Who is Quential?

What is the Quential as I am asked to be sure? Well as the thoughts came through my head one morning as I was writing down my inspiration, I began to experience thoughts formulated quicker than I could type. At the same time I could feel that all familiar plug at the top of my head like an energetic pulse. So I said out loud “who are you?”. I knew that these thoughts could not be only mine. To my surprise came a distinct voice “On your world you experience things as sequence, the moving of time and events in digestible units you call time. So this is how you experience your reality”.

When you get beyond this plane of human life by your evolution of the soul, you have a greater flow of creation and influence and things are perceived both forward and backward in time and space, for you have an expanded perception that your being can understand, such is my presence. We are not just a single personality as you think you are; we are a collective. As your souls evolve to the 11 state of ascension there begins the collection of your previous lives experienced integrated into the field of your oversoul that has been through many incarnations.

As you have graduated from the lower primal levels of human nature and have mastered the basics in your life incarnations, you can come back to the Earth to do another round and help guide souls and polish your skills in learning to have empathy and understanding towards humans on their schooling paths.

The advantage is that your other lives begin to open up as the veil of time and space is opened up to you. Such is the case of Mark, he has been in connection with our group and has experienced the memories of many lives and has access to this information. So in essence, he can hear his wisdom and know that was learned by the group of his soul cord.

Though Mark has the karmic and genetic information to work through by the selection of the mother and father and their ancestry, he is nonetheless connected to us, his soul group, and we learn from him and can translate the challenges into wisdom. Mark is also what you call trans medium, being that his 3rd eye is open and he runs a higher frequency to connect to us and other beings if he chooses.

Quential’s purpose is to help you with life-related lessons and wisdom and help you each discover the power of your own “know”.

That is our mission, for your life to expand in the wisdom of YOUR evolution and self-knowing. This is not a cult or religion but a seasoned wise man teaching his hard learned lessons to the younger growing souls, so that they can get to their own self-empowerment by learning to cut the notches in the keys of the soul. To open up many expanding doors and unlock the hidden bounty of information that has been hidden from you to control you as sheep.

Quential Lightborne



Dear souls, you are here to learn the lessons from your mistakes or you will continue to suffer the consequences of your actions. Many of hue hold the key to your enlightenment but have not yet gone through the door that has been opened to you. There are many roads to enlightenment and the knowledge of the SELF and discovering who you are which are personal to each and every one of you. The path of the heart carries much wisdom, for your LOVE is an eternal flow of divine cosmic LIGHT and consciousness. Your LOVE contributes to the raising of the frequency of the planet as your heart creates a LIGHT grid connection, grounding the positive frequencies to earth.

Rejoice and know that your spark from source is contributing to the awakening on Gaia, and you are part of this awakening! Watch your words, for they come from the mind and your thoughts and your feelings create your life. You deserve respect and so you must give respect. If you accept unreasonable behaviour you are encouraging it. Do not negatively doubt your abilities; know you are within the midst of great change which you cannot ignore. Just remember, all is energy in the Universe. Keep your hearts open but guard your energy, master the balance of your mind and heart. Sexual energy is the essence of creation and so you must be careful with whom you share your sexual energy with.

Your sexual energy is your life force and is the most powerful creative force of your cosmic spirit. This is your power, this is the driving force within all of nature and you can channel this dynamic energy within your life to create with your artistic expression. Know this, sexual energy like the Universal elements can create but can also destroy if this is abused, so guard your energy well. Do not share with those you do not love and just for thrills or any another sinister agenda, for you will be abusing this power and you will surely reap the consequences. Be in control of it and channel your excitement into your life and mission with a strong HEART connection.

If you abuse this energy and do not know of its power you can create a porthole for lower astral energies to influence you, for you are matching the frequency of these entities by your emotional characteristics. They will gain sustenance from your soul by creating fear in your hearts for many are looking for a human host to drain their etheric energy, and you will feel these effects. You have been warned. Embrace the lessons of your extraordinary challenges! They are there for your growth and for you to flourish as you recognise your potential once you fully connect with your divine starseed consciousness.

Every day offers different circumstances, challenges and emotions for your soul to master. Ground your cosmic LIGHT and celestial divinity to the earth and feel the wonder and beauty of the life you wish to create. LOVE your soul and enjoy your mission, be with the LIGHT and knowing of your divine self-mastery.

Anna NaRaca RA


Dear beings of the family of sentient life forms, you are indeed wonderful creations and complex entities. You are in the creation of YOURSELF with a personality that is all your own and no one else’s.  So why not begin from this platform of your uniqueness and create the experience of yourself as a craftsman?

The knowing of the self is a skill and takes practice to become perfect, and that is your mission. The more you refine and calibrate yourself into perfection the more you shine to the connection of the PRESENCE that is Hue.  Be vigilant in your keeping to reinforce the power of know.

This is act of habit, to trust and inform yourself of your connection to the Universe and yourself as a deliberate being and solid in the self. For after all is said you look from your inner space and are seen as you see yourself. Thus, do not reinforce patterns of incompetency, this is not what you have come to Earth for. Know that this key point is staying in shape with your know and the doing of yourself, not as a victim or loser but as a being with direction and purpose.

Just remember you must walk on your own two feet and are fully responsible for your dynamo of being. Always remember this, the love you have for yourself is how you love others, there is no exception. You must be the self-worth of your true self. When you attenuate the force of love you raise your frequency. Where there is love and clarity you repel the disruptive entities around you that seek to feed off your life forces.

It is time to find the power of your know!



One must gather their thoughts and inspirations and kindle their fire before they throw the logs on so that ideas can become burned into the mind as coals of deep rooted knowing.  For if you do not have your comfort of self know then your creations can become extinguished by the doubts and realities of green wood that will surely smoother your dreams.

So is it you who must learn to stoke your fire with your own inner inspiration.  Do not let conflicting people come to your sacred fire and blow it out. That would be wise to learn, when one is not welcome in the fire of your cord and soul group.  For as you sit by the fire throwing your ideas with those in your keep, so do you burn your passions and your company and your thoughts as one.



Be mindful of who you keep in your company, for this is great influence on your inner warmth in knowing and connection to your soul. You LIGHT the fire and you should stoke your fires and not depend on others as then that makes you at their mercy.  Knowing this simple secret in life will assist you in many ways with your creation and dynamics, and help you take route to the seat of your soul and its true connection.



Do not hurry your problems, conditions and self for conditions of ill faith but rather, keep things at bay in the harbour of seclusion for your soul to protect you. The harbour of your soul is your sacred space and will protect you with awareness and beauty in seclusion.

Use wisdom and love to surround you, for all things can weigh you and your reaction.  React to the situations in your life with calmness, steadfastness and clarity.   In doing so you will have mastered a plan and a destination based with soundness of mind plan.

Take heed not to react to things to compensate which does not fit the equation of what is at hand. Remember there is time for everything including yourself and this being, don’t participate in the rough waters that will throw you to the cliff.

Remember your harbour and when it is time to sail, do so with a plan and a course and you will reach your destination with the mindfulness of a Master.  Command the captain of your destiny based on your soul consciousness.



Have you filed your documents of memories that you have on the desktop of your mind? If not, it is most likely the desktop of your mind is cluttered. Learn dear ones, you will be much more in present time when you learn to file past issues and concentrate on the moment and present.

If you do not learn to file the past as lessons upon your path you will have to sort through many a memory to get to your life at hand. Does this sound familiar?  Know dear ones, that it takes a lot of your energy to process unresolved issues in present time when you are still reprocessing the past that does not serve you.


The clutter acts like a wall trapping you inside your own minds, blocking your view of the world. Please make it a practice to file the lesson away and move on with a new slate and a new day, or you will be multi-tasking irrelevant portions of the past cluttering your mind. What is even worse, so many people you meet are still in their perpetual past of hurt and pain and you are often in relationships with them.

Take care of processing your moment to dream and create. Then choose what it is you wish to reflect upon at that time which does not interfere with your moment of creation and effectiveness, as a creator and a designer of your life.



Know that your mind is a biological computer, a metronome and a time keeper and it is there to serve HUE. It takes the input you load it with and patterns the breath of your desires.  You know what to load onto the player in your head consciously or unconsciously and it does not matter, as it only follows what is placed upon it as the day starts.

How does your day start fresh and anew from a rested soul that has travelled out of the constraints of this illusion? Or does it have so much programmed momentum by negative fear patterns and company that harbours resentment that you wake up with? The mind knows only the CD you insert every morning.  CD meaning conscious decisions as it were. Life changes occur as a result of the programs running, as you are the controller of the mind or you are not.

You can be the cause of the effect of your creation with a selective decision, to choose carefully what it is you want to hear or play in your head.  The end product must be enlightenment and happiness, the ending of fear and the pulling of addictions is a great start. Knowledge of the self in “realisation” for the self; the being that chooses to not be a victim but a knowing, creating and loving dynamic that walks the path of prudence and lightly upon the earth as a traveller and a student.


By finding the knowing of self you will not impose your frustrations on the things around you and others. Students of life, it is not about things and the accumulation of things. Nor is it about the religious piety for “God”, a spiritual slavery or spiritual materialism. Nor is it all about the facts and data you can stuff into your noggin that qualifies you.  What is your metronome? For whom and for what do you pulse your breath and ambitions to?

If it is for anything or anyone else but the being that is the student, then you are stuck in the endless patterns to please what is not within the inner.  Time to learn to free yourselves from the need to be something for validation, the sooner you get this, the freer the soul can be next to Hue.  When starting of the day wake up early before the noise of the collective intrudes upon you. Next, chart your solar sunrise and find a time and place where you can be in full view of the sun as it rises.

Learn to breathe and listen to your breath. Oxygenate your brain and fill your eyes with LIGHT.  This empowers the function of the brain. Now feel the warmth of the sun and metronome the breath. Take 20 minutes to fully charge your brain and eyes. Now go and plan your day with your agenda.  Eat a very clean diet and you will be off and running the being that you are meant to be.



The power of dreams. Do you have any idea the power of your dreams and how they can manifest things into your life? If you focus on your dreams like you’re creating a book of your life, you can create wondrous things from the ethers. This is your imagination and the power of your creative soul coming forth. Doing this with meditation and goals in mind will offset the Matrix that infiltrates you and tries to limit you.

If you continue to focus on your goals, dream and imagine what would be necessary for optimum expression of your creative side and visions, you will have learned the secrets of the Universe. Do you even realise that most people spend their life dreaming of negative things? They accumulate all their mind forces and thoughts so they get to be right about their negativity and how bad the world is. What if people were to collectively think how good the world is and work on positive things? That would be a great power.

This is why the media controls the minds of people collecting their input like little generators of a scene in the movie they like to create, all of fear to keep you dominated. Breaking out of the dream of their dream is the goal. And this is when you begin to say, ‘this is what I want in my life, this is what would make me happy’ and specifically think and bring to form what it is you want. This is when your soul and mind work together on the creation of what you want, it is that simple.

In short, your whole life is a manifestation of belief systems and with the power of your emotions you resuscitated into life. Just remember, fear is what completely dead locks all of your creation. When you have a dream and you feel good and you keep it metronome in your life, then great things happen. This seems to change as you get older, but those that stay young with their hearts, minds and soul connection never age. They seem to be different than the masses of people that have been dated and crushed in their dreams to conform, to be simple and complacent like others.

Only the true passionate souls become the creative icons of the world for they let go of why the world uses them and totally invest in themselves with their creative investment in their dreams. They never once think about what the world thinks, they are free. This is what you need to be to be dynamic. You must dream your world, dream your life and make order. Dreams go beyond notions, they go beyond hopes and they go beyond wants. Dreams work in the astral where the soul is free from opinions and conformity, allowing a space for newness of ideas from the old.

Dear souls, learn to awaken creatively and with intention work on your dreams. Learn to awaken into the astral and build the things you want with the fabric of these unlimited dimensions, and your life will excel beyond your imagination. You give value to yourself by the working of your dreams made manifest, and it is with your imagination that you make it so. Dreams and knowledge together are your power so invest in your knowledge with study and discipline for this is what Masters do.