You are wrong when you say your voices need to be heard, you had that opportunity when you were children crying for your basic necessities of life.  When you learn to walk you must use your own feet and you must learn to crawl, walk, and fall from an early age. 

These are the fundamental experiences of evolution and the soul and nature of that person. It is inner self discovery that you become self-sufficient and nature provides rewards of pleasure and pain but it should be the innate drive of that individual to want to adapt to society being functional. 

When you were young you cried that you needed feeding.  The new paradigm is that people want to hold on to things all their lives and they hold on to realities. You have a collection of human beings that have not learned the test of life at an early age resulting in a cry baby in adulthood. 

The brainwashing of the New World Order is training you to doubt your own gender and who you are and to be group conscious and not stand on your own two feet, giving names like bi polar and manic depressive. They will prescribe drugs so your brain functions pull you out of balance of nature reward systems. 

This is what has happened to society, it has become plagued with cry babies who are demanding unrealistic perceptions of life and reality without earning it, without learning their own voice at the moment, and without learning to negotiate. They are being brainwashed to a collective of disruptive social warriors because it may trigger some people. 

If this is not corrected, society as a whole will be corrupted and easily controlled by the pharmaceutical and governments. The new paradigm is the reinforcement of children that never fell and had their hands held in the dreams of others and the pack of collective programming of the New World Order. 



And as the old adage goes, so it is with life nothing ventured nothing gained. As with all things you need to break out of the womb and take a deep breath and learn the environment and what you are to it. The trick is to keep the state of pure knowing that is the viewing from the soul without the entanglements of the web of this world where you forget that you’re conscious and knowing. You have two eyes for seeing and two ears for hearing. You have a brain for thinking and a heart for feeling and you have free will and a sense of knowing. 

So why on Earth do you need to ask what it is that you are? Have you lost your sense? Yes you have, because your creature has needs to survive. Sometimes you betray what you are to yourself in order to fit in. The point of this discourse is to understand that too many times people train themselves to be dependent on what they are told is real and stop listening to what they know is appropriate. In the mix of this becomes bad habits of limiting context of your inner information. Power is knowledge and is it your own personal power that you ultimately need.

So why is it you turn yourselves into dependent herds of thoughts that are collectives of limitations and confusion to your state of know? Precisely this is why the epoch time of the great philosophers where people questioned their very existence and growth of the soul has been replaced by belief systems of service and worship of gods and saviours, with the belligerent shaming and fear mongering of the after life state.

Until you break out of this media and social toxic illusion of dependence to great saints to rescue you from your sins you will never reconnect to your real nature that is already connected to the cosmos. Return to being the agent of your reality to your inner quest and communication to nature and animals with respect. Realign your hearts to the magic of life for the growth and experience of the soul.



It is time to quicken those that are on the real path of enlightenment and service to mankind. Put away your trinkets and quicken your mind. Stop fumbling with your appearances to show yourself to the world and begin to radiate the guidance of your oversoul as a knower accepting the space of who you are as an enlightened being. Get out of the need for followers and polish yourself so your brilliance can come through and you can be a guiding light.

Then by example, you will become an icon for people to be attracted to you because your vibrations are clear and your intention was real. Stop wearing the outer costumes but be the king and queen of the inner radiance and soul. Be of service to mankind from the heart and from the soul. Get beyond the addiction of quantifying yourself by followers that are not taking time to build their own inner strength but are looking for someone else to walk their talk and be their life.

A true master is always seeking union with the divine presence the spirit of nature and the radiance of the Sun to its very presence. There is always an unmistakeable calmness in an enlightenment person and a sense of non-attachment to trivia. The trinkets and the icons that you hold on to are but mere garments, for the master has ascended from illusion and is a guidepost like a lamp radiating the power of its soul to bring light to this dimension.

This comes from their hands, eyes and auric field and is unmistakably pure and powerful based on inner contentment and union with the divine source with a love for all things. The being has direction and removes him or herself from destitute, imbalanced drug energies and neurotic and insane people but is always there to lend a hand to a kindred soul standing straight again on their own two feet.

But those that fall sometimes need to continue to fall until they’re through with the pain and suffering so that the only available pathway is for them to ascend. Just remember, to be a master means to master yourself and your heart and to be a vessel that collects the light of the cosmic Universe and is filled with that light.



What is meant to be in your DNA memory stick will manifest its programme in the biological form of your bodies. You have chosen your mother and father, and each of their experiences and potentialities is the gateway for your potentiality in a physical form. The world is going through a quantum leap and many lightworkers are incarnating and don’t have to go through a loss of memory and power and are going to be activated with their inner dimensional powers. Many of you are going to activate your higher states of being that you had in your previous lives with insights and memories of ancient history and knowledge which is non-linear and goes to the future and the past.

There are cosmic energies and synchronicity to planets and the Sun’s position in the cosmic null zone or fog that the scientists acknowledge will have great effects on the germination of your souls’ quanta to manifest while you’re in this dimension. So many of you are miraculously completing cycles with people of feared actions and dramas, for these people are coming into your life because they are allowing a transmutation of your karmic debt. So the key is to learn your lesson and be a warrior and complete your cycles with these people because many of you keep coming back with connections, and some with ancient history keep connecting because you have a karmic debt.

This time is ending with the Age of Aquarius and nothing will stop the cosmic events which are assisting the earth, the inner core, and your DNA. Great energy is blasting the planet because this is a time for ascension and metamorphic change, go within yourself. Follow your instincts, follow your heart, follow your path and sometimes this may mean letting go of old habits and people who keep you stuck. All of your energy quanta is very visible to the workers of light and the keepers of this dimension. Think of it as a showroom of fine cars or a junkyard of decrepit vehicles. That is how you look to the beings of the higher dimension.

Be to the centre and out of linear time. To understand the Universe you must look within for the answers. The whole earth and the solar system are about to make a shift in vibrational changes. It is the eruptions of volcanoes and the shifting of the north and south magnetic belts and are having multiple angles of magnetic pulses. Since the water molecules in the atmosphere align with particles there are very dramatic storms and rains of the seasons that will be a sign of the rapid change that is happening. Moreover, this is happening in your very DNA structure and psyches for there is no separation of mass and energy quantum. You’re meant to be what you are and that you will be. The density of your ignorance will manifest or the ascension of your being at this time.

A seed cord is an energy packet of quanta that is the essence of your soul fabricating the weaving of life force into the body and the personality you call yourself.



You must understand that as a spiritually awakened person you can deal with those that are asleep in consciousness by positive reinforcement and controlled reaction of negative responses to override the basic functions that are primal disruptions.  How can I tell you that most people are not aware from day to day as to whatever pattern is conditioned to them by the media or social context.

The new millennia are strictly animals of the herd who are so programmed by their computers and primitive perceptions by the New World Order to control you all as herds and chattel.  Be careful not to react, take time and learn to pull away and take a deep breath because oftentimes people are being manipulated by the djinn of the astral plane and are not even aware.

To those who are awakening in consciousness you must understand that the hand of the djinn are using people like pawns to checkmate and disrupt the positive forces you intend to bring.  They will take over those of the lower vibrations and the energies working through them.

Become conscious of the higher frequencies. When you’re ready to make a quantum leap with your spiritual ascension there will be a whole montage of circumstances and events, smokescreens, and distractions to hinder your growth because you pose a threat to the matrix.  This is ever more prevalent in social media where you’re all being spied upon with internet communication.

You’re being rounded up and quarantined if you represent any interference to the New World Order and the beings ruling this world.  Do understand workers of light, we are working with you so that you can remember who you are and why you came here.  Know this is not because you call yourself a light worker, you know you are. 

You have had contact growing up and in dreams and seen us in physical form as light energy.  True genuine light workers have wisdom and consciousness that is innate and they are not busy running around looking for props or followers to make them who they are.  They have come with a message and they already have the power. 



What is due in your existence, what do you expect? There are people that perform nothing with conscious action and expect life to provide for them. They think the world is a social welfare program, and that I can assure you, it is not. With this type of pack thinking you will never be in achievement. It is like asking a herd of sheep to fight the wolves, they will be frightened and run away and leave you behind.

This is how society is, no one cares about you unless you care about yourself. So with that said, when you begin to hear an inner voice and connection to your mind questing your soul it is opening up a program to the greater computer that has the answers. The more you log into your soul and establish a gateway to cosmic consciousness against the earthbound consciousness then your existence takes on a new meaning.

Turn your eyes inward with focus to the third eye, your pineal gland. When it is functioning and not calcified by fluoride you have a connection and real inner net connection as you say in your term of computers where you log to source. Why do you think there is so much effort with religious communities to not listen to your own inner being which is the breath of the soul?

The connection you have with your oversoul is the real force that will make you who you are. Many religions tell you about their saviours to keep you stuck from your own sense of inner knowing and link through the pineal gland which is your conscious soul. They will tell you of their devils and saviours all to keep you like sheep so you don’t have the ability of reason and inner judgment and link to source.

To open up this door is to ascend and when you begin to ascend you will see your world as a whole different temple and reason. It will be frightening because many of the voices in your head have not been heard. You will have been fractured in time and space of all which needs to be healed and sometimes that may need the help of counsel with an ascended master or shaman.

This process is called soul retrieval and this is the linking of the real inner net to the body consciousness and supreme consciousness of the oversoul. We can expand more of this in the next teachings. The path of knowledge is not for the masses but for those bravest souls who want to climb to the highest peak of their potential.



Value begins with your self acceptance and your currency of opinion to yourself and others.  When you meet someone and you exchange your energies and you connect always think of what you’re investing in.  For the time you have in life has so many hours and so much time and it is the minutes that you spend with people that you invest in yourself to your age and expansion and quality of spiritual and physical life, or takes it away. 

Read the fine print before you sign contracts with people.  Read how they feel.  Always keep the hand on the pulse of people you exchange energies with for it quantifies who you are.  Understand there is so much you want to invest so don’t give people blank cheques and your won’t have the takers.  Balance the bank account of your soul and spiritual values.  There are people who give you dividends of positive energy and there are people who are negative who take your energy, some call them vampires. 

If you ask where you are in your bank account of spiritual awareness, look at the bank of people and you.  When you begin to hang around positive people you have positive assets.  When you spend time in idleness that is a poor investment of your time.  For some, political and religious views are difficult areas because they take their programming for gospel.  So do not discuss religion and politics with someone who has made up their mind for that is a poor investment. 

An open mind and heart in the exchange of love and information is a good investment.  So wrestling with someone who does not keep their mind open to other views and opinions is a poor investments because they’re saved by fake promises, none of which works with the karmic destiny of your life and your spiritual responsibility. 

Invest in your soul and use your time wisely.