Who is Quential?

What is the Quential as I am asked to be sure? Well as the thoughts came through my head one morning as I was writing down my inspiration, I began to experience thoughts formulated quicker than I could type. At the same time I could feel that all familiar plug at the top of my head like an energetic pulse. So I said out loud “who are you?”. I knew that these thoughts could not be only mine. To my surprise came a distinct voice “On your world you experience things as sequence, the moving of time and events in digestible units you call time. So this is how you experience your reality”.

When you get beyond this plane of human life by your evolution of the soul, you have a greater flow of creation and influence and things are perceived both forward and backward in time and space, for you have an expanded perception that your being can understand, such is my presence. We are not just a single personality as you think you are; we are a collective. As your souls evolve to the 11 state of ascension there begins the collection of your previous lives experienced integrated into the field of your oversoul that has been through many incarnations.

As you have graduated from the lower primal levels of human nature and have mastered the basics in your life incarnations, you can come back to the Earth to do another round and help guide souls and polish your skills in learning to have empathy and understanding towards humans on their schooling paths.

The advantage is that your other lives begin to open up as the veil of time and space is opened up to you. Such is the case of Mark, he has been in connection with our group and has experienced the memories of many lives and has access to this information. So in essence, he can hear his wisdom and know that was learned by the group of his soul cord.

Though Mark has the karmic and genetic information to work through by the selection of the mother and father and their ancestry, he is nonetheless connected to us, his soul group, and we learn from him and can translate the challenges into wisdom. Mark is also what you call trans medium, being that his 3rd eye is open and he runs a higher frequency to connect to us and other beings if he chooses.

Quential’s purpose is to help you with life-related lessons and wisdom and help you each discover the power of your own “know”.

That is our mission, for your life to expand in the wisdom of YOUR evolution and self-knowing. This is not a cult or religion but a seasoned wise man teaching his hard learned lessons to the younger growing souls, so that they can get to their own self-empowerment by learning to cut the notches in the keys of the soul. To open up many expanding doors and unlock the hidden bounty of information that has been hidden from you to control you as sheep.

Quential Lightborne



For many of you it is time to get up and awaken to embrace the new Sun and era. The time has come to leave the sandbox. You were trained and treated as children and livestock by the very oppressive overlords of government, banking, educational and religious clans that have been suppressing what it is in your true destiny and nature.  When you awaken and step into the higher states of being and knowing it will all make sense to you.

This will not come from the outer but from your inner connection to the streams and light fibre strings that unite you to your cosmic essence.  Truly this is a New Dawn. The great family of light evolved beings that have been at your fringes are now embracing many of you that maintained their truth, integrity and soul presence in a world that has reached the terminal stages of destruction. Poisoned is this great planet by disruptive and unbridled chaotic souls expressing meaningless existence. 

We are here to put an end to this corrupted realm and re establish order. You see it in your tales of meaningless drama and outright rebellion to nature. It is not just the programming of the Cabal. They want to take the whole world but their days are numbered. Hang on, we’re working with the ones that have maintained their light and soul vital connection. Great cleansing will occur.  The world must now break the waters and bare the child of the New Age and dispensation. 

Be careful for your religions have been created and used to control you and keep you side tracked from what is really set to occur.  Maintain your honour and your love and listen to the signs. Great shaking and purging will happen in all your lands. The skies will rain with many meteors striking and the weather will be turbulent with many hurricanes and tornadoes on the coastal and inland areas. Expect high winds and strong solar energy.  You must learn to live lightly and survive for the governments will not be able to nurse you when all societies become unrested by the changes.

This is a sign to let go of everything and to not feed fear into your psyches. This time has been known and is part of the great planetary cleansing.  Undress from the reality of your physical body and awaken to your light bodies and quicken. Many of you will begin to have your eyes open as to your real nature, not as children of the sandbox but as learned and awakened starseed, for that is what you are. Find your clan of the knowers for these are not the pious religious “saved” but the activated adults that are waking up from the childhood’s end.

This will be a great time of change, fear not but awaken.



The wheel is spinning and gravitating a field for each and every one of you and this is held true to your attention, mental attributes and actions. Greater velocity and spin are occurring. The more out of the balance you are the greater the wobble in your psyche. Many of you will have to make changes. As you spin faster and tru up the spoke of your issues you need to have your emotions protected so be around healthy people.

The mind may be spinning but when you’re out of balance you will have a truer vibration and gravity to excel. The more out of balance you are the greater your chaos. Everyone is dealing with the energy coming. The concept of time is changing to the quanta of the planet and your soul. If you’re running high energy do not be complacent because any uncertainties will give a lot of wobble in your balance and you will not hold the course with reason of insanity.

Many of you are making a Quantum leap into a new orb of consciousness and power. You recognised the presence of your cosmic energy to jump a new state of consciousness and state of being when your soul cord and level of vibration are in a state of flux. Only your soul knows what you have available for potential and growth. It is very important to hold what you know intuitively with your feelings and maintain your radiance for the transformation that is to occur for you and you alone.

You made it through the passage of the soul, the wormhole of your mother. You took the breath of life that is your experience and consciousness and no one else’s. In essence, there is a rebirth and transformation that shall take you to a similar mode and passage way. You have to let go of toxic people and make that transition. This will be an incredible knowing as a cosmic child wanting to be birthed into a new soul realm beyond this earth.



The magnetic forcefields of the planet are changing. More cosmic energy is coming to the planet and this cosmic energy will create evolution and will cause an activation on a very cellular and DNA level, and this is the season of your expansion of the soul manifested in the physical human experience. Humanity is coming into germination of new potentiality so with this many of you are being quickened and discovering abilities you didn’t know you had. You’re running energy from the sun and coming online to your potential from the starseed in your DNA. Coincidentally there has been a lot of technology to disturb you and make you pattern your consciousness into stimuli coming from a grid of distraction.

Many are being sucked into this grid to the point of addiction where you cannot exist without your cell phones and computerised reliant of the internet which stimulates you with sound, light end electromagnetic frequencies to be mass controlled to an agenda far beyond that you know. It is no coincidence that they’re trying to inject DNA suppressive genetic altering substances into newborn babies which stops them coming online bringing in the Dawn of the New Age. Systematically the governments know of this time and are doing their work to stop the clocks from ticking to prevent what is to happen in this chapter.

The electromagnetic belts of the planet are changing frequency and many souls will come into powers beyond their imagination, and the overlords of this planet do not want it to happen. This is why they’re setting up microwave frequencies which will generate energies that will cause you disruption. There is an agenda to keep you from activating and cause you disturbances in adapting to these frequencies. Your food, water, and the air is poison so that you will not evolve to the light beings that are coming to work with humans in these frequency fields that are manifesting. I say this as a warning, this goes beyond conspiracy.

Do your research, this all ties together to keep you suppressed to the information you’re meant to have that is undecided into your biological form. This is why you should keep close scrutiny on what is happening in the world with the media for the evolution of your soul. Do what you can to purify so you will vibrate and adapt to the higher frequencies coming. Then you will have the sensitivity of the lighter galactic principles that you’re a part of. Be careful not to find yourself drawn into endless hours of computer programming suppressing your intuition and mind. Be careful not to be distracted, the world is going to go through incredible changes.



For some there is the path of just existence, for others it is the path of experience and knowledge and learning to build strength of character.  If you come into life and have everything and you’re comfortable then you’re essentially on a recreative experience with minimal challenges and things will work very smoothly.  But to gain wisdom and strength, something that encodes information to the soul to teach you how to be a warrior, then your life may not be necessarily to gain knowledge. 

You have to go through experience and to fall down. You have to clear and get up again.  Learn to walk with the power the of the soul and have motivation, learn challenges and pick yourself up immediately and get your footing. This is karma.  Earth is a school and a prison world depending on what your soul’s density and spiritual maturity is. As you begin to get through a state of growth, opportunity will appear as well as the challenge of smoothing what is diametrically opposite which can cost you major losses. 

If you stay in your life as being virtually asleep in the matrix you pose no threat to making changes but your consciousness will be numbed and complacent.  But if you choose to be awakened you will find yourself at odds to those who are asleep.  Some people enjoy being in the illusion, but understand dear souls that your journey in life is for you and for the growth of your soul.  You may have companions in your life but the duty you have to your soul and consciousness is wondrous which is the benchmark of who you are. 

So keep in mind that the world is fantastic stay for the soul that can have inner vision and inner quest, but the remarkable warrior learns to manifest the dreams of the soul into the fantasy of this dimension.  It is in that processes with the limitations of the body mind that you have your core magnetism and the strength of the soul.  When you reach this connection you become empowered and with that protection and the power of dimensional insight will come to you. 

So you must determine if you want to achieve the evolution of your soul or not use the life of wisdom and self realisation.



So what is the essence of your being that makes you unique and individual? What makes you brilliant and aware and in the force of your potentiality? The answer is connection to feeling. Feeling is your sensory perception that comes from your mind, soul, and heart. The product of feeling goes beyond the mind and is quicker and attached to the neural nets of the body and is a sensory forcefield. The information from feeling is the quickest information level based on fact and reality. Therefore when this crucial fundamental element of your being is reprogrammed then you lose touch with yourself and your power.

As you smell you sense molecules, neurological stimulatory in your olfactory. When you taste there are elements of sweet, salty and bitter and to feel an object you feel its temperature. It is all a matter of sensual perception by impulses received and picked up by the many essences of your bodies. One must not be confused with emotions as feelings, for emotions are energy in motion. However when there is an imbalance to recognise a feeling level that is disturbed, you compensate with misinformation that has been corrupted in denial of what you’re feeling.

Your feelings at the core are your sensory perceptions and your interaction with everything, and this dynamic process has been corrupted and replaced with religious programming and self denial. This is why you have broken the connection with animals and do atrocities to others and not linked to nature. This is why you have disease in your bodies because feelings are neural pathways which transport the essence to the exterior and in a breath of such brings information back.

When this fundamental principle gets corrupted there is sickness of the mind and wrestling of behaviour at the core. There is a short circuit to the connection to what you know and feel and if there is incongruence there is a deadlock of energy flow. Getting things handled in life means extending your hand and taking hold and carrying out the deeds you feel and ought to be doing. It is the wise man who learns this principle and receives information. Learn of imbalances and listen to what is being transmitted in nature.

In essence, awareness is an unsuppressed feeling which correlates a sense of knowledge and vision.



There is a meltdown going on of radiation that ties a connection from physical matter with the linking of collective consciousness and fractal coherency. Most and all events on the planet and other places in your solar system are linked to the very minds, psyche, and perception. There was a meltdown and loss of containment field in the Daiichi Power Plants in Japan which was caused by the intervention of your world leaders consisting mainly of the Bilderberg group.

They systematically constructed a nuclear detonator off the coastal waters of Japan to bring Japan to its knees and to intentionally irradiate the people of Japan and destroy the Pacific Ocean. The Obama administration who was another puppet for the many levels of presidency buried this incident and said that there was nothing to be concerned about, and they established new criteria for acceptable dosages of radiation.

There was a quieting of the media controlled by the cabal of the degree and potential extinction of life in the Pacific Ocean and disastrous health effects of the people of the west coasts of America and surrounding areas. All of the nuclear monitoring systems in America have reported high levels that have now ventured down to the southern coast of the Americas.

Aquatic and marine life are dying in numbers with mutations that are washing up on the shores and none of this is being talked about as the real cause. On another note, great diversion and propaganda is being spent on making the youth delusional and supported in collectives against anyone with a voice and dynamic as triggering them by ‘hurting their feelings’.

Collectively you’re systematically being pulled by media manipulation to take your rights of free speech and identity. The youth is being infiltrated into your whole society to take it down. Meanwhile, what lurks is the capitalisation of the “accident” that can and will destroy the planet. They have already told you in the movies to prepare for zombies, viruses and diseases, all of which this radiation will be manifesting in the next few years.

So the work of the depopulation has already begun by the agendas of the New World Order.



There is a great epic of change that is occurring right now on the planet. This is not a bad thing by any measure nor anything to be afraid of unless you hold to an illusion. The very DNA in your light bodies is triggering sequencing events that are allowing a different torsion field in the spiraling of your DNA matrix because of a photonic triggering as the earth is moving into the photon belt. As it moves into the photon belt incredible activation will happen. There is a new awakening. This is the age of Aquarius and it will last 2000 years.

Just as when Moses came he ushered in the completion of the Taurus making way for the dawn of the Piscean age. Now is the Aquarian age and with that, there is a whole genre of spirits that are coming in at this time. They are destined to incarnate with what this area has to offer but keep in mind that many lost and corrupted souls are also coming in, you cannot have one without the other. These souls are incarnated from other astral planes and other energy fields. Once again, keep in mind that this is a study and place for transmutation for karma, moreover a school ground that the soul gains wonders experiences.

I must caution you to understand that those without wisdom and clarity that have not gone through the changes to quicken the temperament of the emotional earthbound bodies will conduct imaginary leadership based on those who follow them, but not on the basis for service. A master acknowledges and does not want cling ons with those needing soul dependency. You are not a master if you need to control other people as sounding boards for your own misunderstandings and hopes that other people will do things for you. You as a master already know that.

The changes that are to occur is a complete dismantling of societies as you know them. It is unfortunate that your societies have not caught up with this great time to make an easy transition. The secret and power of the wisdom has been stolen and kept from mankind and this makes it very hard for us to teach the fundamentals of the Ancient of Days. What is important is to realise that the evolution is for your soul and not with the masses or with followings. Each and every one of you will go through a porthole, your light bodies are what they are through your belief systems.

You are a primordial light source or you are not. I will touch upon more information in the next teachings but for now, this is a good point to close.