Who is Quential?

What is the Quential as I am asked to be sure? Well as the thoughts came through my head one morning as I was writing down my inspiration, I began to experience thoughts formulated quicker than I could type. At the same time I could feel that all familiar plug at the top of my head like an energetic pulse. So I said out loud “who are you?”. I knew that these thoughts could not be only mine. To my surprise came a distinct voice “On your world you experience things as sequence, the moving of time and events in digestible units you call time. So this is how you experience your reality”.

When you get beyond this plane of human life by your evolution of the soul, you have a greater flow of creation and influence and things are perceived both forward and backward in time and space, for you have an expanded perception that your being can understand, such is my presence. We are not just a single personality as you think you are; we are a collective. As your souls evolve to the 11 state of ascension there begins the collection of your previous lives experienced integrated into the field of your oversoul that has been through many incarnations.

As you have graduated from the lower primal levels of human nature and have mastered the basics in your life incarnations, you can come back to the Earth to do another round and help guide souls and polish your skills in learning to have empathy and understanding towards humans on their schooling paths.

The advantage is that your other lives begin to open up as the veil of time and space is opened up to you. Such is the case of Mark, he has been in connection with our group and has experienced the memories of many lives and has access to this information. So in essence, he can hear his wisdom and know that was learned by the group of his soul cord.

Though Mark has the karmic and genetic information to work through by the selection of the mother and father and their ancestry, he is nonetheless connected to us, his soul group, and we learn from him and can translate the challenges into wisdom. Mark is also what you call trans medium, being that his 3rd eye is open and he runs a higher frequency to connect to us and other beings if he chooses.

Quential’s purpose is to help you with life-related lessons and wisdom and help you each discover the power of your own “know”.

That is our mission, for your life to expand in the wisdom of YOUR evolution and self-knowing. This is not a cult or religion but a seasoned wise man teaching his hard learned lessons to the younger growing souls, so that they can get to their own self-empowerment by learning to cut the notches in the keys of the soul. To open up many expanding doors and unlock the hidden bounty of information that has been hidden from you to control you as sheep.

Quential Lightborne



Start the day with the command of what it is you want to do, for what you believe the day to be will continue YOUR reality. Is it not better to plan a day to achieve and direct your energies to create your focal point? If you start your day seeding negative continuance of misery then that it what you will feed to bring into your life dear creators. Imagine if you have to, and “pretend” the best and happiest outcome. This pre-tending will manifest your focus and this will become your desire.

When life presents to you challenges they are for your growth. When you use your mind and plan a strategy in your life you are tending the outcome to great measure. Castaway negative people and complete the cycles so that you can begin to be as far away from their nightmares manifesting in your dreams. The world has plentiful of negative entities that want to sulk and do their tantrums and as long as you facilitate them by reacting and staying tied to these destructive ones they will continue to take great tolls on your mental and physical health.

Actions and harmony are more meaningful than a pile of religious beliefs that do not address the source of your core that needs to change and let go. For as things enter your mind and psyche they are recorded and it is only you that can open up the door to remove these scripts and forces that you have chosen to identify with. Understand you are all processing and learning and are totally responsible for your actions, deeds and expression. So believe great things to be for yourself and create a masterpiece.

A little foresight and discipline goes a long way to making good habits within yourself. Just remember, the more conscious you are when you disrupt your inner peace and higher frequencies you will feel it deeply when you are not being what you are meant to be.



Some souls are taken by the wind and grow the wings to fly. Some souls take to the waters of the sea to face the currents and uncertainty of life. Some take to the fields to toil and grow in the sun and soil. While others go to the cities and carnivals and look for the pleasures of the world of man and his circus and stages. And some souls have lived, and are on the path to return to the inner connection of love and knowledge.

Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life has shown you? In your life you have had the dances of love, and the wars of hate. You have tested your power and have dreamed to be. For what? It is only in the experiences of life that you learn what it is you want and do not want. But the greatest tragedy is if you are stuck and bored with your life. This is when you must go to nature and purge those things that keep you stuck.

Often changing patterns in your life like diet, exercise and going for the path of the food for the soul is all that you need to make great changes. You are always moving and becoming, never forget you do not need to be stuck. Sometimes a little motivation by a dream contact from your soul can start the ball rolling for major changes. Know that when you are on the path your soul needs for both of you, things will naturally fall into place.

Never underestimate the power of spirit when it sees the opportunity for you to grow and gain wisdom and love. The only hindrances sometimes are your choices to hold onto negative experiences without releasing them. This can be seen with chaotic patterns around you. Learn to respect yourself first and foremost and quicken to the guidance of your soul. Regain your friendship and respect to your soul so that it can be proud of HUE.

The action you start will be the first step in climbing the mountain, and sometimes you just need to get into shape. The better the shape you are to act with deeds that are in balance the easier it is for you to succeed. You dear souls are doomed to being the creators of your presence, forever. So the time is now to be what you are in perfection and balance yourself with love self, respect and kindness to all living things.

For the frequencies of love and balance greatly affect what comes to you with experiences.



Knowing how to treat others and having respect for all life in the Universe creates the most powerful dynamic energy which in turn will effect your soul’s destiny. Your inner power is being conscious of all the possibilities that life presents to you. Your spiritual growth is built upon your faith and trust and it is confidence within ‘yourself’ that must first be placed, with you being unequivocal in your actions.

Having spiritual trust is a very powerful force for the evolution of the soul. Your heartfelt decisions have fire and power when you trust the spirit within. Your faith connects you to your inner needs where you can manifest your desires with confident expectations. Having faith in the heart brings you freedom from the gravity of negative thoughts and emotions such as doubt, fear and endless wanting.

In every moment, you broadcast your intentions via your emotions and this is a self-actualised choice which can connect you deeper to your own inner power and knowing if you choose. When you are conscious and with clear intentions you can purposely create your life. Your soul wishes to change that which no longer serves your growth by releasing negative relationships, situations and old habits which inhibit your development.

You must have trust in your sovereignty, for without the knowledge of your inner power you will remain stagnant. Trust in the power of your eternal soul and remember your ‘choice’ of thought, behaviour pattern and focus. These are strong indicators of present-life lessons brought forth from the past, so being conscious of your feelings enables you to release that which no longer serves you.

Your difficult lessons bring you endless opportunities to heal and grow through the understanding and willingness to change. So release your self judgments and never lose faith in the LIGHT that radiates from deep within your hearts.



Your realities are the hybrids of both your dreams and love. They can be your greatest nightmares or your greatest visions and creations. But all the magic is when two hearts and minds unite in creation and love. For love creates life and is the union of two opposite polarities catching the ethers with desire and form. Such is the creation of life.

This is where we came from and this is the crying to all the ancestors to step upon the world again. Remember, part of yourselves are your very thoughts and experiences of your ancient families encoded into your DNA. Every dream, every fear, every desire and every lesson from the beginning.

You are what you are, like it or not you can only affect the moment by mastering yourself and being the cause of your effect. It is all recorded in the blueprints of your very vortices about you. Just remember that which you feel imprints upon the form of the body and is the building blocks of your character.

And so very valuable each and every one of you are in this process of time and space. So achieve and be happy and bring to life your most sacred visions. All is formed by the blending of feeling and thoughts held in mind. This is the principle of creation and you are all creators of your experiences that shape and flavour the world collectively.

The secret is to find those of similar realities and you will amplify your expressions of what you think it all means. But truly the masters know differently and step beyond the world of the earthbound man’s perceptions, hopes and desires.



Your consciousness expands through information and energy and is influenced by your connection with one another and your environment. It is the energy that emanates from your hearts and minds that determines your understanding of your path. The soul yearns for new wondrous experiences and it is the fluctuations of fear, attachment and lack of trust in your sovereignty that compromises your vision. Feeling your eternal light of the soul brings you freedom for you are all boundless creative beings.

Remember the law of attraction and magnetism and be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and your words. It is your doubts about your power which holds you back, for you are what you think and feel you are. Just being conscious of your divinity and your talents will empower you and bring you back to centre with the light of the heart. Take full control of your life and bless yourself through knowledge of yourself. And remember, it is important for you to be fully conscious in your reactions towards people.

Through every important decision you must access your inner wisdom. Your reactions are by choice and not necessity, know this. When you truly know your SELF, you are conscious of any imbalances and old hidden intentions brought to form from previous lives and you can rectify this. Just by changing your view on things you re-write your soul’s blueprint. Your desires show you your passions which illuminate the way to your soul’s mission. It is your doubts about your capabilities which hold you back.

Your mind’s conditioning to fear is processed through the limbic and hind brain which replays past traumas and affects the freedom and light of your cosmic consciousness. This restrictive energy will block the flow of your awakening heart and this is why it is so important for you to become conscious of your emotions for they can become unconscious habits that will keep you trapped in an endless cycle of processing. Move beyond the fear-based analytic thinking, and tear down the old fear-thinking patterns and any false conclusions and emotions that you have attached to these.

But be vigilant, for the emotional dangers of manipulators are very prevalent. They seek to take advantage of your sensitivity and are all about their self-serving hidden agendas so you need to be conscious and very aware of the dangers these beings can have upon your experience. Remember, it is your choice with who you merge your consciousness with and this will have an effect upon your state of mind and heart. Your soul’s wisdom from past lives can bring you knowledge, inspiration, unlock your hidden talents, and connect you fully to your cause.

It is through the light of your ‘heart consciousness’ that you access your intuition and knowing which brings infinite love and creativity to this realm through the awareness of your evolving soul. The passions of the heart are very real and are amplified with divine faith in oneself. Take each moment of your life with the unwavering trust in your sovereignty and power, even when you may feel like you are being led away from what you hold as truth.

For here lies your divinity, having the knowledge of your sacred truth.



People have their agendas. Know that when you meet them. Usually their agendas are based on something that they want from you. Keep your eyes open for their motives for some of these people are workers and insincere and do not have your best interests. When you bring them into your life they will cause havoc. The more you involve yourself with people as friends, lovers and business associates you are making contracts and bonds that you plug into.

This will influence many chains of events in your life that would have been otherwise different. So be mindful of your connections with intimacy for it has consequences in the history of your life. Your emotional states and level of awareness plays an important governor for your experiences with people, so choose wisely to honour yourself. The core of peoples’ soul and nature does not change so quickly and ultimately everyone’s true nature comes to the surface.

This is the time when people either come to terms and learn to listen, love and play together or they go their separate ways with both parties hurting. Take no one for granted and be selective to your involvements with people and your life will stay on a course that is best correlated to your soul’s mission. Just remember to find yourself first before trying to find something with others, for this will lead you into the unknown that can have grave consequences.

If you seek a companion ask your soul to find one for you that best aligns with your nature, for you are all on different paths and states of your soul evolution. When the surface charm of bodies begin to lose their sparkle, you had better have some soul connection or you will become enemies of your own failures and disappointments. It is always best to have a deep connection within yourself as your foundation. This allows for more discretion in your life.

Never base your life solely on one person to complete and make you, for you will lose necessary time of life for your own growth. Oh, but when you find people that have hearts of gold and you associate with them and have a deep bond of trust, life can be amplified in enjoyment. Just remember, life upon your world has many different levels of realisation and realities.

If you seek a soul mate or companion, slip on the shoe and walk around in it. The nature of their soles should aid and comfort your feet in a good foundation and not be too tight or loose. For when you are close to someone you often where their shoes.



You are but the power of your self beliefs. The potential depths that you live your life are the accelerator or the restrictive governor of your abilities. What is held in the mind of self-perception is also the stasis of your emotions.  Collectively you are enhanced, whether that be a positive thing to the soul or a negative, that is your choosing.  Be in touch with your feelings, and if you do not like what you are feeling look within and ask yourself what is the issue.

The body is a machine. It is chemically reactive to the foods and nourishment you place in it to combust. Do you give yourself high performance food or just stuff it mindlessly with junk foods?  The best experience in life is when you have motivation and a thrill and wonder to live for. Ask yourself “do you have such a cause to live for?”. When you get to the ability to be a love-based giver to one another you will have the currents of the divine flowing within you.

Beings on your planet are bored because they have no goals and plans to evolve and wonder to the understanding of themselves. This makes them perfect candidates to need deadening substances and meaningless external stimuli imputed into their eyes and ears. This is why so many people on your planet are only a few notches above being dead.  Can you sit in nature and listen? Can you be still? There is such joy in your world and opportunity to explore yourself, your world and the inner realms.

Unlock your mind’s ability and dream, create a new presence of love and service to your fellow man and to yourself.  Path your minds to the knowing of the wisdom of the ages and induce perfection to your view. Take time to pattern each day’s improvements to your knowing and study the teachings of the enlightened.