There is no one else in your perception and consciousness but yourself. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are experiencing your connection to the essence of what you think and feel you are. Keep in mind you are the perceiver and much of your pain and suffering comes from your feelings.

It is your feeling that makes life bearable or unbearable. Your body is based on chemistry and hormones in your brain. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins affect these imbalances, as well as substance abuse. Beta endorphins are crucial to your state of happiness and dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin levels.

If your adrenal system becomes expired and you don’t get enough rest this is detrimental to your state of wellness. Exercise is important to stimulate the metabolic rate with massages periodically if you are under a lot of stress. Limit your intake of alcohol because it is a depressive.

Understand that feeling good is a state of body chemistry. Be sure to get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your body and in your eyes. The world is going to be doing through gloomy times so sure up your body chemistry and it will help you adapt.

The Teachings of Quential


The image of what you wear by your clothing affects how you feel about yourself and your value. The same goes for what you speak. Every word you say is a brushstroke to someone observing and that is what they see. It is also a projection of what you think you are.

By putting more time into conserving your words and knowing how valuable you are and realizing what you want to say and your purpose you can greatly affect your self-image. When your life is not a springboard, and events are running away from yourself, then it is a manifestation of what you seek to accomplish and identify with.

Just as tattered clothes reflect a poor self-image, wearing tattered emblems of your negative attitude degenerates your identity. Great changes in your life begin by being coherent in these areas and if you want something, speak it.

The Teachings of Quential


When two people dream together they hold a glimpse and their space of dreams becomes a held reality of reflection. When two people are in love and hold a dream together and participate great magic can manifest. When a group of people holds together a dream, great is the outcome of their achievements.

Both a negative dream with a negative outcome can bring on wars, pain, and suffering. In all that you do believe that you can, and hold that to the energy that you are aglow with. The power of the soul with a vision can bring the infinite into form in this dimension. When you learn the process through diligence and dedication you will achieve that which you are seeking because you are creating it.

The Universe is always creating and every one of you is a porthole for that energy. It enters your minds, your heart, and flows from your hands. It is an energy and charge of your creation. You can dream yourself into nightmares or dream a positive force of intention, for you are a positive force of what you dwell upon.

Be an achiever and create wonderful things and your experience will be meaningful.

The Teachings of Quential


What you worry or fret about are oftentimes seen as fear when it is primal insecurities lighting up. Insecure people have elements that pop up in their inner space and reactions to others which aren’t necessarily of the present moment in reality. Oftentimes you hold on to money, bodies, beauty, and vanity as validation and when you feel depleted in these areas you become emotionally enslaved.

The secret is to understand what you can do about making yourself more financially secure and healthier with rejuvenation in your body that begins with changes in your habit of nutritious food and reduction of alcohol, smoking, and sugary food and starches including white flour and bread.

When you bring your body into health with the vibration of light and meditate upon loving yourself and trusting the Universe you can do a lot to quiet your anxieties of life. Keep yourself busy in the positive creations of life and invest as little as positive into the negative, whether that be your own or your friends.

The Teachings of Quential

Artist: Tithi Luadthong 


The ingredients that make your life work are your selection, and the recipe for success is always done in good measure. Your life can float together in harmony or be held together in suffering, fear, and worry. When you get to the point of natural flow the Universe aids fluidity and simpleness.

Oftentimes your attachment to negativity is what corrupts your minds and that can be redeemed by correcting your behaviour. When you live your life by hurting other people there is a debt to pay. When people hold you in an adverse space it holds pockets of astral energy of negativity. It all comes back to the centre.

All unkind deeds to any animal or person are your karmic debt, for if you cannot feel love and compassion but would rather transmit danger and negativity to others it will come around to hurt you. That is the universal law of karma. Learn to love yourself and learn to be worthy of yourself and embrace the wonderful being that you are.

And don’t hurt yourself, for that is karmic too.

The Teachings of Quential

Artist unknown. 


It’s a matter of fact all your identification with matter becomes the fact of your identity. Your attachments to matter are what you seek for identification and qualification of what you call yourself. It is what you hold on to and what you qualify yourself with. Matter is formed in creation by concepts, visualisation, and action, which is the fabric formed by your identification with the world and people.

When this process is flowing with coherent thoughts and design then you manifest what it is you want and this process creates your reality. In this science, you must understand that you have a choice in the chance events and what happens to you in the construct of this principle. So what is important is to focus what it is you are forming in the patterns of your life and you can change what you can see and much of what is happening to you is what you mirror.

Your forms of people in social concepts form a state of your emotional balance. Change the things around you in harmony and clarity and your emotions will also change as a direct relationship. Never underestimate the power of focus, order, and clarity in your abode. Clarity of mind and heart requires maintenance and you have only so much space about you.

Learn to let things go and finish your cycles and learn to return things you don’t need in your life, including material things. Get them out of your space to allow new things to enter your life. Being dynamic is an art that must be practiced following these principles. By the creation of thought-energy do not make the past current to the present unless it serves you.

The Teachings of Quential

Artist: Krystleyez


The purpose of love between two people is to accentuate and enhance the conditions of life in companionship and to draw out good behaviour. Love is to share passion in the fires of creative energy and the fires of the kundalini and to dream together, to age together, to mirror and appreciate each other, and for some to unify creative energies in offspring with the union of the two.

It is obvious in the mechanisms of the body that the duality of different genders enhances the polarity union. The principles of male and female will always manifest in adaptability even if there is a similar gender. It is best to work with what is. When your partner starts to devalue who and what you are and holds you in a negative light it is time to leave. If your partner falls into the path of addiction and substance abuse do not follow.

Be enhanced in your relationships, do not demeanor. Respect yourself and respect your other. Know that no one else can fulfill that which is not within yourself, nor should they. Life is a great journey and can be wonderfully shared with the right partner. For true love is truly a gift in a union of two souls that were meant to be together across the sands of time and experience.

The distance between two people will always seek its own level and the love with another is contagious. Make it positive and make it a sacred union, honor it as a union and with a commitment. For the amplification of life is enhanced in divine love. When you look after someone else in love you are looking after yourself, invest wisely.


Artist: Ines Honfi


When you shut down all of your attachments and all of the noise the volume of the outer becomes a chatter of noise. As this quiets you begin to hear with a knowing and feeling within yourself. You have to step away periodically from all that you do and regroup to the centredness of your soul. Gaining perspective within your being is a reboot. It gets rid of many patterns that are still uncompleted programs and reactions that are meaninglessness.

When you fast you get to a threshold when you are no longer hungry, so it is with the mechanism of your mind. Learn to shut down your mind, and by that, I mean an endless program of ‘this and that’ and of what you have to do, or what will happen. All of this will ruin your state of presence which is what you need to find. This is how you recycle your energy and bring back into yourself.

Understand that recreation and nature are restorative and that if you do not get recreation and rest you will be more tired, drained, and out of focus. Learn to recharge yourself and learn to dream and to journey with your imagination. Learn to sit in the sun once in a while and close your eyes and feel good and at peace. When you integrate yourself in balance and stop being hurried about everything you must do, you will find you have more time and more energy.

Don’t be consumed by life, be amazed by life. There are always problems and you can collect as many as you wish, but when you stop holding on, things begin to dissipate including the many problems of meaningless worries that you are holding on to that have no merit or reason in your life.

Leave tomorrow for tomorrow and learn to rest, and the rest will take care of you and the rest.



The element of planets and the stars are opening up gateways again and with that will bring sensitivity on an emotional level. You may be feeling intense emotions, being sad or angry and depressed all of which are the overlay of your intuitive feelings you have neglected with your intuitive knowing.

What is about to happen is many of you will be experiencing the freedom of flight in your dream states and will become conscious, and you will be dreaming of many places that are not necessarily of this earth. This is another wave of energy coming to activate your inner eye and give you a glimpse of the interdimensional spiritual planes, or the higher dimensions as you call them.

Rest and watch in view and detach yourself from the need to judge what you are seeing and feeling, just observe. You have been through these dimensions before. When you have reached a state of quickening it will all make sense to you. There are a lot of distractions with politics and fears of wars but there is a rumbling in nature and the forces of the grid of the matrix, all of which to spark frequency changes on the planet.

These will be happening periodically in pulses for if it happens continuously it would consume your ability to cope with it. Hang on and enjoy the ride with your imagination. Many of you will have dreams which you need to interpret which are private situations in your life that are meant to happen. Stay grounded and take some time to rest.

Just remember the world is something you are visiting and not who you are. It is your inner world that you need to reconnect with. All of what you are experiencing is the temperature of situations in your psyche. Old conflicts and old issues can no longer be stuffed down. As your soul reaches to ground through you it will excite many things, all part of the growth.

So look into the attic of your psyche and you will find ancient history that you are linked to. Look to the basement and you will find many things you have stuff down and not resolved but are not holding on to. Growth begins by releasing and surrendering to the forces of your soul and reaching up to the light and the warmth and the internal presence of the universe.



Look at the news about another outbreak of a virus in China. Look at the recent statement from Bill Gates of how there could be a potential flu or virus where up to 30 million people could die. The elite are already telling you to be prepared.

If you have been immunised you may be susceptible to activation of dormant ribonucleic acids in your body activated by chemical spray in selective areas.

There have been major weather changes, fires in Australia, and now hail storms. Major chemtrail spraying and weather modification going on.

It appears that the agenda of depopulation is about ready to happen with earth changes and magnetic changes happening on the planet. There is a lot you don’t know that the elite know.

There is a lot of stress along the California Cascadia subduction zone. There may be a release of this vault very soon, so it might be a good time to do a little preparation for emergencies for your family and household.