I can assure you that those at the top command are not only getting the control of the Draconian and alien species running this world. We of the Galactic Federation Of Light have to intercede because the changes that are going to happen must happen. Your knowledge has been taken away and you have been brainwashed and misinformed. You are so concerned with your political arenas that you have no understanding of what is really going to happen and what is happening with weather conditions.

As I warned you several months ago, your Spring and Summer would be different and will have many anomalies.  Right now the media is pulling your attention into political dramas so that you do not see what is happening on the natural level.  I strongly recommend that you start stocking healthy canned foods and seeds because there is going to be a shortage of food like you haven’t experienced.  There will be mass rebellion and mass herds of hungry people like wild animals to survive that will stop at nothing. 

The elite have their underground bases and their stocks of higher technology beyond your imagination. There is a telescope in Arizona called Lucifer. An infrared camera which belongs to the elite church so they can monitor what is in the text they stolen from mankind. Mexico to south of Argentina are going to experience major changes with catastrophic influences on the crust and a rush of millions of people into North America.  It will be one thing to fend your neighbour who is wanting to steal from you, but when you have hungry violent and base people who steal there will be mass hysteria. 

When there are groups of people that are being controlled by very high powers they feed from mental fears, this energy is called loosh.  These are the energy forces expressed from your adrenal glands and they activate sparks in the auric field of the body which becomes a very powerful food for these entities to feed off.  This is why your planet has had war after war.  Most of you have seen enough that you don’t want wars. Donald Trump is not perfect but a worthy negotiator. The military industrial complex wants war and depopulation.  There has been a tremendous inoculation of two different belief groups with the Christians and Muslims, intentionally set to create civil wars. 

You must understand that the United States of America, Great Britain and all the European Union under the disguise of the UN encourages war.  Muslims and their intensive belief systems that do not work with western society will take the crusaders to a whole new level.  It was Rome that created Judaism, Muslim and Christian religion, all fundamentally a byproduct of religious beliefs at that time with the books of knowledge they stole from Alexandria.  I can only ask that Christians and Muslims recalibrate their minds because they’re being brainwashed like gears in a cog that are bought and paid for by the elite. 

Be aware of the deceivers, your planet is coming through the end of a cycle and the solar wardens of Ra the Ancient of Days are coming to free the souls that have passed their karmic debt to take them on to the higher dimensions.  The uglier will become uglier and those of light will vibrate to higher frequencies and will become translucent.  Many of the light will see appetites dwindling and will need to be in the sun to charge up your light body.  You are already in the throes of your body change but do not let this get to your head, your compass is your heart. Your gut feeling and your frequencies will be changing and amplified, you will be able to reach us for we are here. 

We activating your DNA with crystalline energy so that your blood will have liquid crystals flowing similar to haemoglobin and this will be your light body that breathes light. 



The hardest thing that sane people respond to is the lack of logic by the insane.  One must look deeper at the soul’s deluge instead of conveniently calling a person insane, there are karmic densities that must be addressed.  It is the nature of man and his dynamic soul that has responsibility. The nature of your bodies is like a flash card and memory chip which is an operating individual personality you are working with.  This contains the memories of ancestors and the trials of all those that have lived which is the gift of information and experience that you choose to take upon yourself for both growth and karmic exchange. 

When you took the body you took on agreements and responsibility in exchange for lessons, development and the perfecting of your individualisation.  What you must overcome is not necessarily things of self but of the script that is in your DNA that you must look at as part of the test to understand human nature and your self.  Not everyones trials and tests are the same but every time you come into a body you must pick up where you left off which is the agreement of taking on a human experience.  So if you take a look at mental health it must include the karmic messages in the mind and that information must come to a point of balance.  

When you choose to grow and be dynamic you overcome and harness great potential no matter what your soul has been through.  When there is rebellion in situations there is a lack of logic in present time and understanding of who and what you are. You are working on chaotic behaviour that may be spread upon the future, past and present.  There are many sick people on the planet with their lessons at different levels and different stages.  Be aware because these people can be extremely disruptive in your life. When you are in their company they can knock you down from the potential and dynamic of what you are. 

One must learn that healing must be from within yourself.  Understand that people have their own tasks and scripts and it is not necessarily your job to heal some people because they are on their own path.  With life you are limited to a body and frequency.  When you walk in the realms of wanting to go deep with people be very cautious because many go deep into a toxification that could be detrimental to your personal well-being.  The greatest thing you can accomplish to your own inner light is an attenuation of balance to accomplish who you are supposed to be. 



Be careful because the world is on meltdown. The time is now for you to find who you are, being careful of the mirrors that pop up that are the inner dimensions of other people projecting the things you need to let go of. You will find no logic and will go deeper down a rabbit hole of issues by people that are being spun. Many of you will run into people that are reactive and you will not find the answer and the more you go into their space you will find people that are hypnotised by their own rationality because they are not from your clan and not from your space.

Be careful because there are a lot of reactionary souls coming into your space like moths to light. The light that is coming to you is disturbing them and yet they want it, but in order to find it, they will have to release anxieties because you are lighting up the presence of those of the higher realms. If you are not running into people who are positive you will run into judgmental people, all of which is bringing you into a realm of questioning. When you know who you are you don’t question. Most people who are lost are stuck and reactionary. They are in fear which is affecting their ground level like a trembling earth.

Be aware these people are unstable and if you are trapped into the matrix they will lie and attack you because they don’t know how to deal with your presence. Many of you are coming into the powers of your own and there are forces that will stop you because you pose a threat to the matrix. Take heed in your efforts to challenge, because the more you find reality the more you will find there is no reality. They cling onto everything they can and if you obstruct what is secure to them they will be reactionary. The currents of the minds of man and the world are quickening to make changes and you are part of the viewers of the world.

In order to make changes, you must change your views and you need to be truthful of who and what you are without questioning the lost ones. Be careful, they will be coming out of the woodwork and they are unstable and you must stay away from them. They are plagued with the lower frequencies. They are your teachers because they are the past scripts you need to let go. They want you confused because that does not make you strong and will try to take you with self-doubt at core levels. The teachings of the higher realms are not for the timid, but for those who are awakening and seeking the faith of their own.

You will all understand when you remember you are with higher beings and not with those in the caged world to do time. Be very careful because people will attack you if you are of the light and higher frequencies and not of this dimension. They have no understanding of where they need to be. The mirrors of distance that has been lost from your soul are now going to show you each fragment of work you need to do on yourself. If you have issues with family, the opportunity is to look to expansion and freedom. The release will come from your own psyche and many reflections of lost pieces which are not you.



Knowledge is power, and the play on words is how sow? What you project is what you sow. You have only a limited time of potentiality of a body and mind and the things you gain in this world you cannot take with you, only the gems of wisdom and knowledge of this planet, and also the harvest of the soul. Knowledge gives you the ability to see with foresight and understand how the game is played, and this goes a great way in the legal system and the maintenances of your body with you realising the hidden secret knowledge they tell you are dark and of the occult.

Those with the vision of the higher realms to see and know do not want you to have these powers as the administers of the wild healing powers of nature. Many of you have aligned with the connection in your DNA and this was spoken of in the ancient texts. It is very convenient for you to stay ignorant of no karmic debt when you do wrong to others. I can assure you that everything you do runs a balance and you have to pay with interest which nags at the soul. Can you not see what is going on with the new millennia? For the most part, they are the most ignorant bio-linked drones who have their minds programmed for the lustre of their consciousness.

Your soul knows what is not correct and torn out of these programmes, like the distorted sexual behaviours and the fundamental duality of man and women, and with the great sweep of the phrase conspiracy theory gets you to throw the baby out with the water. You do not understand that your neuro nets are being genetically programmed so you can have implants like cyborgs. The stimulus is being hijacked with very sophisticated electromagnetic frequencies with you being programmed into artificial intelligence.

You cannot be in the company of others without them staring at their phones which is subliminally reprogramming them. Have you noticed when you type words they are already being said to stop you from thinking? Cars are being set up so they can be driven themselves. You are being set up as batteries of the matrix through social coherence. If this is not curtailed there will be adolescent adults with no backbone or awareness. The agenda is to take your ability to fight from you with words to manipulate you. Be aware, there are psychologists way beyond your knowledge that know of human nature who are procreating biological implants.

This is why they are making the brain set up for conductive frequencies of photonic stimulation for artificial intelligence.


Artist Mehau Kulyk


Your planet has been through cycles of intense energy on major electric magnetic wavelengths. Those of you that are lightworkers have crystallised DNA molecules that are receptors in your genetic coding. This is why you are healers and beings of great consciousness to lend a hand and to be a counterbalance in this dimensional cage world of imprisoned souls doing time. Never forget the principles of duality. There is great intelligence and the spiritual enlightenment and many are being activated in mental accuracy and frequency of light orbs. You are raising your frequencies out from the rest of the world because you are light beings.

Whereas the deviant and impressionable ignorant souls who seek the path of base energy are distorted at best and they are the breeder of chaotic destruction like a plague to those around you. Over the last few weeks, your planet has been intensely radiated with photon energy and you will notice that during times there were extensive chemtrails to block these fields and this why the weather is so strong. The elite are using these electromagnetic frequencies that are activating your planet. For those on the path of transmutation your bodies can handle this cosmic energy and so can the frequencies of the earth.

The power is so intense it has to be periodically withdrawn, think of the ebb and flow and like tidal waves. Right now the ugliness in people are being ignited and they are seeing the monsters in themselves with an opportunity to transmute. In order to see, one’s light one must see their demons and the dimensions that are the negative energy in your Akashic records. I need to point out strongly to those that are healers. Do not judge yourself while going through the application of healing and energy flow. Right now there is ebbing of the currents otherwise you will go through changes not only with the planet but with the minds of man.

Expect this to last for two weeks then your physical energy will become strong. Do not judge yourself in these frequencies, there is only so much energy we can bring to the planet. Many healers have been contacted early by us and we have acknowledged, monitored, and protected you for growth because you are linked to very high soul consciousness of your oversoul. Become aware you will have energy in your feet and hands so you can expect results. Right now they are not being broadcast. We are giving you a state of digestion.

I strongly encourage lightworkers to be very grounded and to know survival skills because you must be able to do this on your own. A trait amongst the powerful healers is that they have an amazing sense of humour and how they discharge from the world. All energy is collectively accessed and it is the level of consciousness of the group of people in the collective that determines the influx of new energy. This goes to show you that you don’t have a single privilege to this energy, it is affected by group consciousness and that is why a critical mass of like minds are collectively changing the outcome of the energetic stasis that comes to the planet.

In conclusion, think of it as being the best radio receiver of the channel, but if the signal is weak you cannot amplify in this dimension. It is not up to you what is being broadcast necessarily so you will not always be spot on with your healing. Don’t hold on to the negative doubt or you will broadcast limitation again into the soul.



Atlantis was an epiphany for many of the souls in this dimension that has reached great heights of awareness in spiritual dimensional knowing. Great scientific accomplishments, arts, and philosophy that are gateways to the Universe were opened, and many of you would look at yourself as Gods if you had those powers back. The world had achieved great expansion until it lost sight in its scientific experiments with the weaving of DNA receptors that run the very presence of the Universe through its circuitry.

The primordial guidelines became sadistic and vicious. Then there was an abomination to those conscious forms entrapped in biological dungeons and bodies, and the cruelty to the consciousness within sounded a cry to the higher realms. The beings of prime source had no other choice but to take the knowledge and the toys away from the Atlantean. At the same time the Atlantean’s moral nature was unbalanced while running great access to the inner dimensional and physical realms and it was decided by the higher counsels to strip these beings of the gifts they were not ready for, and to make them aware of what it is they created in the suffering of other entities.

So the fall of this great civilisation occurred with disastrous events from the cosmos. The memories of Atlantis are just memories but the souls of those that lived are returning to the Earth, learning embodiment after embodiment of how to undo the creations of their ignorance and karmic debt by learning compassion through suffering, love through action, and consciousness through will, while others learn to sink deeper as is currently happening on your planet.

There will be an opportunity in duality for very advanced civilisations and consciousness. For those souls that have passed the test, they will be reunited with wisdom, insight, and powers they once had with the guidance of the higher starseed managing this sector, many of which are with the Blue Avian and Ra. At this time vile ignorance, war, and injustice to mankind and complete rebellion, sexual distortions, and rebellion of every shape and form of corrupted potential and nature will be manifested as a duality and a polarisation which is currently happening.

At this time the planet will make many changes. The planet will evolve and be resorted to its original quanta of the great times of Atlantis. The distorted will become strong and the Enlightened will be lightened with the paths of their inner soul journey and the dimensions of the world. The planet will go through a great cleansing with weather changes, earthquakes, volcanos, and plagues, all of which impact the psyche of all realms. This is nothing to do with religion or punishment of the gods but the reappearance of the Atlantean, Sumerian, and Mu.

Think of it as a great time for the entities and souls to decide where they want to be. When things get cataclysmic the control of the false governments will fall and the stacking of consciousness will take its side. The higher beings will harvest those of the light and the disrupted and chaotic will experience pains, passions, and traumas for their just deeds and be reshuffled into the lower realms.



If you seek to become too individual you will find that the opposite occurs because what you’re doing to be different are actually making you more conformed.  You’re all social creatures and scripted.  Identification is your outlet, your source that you download by retraction or repulsion, it is all the same. In contrary there are polarities that are the principles to the dynamic polarities, to think otherwise is corrupted and ignorant.

There are those that are lost for gender identification, for example a woman that hates men and ends up looking like a man, acting like a man, and speaking like a man, and the man that hates woman or finds woman unpleasant has a fractured male identity and seeks the feminine quality to become a woman, though he hates woman. 

You’re all travellers and souls, this is granted but there are fundamental DNA principles in your genetic coding that are like radio waves of matrixing and it is what pulls in the frequencies of your social, mental and environmental experiences.  But the question is, why do you choose to corrupt your containers with toxic thinking and ignorant behaviour that is diametrically opposed to the blueprint of your very bodies?  

You’re not creators that fabricate bio-force and DNA materials as of yet although many of your governments are tampering with those codes types. But the real issue here is a desperate cry of identification to be something or somebody, that you’re not giving to yourself or your soul and the weak and turbulent ones must have reinforcement like a group of cry-babies in kindergarten completing with each other for he or she who lets out the loudest scream. 

Nature has functions, rules and codes of ethics with which work directly with consciousness, awareness, and responsibility of your soul to form and know.  If you gain information about who you are then in your boredom you will not spend so much time in your distorted views to gain attention for your dramas that are deranged and out of sync with cosmic law.  Just as you have a left foot you have a right foot, and right and left hand, you’re bipedal and polarised. 

Polarisation, whether it north or south poles or electromagnetic polarities have charges that are induced. Just remember, everything is frequency and society is being inoculated by degenerate habits and enticements that do not work with the magic of sexual energy, for sexual energy creates the whole ladder of chromosome exchange. 

Heed not attention to these disruptive entities plaguing your society, for in your heart, bodies, and minds you know what is in balance and what is correct.  When societies become bored and unaware of the polarities that would normally be in balance in the flow of love they become systematically sick and will fall.