You can only know based on the information you can obtain. Once a book is written and the chapters completed the story is based on its writers. Many of your religious books have writers with ideas and stories and that is just what they are. Books written in the past do not update and typically lose their influence upon people and become dated. This is not the case when many have ritually followed and ordained the stories as gospel, sound, and true.

When you automatically assume that a teaching has no agenda, that is when you stop researching and updating your rational expansion. What you believe now takes “faith” to swallow and the normal mechanism of thought must shut down its quest to look deeper. The books that have been written to tell the stories of time include science and empirical thinking based on the technologies of the time. Here lies the great dilemma of your claims of knowledge that has not expanded to meet what is now common science and knowing by evolution. 

What you know as ancient truth has been artificially modified to update what is the apparent absurdity to current understandings now present upon your world. Yet so many of you believe and knock on doors to share your new-found truths and if you do not accept it you will be punished in hell and not saved. Oh yes, the power of fear at its greatest! Because from where you are you cannot look beyond the veil to verify. Know that history has a select few that have found very advanced technologies, maps, writings, astrological and astronomical predictions.

This gives the discoverers and conquers a great advantage to writing history to predict and validate their discoveries. There are a few that know of these books, technologies, and realities about the existence and creation of man which are kept hidden in the catacombs of Rome. They have become the keepers of this information that is ‘unworthy’ of the common man and if found this would take advantage of their seats in office and in the ruling of the planet.  What you are taught are their stories, not the history of facts and expanded knowledge that revolves around very advanced star-faring entities which have sciences and technologies beyond even today what you may know.

The reality is that there are two companies of man, the elite and the common man. This provides the human resources for the select keepers of the advanced technologies and is why they destroy the new discoveries that would take away their control of your limited understandings and their hold over you. The Ancients of Days that are hundreds of thousands of years as inhabitants of this world are returning and because of your current technologies they will not be seen as gods, but rather advanced civilisations and alien travellers.



By understanding love to yourself first you will begin to radiate the frequencies from the core of your being. Until then your life becomes a struggle and compensation to find love for others to yield it for you. In this dimension of earth and in the lower realms of existence your frequency and state of consciousness is directly proportionate to the elements of love you broadcast and manifest. Any deviation from this natural harmonic state of being is the basic causes of abhorrent behaviour, insecurity, fear, and worry. 

All of which makes you defensive and at battle with the world that you project yourself on as the cause of what you have failed to love in yourself. In this realm whatever karmic debt is generated the ultimate balance is love and is a state of completion and an understanding of the unity of the Universe. It is a primordial comprehension that all things are linked together held by a magnetic attraction and unity of respect of flow of light and energy. This we term love. 

Until you arrive at that state you cannot make a quantum leap or an orbital change to leave this dimension. And this is what is termed becoming a master and ascended master. Love begins from loving yourself and the actions that you do. Love is not about ego for that is a concept that has been over-programmed into your minds by the church and psychology to limit your dynamic. You should love yourself because the effort that you spend in your life to compensate for what you don’t love will cease the point of radiance. 

When you have gotten this comprehension then the energy will flow and you will be able to ascend. Forgiveness is the point when you let go of your comprehensions and the struggle of getting through your whole life like trying to plug holes in a canoe from a shotgun. You have to get out of the concept that you are stuck and understand the principles of manifestation. You can change with what you radiate with thoughts held in your perspective and flow of energy. It is easier than you think but you must embrace what you feel. 

For what you think is a potential of what you could be, but what you feel is what you know yourself to be. Find stillness in your heart to quiet the mind and let the dust settle to be calm enough to precipitate the murky water into clarity by letting things settle, hence the term getting stirred up and riled. Deep waters run clear, it is the shallow ones that are more turbulent because they don’t have the mass of presence to move things. 



How can we tell you that you are on a journey for your soul’s lesson? It is all paid for complete with a commitment before you even came here on the Earth boot camp world. Yes, your parents were chosen and your family members, the country and your body genetics for this cycle of a holographic matrix expedition. This world is set up and you are now a prisoner of the game with all the momentary memory loss and veils to believe you are a body flash drive of existence. However, only a few of you ever realise it is all a computerised program of experiences. For the rest of the Universe and even your solar system changes once you get near your moon and the rest of the planetary worlds.

The world is a detailed petri dish of experiments being controlled and most of you believe this is real and pride yourself in the conditions to know the sciences and the religious meaning of this great façade. We must tell you now that Karma is your entry ticket and your credit card and you cannot leave until you have balanced your debts. Don’t you see that your life is always taken care of with opportunities to excel or to fall to the greatest lows of illusion? Your world has seen violence and atrocities and inhuman acts beyond comprehension. Even your political managers are all part of a conspiracy to agendas allowed that has reached a level of disparity beyond the threshold.

You have competing inter-dimensional beings always setting up new plots and preludes for action and testing. This is why you are not advancing to the potentials you could and should have. The whole scene is rigged. You have the tall Nordics and the Pleiadeans, and Archons including the Draconians and nano AI intrusion testing every one of you and your societies. You are all being controlled and manipulated and very few of you can see that this is all being orchestrated. It is comforting to know that this carnival is to be rolled up and moved very shortly. Soon you will see fragments of the Matrix flash the baseline and much of the ground and space crews will not be able to hide the rigged reality.

Many of you are now going to awaken and see your family and the other space-faring races and your real potential as this world will now go through a major reset. This will first be seen with a new planetary solar system in visual sight and major earthquakes, weather abnormalities, high winds, rain, and cooling. Many of the spacecraft and maintenance crews will be coming for the reset. The leaders and army crews will be working with the Roman church and the other religious places to comfort the estranged panic population. The truth will be known and great attempts will be made to use Project Blue Beam to show Jesus Christ in the heavens returning or Allah and Lord Krishna, complete with sounds from the heavens and 3D projectors. They are quite convincing.

The FEMA CAMPS will take in many and are complete with execution facilities and computer access to your dossier phone and Google files. Many of their containers are ready. There are many factors at play, those that have compassion for the harvested ones that are of the higher vibratory rate unchanged to the illusion are being processed and upgraded with new light bodies that appear to be of the same density and mass. To those in the know, you will have noticed your new body and many things changing. So all of this will be set and the props moved and a whole new era will be upon the world and life forms will go their way based on their ranks and awareness levels. Great times are in the grand finale.



For the energy of love acknowledged is best understood by a word and a heartfelt thank you. You term this gratitude. When you are at one with this it is attitude (at a tude). The light of more attention forces this principle. 

The negative energies have no place for a heart that focuses on the joys of goodness. Concern your lives with joy and the negative will have to take a seat and wait for their opportunity of distraction. 

If this is prolonged, negativity will be out of shape and weak so you must mind your hearts. Be busy in your positive actions and the energies of your creations will not have time for the negative.



You are all able to be greater than your limits of perception and self-view. The secret formula of life is the inspiration of the soul, to learn of this dimension and to quest for knowledge not indulges. By reading, viewing, and study you absorb information. Doctors become advanced by years of study. This information is perceived and known, so is science and law. You become aware by study and have gained a higher advantage of presence and understanding. Everyone that has gained title has studied and become proficient to earn income and titles of the thing knowledge. 

Facts and information are books of conceptual fragments that broaden your know. What you perform with this absorption will give you more reality of the subject. Never underestimate the fact that knowledge is power. It is earned and invested by the art of study and use of time and anyone can learn. You have the options of paying people for information at a premium or you can invest in books and your time to gain knowledge and forever advance your status quo with brilliance. Instead of worrying about your new cars, clothes, and titles, if you invest in your soul and learn skills you become empowered.

Why do you think lawmakers and lawyers tell you not to practice law or become informed? For the same reason that doctors do not want you to have the same skills. The more you get the power of knowledge the better you will be in the skills of life. Be not outwitted by the manipulators, educate yourself for self-empowerment. Know your soul is eternal and know the realms of spirit, for this goes a long way in your ascension and growth of the soul. Invest in knowledge and you will be wealthy without props by the power of your brilliance and knowing. 

This is what separates the enlightened from the docile.



In your darkest of times, there will always be a way out. You must look for the light and follow it to help you to the door of change and new realities. Remember that the soul is not physical and is energy. That which you send in energy and reaction dresses fields about you. Change your thoughts and your attitude and what you radiate will draw to you accordingly. The body is a vessel that can and will change. Bring it seaworthy first and set a course and use your inner compass to take you there.

Change is a state of energy and excitement of force fields on the molecular level and all is the density of magnetism you perceive as solid. Never forget you act in the sedimentation of your attitudes, focus, and desires. They are your power. You either use these with the intention to create the power of you or you live randomly in hopes of things flowing by chance. Just remember that the odds of chance are affected by what you lure into you with your magnetism. 

All of your limits are created by your perception as well as your experiences. Change your concepts and allow the forces of nature, life, and your soul to impress the will of your oversoul and you will find the power to make magic. You live by your will and intention. It is all forces controlled or random. You make the difference by your knowledge and your actions and attitude. 



There is within you the power of anger, hate, and aggression prompted by fear. This is the opposite LOVE that is the feeling and duty of each soul to master. You can maintain your fight and not be weak but it truly takes great strength to maintain the pace and energy of love. Love must never be extinguished inside or the soul will be inaccessible to the personality body-mind unit that is a program and a study for the soul to experience an application in the world of duality. Never forget this world is a boot camp and a place of great learning, teaching, and the calibration of forces to reckon with. 

Know that to be strong is to learn non-involvement in the ailments that are projected from the suffering of others and the world for that matter. The secret is to know when to fight, when to love and when to complete what is necessary to rid yourself of the arrows of illusion and ill will that may be fired upon you and to shield yourself from these missiles. You humans should spend more time in knowing who you are and being able to be in your own company and to converse with yourself first and foremost. Then you can confirm this in the company of others. 

The sooner you know how creative and strong you can be by questioning and researching information for solutions and knowledge then you will have a great chance of being the controller of your life’s events. Just know you are all being programmed on subliminal levels by the news and media by agendas that are taping you collectively as creators of their dreams and intentions of perception. The creating of realities by your solidification of thought held with mind and emotions and your reaction. Just remember that truth and love is the underlying principle of how everything is held together. 

Fight for your sovereignty and your presence and to be that you must resuscitate. For being in the know takes effort, study, and balance. You control your power to impress who you are by what you believe yourself to be. Understand many people are very numbed and not firing on all their dendrites and if you are sharp they may be way behind your understanding. This, of course, is their problem. Take this not to suppress your creativity but rather learn that sometimes people with unresolved issues are easily triggered and reactive to change that confuses their mindset.


Artist unknown.