When it’s time for changes in yourself the best way to make things happen is to turn around and to face what you feel. The mind is the processing of thoughts and reactions but it is your feelings that make you attached because that is your creative spark from your soul. That is why it’s ever so important to know your feelings that come from your soul, and not necessarily those of others that program you to believe what you must feel, for they are meaningless at the end of the day. You can have many thoughts and you can change many thoughts, but that which is in your core feeling is the gravity of your consciousness. The gravity of your consciousness is that which pulls the currents in your life and if you don’t pay attention you will be pulled in situations to wake you up and to make changes.

The spirit will contact you with signs if you are aware and you will also get many dreams to process, so never take your feelings as being weak for they’re your strength and your awareness. Feelings create fear and anxieties because they’re not kept in proper categories of purpose so they’re stored as unresolved issues, charges as it were. So by turning yourself around and going through your feelings you can see what it is you need to address in your life. The things you need to let go of, problems you need to solve, and more importantly it is your mind that knows when you’re out of balance in your body and in your surroundings or environment, but you must flow with yourself and keep things in balance.

Sometimes change means making a commitment to yourself and the hardest part is to move one foot forward. Take counsel in your feelings and feel them at the core and be in nature. If you need to cry within yourself, cry. If you need to be angry within yourself, be angry. You must combust these emotions so that you can come into resolution with yourself, because whatever pressure you have inside of you that is unresolved will boil over into the people and situations in your life, and it can cause chaos. Think of it like checking your pulse. Your feelings sometimes need to be listened to and this is what meditation is about. It is going within and rewriting and embracing these feelings and collecting them.

There are parts of you that you have forgotten and they need to be embraced with a radiant sense of being. This should be your meditation. You should find a way of turning around and turning yourself in. You’re not your body and you’re not your coins. You’re not all of the dramas that the world teaches. You’re an innocent loving being that is perceiving and responsible.So be responsible and listen to the call of your soul.



You will begin to realise that what is real is the size of your imagination. You are a magnificent being but it is your self judgment that is the throttle of what you can be. When you can become pure emotion and pure passion with the dreams of your heart and mind and the recognition of the bountiful creativity of the universe, then you will no longer be bound by the human standards. You are taught at an early age to become submissive, weak and brainwashed by the ideology to those that control you. Right down to the very rat poison and neural deadening substances you brush your teeth with, fluoridated water and toothpaste.

Don’t assume this world is a clean and wonderful place. It has been taken over by agendas that are not for your best interest. Your only hope is to have your interdimensional portal open, which is your pineal gland. You should work to protect it and honour this with meditation, pure foods and certainly detoxify it when it’s calcified with factory food. Even the mass media around you brainwashes you into one big cesspool of mediocrity. This is not what you’re meant to be. Once you have found a quartz of light to your soul and can start downloading. They pull you back like a rope out in a vicious sea, knocked about in the tides and currents in the wildness of their agenda.

The path is easy when one is linked to the soul, very easy. But you must study and discipline yourself to find your way back home to that doorway where you were once linked to your own inner soul and knowing. So the best thing to do is to breathe, walk in nature and learn to quiet your mind so that you can listen. Because your mind is not your mind, your mind has been corrupted and attached to many mechanisms that entrap you into the illusion. Where there is confusion there is an illusion and there is fear. There is a repression of your creative energy that ties you into a knot and shuts you down. Uncertainty and not knowing is what fear thrives off. You must sharpen your intellect and you must sharpen your knowing.

There must come to a point where you can take your sword of knowledge and cut the entanglements of the vines that grow around you that keep you stuck. Be careful with people you associate with for they will keep you stuck beyond your imagination. They hold mind quanta field of reality based on the generations of misleading information by the churches and the Illuminati with agendas. This is a big subject and it is a rabbit hole that is endless, from banking institutions to the very money you worship. But there is hope, and there are many wonderful beings standing by as counsels to help you, and they will work with you in your dreams if you ask them for your higher good.

For you are part of their family and they know you and they’ll rescue you, but you must change your habits. Change your life and find your path again and imagination. Your mental health is the key.



In the genders of your world neither has come to perfection. You are still battling without understanding who you are in your forms of gender. Men want to be tough and strong and they’re so weak. They don’t have flexibility and softness inside that they become brittle and snap. The nurturing of a woman can captivate a man. A man will surrender to her and protect her, yet she feels that this is a tool to be seductive and is wicked many times with her sexuality that it turns into a game, instead of a mutual creation of fire and love. The beauty of a woman then becomes a tool of seductive manipulation.

Men don’t even know how to be men or how to become full of wisdom, or to be soft in nature and listen to the animals. They become disconnected and conquerors of their own imaginations of what it is to be a man, and yet they’re not. Shallow and empty where nothing else is developed except the coin, because that’s all what men want so they think. A woman needs to be loved and a woman needs to know that she’s beautiful. When she finds her mate she needs to be serious about her mate and the man needs to be serious about her. This is done in a mutual respect and there is mental melting in union.

You have to trust and become one with your partner until the hearts are in the mind and the souls infuse into one delightful expression, or there is no chance of finding love. So give your love to the one you love but make sure you find the right one. For love is an expression of the consciousness of two minds and bodies reflecting to each other as one. For in the act of love a child can be born and created, and this is the union of the opposites forming the polarity of one. Never never think that the new corrupted opinions that work against nature are true, for they are not.

One just needs to study science and look deeper instead of listening to the politically correct agendas that are there to make you mixed up in your mind, and feeling more clouded than you have ever been in this new agenda. It will be very destructive to societies upon the world, don’t accept it.



There comes a time when the soul calls the personality in the body and mind for quickening and the soul takes the personality to the dark night. Although the props and all of the holding patterns suddenly become crises, everything that we’ve used, stuffed, held and cling on to now becomes evident. These are holding patterns that keeps us locked and loaded into our illusion and dungeon based on fear, rejection and idleness. None of which is the soul Spirit which is eternal and ever-growing.

So like a beacon in the night you’re called upon your ship to journey by yourself on an inward path of release and challenges. This is a time when you must awaken from your hibernation and venture out for changes in your life. Whether you want them or not your soul will make them happen to you. Understand that things happen in your life always for the better, for your life is a process that is never stationary. What may appear to be the worst thing that ever happened to you is really a way of releasing your attachments to things that keep you from making the change in metamorphoses that aligns you with your soul.

So when you’re on the right path and course the currents of the soul and nature will bring in the prevailing winds. Soon you will be harnessing your self and your rudder on a direction towards your soul and your life will become more effortless, manifesting the things that you never knew that you wanted but your soul did. But sometimes that is losing a job, losing a friend, or losing a relationship. But be mindful, the relationship that you have with your consciousness and your soul as one you shall never lose.

Like clouds in front of the Sun you may forget just how great you are, but after the tears of the rain the sun will shine and you will see and be dry of your sadness and sorrow. Learn the path of love, and understand that holding patterns keep you stuck. Learning to release and to understand things in the messages of knowledge and love, you will get a greater aspect of what life is about for yourself. For many trials and tests are the function of life and you’ve had many lives and many incarnations, all to refine you.

Go with the flow, and with the currents and they will lead you to the stillness of your soul.



The brilliance of the being shines when one is polished and reflective. You abide in a temple, your human body. It is not who you are but rather who you reflect to be. Visions of the soul are only limited by the bandwidth you can resonate on. As a tuning fork vibrates it is set by its form the note it plays when struck, so are you by your inherent natures of a certain wavelength, sound and form. The sound of your voice is the product of your soul as expressed from the body form. To a sharp mind and perceiver, you can tell instantly the state of the soul you have bid company with, and how the soul is expressed from our own lips.

Words once emanated cannot be withdrawn so why not make every sound you make meaningful and of loving calibre knowing this? Life is precious and an opportunity of redemption from your previous failures, wins and experiences. The only reason for one to be not happy is ignorance of health issues from toxic foodstuffs into your body. Your body is a temple of the soul to see through. When the soul does not visit the body then there is a disconnect and loss of continuity. Continuity is the spark that brings light into your being. So, find your balance in your habits and nutrition with proper exercise, for your body is the temple of the soul.

And learn of the mind for it is only a resonator of your temperament. Feed the mind but keep it silent when the soul needs to speak to you, and your world will become much more perceptive and intuitive. Learn too of visions and let them talk to you as well as the animals around you. This happens when the mind can be silent, for the viewing of the paths of the soul are your spirits of much higher realms. The mind when opposite wrestles when it has no meaning. Then the voices of the rebellious and lower frequencies will visit you with enticements of their desires taking over your body and holding you captive.

So be quick to know that if you resonate love and compassion you shall abound in the connection with all life. If you are vile with death energy and a temple that is not kept, then the rats and vermin shall feast of your energies and you will bring to you much suffering and fear until you choose to take mind of your affairs. For this is the way and there is so much that abounds in your very space. The choice is yours. If you are negligent of the ways of nature and balance, and drink of the toxins and poison your body and mind, disease shall surely abound. It is really that simple.

Pay attention, or attention will make you pay the debts by aches, pain and a mind that rattles idleness and ignorance that can never be silent. For you create your own cages by your rages and ill temper for all follows suit to your magnetic resonance. Find the sounds and use them as your tools. Quiet your cravings by fasting on occasion, in doing so you can find your real resonance pattern. Eat of filth and keep your temple in disharmony and you will only enslave yourself to the dungeon of the lower realms close to your current frequencies. Your life is your responsibility and no one else’s.

You have two eyes and they are yours to look through, as you have two ears to hear. You have one mouth to speak and eat. Is this anyone else’s? Your religions that teach of saviours and gods and devils have robbed you of the shamans and the women of the nature and the real healers of the planet. They brought such evil and perpetual war and battle and man are not warriors of the wild, nor woman the wombs of the soul and providers of the home. Lost is the way of wisdom upon your planet. You must find the voices of your ancestors and reclaim your souls away from the churches that preach ignorance and things outside of your soul.

For all there is is the moment and your responses to the walking of life. Find the Sun not the ‘son’ of the mind of the church. For the Sun is the Horus Rising and the Seth is the principles of the moon and the night. Yes, principles of nature and the balance. Not the “Son” of man nor the Devil of darkness. Your history has been rewritten and real knowledge taken by the governments and the churches that have enslaved your souls. Find your path of the Masters of the light and the night in the wildness of nature. Free your minds from this hell on Earth. It does not have to be, for love is the key that is the whole of the Universe.



You have arrived to where you are by your choices, think about it. You decide the company you keep and you decide what you want to do with the time you have every day. If you want to study and learn something, you select that too. So never think you are where you are by coincidence, because you’re not. How can I say this any clearer? If you stay around negative people, their attitudes and vibrations surround you and you become of the same frequency.

Learn that wisdom and knowledge is the most valuable possession that is permanently around you for it becomes your essence that is eternal. Avoid toxic people and toxic situations. You can tell the lower conscious people by their eating habits and vices including the toxic substances that they may be addicted to. If you see people eating junk food and death, understand that their minds are going to be toxic as well.

Do understand, you do not have to be around toxic people that you do not feel at peace with, that is your selection and choice. Learn to hold yourself back from the crowds of people that are of negative agendas and mindsets. Emptiness and entropy is their offering to you and everyone else. This can only mean one thing, they will bring you down. Let the ignorant be among themselves for they all deserve each other.

If you want to raise your consciousness you must unload the toxic people around you. Seek the path of inner knowing and be friends to the peacefulness of your mind and soul in nature, and not in the perpetual endless never-changing static levels of the ignorance of the common man. When you cut the cords to the world you can be free to fly in your spirit. Make that knowing the way of power and self-mastery, you cannot be both.



The mind is forever busy and it is only the sound of music or the sound of the universal presence from all of the planets and nature that can attenuate the soul back home from The Matrix. The busiest of mind is always patterning many actions. Noise upon noise, worry upon worry, and never silent. There lies with most people constant memories of crises, rejections and experiences that hurt, never to have been resolved and also foreign to the soul that must be inside the body. The more man becomes modern, the more he pulls from the wildness of nature and further away from his soul.

What makes matters worse is the very corporations that run your planet have studied psychological methods to brainwash each and every one of you into collective subservience. You have become prisoners of an insane agenda. Never having a moment for nature nor finding who you are, only the constant run and noise in your mind everywhere you go. But now people are so distant from their souls they must have their computers and smartphones for stimulants to hide the pain of disparity to the lack of connection to who and what they are.

And even the mind now is becoming synced with vibrational wavelengths, oscillating patterns all designed to control you even more. The agenda is to imprison your souls, that you’re bound further to the mind into the pleasures of artificial intelligence. After they have ruined your pineal gland and who you are as a being and cosmic child, you are now an impatient soul with hunger for meaning and hunger for stimulation. You can’t even walk in nature for it is all noise. For those that want to walk along the path of enlightenment and find their way home you must start with shutting down your habit of overeating, especially with regards to commercial food.

You must stop your idle chatter of nothing and pull back into your soul and listen once again to Nature. This is why you’re so estranged and dead and life has no meaning. You have no more conscious dreams and awareness of the universe and you’ve lost connection to animals and nature. Restore that, where you can be in nature and walk along the coast and hear the waves and see the animals that are not enslaved but wild. It is here you will remember just how far you have been in a prison of this hell in modern day society. You must now begin to return and find your roots back to nature if you want to have any hope of enlightenment.

The process begins with unplugging. Learn the power of replacement in the mind with wonderful celestial music. Replacing the noise with patterned beautiful music will help free your creative flow again. Never forget the power of music for it is a powerful hypnotic tool, and this is why your music on your radios is so influential in keeping you stuck. It does not bring calmness to the soul, it does the opposite and it programs you more into the rabbit hole you’re being pulled to. Try to listen to Nature and you will understand this teaching and how enslaved you are.