Games are for playing and for children, and for some that is all they will hold you as. Take your life as genuine. Understand that limits are often caused by the needs of approval and this is a deterrent for your dynamic.

Find the strength in your spirit and spirit guides to help you break out of your shackles of complacency and mediocrity. A diamond is not mass produced like glass nor is the soul that has come forth in full expression of its splendor.

May the experiences of life cut the facets of your character so that your inner light radiates. A diamond is also the hardest mineral and can cut through anything, so should the determination of your soul in your body.


Artist unknown.


Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and watch yourself to get a perspective from another point of view. Watch your social interactions and try to see how people are responding to who you are, and what you can improve. Never forget that the building of your personality and experiences in life is but a character in the drama of life and there are points in your life where you’ll need to view.

Stop, take inventory of yourself and find out what the real motivations and needs are, and address those first. There is a difference when you act from a reaction which is oftentimes a ‘domino effect’ of previous experiences that keep perpetuating. Allow yourself the space to unplug and reboot your life for you run into situations that you’ve created with your connections with other people,

It is the participation in their dramas that you need to free and stop feeding. People often call these cords ‘karmic cords’. It’s important to set new goals and a new strategy of your journeys in your experiences of life. You don’t need to stay stuck, that is purely a choice of how you’ve become rooted with people and complacencies, and sometimes they don’t work for you.

Never forget you are the author of your life, so don’t have writer’s block.

Be genuine and dynamic.



In the world, it is not just you and your challenges. It is the projection of all the elements of the perceivers and the beings at that moment, place, level, and evolution to love. It is one thing to conquer who you are and it is another to deal with all the variables of human nature, both of the clearer ones and the lower astral guided ones. Everyone needs a sounding board and a mirror to the degree they are outside of themselves in the know of their consciousness and the universal harmony, for in your world there is a mixture.

Every one of you that are in the midst of personal growth will experience episodes of very deranged entities in your life, work, and visits to places. The out of sync and distorted ones can and will take an adaptation on every level of social experiences for their own lessons of life in your realms and others. They may be in your religious groups, in your political parties and your governments, and even as your lovers and marriage partners. The corrupted nature of a competitive core that is out of touch and in need of projection for self-value can and will manifest in your lives. For the nature of the being must be made to see and project.

Life is not easy. Strongly motivated lost souls oftentimes rule through intimidation, physical oppression, and uniforms of military and police titles. The insight here is sometimes you must learn to understand that you will have to battle these elements that will infiltrate into your life. It may not be the loving, kind, and naïve state you wish for, but they will come into your life and stay until you eradicate them from your life and fight for your ground in a controlled manner to escape.

These beings may not even be on the visible and from lower astral levels that are attaching on to you with a motive. Be aware, for they can and will tempt others against you from time to time to sport with you. Love and vibrations affect the arena of your continuance with them and that is the goal to maintain, but you must be prepared for battle should they invade the dominion of your soul and sovereignty. Have the courage to outwit them and to study their motives and rid yourself of these characters.

Know that some beings lack love, self-respect, and kindness, and can come out in the dark of your mind and comfort. For at the end of the day they light up similar elements within yourself. Show your strength and prevail. The lesson is to gain knowledge and to change your frequency and to maintain your honour. Know that the world is controlled by many dark elements that have gained power through fear, violence, and oppression with political and financial upper handedness. Until you fight your battles to release them you will be controlled and dominated.

Just know that they have weakness and gain power by your submission to their ability to do unethical deeds and to be violent and evil and project their nature. Learn the nature of these beings in social environments and be aware of the force that estranges you to know who you are. The ultimate goal in any dimension you find yourself visiting in experience is for you to know yourself and to confront yourself in the mirror, for whatever reflects back at you is yourself.

The way you are confronted may be from your own family who can come in and out of sync from suppressing you with situations that can be used against you. You must be a warrior, for those people represent projections that you need to resolve. Your goal in existence is to look at every person directly in the eyes and know who they are. When you do so without separation and oneness you will have conquered all your adversaries which begins with yourself.

When you walk into a room and they are not accepting and you are being judged you should look at them in the eyes and let them know they fear not. Then you will have mastered the games of reality. You will have ended the nonsense of what has plagued you and hunted you down and you will have enslaved your demons.



When you’re not in the present moment you’re always behind the moment of beingness. How simple it is when you’re not pushed and in a state of flow to your work and life.

Everything just falls into place and that is how it should be when the soul exploring in the body is allowed to walk and move from its perspective. The struggles you have are based not on the solution to the unrest but the judgments you have to get there. Bring yourself to stillness.

Know that if things are not flowing there is a deadlock of creation. So it is with you ‘creators of selves’. All that you are stems from your focus, attitude, and actions. Be filled with joy for It is all there within and in order. 

In every new day, use it as an opportunity to remember and to learn the frequency of your soul rhythms.



Each day is part of the school of life to the soul that has chosen to advance. In life, some find comfort in being static and numb, and there are restless souls that cannot be tamed that are bored with complicity. For they need growth to the memories that lay deep within their hearts. They do not fit in until they have resolved their deeper hunger for knowledge and the sights of what they knew before they forgot in the process of taking on an Earth body. 

For them, this world is not their home and they are visitors in a strange land without meaning. All the channels they sense deception and untruth and they see the packs of sheep herded by the chase dogs doing the orders. They are souls of light and wolves in sheepskins. Strong are they that fight from the core of their spirits still intact. They have resolved to the company of their knowing and chose not to forget even if it means evading the social system. 

These are the deeper ones that need to find their kind. For a black sheep stands out and cannot hide its nature of skin and fur. Keep up your knowing for you have your soul’s connection still intact and think as an individual that has the knowledge. So play the game to function but remain loyal to the nature that it is not taken to the slaughterhouses or fleeced. And know even the teaching of the New Age can be deceptive if it has no checks and balances for reason and proof.



Love will always precipitate as the nature of your souls flow, and when flowing in this vibration it matches the divine frequencies of life and connection. When you flow in this current you will always find the protection of the unity of the divine presence that certainly wants its fibres and cells to be bathed in light and cared for. 

This is the advantage of choosing the force of love and the way of kindness. Lost in the world is the opposite of this principle. Know the consequences of separation to the harmony of love and integration of the forces of being connected to respecting all nature and entities. For in this potential you can be the pursuer of the dark side and chaotic and you will surely feel the price of separation. 

So with this in mind, if you want help and guidance start with the flow of love to yourself and others. The principle of love binds deep in connection and appreciation of others. Lose the false things and material fillers that outweigh the power of true love and the desire to connect from the heart. For this is what all sentient beings wish for at their core. 

The replacement of these principles is the breeding ground for evil and malice. Losing the connection of love makes one fear-based and open-minded to distorted perception and habits and no power comes from being separated from the principles of love and respect, for this mirrors your heart.


Artist Cameron Gray.


Your whole world begins with how you feel within the confines of your heart and mind. You perceive what you want to perceive by your frequency and bandwidth and by the radiation of your ability to love or connect with other living things with a sense of mutual respect and kindness. Ever so difficult it is when somebody is in the negative vibration, because it pulls you inward into reactionary states where their energy will attack your open-heartedness and your goodwill, so you have to be defensive. 

A word of caution, if you want to remain connected to your soul and higher frequency stay away from those people who are bitter with poor health habits and substance abuse. If they can’t take care of their bodies with the respect that is their very own creation. Don’t think that they would have the capacity to show you respect and love. Everything is frequency, everything is what your chemistry is in your body for it affects your mind and your emotions, both of which create your reality. 

If you choose to be around negative people, be shielded. There are currents of people that form collective realities and being around them will affect your consciousness and ways of thinking. No different than the fuel you put in your car if you do not use good fuel your car will not run well. It’s no different than your computer needing an electrical current. If the current is toxic and the frequencies are off you will have distortion on the computer screen and it will not work at all. 

There are principles of resonance and frequency. You are responsible for that flow of energy whether you like it or not. Take heed to know the inner power of your cord of awareness and protect your feelings. Your inner feelings mixed with your heart and core frequency has a lot to do with what you manifest and how you feel about yourself. Above all, maintain clarity and keep your mind in the metronome of higher frequencies and spiritual knowledge because it is easy to fall asleep with bad company, bad food, and bad habits. 

This is what distinguishes the masters in the making from the sheep in the herd. You can control your destiny when you’re in alignment with your soul.