Let the sun infiltrate your bones and feed your piezoelectric semiconductor calcium ionic bone structure. Let the liquid crystal of the fluids in your body vibrate the presence of your being in wave formation that is of love and clarity. For thoughts held set up the very fields of your vibrations of what you are claiming the world to be, and you can change and reconfigure consciously with feelings and images if you are of the study and knowing.

So greet the sun with open arms, the light that makes life possible. For it connects you to SOURCE and in time you will be able to stare at the sun in the morning and evening without it being too intense. You will have taken yourself to the vibrations of the light and there will be no distance, for light burns illusion that is held out of harmony and in poor vibration. Turn to the Sun and get your inner light there, not from the shadows of others that walk in front of your light.

If you try to hold light it will burn you by the resistance of your state of being. When you radiate light it flows through HUE. That is why holding creates heat, and reflecting light in your understanding and flow does not. For light of the soul is a state of being in harmony with all life, and seeing this in others encourages them to see their light. No different than an ocular lens, you see what you focus on and you can focus energy by your desire to see and your mindset.

This will separate the white light into different hues of colour all attenuating the focus of your connections through the 7 rays of your body wheels of energy. So keep them spinning and in-sync for each is an expression. Like the notes on a piano you play melody with your hands in each note you strike. So practice life till you flow with the direct connection of your soul’s expression.



Do not hold your anger to breed pressure and more of same, otherwise it loses relevance to the state of now. It is our reactions to protect ourselves, which is often the case that becomes more damaging than the real issues. Some of which is not the situation but triggers of our own past rejections of pain and hurt that is somehow pointing to our account files of mental storage banks. This brings in interest of the past that is not of the moment situation but a past reaction that was not vented, and so it is a dumping process not a solution which can fling missiles to others that do not even deserve the reaction.

This plagues humans for even the defenceless children of reactive parents become the target for dumping of others pains and sorrows. This breeds more of the same negative charges into the world. So before you anger and outburst to others think, observe and write down your processes and have an objective reality of how patterns have been set that may need some adjustment and overview of your own shortcomings. One must be clear at their core and this takes work and processing. You will know you have charges that are out of balance when you see your abode in chaos and you have anger to groups, races or issues that you have connected to with your opinions.

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In order to be free from this cycle, you must do your mental and spiritual homework and maintenance. You are not selected to do this, it is fact and the nature of the state of your societies and the hardened disconnect you have from your souls and the spirits of nature. The key is to see, feel and take to the dump your negative mojo for it is only the results of pain and discounts you keep trying to right and this will fall on death ears, for people want to be with good vibrations and happy hearts.

So if you put more energy into finding the goodness and happiness in people and sending joy, the return on your investment will be a bank of good thoughts and people that know you as pleasant and dynamic. Handle your changes and pace yourself, after all in your very DNA are the memories of all your ancestors and their knowledge and information that you must process as challenges and resources of your character. Here is all the pain of mankind, the victories and meaning that you must rewrite into a stasis of balance for your clan and ancestors. Change begins with HUE, you colour your perceptions based on your pains and joys.

So know and heal, it is of great undertaking.



Pay attention or attention will make you pay, for when you find the space of the soul connection your world will open up to Hue. Trouble not your minds with the worldly events of others stumbling in the dark. Find your inner light and knowing. In the subtleties of your walk you must listen to the voices of reason and your nature spirits that will greet you. They know of their mother and of the Universal presence that abounds in the very forces of life. That is why they do not worry and are one with the world and the cycles of nature. Remember to forget so that you can know. The ways of man are not always to your path and purpose.

Be ever vigilant of the moments when you feel the break in your energies around others, they will either add pleasantness or discord. Just remember, you ‘know nothing’ to others that are not of your vibrations that take you down. Know that magnets only pick up elements that can be attracted and some are more favourable than others. Weight not yourself in the sinking of others with the manipulations by your kindness. It is admirable to care for others but keep the inner provisions of your heart to maintain your flame or you will not be a light upon the world to shine the way.

Much sickness is contagious by bad frequencies. If you feel this, break the connection and do not download this into your mind and body. For it will take your charge and high state down to their level and this does not serve you. Feed the plants in your garden that you want with your resources and let the negative weeds fend for themselves. Dear souls it is ok to LOVE YOURSELF, for in order to love you must have your inner candle of light and knowledge. Wrestle not with the containers that are full and know everything with their titles, for they are saturated in their ignorance and myopic.

A true soul is on the path of wisdom and knowledge and can still reason when it is time to change perceptions and facts for new inspiration and views. In the Universe, there are many realms and realities, all of which you decide to dwell collectively and this is always changing for the growth of the soul. Get off your knees and make YOUR LIFE HAPPEN, that is why you are who HUE are. Religions and views that know everything will not serve you. They will keep you as sheep for the slaughter and limited to your potential. Morals and integrity should never be compromised to your inner score card. Fear and guilt are those tools of the limiters.



You are a vessel of energy, a receiver of LIGHT and you plug into whatever circuits you wish willingly or unwillingly. This your choice, to charge yourself up and connect to what makes you feel good or to connect with that which you download that makes you feel drained and weak. Contrary to the propaganda you are responsible for yourself and your own actions, unless of course you’re part of the herd and the sleeping dead.

The sleeping dead graze on the fields of illusion and comfort themselves with the knowing that they know everything and are taken care of and they never excel in life. They limit themselves and are afraid of anyone else that dares to stand on their own two feet and go journeying beyond the herd. For they hide in the wolves of their thoughts with their religion, their social pressures and peers and everybody must look the same with no distinction.

They all follow their lords and the wild dogs that run them, control them and herd them to their own whims. Part of waking up is to know you do not have to be one of the sheep but you will definitely stand out if you’re in the herd. Oh but to transform into a wolf from a black sheep is the goal. For you run the knowledge of the Moon of why there are those in the illusion and asleep in the herds, and to you you’re on the path and they fear you.

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For the soul can take on any form that uses to identify with bodies, which are merely a tool and the imprints of the herds. If you’re stuck to their opinions and worry about how you’ll fit in then you’ll never be different for they are so limiting by their nature, they’re all the same. They fear the unknown and collectively they believe in their safety and they’re only safe in their numbers, so be the wolf.

Strengthen your teeth and sharpen them with your power and walk the path of the LIGHT of the Moon in the wildness of Nature. Dare to go where you want to be, for you to not need the herds but only your clan of other wolves. If you need to wear the skins of their beliefs so that you may be a wolf in a sheep’s skin, clever will you be like the lawyers in your law of the controllers that run your world.

While they mock the ignorance of the pack and fleece you for their own agendas and the herders become your Lords, collectively did they have the power to tell you that you too are a wolf. So dear souls, cry out into the night of your soul and praise the unknowingness of the Universe that knows you, and you know it for you think outside the herd, the box of ignorance and pack-minded belief systems.

A wolf is not a sheep and not part of the herd, it walks with nature in the voices of the Moon.



Learn of the power of your vision of the sight from your eyes. Have you any idea just how much energy is broadcasted by the fire of your eyes? When you meet people look at them directly in their eyes and send from your heart “hello” and honour them. Make contact eye contact and let them know you see them with LOVE that is all, with no judgement. In doing this you will lift them up in spirit and make friends with many.

Even unto animals may you practice this art. It is a recognition of the light and the Consciousness within everything. If you understand this and practice this as a way of your daily contact, you will be amazed at how people will shift their feelings about you and about yourself. This is a secret forgotten art. Do understand that when you make eye contact with another person they are a mirror of yourself as you look into yourself.

That is why many people that are not in alignment with their spirit, their soul, and their duty of life and good behaviour with integrity, cannot look you in the eye. You have a term on your world that is called “shady characters”. This is the mark of a shady character. People need to be appreciated for what they do and whatever they do. Try to light up what they do with one thing you can find and acknowledge that. Just to say “hello” and “thank you for being here”. For everyone is a flavour and a spice in their existence on this planet, but you can be the chef and decide how to flavour the soup with the light and the knowing of a master.

If you find the time to scorn others this is an indication that you were avoiding your own issues. Your life is wonderful and you have more influence than you are even cognisant of. Dear ones, know that life is a mirror onto yourself and learn to clean the mirror once in a while and reflect goodness from within. For that is what you should see, and that is what you will see when you practice the art of LOVE, and eye contact to the many souls that reflect what you are, for you are ONE with all that is.




Are you aware of your soul mission and life purpose? With many of hue activating you’re fully recognising what needs to be healed to be ‘achieved’ and you value the connection within yourself. You know that when you empower others you empower yourself as you are in alignment with source energy through the bringing of joy by accomplishing your goals and lifting the spirits of others. You value your experience and connect with people on a deep level, a soul level. However, always be mindful of the negative emotions directed towards others that can halt your spiritual growth.

Jealousy for example, fans the flames of desire that burns your hearts to ashes when you see something that you do not have. This emotion limits you, for you do not believe you are worthy to have what it is you want. Focusing too much on others will steer you off the path of your own life purpose and mission by disrupting your inner peace. No one is beyond this emotion, but if you look within your core you will discover the divine wisdom and message this brings from deep within your soul, for the fire of the feelings that lights up your insecurities can bring about positive changes by the recognising of your triggers, and this can illuminate your path to greatness if you choose.

Know your soul and creativity, for you are all wonderfully gifted within your own power and sovereignty. Having a deep connection within your own soul leads you to a better understanding of yourself and any karmic debris which may need to be cleared. Karma is the return of your own energy you have given to yourself and to others. Just remember, when you are focusing on others and what they have, you are not focusing on yourself and life experience which you need to fully integrate with to truly know and love your SELF to complete your life mission.

When negative feelings arise, open up to the spiritual teachings that your soul is showing you with these emotions. This is your cue to grasp the abundance the Universe has to offer by harnessing your own wisdom with the knowing that you are worthy of great changes. The magic of the soul is infinite and your creativity knows no limits, for it is the mind that binds you to this realm and to lift your hearts comes with the shedding of old thought patterns, feelings, pains and struggles. You need to become empty to be filled with the magic and LIGHT of the cosmos. Many of hue are carrying around psychological infections from your earlier years and previous lifetimes.

Dig deep within your consciousness and honour your soul with the letting go of emotional baggage from the past. These emotions will only anchor you to hurtful feelings and you will never move forward into divine radiance. Turn away from the lower frequency entities that cannot comprehend the power of your LIGHT for they are buried too deep within the matrix and this will affect you greatly. And the importance of a clean diet with the abstinence of alcohol and other mind altering substances such as narcotics and prescription drugs is imperative to heal, for a clean vessel helps bring the soul into alignment with vitality and brilliance.

Hearts open with radiance, dear souls.

Anna NaRaca RA


While in a mind frame of reference in this Matrix the programs are collected of all your affairs completed or uncompleted, and there are files set up in your mind that are encoded with emotional responses. Some are pleasurable, some are painful and some are neural nets of fear and anxiety. However, while in the soul connection when one is out of their mind they know things and they see the whole format and this is the state one must arrive at in order to get a handle on the human experience. As long as you believe that others will take care of you or some religious God created by the religions of the world and the controllers then you will be stuck in The Matrix.

You see that’s what keeps you here, it’s all your reaction that links you to plug in here. So the first order of affairs to gain in your power is to unplug and step back. Emotions light up and amplify on whatever you’re focusing on. So if what you’re focusing on is unresolved and threatening it becomes fear and releases intense emotional energies and this is what deadlocks your creative energy and makes you unable to cope with the situation. When you step back and realise you’re a sovereign being and nothing can harm you unless you choose, then it is so. If you turn yourself against yourself in the act of fear and worry then that comes from your own creation.

The art of meditation is used to step back and basically reboot your life and your activities. Much of your anxieties come from your concept of time and deadlines so you think, but as your body ages so do you. Never forget you’re the driver in the machine and eventually you will find another. But so many of you get a scratch on the machine and you take it to heart. You become so connected to the machines you’re in that you forget they are to take you places and experiences. Once again, this is the overlay that you commit to. When you get to the point where you can pull your soul away from all that you’re involved with and become one with the radiant presence within, you cease to feed all that holds you in reaction.

And by unplugging you can stop the printing of the three-dimensional commands they keep running in your head. So when you find this inner radiance in peace then you can gain a greater perspective, that you are in charge of who you are and what you want to become. When you take the stance of sovereignty for who and what you are no government, institution, religion or entity can take you over. Fear is the only tool that all institutions have over you, when you react with fear you are controlled. Do understand there are obligations and commitments that you must follow through in life but do so with mindfulness from your whole being, not the reactionary self of the mind. In doing so your energies will be focused and you’ll be able to take care of your tasks effortlessly.

All in all, you need completing and bringing into order with people, institutions and yourself. Don’t miss getting your affairs in order. Until you face your pile of debris you will carry it all around with you and other people will react to you based on the pile of your unfinished business within yourself. Dear souls, it is best to know yourself and who and what you are and want to be. Then you are dynamic free agents in the Universe and this is the greatest power that you can achieve. It isn’t your mask so that your props are all that you hope to be in your defence mechanisms, for if you’re unstable at the core nothing will make you strong. Once you have connected to your core and radiant, your soul can germinate again in your form and you will become a very dynamic being to your own right.

Remember maintenance is important as well as recreation. Learn the art of being frugal and you will not expense your soul into this dimension that entraps you. For all passions and desires are what hold you to The Matrix and often the propaganda of corporate programming will entice you beyond good measure. You will know where you are by the restlessness of your soul or the calmness of your soul. But if you make knowledge and wisdom your goal you will have harvested the secrets of life.