Who is Quential?

What is the Quential as I am asked to be sure? Well as the thoughts came through my head one morning as I was writing down my inspiration, I began to experience thoughts formulated quicker than I could type. At the same time I could feel that all familiar plug at the top of my head like an energetic pulse. So I said out loud “who are you?”. I knew that these thoughts could not be only mine. To my surprise came a distinct voice “On your world you experience things as sequence, the moving of time and events in digestible units you call time. So this is how you experience your reality”.

When you get beyond this plane of human life by your evolution of the soul, you have a greater flow of creation and influence and things are perceived both forward and backward in time and space, for you have an expanded perception that your being can understand, such is my presence. We are not just a single personality as you think you are; we are a collective. As your souls evolve to the 11 state of ascension there begins the collection of your previous lives experienced integrated into the field of your oversoul that has been through many incarnations.

As you have graduated from the lower primal levels of human nature and have mastered the basics in your life incarnations, you can come back to the Earth to do another round and help guide souls and polish your skills in learning to have empathy and understanding towards humans on their schooling paths.

The advantage is that your other lives begin to open up as the veil of time and space is opened up to you. Such is the case of Mark, he has been in connection with our group and has experienced the memories of many lives and has access to this information. So in essence, he can hear his wisdom and know that was learned by the group of his soul cord.

Though Mark has the karmic and genetic information to work through by the selection of the mother and father and their ancestry, he is nonetheless connected to us, his soul group, and we learn from him and can translate the challenges into wisdom. Mark is also what you call trans medium, being that his 3rd eye is open and he runs a higher frequency to connect to us and other beings if he chooses.

Quential’s purpose is to help you with life-related lessons and wisdom and help you each discover the power of your own “know”.

That is our mission, for your life to expand in the wisdom of YOUR evolution and self-knowing. This is not a cult or religion but a seasoned wise man teaching his hard learned lessons to the younger growing souls, so that they can get to their own self-empowerment by learning to cut the notches in the keys of the soul. To open up many expanding doors and unlock the hidden bounty of information that has been hidden from you to control you as sheep.

Quential Lightborne



There comes a time when a presence takes over your consciousness. You become a person so bright and so knowing that you sit back and enjoy the wisdom, and that is your personal coach guiding you with wisdom like no one else. This happens when one’s ocular of vision opens up to the mind of the superconsciousness. The superconsciousness is the soul that you truly are that is perceiving through your eyes, for it is you that sees, it is you that speaks, and it is you that is in action. This is the voice of your soul of who you really are. Your mind is forever conditioned and manifests duplication and its learning process. Your minds are a sponge to assimilate information in this opportunity through your physical body.

How dare the controllers and their false religions teach you that something else other than your own soul is going to save you. And may I ask, save you from what? From hell, fire and brimstone? Hell is a state of consciousness, not a place you go to. How absurd it is to think that the creative force that is in everything wants self-sacrifice to love itself. As well as how you think if you take upon your body a conscious soul from the death of animals that have been tortured and killed for your benefit of what you call food. Everything is linked to feelings and emotion. All of this is shut down by the action of fear and worry and this is how you’re controlled with mass hysteria, poor food and violence.

Even the natural occurrence of your sexual identity is being distorted where sex becomes a bartering of an empty consciousness seeking to manipulate and gain, and not to the powers of love and connection with the bringing in of a new life through the union of man and woman. I must say, those that rule your world have caused such great repression in your consciousness and state of soul evolution in your passing of time of Earth. Even your very technologies are now being used to brainwash you and make you brain-dead so that you no longer think on your own, replacing what religions have done. How many of you can go a day without having your phone in your hand, directing you and telling you what to do and think?

You’re all being linked into a central computer. Your soul energy is being set up with programs that will mimic what you are as a soul being in a body to entrap you. Everything you do is being monitored, from what you speak to your very purchases by great and evil forces upon your world, the New World Order. This is the all-seeing eye of the dominating force that wants to control what you are. So if you voluntarily give up your sanctity and your sovereignty in the mechanisms of these devices and stop thinking for yourself and learning who you are with your own vision and creativity, then surely you will become part of a cog in the wheel and a prisoner in your soul’s journey.

You must learn to listen, to turn yourself in. Get away from religions that teach you not to look for your soul, for they’re part of the controller’s agenda taken from the wisdom of the Egyptians and the ancients like the Sumerians and Atlanteans. The rulers of this secret order, the Illuminati and the Masons, work with entities that promised them game and worldly pride when they’re actually doing the work for their takeover and corruption with the experiment of your lifeforms in the human body. I have seen these beings in action and they have large cranial brain power. They can take over and override even your sense of who you are.

They control people like pawns in a game of Chess. You make their job easy for them when your vibrations are low because then you do not have the help of the higher Pleiadian and Lumerian energy. Keep in mind dear souls, you’re in a quadrant of detention. Your souls are great and your power has great potential. A million years earlier when you once had this in the great civilizations, you were corrupted with pride, insanity, self-indulgence, and lack of spiritual wisdom. So you have been put into body forms in this lower collective and 3-dimensional world so that you can start again and imprint on your soul the cause and effect, and the worthy of access to your higher powers and potential once again.

This is why some of your religions are so misleading because they want you on your knees to demean you of your character and power. I ask that you have the courage to look behind the charade that is being programmed into your consciousness to keep you stuck for agendas that are not for your best interest and soul’s evolution. Caveat emptor to the soul, incarnate beware. Open your eyes and see of the forbidden fruit. When the snakes of the spine open and fire off potentiality to your brains on the left and right the Serpents of energy and yin and yang call the motivating currents that blast to the seat of your soul the pineal gland, the iris to the inner dimension of RA the real Sun.

For truly when you have activated these potentials you can look into the sun and the sun does not look too bright. When you reach that point you will know that you have become a master. The world you live in is so low of conscious awareness and love that if you put in even half here you would be able to become evolved enough to not incarnate unless you choose to into these lower Realms. Keep in mind the potentiality of collective consciousness because it can override your sense of wisdom and reality by peer pressure and conditioning of the illusioned. The Path of Knowledge sometimes requires breaking out of the eggshell of society and thinking outside of the box.

Until you break the shell and see the world and develop the wings of a mighty dragon then you will be stuck in the sleeping ovum of your society and all its concepts that have been there to keep you trapped. So when you find yourself lonely without information or knowing understand you’re stuck in the midst of the conditioning that all the media, religions and the Matrix have used to bind you to your sense of inner reason. The path of inner sight must come from clarity, self-study, self-respect, integrity, and love for all things including respecting the fuel you put in your body to combust, which activates your mind and your health.

The path for the masses is a herd of asses, all unified with one thought of scarcity and numbness in the social circus world. But sooner or later you can only throw so many darts and ride so many Ferris wheels that your soul wants to go home and remember who and what it was as a foreign entity. The greatest show on Earth is for you to conquer your self-illusion.



When you’re flowing with the cord of your soul you have interest and that interest is the craving for the soul to learn and know. The soul is eternal and the presence of consciousness, it is the viewer that transcends all body and incarnations. Interest is the desire to know to pay attention to focus when dreams become the yearning of your interest. It is only the action that makes them manifest. So the question becomes, do you have an exciting life? Do you have zeal and a quest for knowledge? If you do not, then when you leave your body you term yourself what you banked on has very little interest and gain.

Sometimes you’re caught in patterns and you’re stuck like a frozen bolt that is rusted and seized, and it takes a drop of illumination to get to the threads at the core of where you’re stuck so that you can unscrew. What you’ve been bolted into is the Matrix of a world filled with illusion and false glamour. The affairs of money, purpose, and family are certainly a cause that must be in balance. But while incarnated and you seek too hard, then you’re clinging like a frozen bolt and your soul will snap from the body. Oh but to those that have fine threads in their life! They’re able to flow through experiences, trauma and lessons effortlessly it seems.

Well, some choose the coarse approach and things happen rapidly and chaotically and that is the pitch of their life, their thread pitch. Remember, time is based on the mechanics of your physical world which is of lower frequency than the soul and higher electromagnetic spectrum. So the higher your consciousness the more time takes on a different agenda and you become more in the moment inhabiting the body in the three-dimensional plane. These are mere shadows of the infinite presence that you’re all part of, but where you are precisely is where you need to be, because that is your choosing by action or inaction.

Therefore your experience is your bank statement of your investment and interest. Some invest in their soul wisely while others invest in Ponzi schemes of religion and other saviours to take care of their funds and their minds. Indeed your soul and your consciousness must be in tempo with your account. Balances of interest in action and investment of the time in your body are forever where you’ll find the lessons of wisdom and love, then truly you have found the currency of the soul. Learn the magic of your dreams and invest, for your life is your responsibility and your creation and no one else’s.



Your imagination connected with feelings of love is a high frequency of your divine energy. The melody of your soul is amplified with what inspires and motivates you and this is fundamental to your spiritual evolution. Set your goals with your awareness within the present moment with your consciousness fully centered within the heart. The Universe reveals its magic and all of its wonders to those who dare follow their hearts.

Transforming yourself from the trails of the past must be healed within the present moment with the necessity of you being fully conscious of your thoughts and actions. Your memories can affect your intentions within the now if you allow this to be so. If you are in despair of the love not received from your childhood (or previous lessons) you’re not giving love in the present moment.

Your spiritual growth comes from the total acceptance of your own trials and path, where you’re mindful of your conditional responses arising from emotional discomfort. The vision of the heart reaches far beyond the confines of this material realm. The wisdom of all the experiences you have mastered are etched within the soul as the jewels of your intelligence, and this is your greatness.

You have the power to uplift the consciousness of humanity with your own creations. This is the gift of inspiration and motivation. Look deeper within oneself and your true path shall reveal itself. Your experience is determined by your own energy. Being consciously aware of the world around you and the force of your spirit will impact your future potential. Connecting with the Universe and its potential power requires you to lift your emotions with you being more balanced, and it is here you can transform your goals into reality.

The ability to merge the divine qualities of love and forgiveness within your experience are the keys to your ultimate power. Unite with the vision of your soul and allow your consciousness to become adrift upon the vast ocean of your depths. Radiating love and divine healing energy shall take you on to the path of the stars. What will you choose to experience?

Trust in your ultimate power and KNOW of your greatness.

Anna NaRaca RA


The acquisition of power comes from determination applied with conscious direction of insight gained by knowledge. The concept of freeloading spirituality is a misconception of this principle. You just don’t gain it, you earn it by action, discipline and good habits. The path of strength and power and spiritual dynamics must be directed with the determination for the path of knowledge.

Knowledge comes from steadfastness, discipline and action in a direct and focused manner. Obviously if you think somebody else is going to breastfeed you through infancy or teach you to walk then you’re seeking the path of delusion and religious dilemma, not spiritual insight and growth. There’s a wicked force upon your world that thinks it has the right to take your self identity and control you.

That you’re somehow useless containers and chattel to be limited and controlled for their betterment. Well as long as you continue to eat their food, their propaganda and teachings that’s what you will be worth to them. All the true ancient teachings and seeking of knowledge of the wise ones have been taken with the conquering of Rome to Egypt, and all the other great civilisations knowledge that had been upon the world.

And to this day they still plug your economics, your religious beliefs and your sciences making you crippled with an ill purpose for life itself. There must come a time in your life where you have to throw out all the religions, all the propaganda, and teaching and take the path of knowledge and self-realisation. Until you do, you’ll be nothing more than a cog mechanism integrated within the Matrix that controls and rules you.

The epic of the creation of your power must come from focus, study, observation, and realisation. It must be a path that you find within yourself without having to prove it to others because when you start to do that you will be more concerned on trying to please them than trying to find your own sacred sovereignty and self-power of knowledge. Step one is to forsake the programming of the planet and go inward to your innate knowledge and listen to the voices of your inner dialogue.

Here lies the love when your spirit speaks and you learn how to listen. This is not the path for everyone, but only those that wish to find their evolution and power in the growth of their soul.



All of the planets are on one side of the Sun at this time and very close to the Earth. This is a great time of energies coming from deep within the local galaxy bringing in the New Age of Aquarius. From the Taurus procession came Moses closing the ancient ways. Bringing in the change of the Piscean Age was Yeshu, the Essene Teacher. We are now in the forefront of the Age of Aquarius. Activation of ancient grids and knowledge is happening on the inner of many of those around you. New frequencies are updating the planets in your sector to a great time of illumination, and not by any means of the Illuminati. These groups that have stumbled upon the ancient legends from Egypt have stolen the information from the keepers and have in their possession a vast amount of information that has not been used to raise mankind and inform human civilization of the Great Ones that travel from the Heavens to Earth in great ships.

This is the Return of RA, the light beings and keepers of the Flame, the SUN and Suns. Now is a time of openings in the Solar disc and many of the craft and delegations are returning and coming in and out of the porthole, the Solar Sun of your Earth and other bodies. Because the records and the information that were given to mankind have been corrupted by the Church and the other created religions, there is a time of great peril and undoing for your misguidance. The body forms you dwell in have been compromised by the agenda of the collective corruptive forces upon your world. What they teach is half-truth and chains events, the know from the secret books of Thoth and the Teachings of the Egyptians to include the Egyptian Book of the Dead. There is a great war going on for territory of Earth and the surrounding planets over entitlements to the experiments of life forms and this real estate of this frequency sector in the lower realms of material.

Currently your solar system is passing into the null zone of intense photon radiation and your Sun is going through a transition and maintenance. It is shutting down to an idle mode as another heavenly body is coming near you term Planet X, Nibiru the “Cross over Planet” that is venturing its cycle of 3600 years at this time. This is why the planets are on one side of your Sun. Many ships of advanced technologies are now entering this space time event to adjust the Solar Disc and also to open up the gates of great energies that will flood all the planets in this sector. Great disturbances of changes in epic proportions are taking place upon the world and planets. This is a time of the return of the Ancients of Days. Many star ships are landing and preparing for rapid adjustments in this time of cleansing. This is not a time of End nor of punishment, however the rulers upon your world will be ejected.

This they know and are now going to sabotage events that they know that are to occur from the legends and manuscripts hidden in the Vatican and other temples of the higher Mason groups that have been suppressing your world for the last 2,400 years. Along with volcanos, earthquakes, and severe weather anomalies there will be many meteors and objects appearing in the skies. We have hundreds of ships cloaked and are protecting your planet from meteors and objects of larger scale. We are working with your current leaders of the Elite and Secret Space Programs to take down the Cabal and money lords that have run your world. Many compromises have been made including your great leader of business that can’t be bought, Donald Trump. One great indicator is that he must now disclose in a short time the secrets to the public. This is why he has authorised a special Army of Space now mentioned, but in effect since the 1950s with great technologies.

In addition, great toys and unprecedented jewels of your history and ours are being unearthed in the Mountains of Afghanistan and Antarctica, as all the world leaders are re-adapting history. But we are here and have made it quite clear that they’re not going to have the same access of the Atlanteans until their agendas are used for peaceful means, and the current trends of the industrial war complex be obliterated for its harmful corruptive agendas. There is great awakening that must now occur within each of you to find your real power and ancient remembrances with access to your soul and ancient ties. As mentioned before many of you are in detention and suffering, equal to the states you chose to be ignorant of honour, integrity and love for yourself and others, including the wondrous animal kingdoms. It is now time to re-evaluate just who and what you really are as beings and children of the Universe.

We have quite a task of healing you on the inner and outer worlds. Much pain and suffering has plagued you because of the ignorance of your world governments and religions. How can we convince you to know that this is real? Perhaps with bitesize information packets like this. I trust if you’re reading this you’re already underway with many releases and personal changes to induce higher frequencies. Just remember duty, LOVE, clear thinking and actions will allow us into your frequencies which we resonate at. Just be aware of the electro magnetic pollution that is plaguing your bodies and causing havoc to your health, along with the poisonous fluorides and toxic food you have been eating. The corporations have been directed to reduce your chances of evolution and spiritual advancement of consciousness derived from the inner dimensional self, not the outer.

Your masses are being programmed to become an experiment of Artificial Intelligence and mental soul entrapment into these electronic devices and stimulations that are overriding your spiritual attention to the real states that are to occur upon your planet. Be watchful to the enticements that draw your minds from the connection of your souls. This is not a pretty picture what the New World Order has been designing for your entrapment, right down to surveillances and computer simulated control. Your habits are being mimicked into the notions and thinking made easy for you to further link you into a living computer that they are working with to enslave you.

Be watchful and linked to your inner voice and know we are here.



What you need to understand is that you’re not original, and yet you’re original in who you are and what you do. This may sound perplexing but in fact it’s true and furthermore, you’re all in your identification and part of a collective of the society that you’re in. That which shines through your heart into your chakra centres is the radiance that comes from your soul, your spirit, and your spark and that is triggered by your actions, integrity, and your love, and that is your original presence. Understand that knowledge is power and everything you can gain for knowledge is the alphabet for the soul to talk to you and also your interdimensional guides and your spirit guides. It gives them more access for vowels and numbers as it were.

In your mind concepts are pieces of the puzzle that can help you fabricate greater meaning for your life. So I say to you, copy that which is pleasing and good and potentially of the highest vibration. Copy that right into your heart because you’re all part of it. Stop trying to be original because you are. I must point out that acceptance begins with yourself because it is your soul that critiques who you are. So rather than hold your beads and chant and do your Rosary, get off your knees. It’s all a prop of your ignorance that doesn’t placate when you’re in disturbance to yourself. You see, brilliance comes from within. The more you listen to your life force, the more you listen to who and what you are. The voice of your real self comes through that of your soul and links to your greatness.

This is why knowledge is so important. Gain what you can, but you cannot possess it because it is always changing. There are new technologies and there are ancient technologies but the duties of wisdom and insight are the things that seem to be of the higher nature that is really the key point of your life. So I say to you, that ‘attitude with gratitude’ will amplify your greatest good and service to yourself and the world, for this is a universal principle. Understand, you must be flexible so that your mind can sit through many different wavelengths and always expand. But to those that have conquered the body and the Earth mind in society and have become a warrior in unison with your soul, then a whole new world opens up. A whole new dimension that accesses the greater higher frequencies.

Upon your world there are many doors to open and if that is your choosing and selection they will all take you to different rooms wherever you want to go. For life upon your world is an experience and a duty. Your vacation in the body will bring great joy, wisdom and knowledge so that when your soul spark leaves this personality of a body it can take to its greater self the jewels of wisdom and experience and the lessons in life that are eternal. You’re all wonderful beings, though some of you are troubled. Keep in mind, within your very dearest precious self is a voice that is needing to be heard and that is your soul. Learn to find it and life will graciously provide you the avenues for your expansion and growth, for this is the connection back to your soul on the pathway home.



You’re more than your body and simultaneously living multi-dimensions. With that said, those dimensions each have separate realities and responsibilities in mind functions of each of their dimensions. All of them are linked together to one central core, the spiritual self or the oversoul. This being that you’re connected to is your soul and it has great infinite wisdom and is continually learning the aspects of human nature and other dimensions, even animals. You have no idea of the power in creation that you have access to, but this is limited by the orifice of your conceptual reality in your vibratory rate. The great access is your third eye or the pineal gland but what humans need to understand is that you’re a segment of a script that is limited by that body dimension, and that body dimension has its own reality that you’re responsible for. Just as the other dimensions that are linked together as one that is yourself, you have different tasks to do when you’re operating a ship.

You have the captain, the navigator, the hands on the deck, and you have the engine control. So it is with your soul and the reality of what you are. With that said, you need to live your life in the dimension and reality that you’re in, in the most productive manner with the insight that you have at your fingertips. You know more than you think but it is your thinking that prevents you from knowing what you know. The ancient philosophers and Greek societies that were savvy to potential and self-development, such a Socrates and Aristotle, proved that you have information that you know. You do not know how to access it, and so it is with your lives. What I’m trying to convey here is that you need to let the other cells of yourself do their task, and while you’re in a human body you need to master that task because that is the lesson that you signed up for, the fragment of your soul Consciousness that links you momentarily as a fragment, but you are greater than you think you are.

Understand, this reality has been corrupted with the teachings of your religious manipulative overlords that have twisted fact and your potential power into making you predetermined as a slave to their whims. Thus, they make you dishonour yourself and make you crippled into thinking that you’re not of any potential ability and you need someone else to save you while that someone else is the demigod they created in their religions. So this is why your civilisation has been plagued with wars and manipulation of your psyche of your mind and the shutting down of your soul connection, all to control you and suppress your growth. But you’re indeed responsible for who you are and you have to battle to find yourself against all the programming in this illusion. You get blocked by having a biochemistry that cannot electrically conduct the higher frequencies because of the fuel that you put in it. Moreover, your pineal gland is being destroyed by fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water.


There is an agenda to corrupt your souls and to make the keepers have other thoughts about perpetuating the sickened societies upon your planet. They have perverted your very sexual nature. They sedate your mind by consumption and enslavement of things and possessions, that you must barter for your self validation. All losing you from the touch and the genuineness of your own soul. The basic primal needs of sexual intercourse and relationship for procreation and bonding between man and woman has now become a battlefield of seduction and manipulation, not for love but for potential survival on income because you believe in sparsity when there’s abundance. This subject is very deep and very lengthy to discuss all of the details at this time. My main emphasis in this discourse is to teach you, but in reality you must be dynamic because that is the change you will bring to the frequencies around you and what you will overcome. So rather than worrying about escaping to other wondrous vehicles of technology, part of you is already there.

Rather than worrying about being in the heaven world, your duty is to focus on the wisdom of what you can gain and grow in this quadrant your reality. This is why you’re not given the secrets of the entire dimensions because they would corrupt you, you’re not ready. But those few souls that have quickened within reality and have detached from cause and effect and show and tell to be somebody, they won’t abuse the power that comes to them because they become a vessel that is unified with the higher self and the lower dimensional self in the density of the world that you’re experiencing for your lessons. So rather than being pompous and saved in religions, be active, clear and turn your vision to wisdom, knowledge and the expression of love, maturity and spiritual union within yourself. Not by the values of religion but by the maturity in the growth of your soul for you and only you. The reason there are no prophets coming through is because they are castrated by religiosity.

The young souls coming through are brainwashed and forget what it is that they were asked to bring into the world when they chose to come here, because they’re all caught in the Matrix of these Roman and interdimensional suppressors. They do not want you coming online. So before you wish to escape the planet or call upon UFOs or saviours to rescue you, understand that we’re already here and have been here for quite some time! This is a prison world and many of your souls are doing detention that we’ve spoken of before, to undo the karmic lessons from your previous lives as great magnificent beings that have destructive habits. You have to pay the karma by getting the wisdom of what the potential damage it can do to the soul, and to the other dimensions which you will not be allowed to venture until you get the lesson and graduate from your lower frequencies and let things go, evolve and become one of the family that you’re all part of.

The universe has been and will always be. Two billion years ago this sector was involved with very high entities living in this world with a lots of wonderful devices and technologies. As they say ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun’. Understand the information of this teaching and get it together within yourself first and you can be most effective in changing the world. The world needs to go through an evolution which is quickening right now with all the Earth changes, and I warned you. There is no Jesus or saviour as dreamed and created by the deceivers. This is a sacrificial entity based on blood, deceit and corruption. Not on love, self evolution, and the responsibility of your life to the creation that you are as part of the great oneness of God or the prime source. There have been many great teachers upon your planet in many religions, but they have been turned into religions and archetypes which do not serve you. You see, you need to learn to become evolved as children of the universe and unify with your deep selves, and until you do the lower dimensional aspect of you will be back bound to Earth and carnations.

No different than you doing time or having to pass the test in your schools until you get the grade. You don’t graduate, it’s that simple. You may have great teachers but you must do your own assignment and you must understand the reality of the deeper dimensions that are real beyond the Matrix and the confines of this planet that has been taken over by very disruptive entities. So I say to you, start by the changing of your diet and what you feel within your body and what you’re identifying with. Let your dreams reunite you with the other realities, but let them be what they are.

Raise your frequency to the Union with all.


The Teachings of Quential