And it shall come to pass that all the withholds of your energies shall bounce into force of what you are. For the Universe will be amplifying your core and your nature will be lit up from the dim sense to the brighter sense, for time is going to make a great acceleration. The nature of yourself will be coming out. What this means is all of your positive forces will spring forth into immediate clarity sending away your negativity which lit up previously for you to work out.

For most of you, your past grievances have been accelerating over the last year. What is now going to happen is a stream of your inner potential will manifest what you have always hoped to be in your purest form. And for you that have snapped the cord to your soul and have failed to have compassion and the insight beyond the matrix of the world, you that have not been guided by the soul and consciousness, a great monster will be established.

Many will become very violent and chaotic with the principle of their addictions and violations of the laws of society and nature. The byproduct of that spiral of negativity will be magnified and great will shall be the chasm of the spiritually enlightened and the dark and deluded, and many conflicts will be among you. Very many will be bonding with closeness, and strength will be with those that follow the path of light.

Those that have betrayed following the path of light with an agenda that is not clear and wholesome, your natures will be exposed. Much corruption in the church and politics and much corruption in the law enforcement will be reaching critical mass. Those that are ready to make a quantum leap will have an acceleration in their molecular and spiritual bodies and those that have been in an illusion will sink deeper.

It is a great time for the precipitation of the elements of your soul and your cord and a time of great accounting. Not for any god or any saviour but for the change of state for your soul, body, and mind. The world will accelerate a course and events are to happen in extreme, from physical climatic changes to wars and social unrest. This is not the end of the world but an inventory of your achievement as a species and a race.

Think of it as cosmic cultivation and harvest in the fields that will be the ripened. The nutrients of life will be selected and taken from those that have not been aligned. The useful will be cultivated and the others recycled in the fields of the earth. They will be left for they are not worthy to be taken in the meals of the soul for the banquet of the keepers. It is time to understand more than the body containers that you are magnificent beings with so much to learn and so much to expand.

Many of you are losing bad habits and will be brought into new crystalline bodies with capabilities beyond your imagination, for you will have proven in this level of reality what your core and nature is. You often think that the Universe is measured by your understanding, it is not. You are on the lower levels of existence. There are many Universes and each depends on one thing great. The capacity to love and the desire to learn and to absorb information and expand as a useful element to your self and to the dimensions you enter into like a spark of divine presence.



Let the book of your life be your autograph, your biography, and the signature of your empowerment and your uniqueness. Let every day of your life be like the thread passing through the binding of your days. Record your lessons and put the script of your knowing in the sojourn of your life, for it is only temporal.

The meaning of life is empty, or it filled with lined actions and events and wisdom you have created and harnessed. As writers get writer’s block so do motivated people but ultimately when you see that life is for wisdom and for learning what binds your mind, soul, and heart to the wisdom, then you have arrived with a life scripted with meaning.

The importance of life is for you to understand cause and effect, actions and inactions, attitudes of hate, fear, and love, and all the other amenities in the spices of potential. When you can be busy writing the script and book of your information then life will unfold in such a dynamic way when you have found wisdom.

If you would be more apt of learning grammar and the basic fundamentals and identification of having a clean slate then you will understand that in the structure of life there are rules and principles that earn the language of your culture in your experience. If you take your time worrying about how others are wrestling with their books you have neglected your own.

Life is your responsibility and you are the authority. The value of life is earned by your scripture and the greater you learn that the novel is not about religion nor governments, then life takes on a purpose and your adept and purpose will be what you create. It is about your own inspiration and own inner spiritual reflection.

Your ignorance is the failure to grow up and reach the state of internal learning that is beyond your daily traumas and your daily struggles. Your life is the precious diary of your soul in the harvest of learning and wisdom.



The essence of your emotional being is a product of your feelings and perceptions which affects your state of resonance with others, and so within yourself are many mental pictures and concepts in the fields of self-judgment from others and your uncompleted processing within yourself.

This is your learning on earth to master, what you identify with and what you need to master by letting go of misinformation that is not you.

You are living in a world of many perceivers and dreamers looking for concepts and understanding about themselves. Everyone has secret pains and memories of rejection and hurt in the art they trying to resolve from the many projections and missiles that have embedded into the roots of their self-imagery.

Pain is a recollection of rejection and a stuck position that has caused disconnection and fractures from your emotional bodies. Consciousness and emotion without the mental overview just want to feel and be a presence. You term this innocence and this is what you are born with. When you first incarnate you are vulnerable and are trying to understand life in your new emotional body and striving for spiritual maturity or growth.

Because of the melodramas and density of pain and suffering on the planet life causes imbalances in the psyche that need repair. The heart and soul cry for its family and friends to try to grasp and understand what it is going through. If you are lucky enough to find your own voice and grasp information about the painful unwarranted circumstances this goes a long way toward completing the cycles of these pains and bringing them into resolution. Unresolved storms of pains and memory become the shadows of yourself in other people and social situations.

Earthbound people with matching pictures of events in their life will be specifically be triggered and unconsciously react to you which become perpetuating dramas of emotional hurts that are states of charge still running. That is why these patterns are the same because they are fractal energies that need healing and review.

Other people will react and hold you to the light that you are within the subconscious. In order to heal, you have to unplug the cords and perpetuable behaviours and learn to find the issues of your inner pains, and this is the process of healing in order to be free of pain, suffering, fear and mental judgment.


The Teachings of Quential

Artist unknown. 


Keep in mind your perception of reality is where you are focusing, but the truth of the matter is time is a unitised volume of experiences and it is your holding on to patterns that throw the baby out with the wash. It is harder to hold negativity than it is to hold love, but holding requires you to become the Atlas to lift up the world and weighs heavily on your shoulders.

You must learn comparable to a dictionary for there are many different definitions and you can thumb through many words both negative and positive. All negative experiences in your life are what you focus on and so are memories and the future. If you do not look at your life you are still looking for the definition to support a cause and effect of why you are unhappy with your life.

If and when relationships end with a family member or lover, partner or business deal, remember there were good times, bad times, times to laugh and cry, and the novelties. To flip back when you think of other people is the charge that you hold on to, so when you ‘throw the book’ at somebody you have to include everything, not just what you cut out in the negative things of that person.

No one is totally bad or totally good, nor their problems. It is your reaction and considering to stay that keeps you stuck and that is a choice. My advice is to learn what you want to write about in the author of your life and you will find yourself being less stuck in the melodramas of everybody else’s business.

You are free to choose your episodes more than you think you are.

The Teachings of Quential

Image: paintingvalley.com


When you have become solidified in your ignorance and stuck in life, you feel that you are immobile and cannot change however nothing could be further from the truth of your universal potential. For change is merely a change of state. If you are stuck in the solidness of your pain and illusion, become fluid or vapour.

What this means is that your soul can take on many forms and many creations. It is your belief system and your patterns that gel realities and the fractal experiences that you are going through, so the most important thing to understand is that your position and your view equates to your held realities and the manifestation of what you think you are.

Change your pattern and thoughts and immediately you have changed the consciousness of your world. If you are negative, change your state. Change to positive and send out a positive intention and focus your force of energy on that. If people light up your negative held images remove yourself and turn inward finding repair and contemplation.

Motivation can only come from you and is best accomplished by being inspired by spiritual knowledge, pure diet, and removal of yourself from negative people. You will always find what it is you are looking for or what you fear, for that is the magnet you put in front of you with reality.

If you seek pain and negativity to project to the world that is what you will receive. You always have a choice on what it is you are broadcasting and what it is you receive. Your experiences are sediments of your intention, they do not just happen to you.



What precipitates through your life when you become detached with a decalcified pineal gland and a brainwashed mind purely serves a body of the overlords and govern-mental. What you have is a container that becomes an outdated computer, hard to boot up, feeble, and running old programs never accessing portals of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the integration of the soul connected to the presence that you think you are.

What you have is a relic that is playing like an old reel to reel recorder, for many of you have the perception and nothing to say but programs that are meaningless in today’s world. For until you become anew with that ever-presence of consciousness, the sediment of what you are in time becomes ever pronounced to a stagnant shell and brain degeneration sets in because in essence, you don’t remember your soul so you do not remember with a functional mind.

And this is the price you pay for living in illusion, or living in the enlightenment of spiritual realities and of the spiritual consciousness that is not attached to the frequencies of the world but ever adapting. You have a saying on your world ‘set in your ways’ and the only way you think again is when you think outside of the box and you unite with the universal presence once again.



You are sentient beings whether you like it or not because you are perceivers of what is before your eyes, ears, and mind so it is you that must make a go of it. Everything that is alive is sentient and has awareness.

If you see an animal like a dog or cat and you acknowledge them with emotional love and appreciation of what they are as a loving being of presence and experience, they will turn to you and light up and respond. That recognition is the divinity of the spark of life force in everyone. It is the brilliance of the cosmos, but that knowledge has been forgotten.

It is only the shadow of your separateness and isolation based on concepts and limitations that you fall into patterns of measure designed by governments, peers, and religions. So then wildness of your nature often fails to come out to expose itself in the act of creation where will you find your creation and nobleness.

Get out of your cast systems and radiate love as a beam of light and presence without the turbulent mind and baggage of affairs left uncompleted or hurt. Lay down the gravity of your negativity and descend to the lightness of light. For this is true enlightenment.