What you’re feeling at times is not just yourself, you feel the world. You feel a state of consciousness and this can bring suffering to many an empath and caring person. You also need to be aware that when you are in close contact with people what they are feeling can sometimes be confused with what you are feeling, especially if you are close to them.

What you keep on the shelves of your psyche is your inventory and sometimes you have to be firm and tell yourself to stop feeling certain emotions that don’t concern you, may it be anger, depression, sadness, or gloom. Sometimes you must place this into a state of order where you tell yourself to stop and that it does not serve you.

Passions and feelings are great enhancers and a great distraction. But understand, you can be a warrior and you can decide whether you want to perpetuate it or give it a “go away”. The thing about fear and worry is that it keeps breeding itself because it is something you are dwelling on. With that noted, a great way to change things in your life that is bothering you is to not dwell on them.

Learn to ground yourself and learn to speak to yourself about the changes you need to make and find your power. Go within yourself now and then and the Universe will fill you with light and when you do that you are released from pain. Life is not an easy task but certainly not an unbearable task.

There are lots to do so make sure your life is full of knowledge and spiritual evolution and then you will be on the path of a certain good destiny. The fact you are here as a conscious being is a miracle. You are all conscious beings and all have value and as much as you want to value yourself you have to polish yourself with maintenance.

You all have spiritual guides and keepers that are watching you and are helping you. Keep your vibrations high so you have the higher ones working with you for a good purpose.

The Teachings of Quential


The secret of the Universe grants completion of your wishes in how you utilise your energies to manifest. One of the main ingredients in manifesting is understanding what it means to “command”. So let’s look at this idea of command and the concept of wishing.

To command something means you have understanding, knowledge and control. You are wrapped around the forces and they yield to your wishes and command. The principles of command come from hard work, discipline, and an attitude of strength and what it means to wish, to dream, to hope, and to want, all based on probability.

Often we wish for things with unlikely chances and hopes. When wishes are distilled into discrete desires held in the mind with specifics and a plan is drawn, then the building of reality can manifest. So should be your life.

The youth are always wishing and always wanting to know, and a lot of this yearning is lost in the older years. If you wish your life could be better but have no direction to apply yourself then you will have chances that are very improbable.

If you turn your wishes into dreams and you practice, then you put your concentration into building your dream and your magic becomes real. Feelings and beliefs that are aligned to you with positive imprints form a fundamental foundation and manifestation through your emotions, your bodies and your time.

The more you get a positive vibration spiralling the more rapid your dreams will manifest into reality. So command your dreams, command your feelings, command your life, then you will undoubtedly achieve your dreams.

The Teachings of Quential


There are mechanisms being triggered right now which may seem overwhelming. If you are feeling depressed and sad understand these are ancient hurts and pains processing. If you are feeling angry and are willing to make changes you are now becoming aware of things.

My recommendation is to feel and not to judge, but watch them flow into you. This is only a process of information and you may become stiff with tiredness and reaction which is part of the process of feeling, so make rest.

The use of medicinal herbs may help you connect with the source of what these are. What you need to process may be overwhelming and this is happening to many, not just you. Understand when the Universe reflects intense emotions it will gift you with positive emotion.

This is a process of kundalini energy awakening and is an overwhelming time for many of you, so do not expect to find meaning or resolve. This is a process of energy and feeling being stuffed down coming to the surface of your psyche.

The more you breathe into them and acknowledge them the quicker the process of clearing them.

The Teachings of Quential


These are parallel universes and every thought that you make and every person you come across are gears enmeshed in streams of energy exchanges. Many forces in life happen. The astral plane harbors the unmanifested thoughts and creations thinking to materialize in this realm and this is where I caution you.

Make sure you temper your lusts and your passions that are negative and violent based out of revenge, and reactions to negative people in your life. When you think of others you are connecting with them and when they think of you they are connecting with you, and this is a busy process.

You can be pulled into violence and bad energies without being conscious of it yet you are participating on those levels. That is why is it ever so important to keep love in your heart and not succumb to anger and rage to others. If you only knew what you draw from the lower planes you would cease if you were to be conscious of it.

As you have your landfills with unused items and overconsumption so many of you lay in a dungeon being entrapped by negativity. Send those that have been dark and negative to you away. It is best to learn not to participate with these people. The negative karma can bring you a world of hurt and keep you in their stage of illusion.

Be sustainable in your hearts and minds, curtail your greed and your overconsumption. Seek the path of peace and freedom away from those that are linked to chaos and trouble. There are no coincidences, only currents of energy that flow conscious or subconsciously.

As your third eye opens you will see more of the horrifying realities that are all about you. It is oozing from centuries of lifetimes with many people on your planet, stay clear.

The Teachings of Quential


You can make your life happen by investing in it and this requires action. You are the author of your life and you have to pull it together. It does not matter who you are, what matters is that you use the right resources, methods, and actions for what you want to work with nature and laws of the Universe.

Knowledge is a fundamental aspect and once this is incorporated it will never leave. That is your trophy and birthright of life. The purpose of life is your purpose, your dream, and your manifestation. The more you value your life the more polished you become. Look to life with wisdom and spiritual insight.

A life well done is joyous. A life chaotic and intoxicated with idleness, alcohol, and illicit drug use is a wasted life. It is time to take your ascension. You have descended far enough being in this dimension. But remember, your term of heaven is a state of mind, your state can be hell as well. Life rewards you if you seek the path of all you are meant to be.

If you are on the path and you become rebellious of actions there will be repercussions. Become what you are meant to become. You are working with light and dark forces, some very caring and some very destructive. Be careful who you invite into your life, and in your meditations visualise light and clear yourself and beyond.

If you need help ask for it and it will be given to you in good measure, for your destination is perfection and evolution and each incarnation is one step of refinement. You are where you are because that is what you have chosen. Release consciousness and you will see rapid changes, it is that simple.

Do not underestimate the power of love for this is the amplification of the spiritual body. Ignorance makes your life difficult and when you are in the balance of good deeds your life is much easier. You are where you are by your choice. Be in the flow of your life energy.

The Teachings of Quential


There is no one else in your perception and consciousness but yourself. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are experiencing your connection to the essence of what you think and feel you are. Keep in mind you are the perceiver and much of your pain and suffering comes from your feelings.

It is your feeling that makes life bearable or unbearable. Your body is based on chemistry and hormones in your brain. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins affect these imbalances, as well as substance abuse. Beta endorphins are crucial to your state of happiness and dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin levels.

If your adrenal system becomes expired and you don’t get enough rest this is detrimental to your state of wellness. Exercise is important to stimulate the metabolic rate with massages periodically if you are under a lot of stress. Limit your intake of alcohol because it is a depressive.

Understand that feeling good is a state of body chemistry. Be sure to get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your body and in your eyes. The world is going to be doing through gloomy times so sure up your body chemistry and it will help you adapt.

The Teachings of Quential


The image of what you wear by your clothing affects how you feel about yourself and your value. The same goes for what you speak. Every word you say is a brushstroke to someone observing and that is what they see. It is also a projection of what you think you are.

By putting more time into conserving your words and knowing how valuable you are and realizing what you want to say and your purpose you can greatly affect your self-image. When your life is not a springboard, and events are running away from yourself, then it is a manifestation of what you seek to accomplish and identify with.

Just as tattered clothes reflect a poor self-image, wearing tattered emblems of your negative attitude degenerates your identity. Great changes in your life begin by being coherent in these areas and if you want something, speak it.

The Teachings of Quential