words and actions. For they are very skilled at creating unsettling feelings in you and this gives them their vitality.

They seek to take advantage of your sensitivity so they can manipulate you. Know of the emotional dangers these people may bring you. And although you possess your own pieces of unresolved inner pain and issues seen as darkness that you try to balance, if you are connected to your LIGHT body you will find that these beings will not reach your frequency and you repel these lower astral energies. So use your inner guidance system always.  Ground yourself and stay connected to the LIGHT inside your hearts.

Keep your spirits open, but protect them also.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA